Earth transition to 4th density and its labor pains

Everything is changing.
The world is converted into the New World Order.
The earth is transforming into the 4th density.

I meant that the external world does not suddenly change just because we are suddenly awake. It is how we view the world that suddenly changes.

Aren’t those two steps mutually exclusive ?

I don’t know how to quite other people’s sentences.
I think the new world order from tadeus is different from the recent popular “new world concept”.

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Yes - that’s true.

No - I would say this are two different things.
Maybe this will be a STS 4th density or the situation will keep until the end of the time lateral, that we don’t know if it still exists.

Even it seems to be popular - what is the “new world concept” ?

Ok I see what you mean now. That possibility does not exist in my belief system. That ship has already sailed. As one might say. :slight_smile:

According to Confederation teachings, the Positive 4D Earth is already there and only waiting for 3d experiences to finish before it decides to appear.

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the current popular new world order is from WEF, the world economic forum. Those so called “elites” want to manage people in the world in a way they want, like limiting population, green energy, DEI, ESG so forth.

That’s O.K.

I could not observe any positive 4D world in the sense of the (old) confederation teachings out there. The plan into the ultimate totalitarianism is going on. I can only feel the Positive 4D Earth in the nature.
Everything seems (still) to be possible.
There are so many individuals involved and the interrelationships are so complex, that a prognosis is impossible.

O.K. Is there any remarkable difference to the Agenda 2030 from the UN?

There can be only found The Great Reset.

Taking place in the context of the United Nations General Assembly, the World Economic Forum’s fourth and, for the first time, fully virtual Sustainable Development Impact Summit will convene leaders from government, business, international organizations and civil society along with a diverse group of experts and innovators to initiate, accelerate and scale-up entrepreneurial solutions to tackle climate change and advance sustainable development.

This seems to base on the Agenda 2030.

Whether a 3d planet becomes a positive 4d planet, or negative 4d planet, has nothing to do with how their 3d system is setup.

It is the number of entities that graduated to 4d that decides this. There has been exponentially more positive graduation than negative ones on this planet. So now we have a positive 4d Earth already formed and waiting.

STS knows this of course, but they want to milk this planet for as long as they can. To get the last drop of energy from us while they still can.

So it does not matter even if the last years of 3d here becones an Orwellian nightmare, that does not change the number of entities that graduated in the positive.


Yes - as already stated.
But the 3D system has an influence on the Ego, awakening and choice. So the system has an influence to the number of entities that graduate.

Where do you know this?
Ra has only stated that there are nearly no beings that have been harvested.

It can be assumed that those who have been harvested have leave the incarnation and maybe incarnate on another planet with the appropriate positive or negative polarization.

Formed and waiting would fit to my feelings for the earth, but most of the monkeys creeping on it are still in the sinkhole of indifference. The choice for most of them ist still open.

The interesting question is how many years are possible for the “last years” ?

I think in this case a cataclysm has to be expected (after several years) that will solve the situation/problem.

Here it is.

We will have to import 4D Positive entities from other planets because sadly there is not enough native entities that graduated here.

But this planet is already a 4D positive planet. That’s a done deal.

Like Ra said, we currently have more negativity in our 3d theater because of this final milking push from STS.

In the end, whatever happens to us here in 3d won’t have any impacts on the future of this planet. That game was played for the past 75000 years and has already been won by the positive polarity.

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The Ra quotes do not refute what I have written.

That’s possible. But first the planet has to get rid of the negative orientated entities.

Every deal can be renegotiated, but that’s not the point regarding what is happening at this time.

The end is near my friend? :smiley:

I agree what can be the state at the end - but this could be probably after the end of my incarnation and does not affect my life.

This is very likely yes. But, I don’t know for you, but for me this paint a very bright future. It just reminds us that, in the end, all is well.

yep, same sh*t.

Who is STS?

It’s the loyal opposition. :wink:

In communism/socialism people were always told that they had to tolerate everything, so that their children would have it better. :wink:

Well then congratulations - no need to think about it.
This is one of the newer channelings that reflects the situation better then the material from Ra.

“Live out” is an interesting phrasing in this context.

Everything is public and can be seen - so the Elite will say that agreeing to such an agenda is by free will and wanted by the people.

It just means that we do not need to worry about the future of this planet.

But it does not mean that we should not care about what is happening to us now.

Panicking or being alarmed won’t help us either. We simply need to acknowledge the issues and acknowledge that the root cause is our collective choices made over thousands of years.

By taking our part of responsibility in why we experience what we experience, we can start healing it.

Once we have accepted that we are not victims, that we make our world what it is with all the little choices that we make everyday, then we can start thinking about what choices we would need to make differently in order to get the different world that we desire.

Here are some example statement/realization that could lead one to make different choices that could speed up the creation of a better world:

The Elites are not the cause, I am.

I should focus on what is already bright around me instead of focusing on the darknest.

Where I put my attention is where the Universe will lead me to.

If I speak more often about war than about love, I am helping more with spreading war than I am helping to spread love.

If I show people all the things they should fear, I am spreading fear myself.

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I fully agree.

I would see this more differentiated.
Yes - but there are two parties - one designs and the other allows and follows this.
Problematic is the point that the Elite uses unfair methods like deception in legal traffic or to hide the negative aspects of the target result.
Deception is not a basis for design.

It makes sense to see both sides of the coin and to be aware of this both sides.
The focus at the end should be to notice the catalyst in it and that at the end all is one.

Do blinkers help here?

I really ask me what the souls from Maldek are doing now?
Wasn’t it enough once to watch idly as their planet was blown up?
There are always only a handful of megalomaniac lunatics who carry out such things and a large majority who have not stopped them.

Sorry - we are at the border of the third worldwar.
It is not sufficient to talk about love, it is needed to say No!

Sometimes it is needed to show the people what happens if they keep in the sinkhole of indifference.

Then would you agree that all we need to do is make different choices? And help others to learn how to make different choices.

That is what Confederation material is helping us accomplish.