Itzhak Bentov and The Law of One

I have been a student of the Law of One since I was introduced to it by David Wilcock in the first season of Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode.

While studying the material I began to cross reference the Law of One material with concepts presented in ‘A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness’ by Itzhak Bentov. There are some remarkable correlations that I consider to be of the utmost profundity. This is a big and complex subject. The above graphic presents a starting point for research and contemplation.

In Bentov’s Cosmology, a Cosmos contains Intelligent Infinity, the first three primary distortions and forty-nine universes in a spiral helix. There are seven spirals, each containing seven universes. A spiral can be thought of as an octave of universes. Note that we a located in the 6th universe up in the lowest Cosmic Chakra (or octave), or in other words, the 44th universe.

I think anyone interested in the Law of One would find Bentov’s book a fascinating read and in my opinions adds tremendous clarity to the structure of existence as presented in the LoO.

Also, Bentov’s book is an easy quick and fun read and anyone could make it through the whole thing in a weekend.

There is a fascinating conversation here if anyone else is interested. I hope so. I’d love to be part of a conversion on the topic.

I assume there is a good reason for not having a like button, so I want to thank you for the information you have given, I find something oddly familiar in the symbols, the one on the left of first and third distortion, you have triggered my curiosity. The spirals I have a feeling or recognition of, but not the words to describe or explain. I suspect this book may aid my understanding. Many thanks friend. And Welcome!

I’m very happy to hear someone has resonated with this. I felt a strong resonance with both Bentov’s work and the LoO when I started to study it. There is an interesting timeline regarding “A Brief Tour” and the LoO material. Bentov was killed in a plane crash in 1979 and as we know the material in the LoO came after that. Bentov published his first book “Stalking the Wild Pendulum” in 1977 and that book did not contain the information regarding the cosmic structure as shown in the diagram I posted. Bentov’s late wife at some point compiled Ben’s notes and published “A Brief Tour” posthumously in 2000. It is my personal belief that the two works are meant to compliment each other and it is not possible to fully understand either without the other. It is impossible that the L/L Research team could have know this information because it was published 16 years after the Ra sessions concluded. Yet when comparing Ra’s pre-universe distortions with Bentov’s Cosmic structure it is obvious that the same structure of creation is being described. There is another though that is most fascinating to contemplate regarding the Logos. If we consider the Second distortion or Cosmic Logos as the highest level logos the we can formulate a clearer picture as to the progression of sublogoi from the cosmic level to the human level such that we have cosmos->universe->galaxy->solar->human making us a sub-sub-sub-sub logos of the cosmic logos. I would love to keep this thread going so I encourage to share and thoughts, insights or questions on this topic. Have a blessed day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please give a link to which book you are exactly referring?

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Thank you Jay, the diagram you publish looks really interesting. I wonder, from a pure LoO point of view if Cosmic Love and CosmicEnergy would be located on the same plan as Cosmic Mind and Cosmic Will. Really interesting, thank you again…

Thank you for posting this! Sounds interesting and I will definitely add this to my reading list :slight_smile:

Question for you (and I will be buying it for myself regardless, so I will also draw my own conclusions, but): Do you think this could be a decent book to give to someone whom one might be close to, who is unlikely for various reasons to be keen to read or study the LOO directly through the Ra transcripts?

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To first address TribeofCats question… I would say ‘yes’ with that caveat that while Bentov’s Higher Consciousness is for the most part a presentation of highly advanced structural concepts regarding creation put into a fun and easily digestible form, there’s a bit of work involved in parsing out the connections it has to the LoO cosmology. I’m sure you can make your own conclusions in that regard once you have had the chance to read it for yourself.

To address flofrog’s question, I would say that from a pure LoO standpoint Bentov’s cosmology adds such a high degree of insight that ‘no’ the diagram is perfect as it stands and clarifies much of what Don was attempting to get at in his questioning. Bentov’s Cosmic Aleph or Cosmic Intelligence perfectly corresponds to the LoO’s Intelligent Infinity. I think it is important to note here that this by necessity means that the Intelligent Infinity in each and every Cosmos is identical to each and every Intelligent Infinity in all other Cosmos’s in every other Super Cosmos. It is all one single non-dual, non-polarized mind. Because the first act of Intelligent Infinity is to Self Create itself as a being or ‘logos’, and because we have now entered into the highest level of duality that can exist in creation, the first and second distortion which is Cosmic Will and Cosmic Love (logos) belong on the same plane as in the diagram. Cosmic Creation (or the third distortion) is then on the level below this. It is the level of the Cosmic Mind which generates the 49 holographic universes in the Cosmos.

I hope this helps, I know this stuff can be a bit to wrap your head around. :blush: :green_heart:

Cool, thank you! :slight_smile: I will pick up a copy for myself and peruse it, and if I think it would go over well, I’ll buy a 2nd to gift. :slight_smile:

:+1: :smiley:

Facts Tribeo, the way Jah broke that down, i gotta get me an copy myself to see if its really on that level. Jah you endorsed that book well, and thank you…I mean, im seeing some correspondences between what you describe the book talks about and my system of magick but…screw it im ganna get it anyway and give you and brother Tribeo a review worthy of a huge tortilla wrap! :smiley:

Love you brothers woo!

I’m really glad to hear there is something clicking here for you! In terms of your spiritual practice, you may be interested in noting that Bentov was a Jew and I suspect he was familiar with Kabbalah. After years of meditation (and perhaps other unrevealed practices) he had the Kundilini experience. From there he developed a practice where he would expand his mind through a kind of time dilation and merge his consciousness with successively larger bodies: Earth, Sun, Galaxy, Universe, Cosmos and Super Cosmos. According to Bentov there are seven levels included in the super cosmos and above but he was unable to comprehend any of the information he was receiving. He was however able to expand his mind all the way past the limits of manifest reality. When you get to this part of the book, note that the outer edges of manifest reality have a striking similarity to the Ain Soph Aur. You may also note the similarity between the structure of the cosmos and the GD ritual of the CC.

Thank you Jah. Such an informative way to put it into words, lol. And I see how those appellations connect in a very similar way to Ra’s distorsions.
I think I see this is where my little mind is biased, equalling Love to Intelligent Infinity as, I believe either Ra or Q’uo at one time expressed. I am a close to the ground romantic somehow.

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I appreciate you. I’m really a softie at heart. Having said that, I tend to try to think and communicate in a way that has as high a degree of technical accuracy as I can muster. I do like the sentiment though… It’s all just a bunch of Love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Love and Light Jah, just got the book. Thumbs up all the way man, cant wait to talk about it with you guys but itll be a while…y’know…comprehensive reading and all that boring stuff.
Ttyl! -heart-

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Right on! Good news is that Bentov’s books are a fairly easy read next to the LoO material. :sunglasses:

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Hey Jah, let me tell you: Five freaking stars lol lol

But all that said… Stories like Mr.Bentovs really highlights why we do what we do every morning. He, like so many who came in this world and spread the message of balanced truth, left us way too soon but just long enough for his light to pass down to us. I felt his light brother. I think if he were still with us he and Mr.Don (Rest-in-Peace Father) would have been great friends lol. I wish Mr.D were around long enough to have met him lol.

Thank you for that interesting ride, I mean, you told me it was an fluent read but…you didn’t tell me it was like THAT lol.
Its almost like reading an Dr.Seuss novel lmao!

One thing I was pleased to “hear” him talk about was the “White-hole” thesis, which is exactly in correspondence with what you said lol. He had some very wise individuals schooling him because the “white-hole” thesis even to this day is viewed under the lens of the theoretical in quantum-physics so, he definitely was still in tuned with his Jewish background.

Well Jah I wanted to read it and spend at least two weeks in meditation of the book but…dude…you really threw me for a loop with that one, but of course in a endearingly positive way hahahaha lol.
That was a blessing…my heart sung page after page.

Well…I guess one good transfer of energy (gesture) deserves another.

So here in the States one of the things that made our country an power house of occultic knowledge and personnel was World War II. So many powerful practitioners from Europe came here to escape Adolph and his bullsh and that was how we got a lot of our material, because as you know, America only brought what we had carried over from England.

So I know this isn’t “Law of One-y” but Jah, O’ brother, you gave me a gift, like, I really enjoyed that book so…can I give you an equally loving gesture back?

…Alright…so during Adolphs round-up and search for “mystic material” he had some women of an very powerful group of women who were based out the country living with him. Yes, actually in his house. The head of that group at that particular time was called Maria Orsic and she was much like Miss Carla in the way that she was an gifted channeler. However, instead of channeling an poorly mistaken Sun-god she was channeling, wait for it…UFO MATERIAL haha -smile-. Yep, she was writing the blueprint on how to build UFOs in Sanskrit, an language even she, an magickal adept, didn’t know fluently so what she was writing at “first shy” she didn’t understand so they had to get an linguistic specialist which was difficult because Sanskrit at even at that time was not well known. Needless to say she escaped his captivity and came to the States where she…well, died, but the details of her death are not officiated.

lol lol But individuals who knew her and passed her legacy down will tell you she was “taken up” by the ones she was channeling. -there you are :slight_smile:

You don’t have to read it lol its just an reciprocal gesture that’s all.
Well brother its the season of giving and I’m feeling particularly festive so please enjoy your Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, may you enjoy ever still what it is suppose to represent…and I’ll see you around, in this life or another, in this density or the other.


I’m really glad to hear the impact this had on you. For me, connecting up the LoO material and Bentov’s is by far the most profound revelation of my life, in term of my conceptual framework of reality. Thanks for the book recommendation. I’m vaguely familiar with the Vril Society but not familiar with the details of the communications. :+1: :sunglasses: