Do we have the power to create and change our reality?

Hi! Newbie here. I’ve been researching Law of Assumption and Law of Attraction, and I recently found this cool place. So glad I found y’all. So much to learn and I feel I have known so many of these truths for lifetimes as they come more fully to the surface.

I have manifested many important things for myself and my family, through thought and prayer and desire, and images, and imagination, etc. Important to me. Such as starting my own businesses so I could have more freedom from authority, and to show myself that I was capable, etc. Getting married, having the child I prayed for since I was 2 years old, with all the qualities I wanted in my child in order for it to have a good happy life. Working from home so I could be more present for my child as it grew up. My dream dog - black and white border collie boy. I’ve experienced miracles that blew my mind, but that wasn’t me - that came from God or angels or spirit guides.

So, my main question here is (even in my knowing that I manifested many things through connection with God that lives in me and everywhere) 'Do I create my reality? Can I change/alter my reality? Am I able to manifest whatever I want for my life just by affirming it, visualizing it, persisting, and believing it into existence? Is everyone me pushed out? (not meaning I control people) But I can affect how others treat me or respond to me?" Is there anything on this platform that I might read that can illuminate me in this regard?

I’ve also manifested great things for others! When I say “me”, I don’t mean I do it without God or the power from the universe. I know I’m not just a solitary being. We are all connected to something far greater than ourselves, alone. Thank God for that!!

Oh, and maybe this should be a different topic, but is there a way for us to communicate with our Higher Self? I have a recurring memory from childhood that I was communicating with my Higher Self and all I remember about it is Higher Self telling me “The answer to your most important question is YES.” I just don’t remember the question. This has plagued me for years.

One of the reasons I ask these questions is that if I can change/alter my own reality, I can perhaps alter the reality of the planet in the same way - heal the planet, heal the people on the planet, create more peace, dissolve war, etc.

Thank you to all of you for any help or guidance you may offer.


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Welcome, Journey.

This may sound like a funny question, but what do think “reality” is? After all, if you’re not sure what it is, then why would want to create it?

Another question. What’s the point of creating a reality? Of course there’s personal ease and satisfaction. There’s helping this planet. In what other ways do you feel this desire, if you don’t mind my asking a personal question?

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Can you change (virtual) reality, the answer is yes.

Yet the (virtual) reality is multi layered, how many layer? so many… perhaps infinite… and it’s not linear as well.

The easiest (virtual) reality to change as starting point is the (virtual) reality that you experienced during your sleep, a.k.a dream scape.
The dream scape is like a private sandbox, where you can experiment and practice.
Once you can master your private sandbox then you can move to explore other layer of reality, the reality which is shared with other 'creator ’ or by other ‘consciousness unit’. The shared sandbox.

Yes you can communicate with your higher self on any (virtual) reality, including your dream scape.

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Hi Mirror and thanks.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what “reality” is. I’ve heard and read so many differing opinions on what reality is and I’m not sure what to believe. I’ve manifested so many cool things but I wasn’t really “trying”. I mean, I let it be known what it is I wanted and how I wanted it and it happened. But when I intentionally try, it doesn’t seem to work out, because I think part of me fights with myself, like maybe I don’t deserve good things.

I struggle with PTSD and still am working on childhood traumas, and battling those negative voices in my head that tend to be much louder than the “kind and loving me”, so I guess I tied myself up.

The point, for me, in being able to create or alter my reality is because if I could actually believe that I could do it, I would change so much. I would change me. I would be more confident, thinner, healthier, see more beauty in myself rather than the negative stuff. I would overcome my fears and go after the things I really want in life, and do at least some of the things I know I want to do, instead of feeling like a loser, incapable of success. I mean, I’ve been successful many times in the past, but lately, my life has been pretty sucky.

I’ve worked from home since 2012 so I could be more present for my daughter. I had like the best client in the world. He was so kind and thoughtful and fun and generous and I loved working with him. And then he killed himself, leaving his wife and four babies and it changed me. This happened a year ago but it still haunts me and, for the last year, I’ve been contemplating suicide, too. I was always on the edge of it growing up and then I got married, had my daughter, and everything was perfect. Well, she was perfect. My ex had real anger issues and I left him before things got any more escalated.

Now, my daughter is grown, and has her own issues she’s dealing with. She suffers from depression and I’m pretty sure she’s bipolar, and it’s not because of how she acts now that’s the problem, but it certainly doesn’t help. Anyway, it’s a long story and I’ll stop talking about that depressing stuff now.

Thing is, if I truly believed it was possible to change things, I’d be affirming and speaking it and visualizing it and believing it into existence around the clock! I’d take depression out of all my family members. I’d take it out of every person in the world. I’d fill everyone with love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, confidence. I’d end war. The planet would live in peace. The planet and climate change, the ozone - it would all heal and be more fruitful. Sure, I wouldn’t want everything to be perfect, because you have to have balance. You can’t have joy without sadness, etc. But things would be better. Definitely better. I just want things to be better for everyone. I want everyone to feel better. I want everyone to be glad to be alive, not want to end it all.

There’s just so much I’d want to improve, ya know?

It’s just hard to know what to believe in. I believe in God and Jesus, but I don’t think God is the God many people think He is. For so many years, off and on, I thought he was a mean punishing angry God, like a mean abusive father. Now, I believe He’s consciousness, loving consciousness that exists in us and everywhere else. He’s part of everything. And I believe we are all connected, because we too are consciousness. We just tend to believe in what we see, which is the human heavy bodies we live in, with this tough world we live in. I do believe we chose to come here, but it’s like I think I forget this sometimes when I’m in the thick of a downward spiral. I wish I could smoke weed all the time just to not feel the negatives. That’s what it does for me, but I also feel like I need to be 100% aware/here, so I guess it’s a crap game I play with myself.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. I think I must do that a lot.

And sorry if my message is a complete Debbie Downer. I didn’t mean to get into all that stuff.

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Hi Quid and thanks for your response.

Why do you refer to it as (virtual) reality?

I’ve only been able to play with my dreams maybe twice ever. I’ve always wanted to lucid dream, but I’ve not been able to do it except those 2ish times.

The first time, I dreamed my uncle told me my mom died and I refused to accept it, so I started banging my head against the wall like a crazy person (something I’ve never done in my waking life) to, I guess, do whatever I could to wake myself up, because I was NOT going to go through with this dream nor accept it.

The second dream was a crappy dream where everything was bad and stressful and everyone was sooooo mean and I was being terrorized by these people I knew, and it was soooo weird, because one person, in particular, has never been mean to me, and I have great respect for him. After a certain point, and I’m not sure if it was after the dream fully completed or if I interrupted it, but I refused that one too, and I told myself “No. This is MY dream and MY life and I will not accept this.” So I went back into the dream and dreamed it over but in a positive way, so I guess I sort of revised the dream to be good instead of bad and all parts of the dream were happy and put me as ease.

I don’t know how to be aware that I’m dreaming when I’m dreaming so I can take control. I think part of me believes whatever comes into my life, I have to take it, deal with it one way or another, and just be miserable. Part of me rebels against that, too.

Do you or does anyone out there have any ideas on what or where I should read to get a better handle on lucid dreaming and learning the best practical steps to manifest or alter my reality or dreams? I’d be most grateful.

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Yesterday I attended an event honoring a 35 year old who had just died from metastatic brain cancer. It was nice seeing a lot of people there who cared about one another, all the same, I wouldn’t call it an uplifting experience. Everyone was doing the best they could to be there for each other, and it was difficult.

So, today I find myself feeling a bit heavy as I work through the catalyst. On the bright side, this gives me an opportunity to use something Confederation sources say is the best short route through challenging stuff, namely, gratitude and thanksgiving. Every time I just turn my mind in that direction I feel a buoyancy, I feel a special, inclusive lightening.

In some sense, it’s advice to keep looking up, and when you think about it, if you’re struggling with yourself while you’re mired in a 2" deep mud puddle, looking up can be a useful maneuver. I’ve noticed at other times that when I look downwards by being sarcastic or angry, etc., I feel very different from when I am looking upwards with gratitude and love and a grateful heart.

As to the amusing situation of being able manifest stuff when you’re easy going about it, but unable to do so when you’re serious about, @Journey, I think you’re exactly right that your abundant rainy-day feelings are having a strong influence. In order to, as they say, “do work in consciousness,” it requires clarity of being (crystallization), and from what you describe, you have as much work to do there as the rest of us. It could be argued that your ability to manifest when you’re not pressing it is a gift to you in the hope that it will inspire you to do the dirty work of accepting the unacceptable in yourself and loving the unlovable.

There’s hope. Keep looking up.


Well said. Thank you for those intelligent and uplifting words.


There’s a simple ‘practice’ that you can do during your wakeful state.
Ask often to yourself, am I dreaming? or am I awake?
Make it a habit during your wakeful state.

Thus when you’re entering your dreamscape, you will also ask the same question.
Being ‘aware’ that I’m dreaming while you’re in dreamscape is what people referred as “Lucid Dream”.
Once you’re aware, then understand that everyone and everything within your dreamscape is actually you. You can ‘switch’ role to another character (where actually the other character is also you) and manifest anything instantly, just imagine it and poof it will exist.


As I understand, 99.999% of who we are is subconscious. It’s the subconscious that creates our reality. If you can get the brain into Theta state, you can reprogram the subconscious. A hypnotist may be able to help.

I look for reasons to be grateful for what I have and who I am. I have often wished to be someone else, but there’s a reason we chose to be who we are. We chose all the challenges we have, because they bring lessons and learning for our soul. In the end, we’ll be grateful for what we went through.


And now: A word from our sponsors…

I find this passage endlessly cool. It’s from June 1, 1980 with Latwii being channeled.

How’s this for a little reality about reality?

In the first place there is nothing but illusion until you get to a level in which words are not used at all, not telepathically, nor vocally. We are dwelling in an illusion. Our illusion is much denser than yours. And, we have the facility to move into other illusions and vary our experience. Most of all we have the facility of moving into dimensions higher than our own at will. We can work with our teachers at a conscious level. We are at a dimension called six. Our teachers are higher and they too live in illusion. We do not know where illusion stops. However, we can say that reality is like a carrot that is dangled in front of the nose of the donkey, as this instrument would put it. Each reality, once gained, becomes the illusion and a new reality is seen. Once again, that becomes the illusion. We know that the path is infinite but suspect that it is also circular, that in the end we do dwell completely in reality, but without individual consciousness and then are sent forth again to complete the circle. This is only a suspicion on our part, as even our teachers do not know that this is so.

Some of our teachers are stars and have lived a long time in…

[Tape ends.]


Bringing the discussion home to the core message of Law Of One.

You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation.
You are unity.
You are infinity.
You are love/light, light/love.
You are.
This is the Law of One.
all things are one,
that there is no polarity,
no right or wrong,
no disharmony,
but only identity.
All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the infinite Creator.

You are the one infinite creator experiencing a separation.
As thus every ‘reality’ is an illusion.
And every ‘identity’, which enable the sense of ‘separation’ is also an illusion.

When Ra mentioned “You”, he/they are not referring to your currently assumed identity.
The name that you use to refer to yourself or the figure that you saw in the mirror.
Because that figure is also an illusion, will decay and eventually destroyed / died.
When Ra mentioned “You”, he/they are referring to the one infinite consciousness who is now experiencing separation and finite-ness through that figure that you saw in the mirror.

The programmer of the virtual reality / illusion and the players experiencing the virtual reality / illusion is the same person.

“Eventually everyone will realize that there is only one person in the room”
– Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God


After all, we create our own story. :wink:


This just begs for a definition of reality, not as easily accomplished as one might think. The contemplation of that question is pregnant with insights that would help with seeking, in my opinion.


I’m sorry for the delay in responding. I wish I could be hypnotized.

I went to a hypnotherapist once and he said I could not (or would not) reach hypnosis, due to my trust issues being off the charts. I really wanted this help from a recurring childhood memory where all I could recall was the fear and being frozen, unable to run or scream. When I tried to scream, my voice/throat shut. I have no idea what caused it and it kept resurfacing. I was tired of the nightmares and lack of sleep, and I wanted to deal with it.

My best friend had concluded it was probably a good thing I could not remember, as it was most likely my brain protecting me from further harm. I mean, it makes sense, but I feel like I want to know… so I can deal with it, and understand it. But whatever. It is what it is.

Plus, I’d LOVE to go to a person that specializes in past life regression. I feel like that would help a TON. I’ve wanted to do that for years. But if I can’t be hypnotized… It just really sucks is all.

I totally agree with you on the percentage of who we are, being subconscious and that has much, if not all, to do with creating our reality.

I’ll be working on getting my brain into Theta. I feel this would be super helpful for me, although things are sooo much better and different for me now. I do believe I just began awakening last week and it’s making ALL the difference!!!

I agree, too, that we chose to be here and who we are and our experiences, etc. I wish I had realized all this stuff much sooner than now because maybe I would not have felt the need to fight against this existence so freaking hard, but as you said, we chose all this, which also means we don’t accept truth and awakening until we are ready for it. I suppose I wasn’t open enough to receive til now. Better late than never. LOL!

I’m sorry you often wished to be someone else. I get it. I don’t think I ever thought that way, wanting to be someone else… I just didn’t want to be here at all. There’s so much crazy scary shiz we all have to go through as humans and it truly sucks…I’d say…most of the time, or that was my experience up til now, with the exception of my daughter (pregnancy through age 17/18), which was my slice of heaven on earth. But then, even that changed… Sometimes, it’s still good if I can get past my resentment of her narcissism.

