We create our own story

We create our own story. This is an interesting concept for seekers. We are told that we seek the self and so we seek the Creator. But it is not often mentioned that we create our own story which we then seek through and explore/experience (even within consensus reality).

Whatever type of information we are exposed to. Whatever we are told is true or false. Whatever is happening on the world stage. Whatever science and knowledge seems to be telling us. Each of us we have the power to choose what we include in our own story.

Try this out for yourself and you’ll see that our “reality” truly is magical.

The concept can be summarized by realizing that we perceive our environment only through 5 limited senses and these perceptions are then additionally filtered and interpreted by the brain/mind.
What comes out at the end is always only a subjective image of a reality in which everyone perceives something different.

One might ask: “But what does that look like? Isn’t this just fluff? The world is still left with all its problems!”.

Here is a down to Earth example of how this works to change the world.

Joe watches mainstream media, nearly all the news is sad. Joe wonders how things could ever be made better. It seems hopeless. But Joe really wants to help make things better.

So Joe starts gathering information about how the world works, about the societal systems, about how he could best help. It quickly becomes evident to Joe that the system is broken and it seems no one is ever able to fix it. So Joe continues gathering information and he eventually reaches alternative news sources. There he learns a great deal about why the system is not fixed yet. He learns that it is broken by design.

While Joe is seeking he does not realize that all the information he is gathering is actually an offering. He is supposed to discern and choose which parts he wishes to include in his own story. But that system, which is broken by design, did not teach these things to Joe. He believes that facts are facts. This seems obvious to him. It’s a no brainer. After all, 1 + 1 = 2.

Mathematics is a story that the Logos is telling itself. We are part of the story of our Logos. We are roles in that story. We are the Logos. In the story of mathematics, we included a chapter which is our third density illusion. And so we see mathematics everywhere we look. It is what our “physical” illusion is made of.

But Joe is unaware of any of that. How could he? He is unaware that a great trick was built into the system which tells him that since mathematics is provable then the concept of true/false and right/wrong should be applied to all concepts and all types of evidence under the sun.

A scientific paper is a story as well. That story is likely to include a great deal of the story of mathematics. Unless that story is a mathematical proof, it is not in itself a chapter in the great story of mathematics, it really is no more than a story we humans are telling ourselves.

So we cannot reduce science, and often what we believe are facts, to the simplicity of 1 + 1 = 2.

Joe has indeed a great deal of freedom in choosing which scientific stories he include in his own story. But he was led to believe that facts are facts and so when he hears of another story that does not fits his own, then what does not fit is “false”. He sees no other way to look at it. The other story is simply “wrong”.

Imagine if Joe knew that he is creating his own story. He could choose to include into his own only those stories he likes and which will not prevent him from seeing the other stories as also valid. He would see those other stories as those he dislikes instead of seeing them as wrong or invalid.

If we were all seeing other-selves’ stories as valid and simply let be those stories which we do not like, the story of planet Earth would be told very differently indeed.

Fortunately, while Joe was seeking ardently, he stumbled upon spiritual stories told by our friends of the Confederation in service to the One Infinite Creator. He was finally made aware of all these wonderful realizations and chose to include them as part of his own story. He started applying these realizations in his daily life and in all the choices he made thereafter.

Joe’s life transformed. He did not realize right away that he had also changed planet Earth completely by doing this. He spent the rest of his incarnation reaping the bounties offered by living in a new world. A new Earth made to fit the new story of Love he was telling himself.

Indeed, all the problems of the world are caused by ourselves, by rejecting the other stories. If we believe our own story to be the only Truth, then obviously anything that does not fit is false.

Yet it is all true. All seeming paradoxes have solutions which we simply are not allowing ourselves to see at this time. This cannot be understood, it can only be accepted on faith alone. Only once we have accepted this and made it part of our own story can we then start seeing and experiencing how wonderfully true it is. It is a truth that does not require anything else to be false. It can stand on its own.

Because we experience the stories we tell ourselves. 1 + 1 = 2 is the medium on which we write this story, it is not the whole story. We need a solid anchor (mathematics) to hold our stories together. It is that which enables each of our stories to intersect. What has been called consensus reality.

There is a very small number of us who would like to tell the others what their stories should be. They would like us to believe that any other story is wrong/false. This small group has created a storyline where it makes it easier for us to accept their stories as part of our own. I speak of course of our loyal opposition, the service-to-self storytellers.

All the problems, all the suffering, all the lack of abundance, all striving, the concept of money itself, the concept of working, earning a living, environmental issues, virus outbreaks, you name it. All these things are a result of us including the STS storyline as part of our own.

If we try to change the world while still holding onto the core stories told by our STS friends, then we are still only writing new chapters inside their storyline. It is exactly what they wish. Trying to fix the system, fighting the Elites, etc… Any such story is just adding chapters to the STS playbook.

If we truly want to change the world, we need simply let go of their storyline. Stop adding new chapters to their fear-based story. Anything that is unloving is part of that storyline, anything that lets us believe that others are wrong, anything that paints us in a corner and leaves us no choice to reject other stories because it does not fit our own.

The impact on the whole world of letting go of the story our system is telling us are unimaginable. No storyteller alone could ever imagine what would happen next. The new collective story would go well beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

It is the most efficient way to change the world and it cannot happen without you. Yes you reading these words.

Letting go of the problems of the world is not ignoring them, it is what the world needs in order to heal. It needs space. It needs new pages in a new book. It needs us to stop always repeating that story of the world’s problems inside our own, thus giving our energy and focus to it.

This is not fluff. It works. It can be experienced if chosen.

Q’uo: “The power of concept is infinite; the power of belief is infinite. The beliefs that you have create themselves as true within your body, within your mind and within your life. May you believe well; may you seek truly and deeply your own story.”

Thanks, Patrick. This is easier said, than done. I feel like I’m there, and it’s been seven years of conscious work. My colleagues, friends and family see my peaceful attitude, but they still see the world on fire, too. It looks like we need more cowbell—I mean catalyst.

And it is within this space, this endless void that we truly meet ourselves. O’ brothers, how many times have we witnessed tragedy? How many pleading cries have we heard, broken hearts remain unmended, how many hungry bellies we had the cross of bearing see in filled? The world in all its gusto lay before us for our amusement and yet, my dear brethren, are we ever still not amused.
“But tell that the starving child” we say.
“Surely you would not be so contrite if you weren’t so comfortable in your particular places of dwelling” you may contend.
In life sometimes we are put in positions where we must make simple decisions that represent the love we are entitled to have for ourselves. This goes, as one may say, without saying. Perhaps no one is critiquing life in such an base benign venue. Nay, the ones of which we invest our contemplation is rather untwards the ones who do not know, quote-unquote. The aloof,the belligerent, the ones without the wherewithal shall we say. “How can we make this world better, for them” is this not the question?
How can we, those of the fold, reach out to those who are nary an twinkling in the eye of awareness to the world about them we genuinely ask? But I daresay brothers we are but an pawn in our own Queens gambit for is not our fellow mans ignorance our own? Do we not look at the mirror and see ourselves instead of the crystalline glass that begets this reflection? And what of our down falls? Are we not just as well quick to the foremarch in blame and accusatory lashing at the ones who we our very own selves claim to be responsible for our alleged blindness and ignorance.

Do we not say unto them “If it were not for you” my dear brethren? How ironic, if you will, it is to take much credit for the escaping of the snare but little thought in notice to very same individual who was so caught.
So again I ask: Why do we dally in the between deference and assimilation of identity? At what point are we all one or all separate? You see, we are loving-we care about our brothers and sisters. Is it not every knowing mans woe to go out contrive knowing-ness out of the so-called lack there of around him? We humorously concede it is most understandable.
But what, I ask, is it that we know that we are truly trying to spread? Is it the realization of an society where we don’t need to work? People know that.
Is it the renouncement of greed and the dispersion of the mass funds of goods and foodstuffs to the starving and lesser-having masses? People know about that.
Or is it the message of equality for all. That regardless of gender or sexual orientation or ethnic background we should all be given an equally proportioned and attentive shake, as our people use the phrase? People know about these complexities just as well.

So if we observe the world does in fact know, whether it be deeply or in the forefront of their awareness, the world about them. Is this truly the problem dear brothers?
Of course not. It is the lack of action we despise this incessant catering and going along to get along, as it is said, that seems to the outside observer to be simply intolerable.
But then again, when awake yet another day in comings and goings of our daily rituals what, I ask, is truly the difference between encouragement of an thing when the party being so encouraged is aware of their chains?

“Oh but they are not aware if only they knew the veracity of their bondage surely they would clamor for freedom!”
Yes, dear brother, we hear you. But take notice, if you may, the considerable difference between not knowing that you are an thing and accepting a thing that one would rather be rid of.
What if we were to give you what you want? A world where everybody thought the way you thought? Saw what you saw? Felt as you did? How would you be any different from what the people within you circles term “STS”? Is it because this alleged faction is spreading their doctrine by means of conquest and control that you see a difference? Are you not using an form of control by merely the contemplation myriad ways to “convince” and individual to believe as you do? “Well this way didn’t work. That way could be better improved upon” and yet some of Our peoples have good-faith meetings untowards this matterr, filling up great spaces in attendance towards the contemplation of this effect. Is this not at its core, what your alleged enemy is doing? Most people are aware of their chains and again I daresay that the simple fact that they may or may not be the ones that applied that bondage does not in and of itself by default mean that that application was not done with full awareness. The world and its inhabitants will be as it will be just as we will be as we will.
Is that not Gods divine right?
But we respectfully impart to you, O’ reader, which is humorously no different than to disclose to ourselves that it is little about what we do, and perhaps even less about how we do it, but about the meaning behind it.

So go out! Oh ye brethren, and speak your truth. Be the hero in your own story for as long as the dalliance will seem to amuse you. But remember what it means to indeed be true, truly.
That truth is a choice, ,much like this octaves polarity, and thus it can come in more wondrous accounts than even We can fathom. And these accounts do not just rest with us, oh no, nothing so arrogant.
But they also lie in the choices of Our Others. For some the choice of truth is sad, for some it may appear pitiful but this is notwithstanding for it is their truth, just as you are yours.
And if you find yourself with an truth that is inherently crafted in an configuration that will not fit with another’s, send love to the Other of that situation because the truth of matter, no pun intended of course, is that to love yourself is to love others and what we may just find in the end of such an interaction of individuals where differences are met with love is the sage-old adage “To you your way, to me be mine”, peacefully, unabrogated, and with no bodily conflict.

And I think somewhere, there’s a God/People that are just like that.

Sorry Mr.Patrick I just had to get that off my chest!! I’m good now.
Good evening brotherrrrrr!!
That was just so beautiful…ugh…I think I got enough energy stimulation from what you wrote to last me two days!
So beautiful man…I’m gonna re-read that to some violins or something… dead ass serious…

This is an odd quote to bounce back towards the OP, but my point is that, very much yes, we can choose to spend our time tuning in to angels or nature or our own higher being, or we can overlook all that and spend our time burping up the gaseous decomposition of poorly balanced energies. What a fantastic range of choices!!! Any which way we turn our awareness, we learn something, I suppose. We are programming the lessons in that sense.

It’s from May 5, 2002.

The practice of moving into the creation of nature, the kingdom of the Father, as this instrument is wont to call it, is very helpful in stabilizing and deepening the energies of the balanced and open heart, for each flower, tree and breeze that blows, each element that exists, exists within a complete awareness of the one infinite Creator. Rocks, fire, wind, grasses and blooms do not have words and they do not move in the way of being self-aware in choosing in each movement whether it is in or out of harmony. The creation of the Father has no knowledge of how to be disharmonious. All things, rather, are working towards the help of the entirety of the Earth.

By creating a love story out of our lives, out of everything within our sphere of influence, we stop adding fuel to that fire or I should say we start changing the nature of that fire.

Once enough of us is doing this, the nature of that fire will transmute and will be warming our hearts instead of burning down the world.

Very kind of you to say.

I do not channel the Confederation, but I do welcome and enjoy inspiration from them.

You should thank our friends in your heart. :wink:

Indeed. It is another way of saying that we write our story and then we live in it. Because we are writing that story from different densities of awareness, it is not always obvious that everything we experience is of our own making. But I find it helpful to realize that we are responsible for everything we experience.

Yes, but you might be putting your thumb on the scale just a wee bit here in the sense that much of what we are set up to experience has to do with how we programmed catalyst for this particular incarnation. So, when you say, “we are responsible,” that “we” is plural, not just the singular self experiencing incarnation.

Viewing it this way makes the whole affair seem we like shouldn’t be making such a big deal out of the events of our lives. We set it up, we go through it, we move on.

Yes. That was my meaning when I said: “we are writing that story from different densities of awareness”. At the highest level we are telling that story while being the Logos itself.

Yay to the friends in our hearts lol!
Yes indeed…

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Joe can find out that this parts already exist in history and have to be rediscovered.
All solutions are already there.

Joe things that there must be some facts to start. That truth must be separated from lies.
Because everything is an illusion and it is very difficult to find a way for the separation, joe is very much at risk of losing himself in belief.

But joe finds out that the one creator has given him something called sanity or prudence and that this can be used as anchor for his thinking.
He founds out that mathematics is the only thing that can be proven within itself and that scientific methods can fail, because they are only working within the material world.

In this case joe is already captured in a constructed story that is part of the fictional world.

That’s why we have get the gift of a powerful brain to think about everything and only take the parts that make sense for us.

But joe is wise and realizes that this should not be an dogma and only should help to find his own way.

Maybe joe learned to act that a new wonderful world will arise.

Mathematics never helped me in my spiritual developement.
Mathematics can be used in different ways, including in the form of the holy geometry.

In the sense of the story joe should learn to recognize the parts that support the STS system.

That’s the reason why joe stops to play a character (person) in the playbook of the system of the elite.

That can only be done by acting within your own storyline with sovereignty.

@Patrick this story hopefully will amuse you:

Math is “racist”: Gates Foundation promotes further abolition of science

Hard to beat for absurdity: The Woke movement raises accusations of racism against mathematics. In the meantime, this madness from the USA has also arrived in Europe. In Great Britain, for example, a charity now wants to “decolonize” the mathematics curriculum at universities. Scientists warn of an “intellectual lockdown” - but such plans have influential supporters: The “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” also promotes the fight against mathematics.

Thank you Tadeus for sharing the story of Joe. We now have the story of Joe and the story of Joe. :slight_smile:

May Joe be happy!

Lol youre funny Mr.Patrick…in a good way. -heart-

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Is Joe not Jehoshua obeying everyone ?

May Joe be a light for everyone!

Nah. :slight_smile: Unless you want it to be.

Indeed !

Regarding our Logos’ story of mathematics. This is a nice synchronicity to go hand in hand with the story of Joe. :slight_smile: