Earth transition to 4th density and its labor pains

I knew what was meant. I was just pointing out that this is unrelated to making The Choice for the individual itself.

Obviously the Creator needs a part to play the victim if another part is to experience being STS.

Also, we agree to playing that role before we incarnate here.

It actually helps many people to make the STO choice to experience being under STS control and seeing its effect. They choose not to repeat those behaviour/patterns themselves in their lives.

It is by choosing not to repeat those patterns and instead making alternate choices that we collectively change the world/system.

There is no need to be awake, or aware about the system, to start making those alternate choices.

There is no absolute need, but my opinion is that it will be very helpful.

Different situations occure at this time in different countries, at the end we will see how the influence will be.

Absolutely, as Q’uo says: “now you have awakened and you know how difficult a step it was to take”.

What will people wake to? The way we wake people up is very important in this regard. Are we waking them to a dystopian world or are we waking them to a higher point of view?

If we only wake people up to a dystopian world without the higher point of view, how will that play out in the life of that person? What will they do next?

If instead we wake people up to a higher point of view, like the Confederation is doing with us, how will that play out in people’s lives? What will they do next?

This is an excellent point. That said –

I would quibble a bit with the thrust of this argument, at least as I interpret your words. It may be necessary here to describe what we mean by “awake.”

Now, this may be skirting a wee bit too close to the political, here, but I’m not sure how to avoid it … As you happen to be a moderator, if I’ve crossed a line, please let me know. :wink: I do believe, however, that I can do so without doing so as my sentiment is, in fact, entirely what the Humans would call “bipartisan.”

There is a current proscribed political ideology that is being pushed by the mainstream thought leaders which is collectively referred to as “Woke,” in the true sense of the Orwellian double-speak fomented by the architects of this system (of which I think Eric Blair was in fact one, though I may be mistaken on that). This ideology and thought process system encourages a victimhood mentality for some, while encouraging blame and hatred of others, who are artificially painted as the “oppressors.” Those who happen to be of the phenotype labeled as “oppressor” are encouraged to internalize guilt and self-loathing. While this ideology is in no way shared by a majority of individuals, those currently in power would have one believe that it is, and, moreover, that it is the only pathway to salvation and, most crucially, that anyone presenting alternative viewpoints is part of the oppressor class. A core tenet of this ideology is to encourage dependence on the system rather than on one’s self. Its intent, of course, is to perpetuate and exaggerate to grotesque status the status quo of socioeconomic hierarchy, to entrench it eternally, rather than to relieve us from it as is so hilariously purported.

Now, the problem, as I see it, is that “Wokeness” (oppressor/victim mindset) is so anathema to the very core of beingness that in order to get it to internalize, and to truly ensure a permanent slave population, the architects of the system have made it so convoluted and impossible to understand that the only solution, to one who wishes to obey consistently, is to constantly look to those that are perceived as “above” him or her for guidance. It has resulted in a population who is unwilling to offer any opinion without first consulting with the mainstream; who cannot rely upon their intuition for so much as a hint of what to eat today. (In fact, I seem to recall a book being published and promoted some time last year that specifically denigrated the very concept of intuition, encouraging the masses to instead look to Your Wise Overlords for guidance in all ways …!)

The alternative to this “Woke” mentality could and often is simply called being “Awake” – that is, simply being aware of the fact that this is going on, and therefore being capable of making one’s own choices, and using one’s own discernment, regarding one’s own life. This does not require one to prescribe to any political philosophy whatsoever. It simply means that one is aware of the mechanization and manipulations being used against the population – one’s self included.

I do agree that it is not necessary to be “awake” to the Law of One, as taught by Ra et al. The spirituality will, I think, come naturally, if it is beneficial to the individual at that time. However, I do not believe it is possible for an individual to come anywhere close to freedom from oppression so long as that person is still subscribed to the “Woke” ideology that feeds it. Otherwise, if exposed to alternative viewpoints – even if they are internally generated ideas – perhaps especially if they are internally generated ideas! – he or she will simply default to programming, consult the Infonet, conclude that sovereignty is a lie made up by conspiracy theorists and that examination of these ideas makes one unclean, and continue on with the Machine. Some degree of wakefulness, however small, is necessary to pry the third eye open just enough to see that there is indeed an alternative.

… Which takes me right back to your other point, which I quoted them above, which is, what are we waking them to? … I agree with you that it is far, far better to have Paradise to point to right on the horizon, to raise their eyes up above the desolate Machine world that they will unfortunately see once the awakening begins. The good news is that yes, there are quite a few of us who are working joyfully on and towards that Paradise. :wink: (In many cases, it happens to involve lots of shiney rocks …)

You make an interesting point in what I think you thought I meant (sorry – that was convoluted, and I apologize – an aside, may I ask if your native language is German? I am aware that syntax is very different between German and English – the latter of which is evidently the most difficult language in the world to master, so I am eternally grateful that I grew up with it). The puppets are irrelevant, yes, and the masters we may never know, nor would I terribly care to. However, my rather convoluted analogy was addressing, specifically, our monetary/debt/slave system. Debt/fiat/lies. That stuff.

My point was that it is ALL based on a lie, that being the idea that a quid pro quo is necessary to begin with.

Yeah (sigh). When the spiritual awakening movement started to take too much space in the mainstream, not that long ago (2011-2012), the Elites started to funnel that into something to serve their purpose (of course). This whole Woke movement is really showing the mastery that our “friends” have of their polarity. I am slightly impressed actually. :slight_smile:

To us it just means yet another increase in the difficulty level of The Game. Ever harder to wake up and so the bounty for doing so ever increasing.

The whole world is a stage where we learn about the ways of Love.

From my point of view, there is nothing that will stop the march of this planet towards 4D Positive. So I am interested in looking at how this will play out. Like becoming a full 1984 style dystopia before becoming an early 4D society as portrayed in 2150 A.D.

It seems that for some of you this is not a certainty. In this case it is normal to have a sense of urgency and wish to prevent this planet from becoming a negative 4d planet.

How could these two perspectives reconcile, if at all possible?

On the subject of how to help people wake to a higher point of view. Often spirituality per se is unfortunately not what people need at first. Here is an example of content that is very good at positively waking up people.

At 4 minutes 53 seconds.

Sorry to say, but with a neutral look this world is dystopian and they want to make a version of it where the rest of the free will is abonded shortly.

There are things that are just the way they are.

Shxx is brown and stinks, so you have to learn to take it as it is.
Some even find out that flowers thrive particularly beautifully with it.

So why do you want to hide and gloss over a necessary realization?
The essence of a disappointment is that the deception is exposed.

From my point of view it is more important to be able to show alternative solutions directly.
So you can point out that you are able to start simply a better life and not to mourn something that can and should no longer be continued.

Yes - but the main point is that we are discussing here things that are anyway difficult to put in words.

I have read yesterday that you need about 12 years to learn a solid base of Sanskrit.
It seems that languages are generally depleted and some have found out, that it was an global interest to promote different languages to separate people more from each other.

This is really the heart of the matter and therefore so difficult to see.

The system is doing a really good STS job.
I really don’t know if it possible that such plans have a chance on a sphere that is 4D positive, but it is not fun to see what they are trying to do.
To a certain degree it seems to be possible to turn this planet into a paradise for a handful beings, that master a closed sub class of slaves in the form of stupid bio robots.

At 4 minutes 53 seconds.

I think we all agree that the awakening is important.

We seem to differ on how that is best accomplished. But in my opinion, there is no wrong way of doing it. The more the merrier! Even the conspiracy circles are helping. It’s all good. :wink: Whatever someone needs to wake up, they’ll find opportunities.

My belief is that it is also inevitable. The awakening is happening. It’s unstoppable. What the Elites are doing only makes it even more of an accomplishment when we awakens. They are helping make this a truly great accomplishment.

We all serve with passion. It’s great to witness this in all participants here. :slight_smile:

46 minutes 55 seconds

50 minutes 40 seconds

It’s just a question of time.


This comment may add nothing, but I feel the need to mention two points:

  1. Regarding tadeus’s assessment being so much more negative than Patrick’s and mine: I am struck by the fact that different parts of the world are, sadly, currently experiencing much more severe examples of extreme totalitarianism than others. Watching this pan out is going to be very painful, and each seeker is going to have to carefully consider his or her response to it.

That said:

  1. I had an overwhelmingly awesome and fantastic experience this morning that leads me to believe that no matter what we do or say, Patrick and others are 100% correct and the change for the positive is not only inevitable, but well on its way. A couple came by this morning to pick up some sheep from me, bringing along their three kids (youngest age 4.5; oldest maybe 10?). I’m not big into Human youngun’s but for some reason it didn’t bother me in the least that they brought them; I guess I just had the sense that they would be respectful.

Well, not only were these kids respectful beyond what any “grown up” could be expected to be, but they knew things … They knew what it is that we are talking about. Intuitively.

It’s a long story and may not be worth typing all out as it requires some fiddly explanation, but basically – there was something to these kids, an understanding, that the parents (nice folks, but) did not have. I would not have been blessed to see it were it not for the crystals around my house providing that positive catalyst … Anyway, the point is that yes, the change is inevitable I believe and it is not something that will have to be taught.

Just gotta be patient and get through the next round of Clown World first. At the risk of dinging my polarity – might help to grab some popcorn, because it’s going to be a show.

Ouro, hello sir.

First of all, before it be my intent to “send”, as we liberally will call the transference of communication via button and digit, you anything- it is my intent to send you the blessing, love, and light of the One Infinite Creator.

I request your pardon for the abrupt initial greeting as I prayerfully attempt to be mindful of greeting individuals recently involved to this particular net venue, however at said time nexus of which it was opportune to do so it was sensed towards the conclusion that to do so would have been inconducive in your case, and once again do I solemnly pray for your pardon for whatever “air”, if you will, of pompous such an statement may be conceptualized as.

Next may it be transmitted that it is, in the case of what you have so far-yet read and what you shall continue to read, my further intent to what I just as liberally term “harmonize” with you in the proceeding literary. I notify you of this intent so that, prayerfully, any deductions of bad-faith, as we say, be abated into an reception of vibration more harmonious with which I intend to request to be channeled.
And lastly, as far as informal formalities go do I sincerely bid you an good evening.
Now, unto your comment.

It brings joy to my soul to see you have the glean of enlightment that you did this morning or yesterday morning for…
Its interesting how we as people base our world view to the limits of our selves.
There was once an individual who created an profile titling it “Kelly-Marie” on this forum who made an comment that may be construed as relevant. The general affectation of said comment was and is as follows “Its amazing to me how when we are traveling, maybe at an airport, we all neglect that every person, every soul around us is an individual path that extends to as far as the other side of the world”. And O’ how correct she was.

You see, an component of human nature is to look at the depth of the ocean in terms of the concession that “It is deep and I could definitely drink my fill from it if I were ever parched”. This leads to myriad illusions and distortions, as is termed from those of the Law of One community, and indeed such and disposition has its place in the dance, if you will, of individualization, however, in the upwards spiraling, if you will, of “One-ness”, it can be just as disharmonious as it can be congressional.

Much and such is the reason for many if not starkly all of individuals of the “radically conspiratorial” inclinations motivational source of point-of-view and can lead to paranoia in the dis-harmonious manifest.
(I’m about to switch up the syntax so you can understand what I’m about to tell you, love you brother)

Okay, so, and you see how you were all like, “Something fantastic happened today!” and you literally just, like, had a whoooole shift in perspective off of ONE THING that happened? Something so small so miniscule that even you yourself didnt even want the circumstances to align to have even allowed what happened today.

