Material to reach people who are not interested in spirituality or religion

I found this book to be useful in such cases.

Awake: It’s Your Turn

It was written for people who are not interested in spirituality or religion. So it is the most “mainstream” book on the subject that I know of.

So is it a awakening book about conspiracy theory? :rofl:

Not at all. :wink:

It’s more along the lines of Self Development, but with the end result that it activates the meta programs that Q’uo talked about, which then pierces the veil a tiny bit.

Thank you Patrick :slight_smile: What appealed to me about the other book though was that it seemed a bit more “scholarly” in nature. That’s the angle that I think might interest this person the most.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that he’d be any more likely to read that book than the Ra books themselves. But again, thank you for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

The nature of STO is to answer a call or question as a service to others.
The nature of STS is the opposite, does not await the call to service but calls itself to conquest.

If one met somebody who are not interested in spirituality or religion then don’t talk about it. They might have other topics and issues that they see as more important / interesting from their perspective. Talk about those topics then and if you can help them with their issues.

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How can an Self Development take place without spiritual aspects?

What is meditation and what is not?
The silence of thinking to reflect everything and to change the POV is needed and clearly adressed to spirituality.
Even when you use thinking to illuminate things from different perspectives can be seen as part of an meditation.

That’s a good question.

I think the interest in spirituality develops while going through the process.

It’s the same thing with the Ra material. Many people reported being atheist before reading the Law of One.

In any case, that book works for many people. It’s very subtle. It’s not even parapsychology like The Power of Now.

It’s not easy to describe, but the author is just an anesthesiologist and so his experience is more with unconsciousness than with consciousness.

That might explain the subtlety inherent.

Anyway, if others are aware of other books that is also good to reach those people who are only interested in the materialistic point of view, please share.

I am interested to see/know how many people in this small community, were triggered to seek the path, by the sharing of something like this… Like a gifted book?
Here, we are preaching to the converted, sometimes we have welcome visitors, like I said on another post, the sharing of something as simple as this can send echoes to the far side of the universe.

“Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” of all things :crazy_face: was perhaps a step for me as a young person. Each to their own path… I must have given a dozen of them away… Hearing such contrasted views on something so simple is interesting to watch.

Nice thread Patrick, thank you.

Hey Tadeus. I remember a time I was attempting to understand what the heck was going on inside of me and of course outside of me before I ever became spiritual. I guess you could say, I had not fully awakened from the sleep mode? Also, I remember I wanted the hard questions answered but did not understand some of the concepts that float around in the spiritual community and are understood by those who are well upon the path, you know? I think the spiritual comes a little later as in after you see yourself in more of an objective light. A person may be saying something like; who am I? Why am I even here? Where is here anyway?
I do not like to get into those topics about what is STO and STS as there is always so much confusion around those acronyms. I think we could just be ourselves and not get into wait for the call, push the call…as another seeker put it. Many times we get lost in moments and reflect back seeing that we did not wait for the call but rather flung the door wide open. This is not selfishness for the sake of being selfish, this is being a human who desires to help but has not yet set boundaries which borderlines a type of forgiveable confusion.
Going back to the seeker that seeks but not in a spiritual way, I think we all go through that first step of asking the one question, Who am I? Who is this I?

That’s what i want to imply with the question.

That’s very funny. An anesthesiologist to wake up! :rofl:

Yes - there are so many individual ways and every way should be supported.
I like to recommend this films:

These films show up many different ways to get awaken.

Sorry - at this moment I am not able to remember.
Do you have a link where we discuss it?

I agree - the objective light makes it possible to be aware of the Ego and that it is only a part that you identify with.

I agree again.
STO and STS should only be synonyms to reflect about polarity and dualism.

Nice definition.

Isn’t self-development basically spirituality?

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Not necessarily. There are plenty of purely materialistic evidence in support of self-development. Even without bringing spirituality in the equation, self-development per se has been shown to be profitable to an individual.

