Interview with Jim

Our Amazing Interview with Jim McCarty…the beautiful and ever humble messenger of the Law Of One.
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“Universe” literally meaning “one song”, that never occured to me. “One song”…one word/idea…original thought…

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Thanks for sharing this interview, it was a nice listen.

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Thank you for the interview

  1. Somehow I was considering densities as densities of consciousness (of Spirit). Jim said about densities of light. For some reason I wasn’t looking it from this point of view.
  2. It’s not the first time Jim is saying about 51% of the time. I do not remember Ra were saying about time and was taking it as polarizing in consciousness. I think Jim’s interpretation is based on Q’uo.
  3. It was interesting to listen about Saturn question asked by Kali. Unfortunately I didn’t understand it well due to language limitation. To my understanding treating Saturn by service to self as negative is natural.

Yes Ra does talk about service to others only needing to be 51% positive to graduate to 4th D. In the legal system and in Occult gnosis, Saturn is wor-shipped (ships being maritime in Legal terms). It is interesting to me to see this correlation and the fact that the Council of Nine reside in the rings of Saturn- Saturn/Satan/Set - a re-presentation of course, not saying that this has any negative energy but that they believe it so. Low frequency cymatics, draws a HEX which is 6 which is Matter- 666= the number of the beast which is the number of man which is matter condensed - hence we think the illusion is real- and seperation from other self- the veil. just my study and thoughts !

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I think in relation to this, it would be worth quoting one of the excerpts, from the session you mentioned, which makes the point in the simplest way (so I think the simplest way):

Now, to your query. You may look at each mind, body, spirit complex within the third-density illusion as a source of energy—energies that are expended either in service to others or in service to self. If you could look at the metaphysical nature of the metaphysical expenditure of energies by each entity, this would provide you with a measure, shall we say, of the efficiency of the energy expenditures, even into the areas of the quantification of percentages.

The entity who is able to express 51% of its energies by intention in its life pattern, then will find itself available for the harvest in the positive sense. Q’uo - March 26, 2016

Each activity we choose thinking, speaking, doing, that can be reflected in the form of patterns that make up a larger pattern, a life pattern. Every activity costs us energy, and so every activity is a form of energy utilization/expression.

The key to determining one’s own polarity then, I think, will be how often we use energy for the activities we do under the influence of positive intentions (those conscious and those latent).

So a good question we can ask ourselves during the day, just as many times as we need to, would be: “Is what I am currently doing being done as a result of my positive/STO or negative/STS intentions?” If positive, it’s a sign that my level of positive polarity is increasing, if negative, the level of positive polarity is weakening.

Speaking of this distinction between positive and negative, one interesting thing comes to my mind. I once watched an interview with a guy who survived clinical death and had something like a life review. And there in his experience it was all about intention. He said that it didn’t matter what we did in life, what impact it would have on the world or something like that, what mattered was what his intentions were.

He was generally surprised to find that every seemingly insignificant moment in his life mattered for this life review. Suddenly it appeared that all of his conscious and hidden intentions saw the light of day, and there was no escape from that for him. When his intentions were positive, he felt good, when his intentions were negative, he felt suffering. The worst thing he recalled was the scene in which he dominated his school friend with kicks and punches during a conflict. Then he had the feeling of being burned in a fire and thought it was the most painful thing he had ever felt. The whole interview is in my native language, so I don’t know if you will be interested. However, I will share it, because maybe someone will be interested in it:

Experiences like these would suggest that the choice between positive and negative, and our intentions in doing so, are very important, and in addition, we can count on the fact that after death the whole process will be processed so that we get additional incentives for further work in choosing our polarity by stigmatizing the negative and rewarding the positive.


17.33 Questioner: Why is the negative path so much more difficult a path to attain harvestability upon than the positive?

Ra: I am Ra. This is due to a distortion of the Law of One which indicates that the gateway to intelligent infinity be a gateway at the end of a strait and narrow path as you may call it. To attain fifty-one percent dedication to the welfare of other-selves is as difficult as attaining a grade of five percent dedication to other-selves. The, shall we say, sinkhole of indifference is between those two.

There’s quite a bit in the database search xx

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Thank you for the reply. All you said about the intention is correct and I agree with it (at this degree of generalization). When I was saying about 51% I paid attention to the word time which to my opinion is interesting point of view (but I’m not saying it’s incorrect). I’m used to interpret 51% as polarizing in consciousness which should be an integral index (don’t know how you look from this side). So it was rather admiration of different point of view. By the way, channelings from whom I consider service-to-self entities (the “chips” ones) say the same about the intention.

Thank you for the video, will find a concentrated moment, sometimes Polish is very clear and sometimes absolutely not, depending on speaker and my state of concentration (and this one does not have subtitles). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Trying to find any connection between maritime law and Saturn, at the moment I haven’t found anything (I have no doubt it has as you’re exprert in the law :slight_smile:). By the way, I don’t know the subject, but have doubts that Saturn as god and Saturn as solar planet and Saturn as human design/astrology term are the same but not just having only name in common.

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Ok, then, I think for placing the issue of polarization in time, it would also be placing it in relation to space, because otherwise there is no way to find an objective measure of time for something like the level of polarization.

I think the essence would be to look at how often positive/STO vs negative/STS is chosen in situations where there is a choice between ‘+’/STO vs ‘-’/STS. So all the situations, let’s say someone had 100 situations in a day where (this would refer to space) they had the option to choose between ‘+’ or ‘-’ and in 70 situations they chose ‘+’. Then we could say that result of the day (as a measure of time/space) its rate was 70% positive polarity.

How would it look then in the perspective of our lifetime? In such a situation, it could also theoretically be considered that, for example, there have been 100,000 such situations in a person’s life in which he had to choose between ‘+’ or ‘-’ until today. If, from birth to the present day, a person would choose 51% or more of what is “+” and 49% or less of what is “-” in all moments of life that he experiences with the possibility of choosing, then it could be said that he is already positively polarized.

Theoretically, then, this level of polarity can change and the final summing up awaits at the end of life. Although such a man already determines his fate and his current level of polarization may decide his fate on a positively polarized planet Earth.

The question is how to perceive the passage of time at all? Because such a linear perception of time measured in seconds, hours or years does not make much sense. You need to build some relations to “space” and this “space” could be such “checkpoints” that would present the choice between ‘+’ and ‘-’. Ultimately, you could determine the relationship between the two by comparing the number of choices of a given polarity of a given time/space frame and read whether the level of polarization is high enough for a given harvest.

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One example is the Saturnian robes of the Judge… the black gowns…we also wear them to graduate ! xx

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Here @Gabo and Jim are discussing a bit the 51% (36:53).

I haven’t seen this video yet. Thank you for sharing it. I will be happy to polish my understanding of this issue, which seems important to me, as well as important to other people in this Density of Choice, so every bit of information on this topic is worthwhile.


Thank you, Jim; wherever you may be.
I like to think you are loved more than
you may realize and grace flows for you.

When I think of Jim, I think of a word he
signed in some law of one books I later
donated. The word is Pilgrim. For many
people who discover the fruit of Jim’s work,
we might be like Pilgrims on a Pilgrimage.

Whoever we are, wherever we go,

  • yes, we might accept ourselves as
    humble pilgrims. Thank you so much!

If you search in youtube “Jim McCarty” you will find a number of interviews with him (along with a singer with the same name). Here Rafa (he’s from Montevideo) and Jim are discussing Archetypes:

Thanks for it.