Some clear words

Maybe it is possible to discuss it here?
What do you think about her main statement?


The feelings I get from her speech are an influence teasing a polarization towards the “negative”, but they mean well in their frustrations.

I am curious: what clarifications are you seeking?


“So do your duty without further delay and take them out of here–every single one of
them and you know who they are.
Otherwise, we will call upon our Allies and the Cosmic Forces including the Pashats to
remove them —and yes, we will “violate” Galactic Federation time-space to do it.”

  • Anna Von Reitz

Would it be ironic if she got taken out? I jest

It is interesting that I find her tone shares the same demeanor of a woman who calls the cops on a homeless man in her neighborhood.

I witnessed this not long ago…

The officer asked her what is the problem, and she said this is “HER” neighborhood, HER house, and she Paid taxes/HOA (Home Owner Association)

The cops ended up not really doing anything, and then she snapped and said she wanted to speak with his supervisor and would complain to the mayor.

This density teaches Love and Compassion (understanding)
Not once did she care or try to understand the homeless person.

So the catalyst is imbued with lessons.

Just piggyback off of zen, tadeus, what is it that you seek in another-selves frustration of their catalyst?

Her speech is very determining and it should be for such kind of public letter.
She has written some more of them for different leaders of the world.

If someone else is resonating with such frustrations?

The main point from the own view is that the free will is violated against people who don’t agree to the new world order / agenda and don’t want to be enslaved.
So how does this fit to the main rule of keeping the free will?

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Yes - your quote shows a really curious threat that is not understandable at all.
But how you will argue against bad forces that ignore the free will?

No - the most of her work is to show up how the world is working under the commercial system.
She is doing it in a very sovereign way and is struggling for freedom and peace together with a group of other people.

What do you suggest a property should be?
Where did she write about officers, taxes and a Home Owner Association?
Besides she has explained what taxes are a long time ago.
But this are not the relevant contents of her letter.

To under-stand is another word for to obey.
Where is the limit of compassion when the free will is ignored?

It is to preserve the main law of keeping the individual free will.
Of course the free will of the majority should be kept, even they want to live in an STS enslaved world / density.
But there must be a solution for the people that don’t agree with this. This cannot be to force them to STS.

What is “bad forces?” Is it not also the creator? What free will is ignored? when all is free to speak and create.
Perhaps the loudest person in the room is infringing the freewill of others?

Research Sardinian people. Sardinia is in Italy, people there live freely and care about community and family.
It was shown in the recent document “blue zone” on Netflix.

Misunderstanding, probably because English is not your native language. I wasn’t talking about Anna, I was comparing her with another situation I’ve seen with someone who has the same attitude as Anna.

There is a lot of confusion here,

To understand is not… to obey…

To understand and have compassion for other selves is to see that infinite creator within All of creation.
In you, In me, In Anna, In Ra, In Orion, In Sts, In Sto, in Everyone and everything.

When we close our hearts, we start pointing the finger at others and become disgruntled…

We rage at the world, we rage at creation, and shake our fists at the infinite creator.
Only, it is that ourselves is the reason for all that is, all that gives you all the experiences.

Let me ask you… Anna, or perhaps even you… Frustrated at the bad guys? Frustrated at the Confederation not stepping in?

That frustration… Who is it directed at? Others? or at the self?

This is not a STS enslaved world/density.
It is a new positive-oriented world trying to learn the lesson of Love and Compassion.

If you would stop, get up, go outside, and participate in some kind of community event, interact with people and share your food, your love, your laughter, and even your sorrow. You will see that other selves will reciprocate and try to love you, and understand you.

What I see in recent times is that this world is becoming harder and harder for souls that are angry, disgruntled, self-destructive, self-victimizing, and simply ignorant of lessons that are freely given to help them harmonize with others.

It is always the fault of others and not their own. The inability to see the creator in all.

This woman is an example that I found,

Also for Anna Von Reitz, I researched about her.

She is not a real judge, she impersonates and does not have credentials in law.
What she does is falsify documents and sign off legal paperwork for people who are identified as “sovereign citizens.” Which in turn does not obey any laws, and pay no taxes to the government.

Her actions have caused others to be arrested, fined, and prison time for following her instructions.

In short, she caused more problems for people rather than to help, and uses their arrest stories to support her madness. Basically saying “see? The government is trying to shut us up!”

Meanwhile, she doesn’t help pay for the legal fees of those who followed her ideology, nor does she really care about them.

Her real name is Anna Maria Riezinger.
Here is a court document of a person who got into a lot of trouble because of her.

If I may speak freely about this…
It is a mental health issue, with a touch of literacy and pseudo-education.

That is my human perspective,

But my spiritual perspective see that it is another-self that is frustrated with the preincarnted lessons it has chosen for itself.

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Also, pages 3 and 4 of the documents indicate that the person facing charges collects unemployment.

Anna herself lives in Alaska and pretends to be the “superior court.”

From what I know, resident of Alaska receive free money from the government just by living out there.

So from a birdseye view of this woman “Anna” and the situation surrounding her.

She seems to be taking money from tax-payers (her country’s fellowmen) and using it to support her life and her right to freedom of speech.

Kinda like… you have someone that lives in your house, eat your food, and complains to your neighbor that you are a horrible human being.

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No - it is not.
From the wedic point of view the earth is in the middle / border of bad / STS and good / STO densities / planes. That’s why both polarities can appear in this dualistic density (specially the bad one in the Kali Yuga).
Everything can be seen as part of the creator, but this is not made by the creator.

As cleary written the free will not to follow a satanic agenda of slavery.

Live free together with the Mafia. :rofl:

O.K. But how this comparison helps to clarify the main question?

The word itself says that you stand / agree under someone else order / control / opinion.

There is an own distinction between obeying / understanding and having compassion.
Specially in this time on this planet.

It is natural to be disgruntled about the violation of the free will and about slavery.
In this context it is advised to open the eyes for the phenomenon of Wetiko.

Who is we?
We are always individuals and part of the creator at the same time.

It is directed at the source that is causing it.
Why it should be directed else where?

Maybe in your eyes, because it seems you have decided to agree and obey.

Definitely not - there is war in our neighborhood and the warmongers are active here.
This is twice - as hot war and informational warfare.

If you would travel to the ukraine you can try to show how this will work.

What is a real judge?
About what kind of law you are talking about?
Who has made this law and is it made from a majority or a closed group of individuals?
What are documents and do they have more power about life as the creator on earth?

Do you really know what is done with taxes?
Do you know how the money system is working?

When you or a mass of people agree to need an government for their life, must all individuals do it?
How this fits to the law of free will?
Does an individual have no right to defend it’s own will and interests?

So the conclusion is that everyone has to obey without any question?

That point that can be agreed.

What is “legal” and who has the right to define it?
How do you define an own will and how it has to be respected?

That’s correct.

The manager of a person have of course to obey the publisher and holder of the obligation of that person. This includes the terms of use and is an strictly commercial process.

Wetiko is an mental health issue and what we can see outside are the symptoms of it.

That’s true and it is an hard job specially on this planet.
What a ride on the edge of a knife - specially who have decided not to follow the majority and agenda …

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Much love to you tadeus,

I understand it is difficult for you to exist here at this time.


Thank you for the compassion. :green_heart:
It can be felt and is replied.

And thank you for the courage to discuss this really difficult stuff.
May the division that accompanies with it (everywhere) not reach our hearts.


Good morning. I have and recently. I recall sharing with multiple folks a disagreement with the optimization towards agency due to the sorrows of our time. These concerns crumbled for me when I more experientially touched oneness beyond its conceptualization.

This illusion is ours. We may utilize our agency in either polarization. Based on this line of reasoning any action not in accordance with service to others would be disallowed and therefore agency would be violated by higher order systems beyond this illusion.

Where would we draw the line?