And you’re right, “In the end, we’ll be grateful for what we went through.” I’m starting to feel grateful for all of it, which is new for me. I’m still learning and waking up…just a baby beginning to crawl…

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Could you learn self hypnosis and hypnotize yourself? You could record a session before doing it. If it is a trust thing.


I have a little bit of experience in this area. Hypnosis happens beneath the zone of fight/flight/freeze in a place of utter safety. Due to trauma, some of us only feel safe when we have complete contol of a situation, and thus the lessons of love versus fear become more accute and life can be more awkward than it should. For example, sleep can be very difficult and dreams may be mostly hostile.

One thing you can tryis going into a quiet state and create a waking dream of you being a mother coddling a child, offering tender care and deep emotions of connection and safety. Feel the deep feelings being offered by you and accepted by the child. Just rest into the experience, like watching a movie about sweetness and unconditional love.

Next time, do something similar where you are the child being coddled by your ideal mother. Again, feel those deep emotions of love, feel the safety, feel the peace. Rest into the cinematic experience.

If this lind of a thing works for you, you can take it further if you like, seeking deeper understanding of peace and love and wholeness.


In the session I quoted above, reality is understood as a fresh carrot dangled in front of the nose of a donkey. While that’s not a comprehensive definition, it’s something I can work with. Whatsoever takes my attention is an invitation to open my consciousness a tiny bit further. Your post above would be a case in point. I read it and responded and now I bear some responsibility to live up to my observation about myself. (I.e., I followed the carrot.)

But…um…in this case I seem to be driving myself in circles. So, maybe my reality is not expanding after all?

That quote above did mention the possibility of consciousness being ultimately circular…


create more peace, dissolve war

Ra states that it is only in the presence of misunderstanding can we find understanding and genuine experience all together.

All is well

Questioner: Now, I have made these statements just to get to the basic question I wish to ask. It is a difficult question to ask.

We have, coming from the sub-Logos we call our sun, intelligent energy, which then forms, and we’ll take as an example a single sub-sub-logos which is a mind/body/spirit complex. This intelligent energy is somehow modulated or distorted, so that it ends up as a mind/body/spirit complex with certain distortions of personality that it is necessary for the mind/body/spirit complex or the mental portion of that complex to undistort in order to conform once more precisely with the original intelligent energy.

First, I want to know if my statement on that is correct, and, secondly, I want to know why this is the way that it is; if there is any answer other than the first distortion of the Law of One for this?

Ra: I am Ra. This statement is substantially correct. If you will penetrate the nature of the first distortion in its application of self knowing self, you may begin to distinguish the hallmark of an Infinite Creator, variety. Were there no potentials for misunderstanding and, therefore, understanding, there would be no experience.

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Hmmm… I will DEFINITELY look into this!!! Thank you!

I do have this fabulous experience of nurturing/ coddling my child, offering all these qualities and emotions and bonds. Best time and experience of my life, in fact!! Though I did experience one other with “Best” with Source last week and have never quite felt this way EVER BEFORE. Like, it literally has changed my life and how I feel about everything!!! I’m trying to catch up to the many emotions I felt and the information still coming in…

I will, for sure, try this with “ideal mother”. This sounds fun and interesting! Which makes me think of an earlier experience (sorry I ramble so much…it’s a real problem LOL!) of me “nurturing my inner child” as I thought this would be helpful and as I was going through this practice one night, a giggle of approval came from where my dresser sits. !!! I FROZE!! Couldn’t even breathe! There was no one else home that night. My daughter was on a fun trip out of town. But then it sunk in… A feminine joyful confident loving voice in a giggle of approval. It was like “YASS, girl! You get it! This is such a huge and healing and wonderful thing you are doing!!!” It was also one of my top experiences. I have a few. And I’ll never forget. But then, I didn’t do it again. Like, I don’t even know why I stopped. It’s crazy that I stopped. She “told” me it was a good thing to do and I stopped. I can’t figure myself out sometimes.

Anyway, I will for sure try this, and force myself to do the nurturing my inner child again. Because, though it felt super awkward, it also felt so good and healing and loving. I guess I sort of felt like I was so unaccustomed to feeling good or joyful or healed or loved (as a child), maybe I felt undeserving of that somehow, even though “She” validated what I was doing, which I completely appreciated after the shock wore off.

Thank you for this advice and for listening to me ramble. Sorry 'bout that. And I will take it further, because I am so committed to seeking “deeper understanding of peace and love and wholeness”.

Much love to you!!

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