Forgiveness, Love, and acceptance. Interview with ex-wa ching member (gang)

In the philosophy of confederation and Loo,

Forgiveness stops the wheel of karma. Mentioned in Ra’s transcript with the story of Jesus and other channeled materials.

I would like to share with everyone this interview.

Johnny, the person interviewed in this video beautifully articulated his stories, his catalysts and how he overcome each one of them.

Many things he said in the video deserves a first hand experience and I don’t think paraphrasing would do him justice.

Please find the love in your heart and give him a chance if you feel so inclined.

Also, please feel free to connect any Philosophy from the confederation and Loo to his interview if you feel they resonated with you, and witness the beautifully complex, but yet simple answer of each catalysts.

I am sure there are many,

Please feel free to share your own as well.
We are all unique in our own ways of overcoming and growing through our journeys.

with l/l


Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, But because you deserve peace
— Siddhartha

The pivoting event for Johnny was when he asked forgiveness from his dad, as by doing such he automatically has forgiven his dad.

Forgiveness breaks the bond of karma as forgiveness shall release the attachment that one has with his/her own anguish, pain, guilt, trauma, anger that keep one attached to begin with. Revenge; for example might temporarily satisfy one anger but it built more on guilt and trauma.

Forgiveness is also an expression of unconditional love, and by doing such it will open the blockage on the heart chakra / anahata. Which is the key for ‘graduation’ to 4th density. Heart chakra = 4th chakra = 4th density.

Although I disagree with some of what the “pastor” said, sin as an ‘inheritance’ from “adam” thus makes one born with “original sin” and Jesus wiped out that “sin” for you. But his recommendation for Johnny to ask forgiveness from his dad is a spot on.

What Jesus did is exactly that, an example of how one could release an attachment, through forgiving.

It reminds me of SNL’s comedic sketch: Djesus Uncrossed.

Which shows what “Jesus is NOT”, he could potentially seek revenge but he did NOT. By forgiving he let go of a (potential) attachment.

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Thanks for posting this. I’m the type of person who connects to ideas more easily through story and narrative. And aren’t we all just walking narratives? :slight_smile:

I’ve watched the video a couple times and explored the YT channel a bit. I’m really grateful for people like Johnny who are willing to be courageous and vulnerable and share the ‘underbelly’ of their lives. I listen to a similar podcast called This is Actually Happening which is people sharing first hand accounts of their life experiences.

Johnny’s story with religion is such a hard one for me personally. I come from a similar religious tradition that he ended up finding solace in. But for me…funked me up a bit. In the short term at least. Specifically the language of: Don’t trust yourself. You’re core nature is “evil”. Only trust an outside authority. Trusting yourself is the “root of all evil”.

I’m still working to understand the lower energy center imbalances. My understanding is that the messaging of self-mistrust is connected to orange ray imbalance around self-esteem and self-worth. 15.12 Someone please clarify or correct me if I’m wrong on this.

One of the reasons I resonated with the Ra & Confederation teachings is the affirmation that we are the spiritual authority for ourselves. Each entity decides what direction to head in with no value judgement attached to our choices. Trusting ourselves and learning from the subsequent experiences is how we grow. My experience with religion and religious communities on the whole did not teach me that.

Johnny (at least from his language) doesn’t seem to love and accept himself as he is, but was able to generously love and accept his father. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. I got no words of wisdom on this–just musing :slight_smile:


Sang is not too spiritual, but deeply self aware and of those around him.

The topic is “rest of the soul” (You will see as you listen to him.)


Wow! That was so intense! I’m SO grateful I heard the calling of my Spirit and listened to Its’ pure lovesong and that the silence I sought was a humble request for connection rather than disconnection. Very powerful example of hindsight being 20/20. Thank You for sharing, Jayce. :fleur_de_lis: