Hatton channeling contradicting Ra channeling

March 30, 1980. Unknown channeling Hatonn
As we are now moving into the fourth density, what does that hold for us? What changes will there be? It’s called the age of understanding, so explain what this all means.

I am Hatonn. We are aware of your question, but it is somewhat complex. Not because you meant it to be, but because the information comes from several different levels. This planet, in this density, is moving into a more pleasant aspect of this density. There will be, on this density of this planet, another cycle of third density following the conclusion of that which even now is occurring, having to do with the end of the cycle. Namely, the weather changes, the natural changes in geography, and the possible armed disputes and economic disasters that will be part of this change. Some of the people now dwelling upon your planet at this time will repeat that great cycle which, depending upon the various gravitational changes and electromagnetic variations, lasts somewhere between seventy-five and seventy-eight thousand years.

LOO 63.9 Now, at present we have, in third-density incarnation on this plane, those third-density entities of the planet Earth who have been here for some number of incarnations who will graduate in the three-way split, either positive polarity remaining for fourth-density experience on this plane, the negative polarity harvestable going to another planet, and the rest unharvestable third density going to another third-density planet. In addition to these entities, I am assuming that we have here already some entities harvestable from other third-density planets who have come here and incarnated in third-density form to make the transition with this planet into fourth density, plus Wanderers.

“Hatonn” claims in this channeling from an unknown channeler that there will be another 3D cycle here on earth. This is a direct contradiction from the Ra teachings that this planet is vibrating 4D and that the only entities here in the “future” will be 1D, 2D, and 4D.

Any insight on this clear contradiction is appreciated. Thank You.


The Confederation did mention that once 4d has learned to hide themselves from 3d, then Earth would once again be able to host other 3d cycles.


Thanks Patrick for your reply. My understanding is that the earth is already vibrating fourth density and that earth will become more and more uninhabitable for third density entities due to third density vehicles not being able to withstand fourth density vibrations, hence why the third density entities have to leave this planet. This understanding was formed from reading “A Concept Guide” and “Living the Law of One” which both repeat more than once that all third density entities that die here and do not graduate to fourth density positive will HAVE to go to another planet. I realize that all information is not without distortion as it comes through. My belief is that this particular channeling of “Hatonn” from an unknown is incorrect.

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when i read the Ra material for some reason the western cowboy voice of James Coburn is speaking the words in my head.

anyway, remember Ra said that it’s just a really small number of candidates who will be graduating from third to fourth when the big combine harvester rolls this way - am i one ? probably not; am i concerned about that ? no.

Ra says: the fourth density entities will have to learn to shield their density from that of third. why is that ?

i’m wondering if it’s about the sts club not wanting to lose any of its members to the sto club; after all, non of us are sto yet - may be some are sto candidates - but until we are each handed that official memo saying welcome to the sto club - we aren’t in it.

looking at the state of things today with haarp, graphene, pharma, and all the nasty stuff being applied to people all over the world it seems to me that the dark gang is working overtime to control as many people as possible before the combine arrives.

thanks for reading - i felt i had to think out loud

… and welcome to the community @James

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It could be wrong certainly. We don’t know the protocol used by those channelers nor how they challenged their source. I’m just trying to look at it without time. Since in time/space one can move in time and so they could incarnate directly on this future “new” 3d Earth.


That’s curious. To me it looks like earth is definitely still in third density. I think Ra is correct that earth itself is already in 4th density. And there are hints of that in my experience such as animals in nature sometimes behaving in ways that seem more like 4th density than second density. Like a Gaia consciousness.

Maybe Hatonn is correct that third density will remain for a while still even though earth itself is already in 4th density. Ra describes here what sounds like a mixed scenario:

Ra: I am Ra. … You will find a sharp increase in the number of people, as you call mind/body/spirit complexes, whose vibrational potentials include the potential for fourth-vibrational distortions. Thus, there will seem to be, shall we say, a new breed. These are those incarnating for fourth-density work.

There will also be a sharp increase in the short run of negatively oriented or polarized mind/body/spirit complexes and social complexes, due to the polarizing conditions of the sharp delineation between fourth-density characteristics and third-density self-service orientation. 17.1

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Not saying certainly, maybe there are misunderstandings because density of consciousness and physical medium are different things.

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It’s worth not to examine the whole channeling but see how it’s been changed during time. Jim:

Many groups become fascinated with transient information of a specific, mundane nature and have their information polluted by negative entities who gradually replace the positive entities that began their contact. Pursuing information of this kind is like moving the dial on your radio so that you end up with another station altogether from the one with which you began. This change in desire for the kind of information that the group seeks from its contact is the signal to that contact that what it has to offer is no longer desired, and the Law of Free Will requires that only hints of this de-tuning process be given to the group so that all choices that the group makes are totally a product of its free will. When a group continues to seek the transient information, the positive contact gives hints here and there that such information is not of importance, but when the group persists in seeking this kind of information, the positive contact, in order to observe the free will of the group, must slowly withdraw and is then eventually replaced by a negative contact which is only too happy to give this kind of information, but with less desire for accuracy and with maximal desire to remove the group from the ranks of those who serve others.

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In the mid-term future space/time Earth will become 4D. It is already 4D in time/space (metaphysically). 3D life on Earth will go into potentiation at the close of this major cycle. That means anyone with a 3D body will die.

4d life will need to learn to become invisible to 3D life before another 3D major cycle activates. This is so 4D will not violate the Law of Confusion/Free Will for Veiled 3D people.

So it’s not a contradiction. <3


Sept 6, 1981 Hatonn
It is appropriate, my brother, for a mixture of polarities to exist simultaneously when the opportunity exists for those polarities to achieve growth due to the potential produced by the presence of both polarities. However, the presence of both positive and negative fourth-dimensional polarities upon a planetary sphere that contains solely unpolarized third-dimensional entities would potentially result in the third-dimensional entities becoming a sort of battleground between the fourth-dimensional polarities.

To remove either of the two fourth dimensional polarities would have a detrimental effect upon the remaining third-dimensional entities, therefore, my brother,

we have a situation where it is not possible to allow all three to occupy the same planetary sphere,

nor is it possible to allow either fourth-dimensional polarity along with the unpolarized third-dimensional entities. Finally, to cover all of the potential combinations, to allow the joint occupation of the planetary sphere by both fourth-dimensional polarities without the undecided third-dimensional polarities—correction—third-dimensional unpolarized entities would be simply to extend and aggravate the immediately pre-harvest third-dimensional condition. For these reasons, it is necessary to separate the groups.