5th Density/Dimension and 4th

So Earth is/has shifted into 4th density.

Why do some spiritual types talk about Earth shifting into 5th dimension ??? These are the same people that seem to skip over talk about 4th density/dimension. They say that we are going from 3rd to 5th.

Also, I’m assuming density and dimension are kind of used interchangeably???

Ra uses density rather than dimension.
In meaning density has different meaning to ‘dimension’.

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Bashar has said that the 4th density is the fifth dimension.

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I’m satisfied with my 3rd grade/level of understanding right Now. My mind tends to wander outside the Now when I spend my limited space/time in the past or future, especially when I try to define and explain things I can’t possibly understand at this level. My lesson here Now is always to LOVE One another.
Jim Upperpenni


Does this mean we can feel fourth density?
Because I have bliss in my heart, and I think it’s that.

Here’s a Ra quote from season 14.4:
“We have never been gone from your fifth dimension and have been working in this last minor cycle to prepare for harvest.“
From researching the science about the fifth dimension, I’ve concluded that this fifth dimension Ra speaks of is outside of our horizontal space/time and exists Now in the time/space perspective. We cannot grasp this dimension from our third level, but if we trust Ra’s words, the fifth dimension seems to be the office from which Ra works with the callings of human Beings. I imagine Ra resides is sixth density but does their work with Earth from their fifth dimension office.

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Since 4th density is associated with the heart center, I would think that the feeling of bliss would be there.

But my understanding of what 4th density if for is living from a heart centered place. Service to others. The true expression of the Law of One.