Teach/Learning Podcast

Hi All,
Wanted to share a teach/learning podcast have been doing with people in the L/L community,
using not just law of one quotes, but also confederation of planet quotes.

We’ve done 13 episodes so far.
Started with Bill Blackham, Andrii Zvorygin and Josh host of the Reading of the Law of One Group.

Hope it may be of service:

Law of One: Forming Social Memory Complex
Law of One: What is the Law of One?
Law of One: Creator experiencing itself?
Law of One: Beginning Meditation
Law of One: Purpose of Life, The Choice
Law of One: Spiritual Densities
Law of One: Graduation
Law of One: Heart Opening
Law of One: Red Ray Sex and Survival
Personal Relationships, Orange Ray: Law of One
Family Relations, Yellow Ray: Confederation of Planets
Unconditional Love, Green Ray: Confederation of Planets
with special guest Jonathan Tong
Clear Communication, Blue Ray: Confederation of Planets
with special guest Zarathustra Goertzel

L/L research Austin says we may be able to get him and some others on the podcast after June 27th.

Also do tell if you’re interested in participating in a future podcast.


Always lovely to find others on youtube especially. I still struggle feeling alone. Good to see your faces. Thank you for your service :green_heart: Love light/Light love to you all

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What is the name of the podcast? Can I find it in Apple iPhone’s podcast?
I drive a lot every day so I listen to podcast during driving.

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It’s on youtube. I’m not sure if it works with Apple/Iphone.

here is our latest one:
intution and Indigo ray confederation of planets

the playlist is called “Law of One Teach/Learning Podcast” though maybe will change it to Confederation of Planets later.
The link is here:


Here with Zar, Ed and Andrii discuss distortion catalyst or dealing with surprises in context of the Confederation of Planets, we covered the Ukraine-Russia conflict in depth as an example of distortions, catalyst and how to process it and promote peace, love and kindness in the world even with such difficult distortion catalyst.