But it is true that starting this process often leads to spirituality.

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I have aphantasia, so books have generally been massively uninteresting in my daily life, so things that have originally caught my attention were movies or games.

One such game that offers a lot of interesting food for thought (not necessarily LoO, though certainly a general seeking catalyst) is, in my opinion Zero Escape. It’s somewhat a horror-type game, though it’s absolutely compelling and informative. It’s very attractive to the logic/wisdom types.

Initially, anything that was too, what I considered preachy and with an ulterior motive, turned me off. So games were often more appealing since they’re designed for entertainment. And then they subtly nudged in things like morphogenetic fields and the Anthropic principle.


Thank you :slight_smile: This wouldn’t help the person that I was referring to as he does not play video games (Patrick made this branch thread in response to a question that I had asked; since that time, it now appears that I will be able to discuss the LOO directly, when the time arises) but it looks cool, so if I get time I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile:

As an aside, a friend of mine has aphantasia and I have never actually met anyone else who even knows the term, let alone experiences that mode of experience. (I met someone else who told me that he has a really hard time with mental images, and I think he may have been describing that, but we didn’t get into it much.) Since so much of this spiritual material talks about imagining things, mental images, etc., I actually have been curious as to how someone who experiences this world would relate to this sort of material. If you get a chance, I’d love to hear your take on it, specifically from a spiritual perspective.

My friend is deeply spiritual, and I wonder if this may actually be somewhat liberating to a spiritual person, as you are not constrained by the necessity to frame everything in the metaphor of visuals and sound … But, that’s my speculation – very eager to hear your experiences if you care to share :slight_smile:

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So apparently replying on my phone means I can’t view your question at the same time. So! I will do my best.

I believe in my very specific case that I have aphantasia for a few reasons.

One, since I cannot visualize or fantasize, I’m more willing and able to take what I experience as truth and not a wild imagination. With my mind leaning towards a balance of intuition and logic, I feel it’s a necessary hindrance in order not to disregard my intuition as a flight of fantasy.

Though I also believe it has a few other purposes. It protects me from immersive C/PTSD flashbacks. Aphantasia also makes it difficult to encode autobiographical memories, which makes it easier to live moment to moment, and allows me to forgive and let go far more easily as I do forget what caused me troubles. My body doesn’t necessarily forget, which is also something I’ve been having to work through, but it changes the forgiveness dynamic a fair bit.

Which also comes to the point that I’m multiple, and this way we know we’re ‘real people’ and that we’re not ‘fantasy prone’ or whatever term they use is psychology nowadays. Were we able to visualize we could have been talked into (either by others or ourselves) the idea that we’re psychotic/experiencing psychosis. Which, now we know that psychosis is more a function of the third-eye and an imbalance of energies often from stress or what have you.

I hope this helps! I’m happy to elaborate further.

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Very cool and interesting! … And, actually (weirdly? … from a 3D perspective I guess) sort of what I was wondering could be the case, in particular the part about being able to accept concepts more openly. Hmm …

If you don’t mind elaborating on this, here or privately, I am very curious and would very much appreciate it, thank you :slight_smile:

Im confused, is self development not spiritual? You are spirit therefore it is spirit development. I think the author of that book was just trying to reach people that do not fall into a category of religious or the new fad of spiritualists.

I think this video is a great way to help people open up to spirituality in a very indirect way.

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One thing that helped with me a decade or more ago back when I was an atheist ( funny how things change :rofl: ) Was carl jung and his work on things like synchronicity and internal alchemy/ shadow work that really allowed me to open up to more spiritual and metaphysical things especially synchronicity since it outlines that everything happens for a reason and that everything is connected. And Carl Jung is approaching these concepts from a more medical/scientific viewpoint which would make it better for the type of people that cringe even if you mention the word “religion” or “spirituality” because i used too cringe at that stuff but now I love it just like I love you all.

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