The Grand Cosmic Experiment

Having studied the Ra material for several years I wrote this brief summary from a proposed and vastly simplified original thought by the One Infinite Creator for his/her creation :


I am ONE, pure consciousness, no boundaries, no time, no space, eternal, all potentiality, unlimited and ALL THAT IS. Full of joy, ecstasy and bliss. It’s a very wonderful state to be in, except there is no possible change, no variety of experience, no other viewpoint and no other way of being.

I think I will try a grand experiment !

I have no limitations at all and complete free will so I wonder what would it be like to be many ness rather than simply oneness.

Now lets see how could I do this ?

I know - I will project aspects of myself that are a holographic portion of my consciousness complete with free will and full unrestricted ability to create and they will be able to create whatever they want. I will call them Logos or Logoi in the plural. They will have the ability to project holographic aspects of themselves too into further entities that I will call Sub Logoi and so on in an hierarchical fashion. This will be an ongoing never ending experiment continuing to expand and expand and give me a huge variety of experience and give me potential for unplanned and unexpected surprises. This sounds exciting and I cant wait to get started, well strangely enough as I am All That Is, Ever Was and Will Ever Be it will actually be a simultaneous experience in an eternal present. That will be difficult for some to understand but it will become clearer as events unfold and is part of the Grand Mystery of existence.

As it is an experiment I wont know the outcome of the many free will choices that will be made until they are realized and it will give me the variety of experience I desire.

So now lets see where to start ?

Ok, free will is going to be paramount so I will call that the first distortion because it is the very first alteration from pure consciousness that I am.

Next I need a creative principle, an energy that is all inclusive and all powerful, I will call that unconditional love. This will be the second distortion.

The actual building blocks of the projected universes that I already have in mind will be Light formed of photons. By the application of free will, love and light the Logii will create vast dimensions of existence with an infinity of different frequencies. The level of frequency will determine the type of universe and its laws of creation. Cosmic games will be created and a vast panoply of playgrounds will both appear and disappear.

Yes that is my purpose and intention – BEGIN

Interestingly that reminds me of a phrase I heard in Sunday school :

“ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God”

I invite any comments or additions to complete this story.


This would be one way of putting it, I think. To me, the thoughts of the One are Creation itself. To know thyself as infinity is to witness all things in their unfolding.

Is this linear, is it parallel? I don’t know. All of us are the One, witnessing the unfolding itself from infinitely many diverse perspectives. To return to the origin is to love and allow each perspective to flow down the river - beyond the now, but to return in the end.

That’s the way I see it at least, thank you for sharing your view! Peace to you my friend.

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Thank you for your input - “To me, the thoughts of the One are Creation itself. To know thyself as infinity is to witness all things in their unfolding”
A beautifully worded statement which encompasses the concept of the creation and all our roles as the observer very well.
Thanks again my friend