I Return to Share Insight. Synthesis/Middle Path

I will share an Introduction/status update first, and then I will get to the
spiritual/philosophical topic on my second post. Some of you may remember me from the old forum. I have a lot to say. I have had a lot of insights that have been a refining of ideas I was trying to articulate there.

I went down a rabbit hole for a while with what I now believe to be a fake ET contact psy op. I’ll name it by name. Swaruu/Taygetan disclosure. This thread is not to talk about that, so if you are interested in what I’d have to say about that or wish to contest me about my opinion of it, feel free to PM me and/or start a topic about it. Some of you at one point tried to help me with mental and emotional issues I was having related to that “disclosure”. Two people tried to do so by encouraging me within the structure of my beliefs related to it. It didn’t help, but I believe the intent was good.

Another thing I dealt with since joining the old forum was some shady and manipulative people reaching out in PMs and trying to co-opt my spiritual path. This continued through my experiences with the “Taygetan disclosure” with two of the people I originally met on this site. I will not name names in this case. I also had another negative experience I will not discuss here with someone I originally met in the “Taygetan” community after both myself and that person left it. I’m not doing particularly well, mentally and emotionally, but I have found my way clear of some toxic influences and know myself better than I did before.

To any potential harassers/handler types out there who may not like me sharing my insights and may try to derail myself and my life in various ways including psy op programs, direct online manipulation, and possible use of natural and/or synthetic energetic and/or telepathic harassment and such…the more I get harassed and the more inconvenient and unfulfilling my life is, the more reason I have to sit in front of my computer and speak my mind.

Now for a disclaimer and the actual topic.

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Disclaimer: I am not here to contest the Law of One channeled material, only to expand on some of the concepts and share my perspective about an idea that I do not believe has been covered in the material itself. As for my personal opinions about the material, I can honestly say I don’t know. I have found some aspects of it useful on my spiritual journey, but I am personally unsure of its overall accuracy and the intentions behind it. Although I admittedly have some doubts, I’d like to hope and think those intentions are good, so I will be referencing the material under that assumption.

Based on the model provided by the Confederation, one could argue that the perspective I’m about to share is a “6th density bias”. I can assume the question and topic has come up before, and maybe I’ll look for such discussion out of curiosity. The basic question and premise is: Is there a consciously chosen, deliberate, viable middle path that is NOT simply the “sinkhole of indifference”, as it is referred to by the Confederation? Just FYI, I like the premise of the STO path and its 51% better than the alternative, but I feel that there is something more possible.

I posit that there is, and that the more beings within a given environment such as a planet or a galaxy who consciously choose and promote this path, the better for the general population…except maybe those who choose the STS path, particularly in terms of preying on the “weak” rather than purely competing against others on the same path.

Here is the premise, the foundation on which a more joyful way of life can be built: The polarity extremes of predation and martyrdom feed a system of living and (“progress”?) that is based on SORROW. Predators create sorrow, and martyrs accept and embrace it. Predation and martyrdom reinforce each other, and they reinforce sorrow. This is the result of willingly following extreme polarity paths, of polarity FISSION. The consciously chosen middle path, the path of polarity FUSION, promotes a system and way of living congruent with JOY, therefore it is of greater service to others than a path of extreme martyrdom, which leads by example and promotes more martyrdom in the “good”, and validates more predation among the “bad”. When a good person makes sacrifices, it’s presumably to improve the lives of others, but when sacrifice becomes a dogma aimed at the good-hearted, can it not become an example that implies a demand of the same of them, paradoxically not giving to them, but asking of them? And if all good-hearted people would follow it, who would receive the benefit of their sacrifice?

According to the Confederation, the polarities are integrated at around mid 6d. That is the natural progress of things. Why cannot we follow a path that integrates them the whole way “up”? In the tree of life, the middle path is the true overlooked or hidden path to “God”. The right-hand and left-hand paths are sort of dead ends without integration. Same principle. Here, I propose the gnostic idea of a “corrupt demiurge”. This force, this intelligence, line of coding, or whatever one may believe it is, is likely the principle of polarity fission itself. That is how we experience (at least parts of) what we call the universe and, if they exist as purported, the progression through the densities. I think this force largely controls our experience up to the point the confederation calls mid 6d or so, and then is transcended. Cannot we transcend it earlier?

This system, this line of coding, whatever it is…was put in place to give contrast, duality, and yes, adversity. There is a natural, inherent adversity. The thing is, this thing is based on the concept of fission itself, therefore it does not value integration. It is the blind Yaldabaoth. It follows its programming without seeing the bigger picture. I suppose it cannot see mid 6d or beyond. It does not fuse, it does not integrate, it splits, and it reinforces itself. It dominates. It overtakes. It consumes. Within its realm, it attempts to create fission, and therefore sorrow, while trying to completely dominate and drive out fusion/integration and joy. It attempts to make us manufacture as much additional adversity as possible. The polarity system is its tool/battery. It does not self-balance/self-limit. The only balance is the balance that we as souls, parts of a greater whole that transcends its domain, impose in contrast to its programming.

This thing…is part of us, too. We can choose. Some adversity helps us grow, and helps us have a broader experience and appreciate things. WE do not need to arbitrarily create additional adversity for ourselves and others. Living on planets, we will have natural disasters. We will have to survive and contend with the elements. We will progress, and we will have accidents building and testing new technology. We will have human error operating vehicles and machinery. We will have our own inner existential struggles. Sometimes a person will romantically love another, and it will not be reciprocated, and the person will have to move on and hopefully find it with someone else, but it will hurt terribly. Those are some examples of naturally occurring adversity. There is plenty of it without us creating more. And, yeah, maybe a 3d planet would, without an elite occultocracy and/or polarity dogmas, likely still go through a period that includes plenty of crime and war, but I think that they would learn much faster. If the Confederation’s material is correct, perhaps this is what the SMC known as Yod-Heh-Shin-Vau-Heh intended? A civilization not indoctrinated by polarity dogmas, who would naturally gravitate to a deliberate middle path and live by 6d principles in 3d?

By choosing paths of predation and martyrdom, we manufacture adversity. We create worlds of wars, strife, greed, sacrifice, and ultimately, sorrow. Zero-sum thinking. STS: someone has to lose for me to win, STO: I have to lose for someone else to win. We should be focused on creating a win-win environment. So much is possible in this universe. Why create a system of progression that creates sorrow rather than joy? Something is just sick about it. The benefit of the doubt is that some entities played by the rules of the demiurge and then transcended them at 6.5d or whatever. It worked for “grandpa”, so he tells us how he did it without any ill intent. Those paths, to me, are worse than crude. I think there is a better way, a way that perhaps was intended with the “Garden of Eden”. Natural learning. Natural law. Synthesis of polarities and living by 6d principles in 3d.

With a win-win attitude and a society largely on the conscious middle path, a civilization could live in a joyful utopia rather than a sorrowful shithole, and I think that promotion of joy rather than sorrow is indeed a helpful thing towards others. That’s just my two cents, though. As they say; take what resonates, and discard the rest.

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What a wonderful writing.

I have not heard of the words fission and fusion used like this. Thank you for this little lesson. I like to, whenever possible give little lessons about earthly subjects and show their beauty to the learner.

You seem like you’d have a lot of fun with history videos! I like the profile picture you use.

Now, this appears to be something that all human beings come to. Eventually, the light has to forgive the dark. You have so much newfound interest in dark things happening in our world, and our past these days.

Eventually, both paths that exist in the fourth density, love and light, have to see themselves as the infinite creator. The kingdom of heaven is within, and I bet you that kingdom includes free will and truth.

Also, our hearts appear to tell us that love is the truth, so then should we not have abundance of love?

Should there not be infinite abundance for all of creation, including this self, whatever that self is?

Emptiness, relationships, wealth. Whatever!

The situation of third density, of course, is that free will is not respected. This is what creates a lot of negative polarity. Light is very curious, and will begin seeking to dive deeper into darkness.

68.17 Questioner: I am interested in how the first distortion applies to the negatively polarized entity misplacing the mind/body/spirit complex. Why is the negatively polarized entity followed to the place of negative time/space? Why would one of us freely follow the entity?

Ra: I am Ra. The positive polarity sees love in all things. The negative polarity is clever.

It is very useful to remember when discussing any topic such as this that ultimately I, and any entities I am aware of, do not have all-knowing powers.

Here is a mysterious line from Ra that speaks of Ra’s own limits:

52.12 Questioner: Thank you. In mentioning, in the previous session, the harvest, you mentioned the light-bringers from the octave. Am I to understand that those who provide the light for the gradation of graduation are of an octave above the one we experience? Could you tell me more about these light-bringers, who they are, etc.?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working.

This octave density of which we have spoken is both omega and alpha, the spiritual mass of the infinite universes becoming one central sun or Creator once again. Then is born a new universe, a new infinity, a new Logos which incorporates all that the Creator has experienced of Itself. In this new octave there are also those who wander. We know very little across the boundary of octave except that these beings come to aid our octave in its Logos completion.

Is there any brief query which you have at this time?

This new octave, if you wonder, except that it will be another octave, we know nothing about.

It may be that, though our planet, one among millions of millions of planets that might exist in the universe, is so tiny, it completes it’s own piece of the puzzle.

Although we are coming to the same choice, the same realization that all planets come to, that suffering is not necessary when we work together, either towards the negative or positive poles, we are in fact quite amazing.

I hope you’ll enjoy this channeled session from Q’uo: February 11, 2007 - Sunday meditation - L/L Research

Sometimes I still feel hopeless, and so so energetically tired, but at the same time it is sort of helping us learn lessons, if I may briefly speak to this not entirely related matter.

Feeling love for the earth, the plants, or whatever human (I love being inspired by kindness I see on the web) or non-human (cat love!) brings you that marveling, as you continue hoping that “Truth will prove itself true.”

Edit: Waaah! It completely escaped my mind to welcome you. Welcome to the community!!

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Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your perspective and some information. The quote about the next octave is very interesting to me. I see a planet, a galaxy, and perhaps a single universe that is rather skewed towards an over-abundance of sorrow and a scarcity of joy. Perhaps some of this aid from the next octave and part of this logos moving more towards its completion is like I said. More fusion of the polarities. A speeding up of the process, where an integrated path, such as what happens in 6.5d, becomes a well-known and practical option to follow even beginning in 3d. More efficiency. Less waste. Less sorrow.

Perhaps to some, that may sound more boring and infringing on the desire to experience polarity extremes. Those options will still be there, and time isn’t linear. I imagine there are other timelines of this same logos to incarnate into. If one wants extreme polarity, they can go incarnate in the Orion wars or something. My wanderer “origin” is likely in Orion, so I have experienced much polarity and much sorrow.

I actually see more balance as giving more of a diversity to experience. More artistry, more joy, more excitement, more love. Extreme polarities are rather monotone and limiting to me. Perhaps this logos will shift towards more polarity integration and away from extreme fission.

I feel the same way. Very hopeless and tired from the heaviness. There is beauty on Earth, but it seems in small amounts, pressured and confined all around by the sorrow. There is beauty in the things you mention. Perhaps exposing my awareness more to “small” acts of love and kindness might help a bit.

I am not very confident that Earth as a whole will likely move into a good future. If it does, it may not be in my lifetime. I’m not sure I have the capacity to do much about it, and I’m not sure of the cost of trying. The cost of simply being here seems quite high already. I know what I desire for myself that does not infringe on others, so that is what I will pursue. It’s simple, but seems hard for wanderers to find here.

Welcome @BlackDragon
Since you’ve mentioned “Yaldabaoth”.
Lately I’ve put my attention on Gnosis…

I agree with her definition of “False Light”, and it’s characteristics.

And also her definition on “False Light” and the actor(s) behind it (Demiurge)

I did not read all of it but it seems you have a misunderstanding of STO according to Ra. STO, is basically service to self while including others in self-service. Self-service enables more service to others. STO is not marty at all. If you marty yourself for service to others then you are doing it wrong because you cannot sustain STO as long as you could otherwise. When Ra speaks of marty, they are referring to extreme cases of imbalanced use of Love. Wisdom and love need to be balanced.


I think that’s a good interpretation. I have seen on the old forum and still see cases of some extreme distortions. Happiness isn’t important. Self-defense or defense of others that could hurt the attacker is an STO no-no. Pointing out injustices in the world is a “victim mentality”. Those are a few of the dogmas I often see. I suppose people have a right to believe such things and express them, but I often see people who express such distortions trying to shut down others with divergent views.

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( all the following is personal opinion )

There is a global reason of creating polarities because they perform work and hence the Creator investigates himself.

63.29 Questioner: Is there a clock-like face, shall I say, associated with the entire major galaxy of many billions of stars so that as it revolves, it carries all of these stars and planetary systems through transitions from density to density? Is this how it works?

Ra: I am Ra. You are perceptive. You may see a three-dimensional clock face or spiral of endlessness which is planned by the Logos for this purpose.

You are not able to change this process which is controlled (as I think) by the Octave’s Guardians. As you mentioned, also one can be harvestable with 51% ratio which is acceptable but from the point of view of Logos is passing exam with lower mark instead of upper mark.

For some reason “middle path and live by 6d principles in 3d” reminds me service to self path as opening higher rays without opening 4th green ray. Here are words about intelligent infinity level which I do not understand completely.

11.8 Questioner: Is there anyone in our history that is commonly known who went to a fourth-density self-service or negative type planet or who will go there?

Ra: I am Ra. The number of entities thus harvested is small. However, a few have penetrated the eighth level which is only available from the opening up of the seventh through the sixth. Penetration into the eighth or intelligent infinity level allows a mind/body/spirit complex to be harvested if it wishes at any time/space during the cycle.

There’s an important point that can muddle up is difference between I and we (you mentioned “we”). I believe there are many exception that are not mentioned, for example there might exist Wanderers from Logoi without veil or from the “past” or from another Octave etc., but all of them are individual. There are different cases with Wonderers who already passed the harvest and entities who have haver been harvested.

Your reflections reminds me reflection of 6th density Wanderer and if so, it depend on what type of contract the Wanderer has.

47.5 The positive/negative polarity is a thing which will, at the sixth level, simply become history.

That’s why you might think of it.

48.10 However, the entity who penetrates intelligent infinity is basically capable of walking the universe with unfettered tread.

You might say if it can be archived individually so it can also be archived collectively because it’s a sum of individual free wills. I think it can be rather theoretically that practically and is not planned by Logos.

I hope something of I said above give you some sense.

This idea of passing an exam…I simply feel that there is more to life than passing tests. If passing with a lower mark gives one a joyful and beautiful experience during their incarnation, and passing with a higher mark entails some kind of painful martyrdom, I’d take the lower mark and happier lifetime.

Ironically, striving to pass tests and get high achievements seems kind of…STS like? The competitiveness (even just with oneself), the disciplinarianism, the hierarchy…

Paradoxically, my idea of wanting to skip the sorrowful polarity struggle is not simply selfish and lazy. It’s a matter of principle that comes also from the heart chakra. What I’d want to be possible for myself, I’d want to be possible for others. I would not wish martyrdom and self-sacrifice upon others. I would not ask it of them. I would not wish them to be painfully tried and tested. I’d wish for others to be able to be free and happy, like I’d want for myself. If they want harsh lessons and polarity extremes, I wouldn’t deny them those opportunities, but I also wouldn’t force it on anyone who doesn’t want it.

I understand your sorrow. It’s one’s right to pass the exam with lower mark, but it’s also one’s right to have higher mark.

82.28 You begin to grasp the situation. Let us continue the metaphor of the schooling but consider the scholar as being an entity in your younger years of the schooling process. The entity is fed, clothed, and protected regardless of whether or not the schoolwork is accomplished. Therefore, the entity does not do the homework but rather enjoys playtime, mealtime, and vacation. It is not until there is a reason to wish to excel that most entities will attempt to excel.

It is (“like”). But it’s 1/10 (don’t know why I take this number) of the whole picture. It is accepted on 6th level as necessity, I think.

Nevertheless, I don’t know if individually one can pass all at once.

Yes, it is a being’s right to choose what they prioritize on their path.

My words simply reflect my own biases and priorities. It’s a perspective I’d like to share. I think the world could be a nicer place if more shared it. Still, it’s not a dogma I would force on others.

Universes and the multiverse are constantly reborn. There is no ultimate destination, only a journey. Why race to the “top” at the expense of my happiness? There’s so much in existence to experience besides tests and grades and densities.

I assure it’s nicer after your words. Please keep on sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, Ra think that acting from upper density is more effective, so it’s worth to move on to help others.

48.3 Questioner: Thank you. If you, Ra, as an individualized entity were incarnate on Earth now with full awareness and memory of what you know now, what would be your objective at this time on Earth as far as activities are concerned?

Ra: I am Ra. The query suggests that which has been learned to be impractical. However, were we to again be naïve enough to think that our physical presence was any more effective than that love/light we send your peoples and the treasure of this contact, we would do as we did do. We would be, and we would offer our selves as teach/learners.

Yes, it’s worth it to move to higher densities. For me, personally, I just think that there could be a lot to enjoy in the lower ones as well, and no reason to rush. It would be nice to live in a world that isn’t so adverse. A more utopian 3d.

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You’re right, it is STS. Many aspects of STO are STS and this confuses people who study this material quite often. I find thinking of STO as STS+others makes things easier to comprehend.

[7.15] Ra: … The Law of One blinks neither at the light or the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self. However, service to others results in service to self, thus preserving and further harmonizing the distortions of those entities seeking intelligent infinity through these disciplines. …

Yeah. I didn’t mean STS like in terms of serving my own interests, though. I meant it more along the lines of the disciplinarian, even authoritarian traits generally associated with the STS mindset.

On the other hand, passing tests is also conforming to society’s standards, or the logos’s standards, or whatever, which I guess would be acceptance of a system one might not personally like, which could potentially be viewed as STO?

So much paradox.

Yes. Hierarchy, authority, and external worship are false light.

I’m familiar with the Gnostic premises. I do not believe that the physical world is a mistake, and I do not believe it is truly separate from spirit. Everything exists for a reason. Everything is source. If I were archons and didn’t want enlightened souls intruding upon what I would consider my domain, I’d want them to believe it’s a mistake and it’s worthless and that they should ignore it and let me have it uncontested.

Personally, it always seemed to me that Ra was talking about the process of individuation (this is an evolutionary process). Tests can only be evolutionary. Depth psychologists write a lot on this topic. Personally, I am always more interested in the society of educated and conscious people than in the society of uneducated and unconscious

Voluntary tests are indeed evolutionary…however, questions arise. Who is administering the tests? What are their credentials, and more importantly, their own biases? Are they making the tests fair, or are they skewing them towards their preferred outcome based on their biases?

What do the tests cost the individuals taking them? Does a test to prove a point or measure up to someone’s standards or whatever cost a person in wellbeing? Is it like the book of Job, where likely the imperial filth impersonating YHSVH and “God” tested a man’s blind obedience by taking away the people and things he loved?

When tests are fair and voluntary and don’t cost a person in terms of their wellbeing, they are fine. Another way to learn and grow, and I have no issue with that presented in that way. I agree that I am also interested in a society of educated and conscious people. There are two sides to that. There is intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. Both are important. However I measure up, I personally have a bias towards seeing emotional intelligence as a more important basis. Maybe I was 6d STS to STO and realized the value in emotional intelligence while having built a lot of intellectual intelligence.

What I’ve also learned is having a reluctance to accept things that are against my personal integrity, no matter how much “authority” they seem to have. Right is right, and wrong is wrong, to me. Maybe it’s at least partially subjective, but my views on that do not change based on “authority”.

Tend to agree with you here, I’m now probing that the Archon(s) doesn’t work well or in coordinated manners with each others. Infact they compete against each others.
I am the true God, no no no I am the true God etc… let’s fight to see who is the ‘truer God’.
In any case that’s the implication of having a point of view of separation.
And their ‘role’ in this universal orchestra is to show the opposite… unity…

About test…
I don’t see it as a ‘test’… as consciousness unit naturally evolve…
Just like baby naturally evolve to become a child and then adult.
The ‘test’ are usually performed by external parties observing the evolution whether it has reached certain threshold and/or can be classified with certain labeling.