We are here to experience and learn. What I thus far have not heard much discussed are the aggregates of these lessons. We seem to have the tendency to view that the individuals alone are learning and hopefully moving on. We are a part of a collective mind that, in its disorder it tends to miss this, but they can aggregate lessons with time. I have learned to think in terms of a social memory complex not yet self-aware as an explanation (or a collective mind bound towards self awareness or has self awareness in part).

The universe is built on repeating patterns of divine creation. If you can further reflect on your own development of self awareness it will also be helpful to understand. Beyond continuing to see all is one and its lessons day to day will help.


Sorry - there are strong doubts about it.
Specially the last weeks a feeling increased with many indications, that this time lateral has been captured finally by the the STS entities, as indicated by the Q’uo.

I agree to Jayce that there is an alternate STO 4th density, because it was possible to get in touch with it.
It exists in the same space, but only dual activated entities may notice it and maybe can move to it.

You are free to doubt, think and feel what you are feeling, so there is no need to apologize.

A helpful thing to consider that I feel from your thinking: can you open yourself up to the orientation of STO without regard to outcome? Even if for an indeterminate, finite amount of time?

It is so very easy to look outward in dismay and to succumb to the feelings of this dismay, but I have learned that with much sorrow there’s also the potential for the miracle of healing. In the meantime, all the more reason to share our light (light only grows brighter the darker it gets). Even if its projections / thoughts of goodwill towards others or small acts of kindness.

Loving-kindness meditation may be worth considering. Or generally, just sending love, thoughts and prayers outwards / inwards and focusing in on that can help soothe an aching mind.

These are, of course, suggestions. It is your path to choose.

I just remembered a parable that I feel that might be helpful to consider (this is based on from what I heard a long time ago so it is poorly paraphrased):

There was once a beach full of beached starfishes (or some other helpless sea life). Millions of them baking in the morning sun. An old man on a morning walk on the beach came upon the situation and one at a time tossed them back into the water.

Another person came back proclaimed “What are you doing??!!! It’s hopeless! you can’t save them all!”.

The old man replied while picking up another replied: “I know. But it matters for this one.” He throws it in the water and picked up another. “And this one.”


A general thought for consideration:

There’s a gravitation towards intellectualization of cosmological forces, spirituality, universe, and otherwise what I like to think of as “brain gum”. The pairing of varying thought frameworks with our more mundane experience can inadvertently burden the mind from what I have both experienced and observed.

Here, I feel we have an understanding of an illusion, SOS thinking and the the madness of the illusion. Initially conceptualizations are helpful in terms of providing comfort, bring a sense of connection, belonging, understanding and community, but as that comfort becomes familiar the shelter of these concepts tend to fall into disrepair. Or the “brain gum”, as I like to think of it, is old gum and not as appealing to continue mulling over.

Although I think the muses of ideation are so good it is helpful to ground them in the mundane. Using mundanity / the illusion can assist the seeker (or put more plainly the illusion is useful to learn from). If we are not careful the illusion paired with most any conceptualization can impair the seekers causing yet another illusion to fold in.

I am left with the impression this why Ra recommends that we continuous see oneness and seek to be of service to others — it roots these things beyond the self’s obsession with a sense of understanding / knowing. We are not left with “master this thought pattern and you’re good to go”.

There’s great need here to integrate these things within. Not only for the great benefits these integrations have on the seeker, but also how it helps bring love and light to a world that is in desperate need of it.

Yes, if we take stock of the ongoings of the world it’s so hard not to be overwhelmed, dismayed, frustrated, outraged and even angry. In those moments it is helpful to remember our agency. To remember oneness. We are but one part of many. Our collective mind benefits from even a single ray of light.

Reflect on how to make your thoughts, ideas, conceptions and insights work for you / us and try to be mindful of when they are undermining your seeking. Consider that insight alone is not enough. It is good to dwell within insight, but do not forget its applications. Naturally, keep learning!

The heart does not stop beating if the kidneys malfunction — it keeps on beating as long as possible.

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Before some month this was no problem.
Now this is much more difficult and results in this dissolve of 4th density.

