AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated images of the Law of One and more!

Hello Everyone,

These are AI (artificial intelligence) generated images. You type in the “description” of the image. For example, I typed in “the law of one” “the Ra materials” “those of Ra” “those of Q’uo” etc.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

I hope this helps you “visualize” the materials in it’s infinite possibilities.

the law of one

the law of one

the infinite creator

the Ra materials

the Q’uo materials

those of Ra


service to others

service to self

hyper-realistic of the infinite light of creation

Those are better than the Law of One images I got from Dall-E.

Looks more like 7d around the event horizon nearing the black hole.

Greetings with love and respect. I like those images, and the machine “creativity” is impressive. I also play with Dall-E, and find it amusing that our AI’s big brother in use by the STS side is constantly testing attack strategies and probabilities to most effectively and efficiently plot our downfall. Mind bending computational speed, running full throttle all the time, acting as artificial God/General/Army. It might actually scare me if I didn’t know how the game ends. Of course we have to play our part to help insure victory, but we will be victorious in preserving the freedom and beauty we have created.

I find the sense of danger adds a little spice to the soup…

Best regards, and thanks for sharing those great pics.


You are very welcome Kevin!

Stay true my friend, stay true

I love the contrast between the two sets here where the STS has more hard lines and STO is generally more free flowing. Then there is the boxes which suggests containment and seperation.

right?! I noticed it too!

I was genuinely surprise that the “AI” was able to manifest that “abstract” between the two polarities.

The other thing that caught me off guard is that I made a drawing when I was younger… like 10 or 12… I am ancient now… lol

And when I got the image of the “law of one” from the AI… I was like… :smiling_face_with_tear: :heart:
I love the infinite papa :sob:

That’s amazing. The black box as the concept of the individuated, separate Self and the journey of recognizing and expanding into that radiant Oneness. Releasing ourselves from that story we’ve built up over the years that built those walls and seeing the infinity that ultimately has no defined boundary.

You could even look at the walls of the box as the veil of forgetting. The Matrix of The Mind Tarot card Archetype illustrates this in a similar way. What’s outside of the box? Pure creation.

I can’t help but appreciate that synchronicity and it’s not even mine lol. Perhaps on some level it is, should I look outside my own box and see the connectivity of spirit.

I have a subscription to Midjourney so I got a chance to play around with it for the last couple of months. I made a few Law of One generated images myself.

These I used the terms: gateway to intelligent infinity

High density light beings in the astral realm:


Wanderer soul mates:

Spiritual ascension:

The law of one:

The seven densities of consciousness:

The moment contains love:

And some of my favorite non-law of one pictures:

I cried… You’re so beautiful, Thank you for that message, it meant a lot:smiling_face_with_tear: :heart: :sun_with_face:

wow, I spend a moment looking at these, they radiate with emotions, and that frog-creature is so cute lol :joy:

thanks for sharing these!

Thank you for saying so, I put a lot of emotion everything I do, especially my art. I actually make art myself, so I plan on touching up most of these with Photoshop to add my personal touch to them.

This is a this White Walker I made that I touched up in Photoshop. I feel Midjourney does not render eyes or hands very well.

I am pretty obsessed with frogs, I have a rather large collection now (5 recycling bags full of stuffed ones), some frog figurines and other random frog collectables I’ve gotten as gifts over the years. I started collecting stuffed frogs when I was a teenager and it exploded to what it is now, as most people I’ve ever had an relationship with in my life has gotten me one, they are a story of my incarnation.

I am focused on making more froggie art before I run out of minutes on my month (I usually use them up in 2 days lol), but these are the ones I made so far:

whoooa, I actually couldn’t help but smile after seeing this. That’s awesome!

It was like touching an interesting plant and seeing it transform into more beautiful things.

I didn’t think the frog picture from earlier was going to evolve into such a personal story and even more cute little frogs! oh woow hahaha

The stories of how froggie ties into your incarnation is really interesting and opens me up to imagination of possibly your past lives.

Thanks for sharing that! made my day, :blush: :green_heart: :sun_with_face:

that is true, I noticed that too, it’s strange.

I am just guessing here, but maybe it has to do with “windows to the soul?”

and AI is still not full consciousness yet? perhaps? and only purely “creation?”

This was a very intuitive statement as I have been studying my past lives and feel frogs are very much tied to them. I have been studying images within crystals from my past lives and came across this image:

It looks like a stone statue of a frog. LOL I know my love for frogs comes from somewhere deep down.

And to keep this post on topic: Some more AI art. :slight_smile:

I really like this one. What did you search for to get it?

I made this one for my partner, because he sees one of his guides as an Otter-man, so I wanted to make it as adorable as possible. I used the community showcase for some key word ideas.

This is the prompt I used:
Tiny cute adorable otter, intricate details, fairytale Disney style forest, soft cinematic lighting, 8k, portrait, Pixar style character, pokemon anime style octane render

Dall-E gives me this for that prompt: