How to connect our daily life with RA principles?

Most of time when I read this forum, I feel that I am completely separated from my other daily life activities.
Thus my question to the people here is: how do we apply what we have learned here into our real life?

RA said the 4th level for us to ascend to is love and understanding. We need to love everyone in this world, understand and accept and be of service to them.

In real life, understanding is no problem. But regarding accept, i think there is more into it. Accepting doesn’t mean agreeing with for sure.
I feel that I can love everyone but some of them sometimes really do stupid or evil things. So how do I accept that kind of behavior? I can understand but I can’t accept that kind of behavior and I need to fight against it.

Any thoughts are welcome.

  • Forgive
  • Do not judge
  • Not too attached on anything that happened around you.
  • Love unconditionally

Hmmm the above sounds more like a mixture of Jesus and Buddha :slight_smile:

Rejoice, such events gives you ample opportunities to forgive and love unconditionally. Thank them for the catalyst. And oh… “Them” actually do not exist, everyone (and everything) is actually you. So thank “you” for the catalyst.

I just see everything as a little stage within a big cosmic play.

As human being - please tell me when you find the answer! :rofl:

It is more useful to work with what is within your sphere of influence. With what is directly around you and with those experiences that comes your way in everyday life.

It is far easier to love the whole world per se, than to love that driver that just cut you off dangerously while you were driving your children to kindergarten.

It is the work of lifetimes and we are not expected to succeed. The most that we can expect of ourselves is to have the intent to begin. To set that first foot on that trail of unconditional love. The path of the open heart.

So proclaim to yourself that you have the intent to love unconditionally, set that intention very deeply within you and then simply live your life. It is all that anyone is doing on this planet. Learning about the ways of Love.

After getting angry at that driver, try to muster a smile and have compassion for yourself for having let that catalyst close your heart a little. We are here to subject ourselves to those failures over and over again. Not so that we can eventually succeed, oh no! But only so that we have all the opportunities during our lives to try and muster a desire to begin. To set that cornerstone on which the rest is built.

There are so many ways to handle what we experience as “reality”.

Another one is the direct path, basing on the insight that the self/Ego does not really exist.
Here is a video of the new “german star of nothing” Andreas Müller:

He explains that everything is only an illusion and nothing exits - only the semblance of an existance.

Andreas Müller: There is no real illusion, there is no I in it and also no illusion

From the content of the video:
Natural reality is a completely unknown reality. To experience something is part of the dream. The whole universe doesn’t even know about its existence, it doesn’t get itself at all, the only thing that says, “Yeah, but I do get it,” would be this ego experience. It’s real and it’s unreal and the whole feeling that it’s something happens only for this ego illusion. And there’s no real illusion, there’s no ego sitting in there and there’s no illusion.
Everything is itself in a natural and beautiful way. In this sense, everything is already absolutely realized. However, there is no one who becomes aware of it, nor is there anyone who arrives at it.
There is no liberation. There is no imprisonment. What is, is not many.
What is, is not two. What is, is not one.

In the Talks, Andreas points to the natural reality that is not something. Nothing can be achieved, for nothing is lost. Nothing needs to be discovered, because nothing is hidden.

This could now be continued with the LOO as solution. :innocent:

well, that’s the thing. I can smile to someone who cut me off on the road.

But I am managing multiple employees in my job. I have to judge/assess their performance and direct their work. I also have projects in which I review other people/locations’ work and issue review report regarding how well they are doing, where they need improvement and recommend corrective actions, etc. I must judge - that’s the essence of of my job.

I have deadlines to meet so I can’t get not-attached to them. My job requires me to dedicate and commit.

That’s why I said when I am in this forum, I feel completely separated from my real work life. I am trying to reconcile the two and I am soliciting all advices you guys have :grinning:

that doesn’t work in real life. My family will starve to death if I don’t earn bread on the table. Are you saying that my family dying of hunger/illness is just an illusion? I can’t accept that.
I think life is real and it’s an experience for us to go through. There are multiple incarnation for us to move to the next level but that doesn’t mean each incarnation is unreal.

I understand what you say.
I just wonder when I love everyone, is this love the same to everyone? Surely I can love that driver who cut me off but is it the same love I give to my spouse? to what extent?

I can’t imagine I love a pedophile the same as I love a righteous person. I want to put a pedophile to death but I still love him? Is this how it goes?

That’s the place where I get confused by RA’s description.

It begins with: “That’s not someone else! How can it be that I am a pedophile when in this person’s shoes? Me! HOW ?!”

So that is the mystery. But like I said, we are not expected to succeed. We are only expected to try sincerely from moment to moment. We are only expected to start asking those questions, like the questions that you are asking.

No - Andreas Müller says it with a smile on the face (because he knows the practical effects.)
It’s only a concept to get aware of the Ego.

No - that’s the other topic about war and military. :wink:

I would say that is a dogmatic interpretation of the words of Ra.
There have been a couple of channelings with the Q’uo about this theme.
This is still a density of polarization and catalyst and therefore it must be handled.

I am feeling more and more separated from the nonsense that happens on this planet - that’s “normal” when awakening from it.
This feelings are very different for me in dependence of the focus of the awareness.
There can be much happiness with a focus on gaia or the nature generally.

Yes indeed. :slight_smile:

Whenever I am getting worked with deciphering my thoughts on others it is noticeable to recognize a pointedness to The Great Thought…

I think on true “acceptance” closely to that also however perhaps true “wisdom” is more what you are describing about accepting but not agreeing.

How does a Father accept the child when executing an error? or cousin, cousin?

Cooper first I want to send u blessings/vibrations/gratitude for submitting these thoughts for this is what some would call “The rubber meets the road”. Your query would echo perhaps for many yet what some are chagrinned to speak upon: To bring the practical into the ideological, the physical decompassed from the meta-physical. It is an healthy question and in the balance of all of our journey in the scholastic meditation and preponderance of the Law of One, it is the last question we all will ask.

Welp…you’ve read the material, studied…comprehended -shrug-…now what?? I still got bills to pay,my kid is still in the other room crying, my husband still wants food on the table, if someone acts up at my job I still gotta fire them,everyone
has a sob story so I cant make exceptions, there is still the threat of robbers and thieves coming into my house so I still keep some heat on me. Pff…you know what?? After reading five volumes of these transcripts the world is EXACTLY the same as it was when I picked up page one…so tell me how can I apply these lessons when all the lights are out in the stadium and its time to get REAL about this…because I’ve read a lot of messages about being kind and all this goody two shoes shiz from various motivational speakers,influencers, and seminars.In fact I could just go to church and get all the un-applicable philanthropic christening I need…So HOW does this content do anything. It talks about history and historical figures in a way I’ve never seen in such a compact way before,I’ll give it that, but I’m pretty sure that if I don’t pay the mortgage on this house and they tell me and my family I gotta go Ra might be there to help me…so somethings gotta give, Im not trying to be disrespectful…I’m just trying to figure it out,that’s all.

Lol! Goodness Cooper, living is so much fun! Sorry, I’ll be serious now…forgive me.

You know…The Law of One at its core is just a book. Its got words,an introduction you know? Maybe a few pictures here and there to add a little flair, you know? We study it like a mountain foretold to carry the Ark of The Covenant but at the end of the day Coopers…this content that I adore down to the very core of my being, that I’m going to spend money I could spend to by a new AC unit for my car to go to see the last living person who created it…is a book.

You know…The LOO community (people who’ve the the Ra Material) is very small, almost bashfully so,and this book is sold internationally. And of all the people who’ve read it you got some who are gay,teenagers, you got a Texas girl who loves horses who follows it, authors, you have veterans,occultist, ex law enforcement, maybe a few psychologists sprinkled here and there, hell you even got a porn star who,in part, awakened via the Ra Material. And all these individuals are right now…at this very moment as you and I converse…living their lives.
The individual of the homosexual facet is still breaking old bigotry choosing and living in his sexual preference, being ridiculed every now and then, called names, either directly or by way of overseeing and-or over hearing it happen to someone who is his orientational peer. The teenager who found the LOO still has to go through puberty, hairs in weird places and all, social awkwardness…that deer in the headlights “Aw shucks” demeanor when hes around girls. He still has homework he’s gotta do, probably still has a bed time. He still wants to fit in.
The Texas girl (woman) who works for L/L still has to clean up the poop from her horses if she owns one, hypothetically speaking. She still has to balance out this nonprofit organization that she loves working with so much with her “paying job” which I suspect she also loves.
The author still is stuck finding inspiration for his characters. Ex law enforcement are still left bewildered at the rising climate of crime,wondering how they can “contribute” to reverse the cycle of baseless impulsivity they perceive to be “plaguing a once relatively peaceful nation”.
The psychologist still has to see that one client she really doesn’t like, who is always complaining, always “Woe is me”, the irritation only “softened” by the knowledge that this clown is being billed by the hour.

The very essence of this principle…this Great Nothing we conveniently call The Law of One, is so that we begin with “us” and when its all over at the end of the road we end up right back at that very same destination.

There’s no bearded man in the sky. No “recipe book” that will answer all your questions in a point-by-point format. No grand epiphany, just you.

Sorry God lol, its really that simple. So I guess you’ll continue doing what you would have done had the Law of Identity not been A=A. Boring…yeah…really didnt help answer the question did it?..
yeah…oh well…

But then…depending on the entity…something happens…

“Malkuth is in Kether, Kether is in Malkuth,but after a different fashion.”
-S.L MacGregor Mathers

The world does not change. Only the way we see the world changes. It creates a space in between ourselves and the catalysts that onslaught us. In that space we are offered an alternative to the automatic reaction to catalysts. So we are offered opportunities to become less reactionary.

I read somewhere that 'how people treat you is a projection of them onto you, but how you react is awareness of self". Basically people give you the business because they see something in you that they don’t like about themselves and instead of doing inner/shadow work, they point the finger and put their burden on you, so to speak. For example, I was with a woman that exhibited narcissistic traits, when we would talk about our day and I’d tell her about people doing me wrong and how it affected me negatively, she’d say, "it’s because you’re an Empath. I usually let her have her way, but when I didn’t, I was a controlling Narcissist, but my intuitive perception always assured me ‘No, you’re not, she’s projecting’. Then, she’d go cry to anyone that would listen, give them half truths, painting me as the villain and herself as the victim/hero. Of course people caught on that nonsense quickly because they’d come at me like flying monkeys and I’d tell them the whole story word-for-word and they’d say “oh, that makes more sense”. So I’d just ask “god” to help her see the error of her ways and not hold anything against her and just move on. I’d keep that higher ground and not lowering my vibration by retaliating, judging her or wishing her ill. It’s not easy to just let things go, it takes parctice of patience, and focusing on what you can control

that I totally agree. No problem. I don’t know whether I will succeed but I will try.

All good advices here. I think I need to have a deep thought about it.

I noted that the daily Q’uote is very insightful.
I will read several pieces every day just I read a portion of bible every day.

Reading all of this, I get the sense of a committee shifting puzzle pieces around on the conference table, trying to get them to fall together into a convincing pattern. But the puzzle lies not on the table. The puzzle is your own level of consciousness as you experience catalyst, such as, to what degree is your heart open or closed as you do your work or maneuver in traffic? To what extent are you merely being a drone in the illusion in a given moment? To what degree are you exploring creative possibilities or soaring on the updrafts of Divine Love? To what degree is Creator’s love shining through you or being blocked internally?

As you are reading these very words, check inside. Is your heart being tickled by the possibilities of Divine Communion or is it dead to the world?

The application of the principles lies not upon the table, seeking conceptual re-organisation. The application is in the degree of consciousness of your immediate state of being. It is in your depth of experience of your own deep Self as you toddle down the passageway of yet one more brief incarnation.

This is one way of reflecting the thoughts.

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