The increasing “facts” that can be seen and felt are working aginst it.

For example the sun seems to shine brighter as it is good for our body now.
Our light (within us) has nothing to do with what is ongoing in this “reality” of this planet.
But it must be protected not to be transformed and assimilated.

Yes - of course. This is the density of choose. :+1:

Yes - that’s correct - and it’s true that the others keep dead.

Yes - this is a nice concept - i support this.

This is working less every day, because the illusion get more and more an aware illusion every day.


The (inner) light is not getting smaller, but the dark hall that must be enlightened seems to get bigger.


Please tell me how oneness works between STS and STO.

That’s true, but it is still a single ray of light.

A video to think about timelines and the current situation:

There may be another interpretation
of Time Lateral. There’s sometimes
mentioned Time/Space as distinct
from Space/Time.

One way to consider this is that
waking reality we have an ever
constant present moment, time
as compressed to an iota and
and stuff traverses through
space. The hands of a clock as
just stuff traversing space.

Flipping that is a concept where
the two are interchanged, Space is
a static iota and time is traversed.
There’s commonly meditation
states that can approach this,
where perception of time gets
seriously tweaked.

There’s some later sessions where
Ra does these time scans to distill
root cause as some intent held during
a moment of action. Utilizing the idea
of such Time Lateral interpretation
may be a way to regress root causes.

Learning about such scans can
behoove a person to tune into
purity of intent prior to action.

Yes - of course are many interpretations possible.
But what can be noticed and felt?

Any purity can be felt outside this realm while this realm is feeling (since some month) like a screenplay on a canvas.
Maybe the divergence has started …

Here is an alternate channeling from 2009:
(Archive for the ‘Messages from Emmanuelle by Langa’ Category)

Separation has begun

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, the separation has begun.

Gaia has entered the 8th segment of transformation; she is now in the point of no return.

Division has started at third-dimensional level, and the groups of frequencies present in your plane of existence are being regrouped.

From now on, you will be seeing many signs of division and regrouping manifesting in your reality. Companies will split, friends will stop seeing each other, families will separate, groups will be divided, etc. And at the same time you will be witnessing the absolute opposite; you will join new groups, you will feel closer than ever to your loved ones, family and friends.

This change is neither positive nor negative. It is existential.

This is a natural step in the mass-ascension process.

Existence consists only of vibrations, and when the vibrations that builds your world change, your whole reality changes accordingly.

At soul level you know that at the moment you decided to embark on this journey, you have been empowered by the Infinite Consciousness to be the architect of your destiny. Just by drawing the blueprint you set in motion powerful energy/flows through your system that will lead you into awareness expansion.

When you change your awareness frequency to a higher rate, you align your being with higher vibrations, anchoring them in your material reality, hence helping Gaia in her journey to the fifth density. Remember, giving and receiving happen simultaneously, so when you help Gaia, you are being helped too.

If she makes the ascension, a monumental change will occur in the universe, and you will be part of it. The last time a change of this magnitude has happened in any third-density world was 21 billion of your years ago.

The divine plan for the whole cannot go ahead without you, your individuality was given to you for the good of the whole, and your role is utterly irreplaceable.

Once you understand this, you can start helping others to see the responsibility they have at this crucial point in human history. Everyone in your world has divine power that they do not realize he/she posses. The divine powers from within surfaces when consciously he/she start focusing attention on awakening it from the inner core of his/her very consciousness.

Help them and help Gaia by making the most of yourself, raising you personal vibratory frequency towards the Creative Principle of Love. This requires a transformation of your being, a conscious attitudinal shift from your side.

At the end of Gaia’s ascension process/separation, two inter-dimensional gateways will open, one leading to fifth-density and the other one ending in third-density, your consciousness will align you with the gateway that best support your most dominant awareness frequency.

The re-union has begun. Little by little your group-soul will get together. In the process you may separate from others, but the shared moments and learning that has been gained in the company of others, will always remain in you as a gift of the beyond.

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa