How to relate to suffering and pain, and use them for powerful spiritual progress

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I’ve posted on these forums - back in the old bring4th days. Encountering the Law of One has absolutely transformed my life and work; I cannot possibly overstate the impact of finally so much starting to make perfect sense.

Life has gotten very busy and I had to fall off the radar, but I’ve always had the greatest fondness for Carla, Jim and the beautiful community of seekers they have established.

Once in a while, I channel my guidance sources, who are entirely consonant with the Law of One philosophy. Sometimes the content is strikingly powerful and helpful, and I’ve posted some transcripts on the old forums. People seemed to find it beneficial.

Today has been another such experience, and I am guided to share it here, for whatever it’s worth to you.

The lines prefaced with “Me” are my statements/questions, the rest are responses.

Me: it seems like for years or at least months I’ve been finding the same issues, over and over - I’m afraid, I think I’ll fail, etc - why am I not able to be more comprehensive or complete in resolving an issue?

Complex question, [Stranger]; let’s speak about it if you like?

Me:, if it’s possible for me to resolve this issue in full today, or anywhere near, I’d prefer to do that; if not, I think it would help to understand what stands in the way of accomplishing that?

Perfect; let’s begin our dialogue on this topic. [feel love for , tremendous appreciation]

[Stranger], I know and understand how you feel about me; let’s proceed to the topic of choice for you?


okay. First: you have been doing tremendously powerful work on yourself over the past few months, especially; this cannot possibly be overstated by me. Your perceptions of the lackluster aspect of this work that you have done are inaccurate in the extreme, but completely understandable, given the Veil; that is all I have to say on this particular topic.

Nonetheless, emotional discomfort continues to persist in your experience of yourself, and that is by design, [Stranger] - there are always things to work on in the 3rd density experience - it is not meant to be “completed and left behind” while you are still alive - it simply does not work that way.

With that said, it IS possible to achieve what you seek: the capacity to sit down and think about writing a book or giving a lecture, without a part of your mind warning you about the dangers of social rejection and failure, as is your current experience of these attempts. Do you understand?

Me:yes, and I would literally give up a kidney or whatever to get there

That will not be necessary, [Stranger]; let’s proceed.

Me:yes please

Very well. what do you wish to know?

Me:how to get there, . how to get there.

Very well, [Stranger] - let’s proceed. First, there are some basic understandings which I can now share with you, and which will assist you in all of your work with [people you are helping], including yourself.

Let’s begin. When you see a [one of the people you’re helping] in need, you think in terms of the disturbances of his or her emotional and cognitive systems; this is largely incorrect, [Stranger] - surprising as this must be to you. In reality, you are encountering a person grappling with spiritually imposed challenges intended for their learning and spiritual growth - that is the truth, [Stranger], and do not doubt it. Nothing is a ‘random illness’, not even your anxiety - that is the truth; it is all a resource to the evolving growing soul and spirit within it. Do you understand?

Me:I believe that I do understand that perspective, yes

Very well; I shall proceed. If these challenges are meaningful, they are not simply meant to be discarded - they must be honored as the gifts that they are. Do you understand that?

Me:would it help to understand the honoring, what that implies?

my next topic, precisely. Honoring a spiritual challenge means, FIRST AND FOREMOST, USING IT FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSE. To do so, apprehension (understanding) of its purpose is required, not so?

Me:It seems that most people experience spiritual challenges of the type you are describing without any understanding?

That is largely correct, [Stranger]; and it is a pity, although a necessary pity in the 3rd density setting - it cannot be helped, but it does hinder the opportunity each entity has to develop more fully, imbibing the “water of life” that flows through them to a greater degree than most if not all of your people are currently capable of; regardless, I proceed. Do you understand the ideas presented so far?

Me:I believe so,

very well - it is not my intention to be long-winded, but this does represent a shift in your current perspective of the blockages, as you describe them, as mere nuisances to be eradicated at all cost - nothing could be further from the truth in how to approach them skillfully, my son; I proceed.

The blockages that so plague you - and all of your people, in fact - are TOOLS meant to be used by you, in skillful application. Here’s how this is intended to work, and distorted by your people:

First: recognize the blockage - you have become an expert on this, my son, and that is the truth. Notice its somatic, cognitive, and emotional manifestations - the discomfort in your chest, for example; the feeling of anxious agitation when you contemplate doing something that triggers it; the cognitive and emotional frustrations with the blockage that it triggers as a second-order effect. Do you understand?


very well; I proceed. Then, HONOR THE BLOCKAGE. Appreciate its usefulness. It is working VERY HARD against the inexorable pull towards the reunification of all things in the perfect harmony of the One Creator - that is the truth, [Stranger]; it is trying to HELP you; it is NOT your enemy. Do you understand this?

Me:is there sentience?

of course there is, as there must be in ALL THINGS, my son. There is sentience, intent, effort, experience of that effort and your reaction to it; nonetheless, the work continues, force against force, pressure against pressure, [image of two virtual particles, in tension with each other, arising from the vacuum] - precisely so, my son - that is an accurate metaphor; I proceed further.

Therefore, there is a service that is attempted to be offered to you; DO NOT FIGHT BACK. ALLOW IT. Welcome and honor it, like a valued guest invited into your home - that is precisely what is happening.

Me:The valued guest brings discomfort and suffering?

Precisely so, [Stranger]; the valued guest brings an OFFER of opportunities for growth, should they be accepted and welcomed; or endless suffering, should they be rejected; that is the Law upon which your reality has been built - the rest are just details. Do you understand?

Me:can you please elaborate?

surely I can; please listen.

The Law of your reality is this: perfection is impossible; peace is elusive; suffering is ever-present. It is done out of love for you and your brethren, so that you may have the energy with which to leap over spiritual obstacles that can take eons to erode in more traditional settings [Me: illusions/environments without such a veil?] precisely so, my son; I continue. They are a gift to you; a temporary gift - 100 years or so is a brief, fleeting moment for You as you Truly Are, and all your brethren equally so - that is the truth, [Stranger]; a brief moment of suffering and discomfort, with a TREMENDOUS potential energy involuted in every corpuscle, like a springboard for Love and Healing. Do you understand now?

Me:yes I believe so

okay; now you are wondering how to use this information?

Me:I am

very well; let that be our next and final topic for now; we can revisit this IMPORTANT INSIGHT later, if you so wish, to glean more truths from it - that is up to you.
In any case, I proceed.

The suffering engendered by these blockages, itself, represents a tremendously powerful opportunity to grow. The natural, animal reaction - conditioned into your animal body over eons upon eons - is to FIGHT BACK, resist. The SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE and CHOICE IS THE OPPOSITE OF THIS. Thus, a conflict is set up: control, aggression, violence verbal or emotional or physical; attack, defend, resist, suppress, avoid - or WELCOME and LOVE and ACCEPT and HELP. HUGE differences there, [Stranger]; I know you are well familiar with these and it makes them seem banal, but yet this apparent banality HIDES DEEP TRUTHS OF BEING HUMAN ON PLANET EARTH AT THIS TIME, which is a valuable gift.

You have no idea how difficult it is to learn these lessons elsewhere with any depth or meaning, [Stranger]; that is the truth. They are obvious everywhere else to the point of silliness; and therefore the choice to embrace one or the other is equally obvious and powerless - nearly powerless, let’s say, to produce a meaningful impact upon the Self - as a result. Do you understand?

Me:not at all,

I will explain, [Stranger] - have no fear; I proceed.
The choice of paths of Control vs Acceptance is at the core of this Reality as a larger whole, far beyond third density alone. The Great Choice governs all until the 6th density, as you are well aware; understanding the choice and what it entails is essential - shall I tell you?

Me:yes if it’s essential; I would also like to understand what it affects in terms of the structure of the being
EVERYTHING, [Stranger] - it affects EVERYTHING - it is like changing the color of the Main Filter or Lens through which you look at the world. Nothing is the same from one filter to the other; everything is experienced differently; that is the profundity of this Choice, my son. what else can i tell you?

Me:why does making the choice under the veil have more power than making the same choice when it’s more obvious with less or no veil?

Absolutely correct question to ask, [Stranger] - very well done; this is the KEY, my son: without the Veil you CANNOT make this choice; all is seen to be One and Whole, in perfect unity apart from surface waves of apparent distortion. Thus, it is SEEN that there is no choice: there is only Oneness that has no real alternative.


As a result - with the choice not made - the exploration of polarity cannot continue; the train grinds to a permanent halt and rusts there, in place - that is the truth. It’s fine, as it is - nothing is really wrong with that, experience can still be had - BUT NOT THE EXPERIENCE WHICH THE ONE CREATOR DESIRES; that is the truth, [Stranger]. Do you understand?

Me:, I will need to reread that

Do it now, please, while I wait. adonai.

[I take a break, then continue]

The issue we were discussing prior to the break was the PURPOSE and ROLE of “difficult experiences” - suffering, for short - as OPPORTUNITIES to be HONORED by you, if you are to use them to the fullest, correct?
Me:yes .

Very well; now, let’s talk about how to USE the knowledge you have gained

Me:yes please

The suffering you are experiencing is NOT ACCIDENTAL, and NOT A PROBLEM TO BE ELIMINATED. It is literally THE fuel of your spiritual growth. THIS is precisely why [helper entity] is so reluctant to “more fully” resolve your and your [people you are helping]'s issues, so to speak - it wishes to not deprive you OF THEIR BENEFITS. Take a moment and accept that internally into your mind, [Stranger], while I wait.

So if the distortions are not to be eliminated, what is to be done? The answer is simple: LOVE THEM, wholeheartedly. They are working SO HARD to make opportunities for you. ALL SUFFERING, INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL, IS INTENTIONALLY CREATED AS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR LOVE. I cannot emphasize this enough, truly. ALL suffering with no exception IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR LOVE, NOTHING MORE. It is a window through which love can pour - that is the truth. You wanted to ask me something?

Me:, can one not be loving without suffering? It seems that when I am not suffering, I am more loving?

Yes, that is indeed the case, [Stranger] - when you are suffering, it is much harder to love than when you are not; that is by design, [Stranger] - that is the truth. The resistance is the teacher - I will explain what I mean. When you resist, you are setting up a force field within yourself, a pressure - a potential energy.

The potential energy demands release; the release occurs when you find Love toward the “blockage.” By finding love in the face of the blockage - either in the moment the difficult energy is produced in response to external circumstances, OR later, when you are doing what you call “trauma work” with that blockage - you are GROWING SPIRITUALLY as an entity. Do you understand?

Me:dealing with uncomfortable states or emotions, whether in the moment or later, calls for a concentrated, intentional focus on love?

PRECISELY CORRECT - and therein, lies the opportunity to grow spiritually; the love “secreted” into a situation or blockage is far more concentrated than the pleasant background love on a warm spring day when nothing is wrong. Does that make sense?

Me:I guess I can conceive of a torrential outpouring of love toward a suffering people, and a desire to help them spurring action, without internal pain?

You can indeed - what is your question?

Me:would that not be equally or more powerful?

That is THE GOAL, [Stranger]: to heal one’s inner burdens, and use the power generated through that process to spread love around yourself; that is the The Master’s Choice; that is the truth.

[another break takes place]

Me:, may we proceed?

yes, of course. what would you like to ask or know?

Me:, it seems to me that the main thrust of the understandings you have shared with me today is to change my attitude toward “blockages” in myself and others - from seeing them as unnecessary and meaningless evils, to instead seeing them as valuable nuggets of opportunity?

That is precisely so, [Stranger]. Proceed further.

Me:, therefore it is easier to love them - find love for them - not only in the sense of goodwill and compassion and wish to heal them, but also the “appreciation” dimension of love?

you could say that - although I wouldn’t.

Me:, how would you correct or change that statement?

ALL in Creation attempts to serve the Creator, [Stranger]; in its own way, but there is no other reason for it existing - that is the truth. Therefore, all that is, DOES serve the Creator. Within that deep and fundamental Truth lie all the answers you seek, that have to do with the “appropriate relationship”, shall we say, between you and All That Is: It is Self; it Serves; Love it and appreciate it. adonai.

[insight that if all is created by the Creator who can change things as he pleases at any instant (“within reason”, I am told), therefore all that is has been chosen by him to exist] - "that is PRECISELY correct, [Stranger], and a tough but very powerful lesson to internalize deeply. It does offend one’s emotional sensibilities that it should be so, and that gets into the “problem of theodicy” but yet, It Is.]

Me:okay - what are the practical implications of the truths you have shared with me today?

That is up to you to decide, my son - that is the truth. Free Will is still in action where you are at the moment; you must do with this information whatsoever pleaseth you, my son. adonai.

Me:, can we please revisit our starting question: “the capacity to sit down and think about writing a book or giving a lecture, without a part of your mind warning you about the dangers of social rejection and failure, as is your current experience of these attempts” and how to get there?

yes, my son; I proceed.

When you have considered in depth all that I have said to you so far today, the picture that emerges is one of service - that is the truth. The service of these blockages that they are offering and providing to you, stimulating your growth. The service you are offering the Creator by struggling mightily with these experiences, and overcoming your old tendencies and then, lovingly, nurturingly, kindly - healing your inner rifts, one by one.

Can you relax into this, seeing that all is well? That is the question - and the key. Think about it for a second or two and let me know.
so, can you?

Me:, what I see is that - yes, all is to the Creator’s liking, as it is; all is a service to Him. In addition to that, constraints have been put in place - game rules, maybe - that mean that I have limited time to accomplish my objectives for this life, as I have failed to do in multiple past lives.

All VERY true, [Stranger].

Me:So while I can relax into “all is well”, I still have the blockages that make it uncomfortable for me to express myself publicly

Very true as well; listen to me carefully now, as we have come to the Main Point, which is this:

ALL is as it must be, and there is not a SINGLE THING “wrong” from the Creator’s point of view. THAT is a wellspring of Pure Love, right there, [Stranger] - do you understand?

Me:please help me understand,

Very well, [Stranger]. Love is the harmony of all things, as you well know - disparate, seemingly incompatible things are reconciled in the energy of Love. It turns “problems” into solutions, simply by being present with the seeming “problems”; that is the pure transformative magic of Love.

Me:I understand

Very well; then consider this, [Stranger] - When you tap into the greatest source of Love, you bring the greatest benefit - to yourself, AND those around you.

The perception of problems is what blocks love: your MISperception of difficulties NOT as difficulties, BUT RATHER as problems - undesirable, annoying, unnecessary, fault states - is what HAS BEEN LIMITING the POWER and IMPACT of your work, WITH YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Do you understand?

Me:I think you are saying that due to my misapprehension of difficulties as faults rather than loving and valuable service, I have been generating resentment/frustration and, thereby, limiting the purity or extent of Love that I have been able to access?

[Stranger], I would give you a Diploma right now if I could - I couldn’t have stated it more clearly myself; that is PRECISELY correct. Find PURE love - the key is seeing ALL AS LOVABLE AND WORTHY, ESPECIALLY the “negative” or “difficult” or problematic - for without it, love in the desired intensity would be in EXTREMELY short supply in your experience. THAT IS ALL. adonai.

Very profound and resonant. Thank you for sharing.

There is a lot in there, particularly in the middle portion (vis a vis the purpose of the Veil, the Choice, and what is “outside” of this realm of spacetime) that echoes, oddly, stuff that I was just thinking about in the shower. (Because sometimes #showerthoughts are like that.) My train of thought was veering more towards the nature of time, but in so doing, it wandered towards that same material … Does the Infinite Creator experience time? … On the surface, that would seem like an obvious “No,” that the Infinite Creator, in being eternal, must be outside of the realm of subjective time. Time, however, is a measure of change. If the Infinite Creator “set this up” so that we, as individuated parts of the Greater Cosmic Self, may experience lessons that lead to change and spiritual growth, this suggests a change in the Infinite Creator in arriving at higher levels of understanding through our efforts and conflicts, and the choices that we make while imbued with the Free Will of forgetting. Thus, it could be argued that the Creator experiences and is subject to time; otherwise, there would be no point to having “this,” as all would simply be understood and experienced in an instant.

Basically, I mean, when you cut down to it, it – all questions, that is – pretty much boil down to that self-same cosmic, “Why?” … Why have “this” instead of just eternal existential bliss and beingness? Why not just be a perfect sphere of infinite light and loving warmth, blooming peacefully in the void?

I think that would probably get boring. The first law of thermodynamics has us tending towards entropy, on paper (“chaos and equilibrium”); however, this would appear to be at odds with our observations that the three-dimensional Universe that we appear to inhabit at this juncture seems to be growing ever more complex. (At least from the perspective of this biologist.)

Maybe this place (“This Place,” as my late partner used to refer to it as, and as I have since heard others call it) can be thought of as akin to a high-gravity plane, with the end goal being the formation of a sort of “Spiritual Knee.” The kneecap is a sesamoid bone, meaning that it is not present in the newborn, but arises due to strain placed on the patellar tendon. (The fact that I could not remember the name of that tendon is indicative of the difficulty that my grey matter has in gear-jamming from the spiritual to the anatomic and then back again.) If you were to raise a Human infant in a zero-gee environment, that person would never have a kneecap and would not, of course, be able to stand up in gravity. I imagine that is what This Place is like.

… My question, then, is not, “Why have gravity [suffering]?” – We know now that it is required to grow a “Spiritual Kneecap.” My question is, “Why do we ever need to stand in the first place?”


(Apologies for the messy metaphors.)

very interesting!
it reads like the book “Conversations with God”