Mister Euro, a lot of people who are conspiratorial are just simply looking through a lens that isn’t at all false, no sir not at all, but its just incomplete because, sir, we can’t do anything about a lot of that kind of stuff.
I mean even if there is some super secret and smart group of beyond wealthy people underground pulling strings and what not, how are we even suppose to get to them sir??

I’m genuinely asking you…what are we suppose to do sir? Go searching for them and string them up?
I don’t mean to be a smart Alec I’m just saying all of this stuff is just impracticle after a certain point and we just want to live Ouro, that’s all we want.

I dont believe in social security either but…sir, I can’t do anything about that and to be honest I’m not even really thinking about that because it really doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I know it does from the point of capitalism, I get that, that’s not what I mean, what I mean is…

Look, I’m just focused on living my life, being happy, and loving other and hopefully I can get some love before I die back. I would spend the rest of my life trying to overthrow the U.S or whatever the vision is but I can put all m energy on doing that or going to college and learning, speaking to elders such as yourself and gaining you alls wisdom before you all pass away because I don’t know if we all have forgotten but we aren’t gonna be here forever…

One day the older generation is going to die, plain and simple I’m not gonna sugar coat it. one day you guys won’t be here to guide us and teach us the values that paved the way for us, I wish you all could but it doesn’t work like that.

So I can spend my time hating some…invisible group, or I can enjoy what I have while I still have it. The whole Illuminati revolt got played out in 2010 when I was still in middle school, we don’t care about that crap anymore. We got bills to pay and a lot of us have started families I mean, we aren’t kids anymore so…yes there’s hope.

It took y’all until these millinials started coming up for y’all to realize how aware we were at what was going on. Mister Ouro, no disrespect sir but we knew the bullsh of the game way before those kids that walked into your shop you just didn’t know it. Y’all know how smart these kids are now though and y’alls reaction is to incarcerate them for misbehaving but I digress…

Look sir, I’m glad you saw what you saw today/yesterday because that is the hope of this world sir. One day there will be an third World War but if you walk down the street and just…feel the energy of the people walking by: The cars, the sound of train rolling by, the smell of fresh food being cooked at the nearby restaurant, you can feel that everyone knows its coming.

We know it will come because it only takes an handful of people with the right equipment to fly to another country and use that equipment to start one, its that easy. It doesn’t take a whole mass consciousness of people who think this way or that…No sir! Of course not, in fact if that were all it took we to an almost total extent would not have anything to worry about because even soldiers half the time are afraid of war.
But its easy to start and have war and yes, unfortunately, its “too easy” in THIS day and age. And we know that sir, that’s , in part, why we are spending so much time having fun and enjoying life before these old, rich service to self idiots blow this country and everything else to hell. I call them idiots because they are not as smart as y’all think they are.

You think Miss Carla (Rest-in-peace dear) Mr.Don (rest-in-peace) and Mr.Jim are,were the only ones who channeled from “godly” energies?

I’m gonna tell you briefly about something that I could get in trouble for if my family saw me talking about: Its called “Sacred Chiefs”. Basically in a certain occultic Order these what we call “Sacred Chiefs” are dead people and spirits who teach us magick. They have been doing his for thousands of years sir, thousands, in fact…now that I think about it, your name means “Snake”, in certain historical narrations that was the oldest and first Order of all of us and who do you think gave them that knowledge?? “Angels” and “Daemons” (basically) so guess what? The Illuminati or whatever you guys are so afraid of, and I mean the real one percent, not what a lot of people think is the one percent, that are channeling these spirits… They are lyyyyyyyiiiinnggg to them. Lol lol as much as they try to lie to us you honestly think
The “beings” they are getting their plays from are just so honest, full disclosure, doctor-patient privilege with them??

Ha! Lmao! Seriously? Is that what we think? The “Beings” that are giving these STS’s power you all think they are telling these guys how this game really works? Cmon guys…no sir, they are not. There’s just so much I wish I could share…

As Mr.Patrick said, things will get worse before they get better, that’s well-settled, but for reasons far different than what a lot of people think.

Yes, my generation has stupid people in it, but what you saw in those kids has been there far longer than I will daresay you have realized. It is not something said in condescension, no sir no sir. Instead it is an praise to The One Infinite Creator, have faith in us sir.

We can’t be perfect but…were you??
Did you grow up never making mistakes? Weren’t there times when you partied and cared about girls and being rich and having a perfect carefree life? If not then I digress, but if anything I’m saying relates then…have faith.

I nor my colleagues cannot save the world, believe me I’d like to. Hell even WITH magick I can’t and I can do so much in my craft I’m scared to even tell you. But we are trying sir, Lord knows we are doing our best.
Try talking to us, you know, in another thread I was talking to someone maybe a little older than both of us and I was like “Y’know we are not perfect, but perfection is not what makes us special. That’s what made us special in the last Universe”. Sometimes you gotta just have a one on one with someone and just really look them in the eye and say “Show me who you are”, not when everyone’s watching and there’s a crowd that they feel they have to “perform” for…but in private when show time is over and its just you and them and I promise you sir the things you will hear come out these kids mouth will blow your mind.

Ouro, sir. We will win, I’m doing my best, my friends are doing their best, and the world is changing.

But our world is like a glass with water at the halfway mark. I think you know the rest…

I await your response sir, I know it will be a good one, and its a pleasure to finally share minds with you.

Your brother, Username.

Hihi - that is an really interesting point - seeing it as much more negative instead of realistic.
I am used to this assessment and unfortunately still do not understand it.

The question is why people generally tend to declare everything good and tolerate it instead of demanding the best possible from life?

Honestly I have always wondered why people so often arrange with a hell at work instead of just leaving it?
As a result I have done it shaking my head more than once in my life.
Suffering together seems to be more attractive than changing something about it together.
What is the reason for it?

However before I did not understand the system as a whole how unintentional enslavement works.
Today I wonder why people are satisfied with about 10% of the fruits of their labor and an equally small portion of their time to be able to shape life?
The answer is to be found in the unintentional enslavement with the person, but very few look for it and even fewer recognize the answer.
A part of the rest of the 90% is used to keep the system, so in fact the people work for their own unintentional enslavement. Why this is so attractive?

Please be so kind and don’t use “mister” and “sir”, it triggers allergic reactions because this is used to identify dead juristical entities.

Everyone can do everything at every moment.
The question is why nobody starts doing it?

Yesterday I have seen a video from china where people stand up the first time and resist against the draconic Covid terror. How much pain is needed for a reaction?

My dictionary says that the word “conspiracy” could be “Verschwörung” (complot) and “Zusammenwirken” (cooperate). It shows cleary that both sides of the coin are included.

We don’t need to get anyone - we simply need to think about the life and how we want to live it.
It’s a question of realising the own will and the dreams of life how it could be.
Leaving the programming of thinking in words like nations, democracy, religion and other dogma.

Analyse of the word “social insurance” or “social security” will lead directly to the dependencies that have been installed.
Just start with leaving a direct own responsibility for each other pushing it to an external “service”.

That’s a central sentence that most of us will underline - but you see that it does not work.
I would say the time has come to analyze why?

This is all not needed - it is needed to recognize that the world is not the way you think and to change it.
What you are able to enjoy and what could be possible to enjoy?

Really - what is needed to change our life as society?
What is needed to build a group consciousness?

It should always be a quest to strive for perfection and not settle on a pile of crap.
In reality it is very easy to change the life when you let everything beside you have learned.
Focus on prudence and wishful dreams instead of restraint.