Changes since Ra Material

Has anything changed since the Ra material was channeled?

For instance, Ra said you have to die to make fourth density,
but there’s a lot of talk in spiritual circles about the ascension to the next dimension,
and that you can make the ascension while alive.

A really good question when you compare the quite considerable differences of opinions/beliefs in the various spiritual paths/circles around the globe these days.
My own feelings about this question arises from logic, in that the majority of us are still predominantly in the dense (as in heavier) 3D physical bodies (me for sure at 64 - ha ha!) Though I know Ra mentions the newer generations being more 4D compliant. I don’t personally believe we can all become 4D ‘proper’ without a massive cellular change or shift to become entirely 4D lighter bodies.
I believe we can make the grade whilst still in this lifetime and be harvestable, but will need to die physically before being able to ‘walk the steps of Light’ to 4D next time round.
Also, if I recall correctly, 4D will be purely 4D and those who need to stay in 3D a little longer will have to go elsewhere for that level of learn/teach as Earth will be purely 4D positive. Please correct me if I’m wrong :slightly_smiling_face:
It would be really interesting to see this entire transition period from the birds eye view as those aiding it from higher densities do!
With much Love & Light x


I like your answer. Just this morning I wrote this to my 20 year old grandson this morning.
There is no hurry when you live in the Now. There are many upgrades in progress for fourth-density Earth Now if you see them in a new perspective. To me, the biggest change of our times is the perspective of time itself.
In third density, I naturally see time in a horizontal perspective—from a foggy beginning to a foggy ending. I can imagine infinite timelessness before the beginning and after the ending, but I only know how to think in a limited way. I can really accept what’s happening now in third density, because it’s right in my face. With the 3D perspective, everything is measured and calculated and judged by a standard I have inherited from humanity. I occasionally get a glimpse of a new world in the future and revise the old world of the past. But I’m not expected to spend any significant time in the Now because I’m always in a hurry to do something more or less. My goal is to get things done so I can do something else. Third density is about Being in the fast lane because my time here is short and temporary.
The first step into fourth density is to open my perspective of time. In the power and force of fourth-density vibrations which are currently washing the Earth of third density, I see the new planet in the vertical perspective. I call the vertical perspective as “All time/space Now—ATSN” in comparison to “Limited space/time Now—LSTN.” The Now is the common denominator between the horizontal and vertical perspectives. Since I exist in the Now, I have one foot in third density and one foot in fourth density. From this junction point I can look at both perspectives at once and I’m free to choose how I want to progress—vertically or horizontally. The beauty of the third density is that I know it’s a temporary, closed existence which I can experience over again in a different LSTN location if I choose. If I treasure the values and experiences of human life, I’m free to choose improve myself in my next incarnation.
The beauty of the fourth density is that I know it is a free and open existence, without the limitations of the human mind/body, because the matrix of power in fourth density is energized by the limitless love and compassion of the spiritual complex. As I progress through the densities of the universal octave, the spirit complex grows stronger and the mind and body recede in importance. So there’s no hurry in fourth density because the Now is all I see. My eyes are not human, my body is not human, my mind is not human, my spirit is not human. My only desire and purpose is to Be in service to the Creator in the other.

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Well put, thank you.