My insights about Tao and Firstborn Evil

I’ve been very reflective lately because I’ve come back to studying the Tao again after a long journey, studying many other texts that resonated with me. The point is that I was interested in the root causes of the Tao mechanism, that is, why does Tao work?

I would like to add here an introduction to how I see Tao.

Lao Tzu was the ancient Chinese philosopher who wrote the Tao Te Ching more than 2,500 years ago. The name “Lao Tzu” is an honorific title, meaning Old Master.

Historical documents tell us the person behind the Lao Tzu title was a man by the name of Li Er. Legend has it that King Wu of Zhou appointed him Head Librarian of the royal archives at Luoyang. In that capacity, Li Er dealt with numerous ancient scrolls and manuscripts. He was able to immerse himself in the study of history, philosophy and literature, gaining understanding and insights along the way. In time, he won much acclaim for the wisdom he had cultivated — and thereby his honorific title, the Old Master.

Tao is most accurately translated as “the Way
Te is correctly translated as “human goodness and inherent power in things
Ching is often translated as “book,” which is not the best choice. The closest Chinese character to “book” is shu. The status of Ching is higher and more respected than shu, so Ching is really more like “tome” or “classic.

Lao Tzu’s writing is divided into two parts:

  • Tao Ching (chapters 1 to 37)
  • Te Ching (chapters 38 to 81).

Together, they form the Tao Te Ching.


  • Tao Ching = Tome about the Way
  • Te Ching = Tome about human goodness and inherent power in things

i.e Tao Te Ching is Tome about the Way, human goodness and inherent power in things.

I am interested in the very reason why the universe is arranged through the work of opposites, through the constant balancing of the higher and the lower, through this game of pluses and minuses. Simply put, without complications, why was harmony needed?

This is a difficult topic because too little is said about it. When I read some resources, and when it comes to what was before the creation of the universe, that is, when it comes to “nothing”, almost no details are given. They just talk about unity, omitting any causality, that is, simply put, there was a God, and don’t ask why he started creating something there, it shouldn’t bother you. But the point is that getting to the bottom of why I can walk with two legs is no less important than understanding how to control these two legs and coming to the understanding that I can start dancing.

the text that everything was created because of the primal agony resonates with me. somehow it turned out that the soup of souls, which were in strong unity with each other, began to experience rejection, and something had to be done urgently to release the growing pressure inside the singularity. and the solution was to make the endless process of creating worlds every moment begin. even now this process is happening. all this was necessary to release that endless pressure inside the singularity, it pressed very hard, and threatened to lead to madness inside, uncontrolled mixing of everything. madness is associated with pain and a feeling of agony, that is, even in singularity we could experience pain. this is a nuance that is almost never mentioned. souls experienced pain because they could not break free from the oppression of other parts of consciousness, which in singularity began to seize power. that is, my version is that in singularity some oppression had already begun, a kind of primary negativity, or original evil, which appeared inside singularity before the beginning of everything. and the point is that in order to hold and contain those powerful souls or groups of souls, harmony was created, and the universe works precisely according to the rules of opposites.

for me, this all explains why it is so important to help the weak, and also why karma works.

These are my thoughts. I have no idea if anyone else has come to these conclusions from reading Tao, or just thinking about it. If you want, share your thoughts.

link to the most accurate translation from original:

Hello, Dima, I would like to share some of my basic understanding of the Tao Te Ching with you.

The Tao Te Ching originates from the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China. According to legend, when Laozi rode his ox westward through the Han Gu Pass, the Intendant of Han Gu, Yin Xi, observed celestial phenomena at night and saw purple qi descending from the sky, foreseeing the arrival of a noble person. He immediately dispatched people to inquire about anyone recently heading towards Han Gu. Shortly thereafter, news arrived that Laozi had resigned from his official position and was journeying westward to Qin to impart his teachings, passing through Han Gu. At Yin Xi’s request, Laozi left behind a document, which became the historical origin story of the Tao Te Ching.

During the later period of the Zhou Dynasty, the social system was primarily based on slavery. Due to the growing power of feudal lords from partitioning of the state, the central authority of the Zhou Dynasty gradually declined. Concurrently, it was a period of intense intellectual activity marked by the Contention of a Hundred Schools of Thought, including Confucianism, Taoism, Mohism, Legalism, Military strategy, and others, each promoting their own theories, thoughts, and strategies for governance.

For example, in Taoism, key figures include Laozi, Zhuangzi, Liezi, advocating for governing through non-interference; in Confucianism, prominent figures like Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi uphold principles of benevolence and righteousness. Legalism, represented by figures such as Han Feizi, Shang Yang, advocates strict laws for governing the country.

It’s important to note that the period of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States ended with Qin Shihuang’s unification of China. Qin adopted Legalist doctrines and unified Chinese thought, culminating in the infamous “Burning of Books and Burying of Scholars” event, which nearly destroyed all books except Legalist texts, including severe persecution of works like the Tao Te Ching. However, it’s possible that a few individuals secretly preserved the Tao Te Ching.

In fact, China has experienced several similar events of book burning and persecution of scholars throughout its history.

For example, during the Han Dynasty, Confucianism was adopted for governance, and Emperor Wu of Han implemented the policy of “abolishing the hundred schools and promoting Confucianism,” which greatly influenced the Tao Te Ching.

In fact, this is far from the only instance. Throughout Chinese history, there have been many large-scale targeted destructions of ancient books, such as Dong Zhuo’s relocation of the capital, Liu Shi’s chaos in Huaxia, and Xiao Yi’s burning of books.

Even in the past few centuries, there have been many similar destructive activities. For example, during the Qing Dynasty, there were the “literary inquisitions,” and in modern times, the Cultural Revolution, among others. After so many episodes of knowledge destruction, the reliability of the sources of the Tao Te Ching has become highly questionable.

In fact, there are numerous versions of the Tao Te Ching circulating in China, each with varying degrees of confusion. Some versions even differ greatly in content. From my personal understanding, certain parts of the Tao Te Ching discuss profound and mysterious concepts, while other parts appear crude, as if they were later tampered with.

What I want to emphasize is, when studying the Tao Te Ching, please maintain a discerning mindset.

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There is another very important point.

Ancient Chinese texts do not have punctuation marks, and long passages often flow continuously. For example, the sequence of numbers “1234567” can be understood as “123” and “4567,” or as “12,” “34,” and “567.” Different punctuation can lead to vastly different meanings.

In ancient times, individuals generally applied their own interpretations to punctuate texts, which easily led to confusion. For instance, the Tao Te Ching published in 1973 from the Mawangdui manuscripts differs significantly from the currently popular versions in China.

Many scholars have attempted to study and reconstruct the original version of the Tao Te Ching, but inevitably, they may introduce their own viewpoints.

This process highlights the Law of Confusion, where everyone can offer their own understanding.

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hi, thanks for your reply. you know, i am very disappointed in tao translations. i dug deep and found out that the original tao is not at all what is presented in wikipedia or similar sites.

The first line of the first verse of Tao Te Ching actually says “The Tao that can be taoed is not the unchanging Tao.” Given all the possible meanings of Tao, legitimate translations include “The way that can be walked is not the unchanging way,” “The force that can be used is not the real force,” and many other possibilities, as well as “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.” Ancient Chinese text is in symbols that never translated directly into Chinese speech. That is, a reader of the ancient Chinese text would have been looking at a string of concept-indicators that would not have told him or her what specific words to use. The reader would have had to create his or her own verbal rendition. This would have worked fine if the reader already knew Tao Te Ching from having first heard it. Then the written version would have constituted a set of memory cues for recalling what had first been learned orally. When the reading came to be done by others who had never heard the oral version, things must have become very much more problematic. Then the reader would have to invent a spoken version using solely the written cues. It has been said that Tao Te Ching does not translate directly into any language, including ancient Chinese, and never did. This is only the beginning of the problems with ‘translating’ Tao Te Ching. Ancient Chinese did not generally conjugate verbs. There were no tenses. It is up to the translator to decide whether the action is in the past, present, or future. There is little or no grammar. It is not necessarily obvious whether any given word is a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective. There is little or no punctuation, so it is often unclear where one sentence stops and another starts. In addition, the subjects are often implied rather than stated. Pronouns are implied, or, at best, are he/she/it. In some passages there is not even agreement among translators on whether the subject is the Tao (it) or the Sage/Master (he/she) or you (the reader). The fact that subjects and objects are not always stated separately creates additional problems. In one passage, for example, a word can be translated as either bowl or bow. Some translators speak of pulling a bow too taut, others tell us about filling a bowl too full. In English, such a disagreement would be easily resolved because the subject and verb would be stated explicitly and separately, thus creating useful redundancy. The rest of the sentence would be about either drawing (a bow) or filling (a bowl). However, filling a bowl too full and drawing a bow too taut are essentially the same concept. In many such cases of ambiguity, though, different choices in translating a single word change the subject, verb, action, concept, and implications.

Traditionally, Tao Te Ching is divided into eighty-one verses. The earliest copies don’t have those divisions, however. They were added later, probably by someone who felt that the number eighty-one was mystically significant. The points of division are somewhat arbitrary, often dividing material clearly intended to go together or combining material that clearly represents separate topics.

Worse yet, there is strong internal evidence to suggest that Tao Te Ching underwent massive, accidental reorganization. The original order of lines and subjects was probably dramatically different from the standard order that appears in most versions of Tao Te Ching today. Many ancient Chinese texts were written on rolls of bamboo strips fastened together with strings. The strings often rotted, releasing the strips and thus destroying the order of the lines. A later curator or copier would then have to guess the order of the strips in order to refasten them or to make a new copy. Strips could migrate from one position to another in the roll. Where several books were stored together, strips or sections of strips could even migrate from one roll to another, thus disappearing from the book to which they belonged and introducing totally extraneous material into some other book.


anyway, you know, i’m disappointed in my search, i’m just tired of everything. i kind of keep searching, but i feel bad and sad


additionally, Tao Te Ching contains a mix of the sublime and transcendent interspersed with much lower-grade explanatory material. In some cases it is obvious that later commentary got accidentally or purposely added to the text itself. In addition, there is often lower-grade material included right after sections where a piece was moved within the text. Apparently, when the strings rotted and the bamboo strips were refastened in the wrong positions, new editorial additions would then tend to happen in order to cover up or correct for the fact that the text didn’t make sense in the new order. In many cases the explanatory material doesn’t actually explain anything at all. It merely attempts to cover up the discontinuity. In some cases it is obvious that the person who made the addition was actually missing the point entirely. In many other cases he tried to explain too much. Exact words cannot tell the Tao. But ambiguous words can invite us to leap beyond words to the pure, wordless concepts. Any attempt to render such ambiguous words exactly is counterproductive.


Hey dear Dima, I didn’t mean to make you sad, at least not intentionally. I’m sorry.

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I have never read the Tao Te Ching. I am currently studying the I Ching which from what I understand is a form of divination similar to Tarot. I don’t normally talk about this stuff openly to others who have never experienced it so just keep an opened mind. This may answer your question about the importance of harmony and with whom.

A quick backstory. While I was reading the Ra Material for the first time back in 2017 I had a thought about the idea that God must have been in contact with us this whole time… we just didn’t know how. I have vivid dreams where I sometimes wake up not knowing which reality is the real one. I began studying my dreams and figuring out how to interpret the universal symbolism and metaphor. (I use dream dictionaries now because it is just easier.) I eventually figured out what they were about. Essentially, our dreams represent the waking day experience. However, they do not explain the entirety of the day. They focus on a situation or experience that sums up the day. This is helpful because if one were to write down all their dreams over the course of a month or a year then they would have a clear picture of where they are in life. I changed my thinking from bad thoughts of the world to better ones. It took a few years.

In 2019, I had a different kind of dream. I was supposed to tell someone something about what happened in my past. I was never given more information than that while dreaming. It took a few weeks to figure out who the person was. It ended up being a coworker. I was able to figure out this information because I randomly began thinking about free will interpretation while awake. I thought about level of alien technology and knowledge compared to Earth’s. If humans are able to channel alien messages then maybe it is possible they could be in communication with us through other ways without breaking our free will. I began receiving phone calls where the caller ID was from a nearby town. This coworker lived in this nearby town and would travel to the city for work. Now I just needed to know why this particular coworker and what did it have to do with my past. I had to ask other coworkers since I rarely worked at the same time the target coworker did. I found out that this woman had cysts on her ovaries and didn’t know if she wanted to go through with surgery. On her last day of work we just happened to work the same shift. I told her about my lymph node removal and that everything turned out fine. I found out about a month later that she was in recovery from her surgery and taking time off from her other job.

The idea of harmony kept popping in my head every once in awhile since 2019. My dreams were also sort of teaching me about what is and what is not. I try to meditate but this is not a common practice with me since I feel like the symbolism I see during this time is the same when I dream or while I have random imagery expressed throughout the day in my mind. Since last year I have been helping others on Reddit with their dream interpretations. I also will be working on something else and then randomly get the idea to check Reddit or other places on the Internet. I have found that this is giving me a heads up to give another some information based on my experiences. I never know who it is for exactly or what it is about. I have come to realize I am working with a bunch of unknowns.

Why am I studying the I Ching? Last year I kept thinking non-stop about the “Exercise of Fire.” This is from the Ra Material. I knew about it and that there was unpublished material that LLResearch never released. I didn’t think much of it or the importance of it. Of course, thinking about the words “Exercise of Fire” as if someone is insisting that you look into it had me give in to what it is really about. I sent a message to Jim McCarty and asked for the unpublished material. He told me to study Sessions 4, 5, and 6 for 6 months then get back to him if I was still interested in the additional material. I never mentioned that I had been studying the Ra Material since 2017. While I was waiting for 6 months to pass by I had other words repeated in my mind. Hexagrams and Qiqong. Hexagrams lead me to the I Ching and it took me awhile longer to figure out how Qiqong is related.

I created two posts Exercise of Fire Theory and Before Fire There Was Inheritance. Your choice to take a look at them. I am not allowed to disseminate the unpublished material according to Jim McCarty. My guides also agree with this. I won’t say how they told me this. While reviewing the unpublished material I noticed something. I had come across this information before but from another perspective. I am not allowed to talk about the unpublished material but there is information already known to the people of Earth. I suggest everyone take a closer look at “Fuxi’s “Earlier Heaven” bagua arrangement.” It is clear that Don Elkins and the rest of the LLResearch team did not do their homework. Jim McCarty said in a Youtube interview about the “Exercise of Fire” and how it is to be used. I see this as a form of Reiki. If one were to see what the other Exercises are in the unpublished material then they would clearly see a connection to Kan, Xun and Qian in “Fuxi’s “Earlier Heaven” bagua arrangement.” The other exercises cannot be used in a physical sense. They are written as ideas to connect with. I believe all of them, including the Exercise of Fire, is a starting place as to how to communicate with Intelligent Infinity directly without the use of psychedelics.

What I understand so far? The Tao of Heaven works with the Tao of Humanity. Heaven is Yang and Earth is Yin. One follows the other. If you want to become the leader then you must learn both sides. The lower energies and the higher energies work with each other to help all.


Regarding the I Ching, I’d like to share some personal insights.

In fact, there is a relationship between the bagua and binary. If we consider Yin as the number 0 and Yang as the number 1, looking from bottom to top, the Kun gua is represented as 000, which corresponds to the number 0, and the Qian gua is represented as 111, corresponding to the number 7.

Firstly, concerning the history of the I Ching, it is said that Fu Xi established the Original bagua 7,000 years ago.

The form of the eight trigrams is as follows:

3 7 6
5 # 2
1 0 4

You can notice that the sum of the rows, columns, and diagonals is 7.
It can be seen that this is a magic square lacking the middle number.

However, the Original bagua cannot be used; instead, the Later bagua are used. I do not know the principles behind them.
The Later bagua were established by King Wen of Zhou.


The Later bagua cannot be mapped directly to binary. They have a unique set of number correspondences:

坎 (Kan) - 1
坤 (Kun) - 2
震 (Zhen) - 3
巽 (Xun) - 4
中宫 (Middle Palace) - 5
乾 (Qian) - 6
兑 (Dui) - 7
艮 (Gen) - 8
离 (Li) - 9

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

this is a standard 3rd-order magic square.

It should be noted that this Bagua is oriented with the top facing south and the bottom facing north, with east on the left and west on the right, as ancient Chinese preferred to contemplate issues facing south.

Based on the Later bagua, many disciplines of Chinese metaphysics have developed, such as Zi Wei Dou Shu, Qimen Dunjia, and Feng Shui.

These metaphysical disciplines share a common characteristic: they provide you with steps to follow that yield advice, but they do not explain why these steps work or the underlying principles behind them. This is what troubles me.

Furthermore, by overlaying two hexagrams, we can derive a more complex hexagram with six lines. This means transitioning from a 3-bit binary number to a 6-bit binary number.

For example, as you mentioned, overlaying two Li (离) hexagrams 101 results in a larger Li hexagram 101101.

The process of divination in the I Ching generally follows these steps: We toss objects, which can be coins or bamboo sticks—anything that provides feedback. Before tossing, we need to think of a question. Assuming heads on a coin represent 1 and tails represent 0, we toss six coins and read their results in sequence. This gives us a set of corresponding numbers, which we can use to derive a hexagram with six lines.

Each hexagram has an interpretation associated with it, along with symbolic imagery. This interpretation doesn’t directly answer your question but rather serves as a hint or riddle, requiring you to interpret the meaning yourself.

It’s important to note that the interpretation of the hexagram exists beforehand; the only variable is the result of your current toss. This is the part I struggle to understand—why isn’t the result random, but rather related to the answer to my question? Some theories, including those of Carl Jung, attempt to explain this using synchronicity phenomena.

I still have many questions about the I Ching.

At the same time, I’m also very interested in the Exercise of Fire. I would like to further understand the relationship between the Li hexagram in the I Ching and the Exercise of Fire.


If I could openly talk about the unpublished material then this conversation would be easier. I still do not have a clue why it needs to be kept a secret since anyone can just go ask LLResearch for the material.

What you said is exactly how all 4 exercises are laid out. The Exercise of Fire is the easiest to understand because you are working with hand gestures. The other 3 have you think deeply about the connection or relation to what you are reading.

I am not Chinese and do not have a background of the culture or history. I am going by the book I am reading, "The Complete I Ching” by Taoist Master Alfred Huang. Li means brightness. “During times of darkness and danger people should cling to one another. When they do, things get brighter.” If you watch the interview of Jim McCarty in the link I provided then you will see the hand gestures that are explained in the Exercise of Fire. What Jim did not include was what was being related to the hand gestures. Think of absorption and radiation. One could take in power and keep it for themselves or one could radiate it outward to help. However, when you read the Exercise of Fire your first thought is this is how I heal another without thinking about the process behind it. Before Fire or Li is Dui or Lake. The energy that you give to another has to come from somewhere. One could say the energy was already present and therefore inherited from whatever came before. According to the I Ching book I am reading Dui is being related to a marsh where rice grows. In other words, something has to be present (marsh) before another action taken (eating food or taking in energy). If you compare the Exercise of Fire with the hexagram Li then I am sure you could draw a similarity from your point of view.

LLResearch was given 4 exercises that skips steps. After Fire (Li) is Thunder (Zhen) followed by Earth (Kun) and Gen (Mountain). The remainder exercises are similar to Water (Kan), Wind (Xun) and Heaven or Sky (Qian). If you jump from Fire to Water then you may run into a problem. The Tao of Humanity must be included when working with higher energies. Otherwise, you are unbalanced.

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Thank you, it is very interesting. Is there something mentioning plural or singular form, any misinterpretation, contradiction or misleading related to it? I’ve found some questions in interpretation of “I”/“We” in texts in Quran and Torah.

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I wonder if different hands should be used in case of another rotational direction.

58.5 However, some entities are polarized the reverse of others and, therefore, it is well to test the form of normal energy spirals before beginning the procedure.

Whether it is the Original Bagua of Fu Xi or the later Bagua of King Wen of Zhou, they merely provide the hexagrams without interpretations.
The explanations of the I Ching were actually done later by Confucius, who wrote the “Ten Wings”.
Yes, the I Ching, like the Tao Te Ching, has certain issues of reliability regarding its sources.
Strictly speaking, the I Ching that is currently circulated is the Zhouyi, with the Lianshan Yi and Guicang Yi having long been lost.
There are also multiple versions of the Zhouyi itself, mainly differing in the interpretations of the hexagrams.

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First, congratulations to you, or anyone that feels confused!

Second, I don’t believe the Universe needs suffering to have happiness, freedom, infinite abundance, etc.

Being 17 and having spent a while studying so much but still having so many things you can learn I appreciate your sincerity and talking freely about what you feel super a lot!

For anyone reading, I will be answering this, or trying to, from a more Law of One perspective, since I have tested it through endless ways over the last 2.5 years, together with the Hawkins scale.

It’s super underrated since it uses numbers, which can sometimes get your unconscious disbelief in the Law of One, or you could say, belief in doubt, involved, which I say since there is never actual lack in the world (e.g. your heart, etc. things that are real that we often ignore), just in our beliefs

— It uses these to calibrate consciousness on a scale from 0.(0)1 to 1000 LOC in third density.

Anyways, I take a very giving-oriented approach.

I go to school, I help poor folks, etc. and I have not acted as a hermit and what I realized is that, from my perspective at least, though we all hold common things, hence the possibility of making scales, or maps, or maps about consciousness - actually, the Universe is made for all of us to experience infinite abundance, beauty, infinity, etc.

Life itself is One, and God made life first to have free will, which basically means God sees every being and thing as having infinite beauty and magic, sexiness, awesomeness, everything, by nature, before even getting to anything more about it.

Second, God made life such that we all are owed infinite love!

Consider that everything is connected to everything else.

Either through a chain of things or directly. For example, your hand is linked, if you are touching a table as you write, to other things on that table, through a chain of “1 thing” to a cup, or water bottle, or anything you might have on that table, like paper.

But the vastness of God and the way everything actually is doesn’t end here.

This is what relationship, or love, truly means, as I find it to be true, and as all of us, I believe, can find in our own unique ways! (thank you for helping me phrase that way, by the way, Dima someone, Dima-san, if you will. You focus a lot on everyone's uniqueness and so that was a focus for this answer as well that just had to be done!)
It is not one thing, of course, the table.

If we study Physics, matter is actually made up of smaller things.

The idea of atoms originates with the Ancient Greeks. Peculiarly, one Leucippus, I believve, if I remember the name right, and one Democritus (yup - the democracy guy from History) who was Leucippus’ student.

These two didn’t believe that this dividing tomfoolery could keep on going forever!

This has to stop!

They naturally believed in one idea, called an atomos, or, “unsliceable”.

Atomoi, plural. with that u-like “i”, I believe. (I’ve only studied a tiny tiny bit of Ancient Greek but this is one of the first declension thingies.)

The atom was verified to have a nucleus, though, by J.J. Thomson, I believe, you might want to look this up, in 1911.
Nuclear Physics had not really been developed until the 20th century because of crude or unavailable devices for the detailed studying.

So, the question now became if this nucleus was just one particle or multiple.

It became clear that it was made up of two types of particles, which to this day, I believe, have not been seen clearly, fully, called a proton and a neutron.

The neutron was then verified in 1932, yup, one year before Hitler’s election.

Truly an interesting time, at least in one way (as for the other, I will say it is an interesting repeating trend, interesting as in full of needless suffering, as Hannibal, an example I know well of this, though there are others too, was also in belief that the wealthy of Carthage had caused the loss against Rome in the first Punic War, and so he created a lot of the Second Punic War’s causes. Oh, dear…).

Anyhow, the neutron and proton are now said to be composed of up quarks and down quarks.

Up quarks, charmed quarks, and top quarks have a charge of +2/3 that of a proton.

Down quarks, strange quarks (which should totally have a positive charge!

Speaking of which, out of curiosity, have you ever argued with a scientific name, just, because you didn't like the way it is written, and feel "This can definitely be done better!", in a sense.

I feel like this is a really helpful source of progress often, but it touches again on an interesting way in which all uniqueness is epic, actually, though the truth of uniqueness is that there is only One, and the One is… well, let’s see…)

The previous parenthesis is actually interesting because it touches on a comment made by someone here and what I love about the ability, the power the virtual and face-to-face conversation can have.

It is the power to invite everyone to share, and just be, free, awesome. To both believe in happiness and uniqueness, you could say.

Teal Swan talks a lot about this kind of BOTHing and calls it AND consciousness (which is not the same, as you might see, and as she tells, and I fully believe, with what we call agreeing to disagree.

Which, is agreeing to not mix perspectives fully out of fear of causing harm.)

I have become a big fan of believing in God, and I believe God does not actually have this thing called guilt.

“Thank you” is something I actually like more.

There is a game I played when I was 10 and later again which I love called Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World.

In it, a character called Richter says “Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.”, and also, some character says to the kind of shy main character that they’d appreciate thanks more than sorries, if I remember well.

A lot of the time it's just games and common wisdom I have found super nice!

Anyways, so!!! (Before I get someone thrusting a (puffy) sword at me for deviating too much. Though it is very true, I believe, God forgives all because God is, really, omnipresent! You may take this through your viewing lens, of course, but still! God really is in all, ultimately, and God loves everyone and God’s world is one where everyone just has fun with each other and everyone can be happy, free, and awesomely epic! A superstar!!! All of it!!!)

So, down quarks, strange quarks, and bottom quarks have a charge of -1/3 that of a proton, such that our *model*, attempt to tie things together and make a useful tool, shows us a proton as made of two up quarks and one down quarks.

This model is based on how the proton’s components interact among themselves and how they interact with the environment, which are the two pieces to look at in making a model in Physics (as far as I am aware).

It just struck me to mention something, you might find it super cool to see how you can make something awesome.

If you have a situation that feels off, our environments are actually related to us lots, and influence our energy lots.

In terms of potential, just as there is potential energy, if you consider probabilities for A and B to be expressed as relationships of two things, they are AA, AB, BA, BB, so a total of 4 probabilities.

I hope you're with me.

Your environment is a big part of the potential energy available to you, since you have access to all potentials already, and in turning on AB and BA in a certain way you might be giving away energy from AB to BA.

Humans are also often not very innerly focused so most of people’s power (which is what meditation can help with, raising that AA, God happiness.) is only in external relationships.

Reading, dance, music, etc. all also help with AA, meditation is just a more classical thing, ultimately.

Also, this is all just a tool, of course, with whatever use.

Speaking of environments, it is actually that magial series of so, so many little things that make up the table.

The world is already made of infinite love for every single human being, thus.

Free will, when applied in relationship, basically means that the second distortion of the Law of One is best phrased as infinite love! (Including infinite love of “division”, based in an interpretation, I believe, of the first distortion as “lack”)

Aaron talks a lot about three beliefs of the ego, and I have really found that a lot of the negativity of the world seems to be just misused distortions of the Law of One.

Besides lack, perceiving lack in others or ourselves rather than the Divine Perfection, God=Perfection and BOTHness, that is really there.

It is only our ideas about the world that make us suffer, indeed, and as Aaron says, there are only, I believe, though I am open to annnyyything, that there are only two thought systems, God’s thought system, and the ego, disempowerment thought system.

There are some negative tricks as to pleasure maybe, but I truly believe happiness is there and can be chosen.

God always wins, since God is always with us, I would say, right now. A lot of teachers tell us it is even possible to merge with God, and always see everything as One, which is how I kind of imagine 4D.

Again, these are perspectives, so feel what you may, but isn’t it exciting?!

And to return to negative ideas, there are two more I have verified that have so many names Aaron discusses (yes, I know I quote him a lot, but I have really studied often with his system since I often needed super-effective things that work NOW to stay afloat with all my helping, rightttt?)

Problem-reaction-solution (Hegel)
Freeze-flight-fight instincts and beliefs.

The second one and the third are fear, believing in a lack of safety, and control, the belief that the way many perspectives should express is that there is guilt, and thus a need for some kind of control, as I have come to see it.

Helping poor folks, you notice that often the biggest holdback for someone can be a feeling of guilt that expresses as a loop between guilt and controlling others.

So, people either out of fear or belief in being bad control others again and again as if it is natural…

The third belief would thus best be said as “The belief that you can create fix something (e.g. safety) by taking power over a piece of reality.”

So, you can permanently isolate a piece of reality into separation.

This is all ultimately perhaps not so useful, and it doesn't tell us a lot about the origin of evil, but the origin of evil, I would note here, has often been truly one of my greatest curiosities.

It appears right now to me that the answer to it can only be said to be Mysterious.

I don’t like to put answers to things before I know an answer (though I have learned to at the same time be for [an inner, Divine flow of] confidence!) so I guess the answer to this all is really mysterious.

You know, I wanted more than anyone to see the world happy somehow.

What I do right now is honestly surrender to God with all my ability.

I guess this is where I have been lead, where I just pray for happiness.

Happiness is infinite, and precious.

Such is the mystery of all this as I see it.

However, I believe all feeling of wrong and evil, and distrust of reality (e.g. if I surrender to God will I stop relating to people and create a narcissistic bubble of either-or where suffering is ignored) are unfounded.

You don't need to be passionate about war to be happy. You don't need blood to bleed. Or visions of heaven to believe.


So, if suffering drags you down, remember...

God is love.

God is love for all beings, wherever.

If this message is interesting, I believe we don’t need to suffer to experience suffering, even, I suppose.

The Universe is dynamic.


From me, I love studying, and through that, through giving myself fully to this pain, I suppose, one might say, in a sense, it comes back around.

So, to add a second part to this - if you do want to keep seeking, that is awesome and will lead you down awesome paths as well, for sure.

There was a call in a Community I joined in 2022 for a few months, called AEP (from literally September 1st to November) called "All Ways Are Fine"

I really have lived that.

Sou desu.

God is with us all…
Adonai and GBU! [The hidden final two verses of the wonderful book, that I have found helpful a few times, actually (3 or 4), called the Tao Te Ching.]

Oh yeah, the final core distortion is expression, or, Light, in the LoO. Expressing ideas, perspectives, etc.

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Thank you Patrick.

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There is one more thing I felt like saying.

You have talked about Chinese. Actually, I just wanted to offer you a cool perspective on Chinese.

Isn't it actually - kind of awesome?

Chinese has no declensions, no verb conjugations, no etc.

Also, once you can read Kanji (see Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji, it is for Japanese but teaches the most epic method for remembering the kanji with stories) I imagine Ancient Chinese also had a way people could kind of read these and not be super confused.

Chinese has it’s own features, of course - Mandarin and Cantonese have pitch accent, which is pretty important for telling which word is used, sometimes, sure, if I remember right, but that might not be so hard.

Also, again, my dearest blessings to you.

I have read from your introduction some of it (not all quite right now), and I always love to see it when folks really are curious (Again, I am 17, and it is one of my biggest - feelings - that Education can be changed, and that God will really - change the world through people! You’d be surprised how often people are taught to not be curious and in their power.)

Folks on virtual spaces, or at school, or just face-to-face overall, can sometimes discuss certain subjects like Chinese or Math while assuming background knowledge, or talking from second-hand sources, or/and they don’t know how to teach it well, and their knowledge, however great, may come to you in a more - difficult way to get. It may make you feel lost, since it is not truly what would be most clear to read.

It may be like reading something someone in advanced Physics wrote for their thesis (one of those theses that does not pay attention to how it is read…).

You would have to know a lot of background data.

This definitely ain’t a rule, and someone can explain anything well, but you may be seeing teaching that’s like that, since it does happen, perhaps.

You might find this cool. about spiritual teachings, and so on.

Edit: One more thing, often folks, I have found, are kind of oblivious to health.

As to feeling off, energetic health on all levels may also be quite helpful!

All fruits are ultimately of certain vibrations/frequencies, however they appear.

They help with certain functions of the body (which is wayy more than senses).

They work with the body in giving it energy to do certain functions and allow you to experience more available energy.

Edit 2: In all areas of your life. (Felt this phrasing is somewhat cooler!)

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While investigating the hexagrams and how they relate to the unpublished exercises I was given a random thought of a clock. Time on a clock flows in one direction. We can recall what was but we do not work going backwards. If we are working with energy then the same thing applies. Think of the breath. We take in what was already present and then we give what we release. Try sitting at a table before the tree is born. Ra’s instructions were specific about which hand takes in energy and which one gives it. I would think about why that is.

The Tao Te Ching seems very dear as succinctly
describing universal profundities, largely using
paradoxical constructs. I think Ra suggests answers
seem less about reconciling paradox. It may be that
the realm where paradox importantly resides is 5d
wisdom and the Law of One intends to help those
on lower density fundamentals. If you find solace
in resolving paradox, it may suggest higher density
integration. Another school possibly related are
the Dogen Zen Koans, where students emerge
transcended to a dimension where things that
seem puzzling suddenly make sense.

So, in essence, the material of how to contact intelligent infinity without drugs was hidden? So, in essence, what the higher entities wanted when they contacted us was for us to be able to contact intelligent infinity. And it was hidden. Then what’s the point of sharing at all? To set some conditions for receiving information? It really doesn’t feel productive. There is no freedom there, and it seemed to me that Ra pursues exactly freedom, respecting both positive and negative use of information.

But even so, is it even necessary to seek contact with intelligent energy in this life? This planet earth doesn’t really seem like a place where one comes to make contact with infinity. Besides, after you die, you still come back to the possibility of contacting it. So there’s no point in rushing things, from my perspective.

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