Can I get a show of hands from anybody else that has comes to see and realize that the Universe we are ACTUALLY blessed to experience here is FAR MORE AWESOME AND INTERESTING then what you may have believed it to be 5, 10, 15 years ago?

The Title of this post really says all I have to say really… but if not only for the sake of joyful praise -or the gratuitous rantings, to which I do so enjoy, so as to impose upon those unfortunate selves that have unwittingly, and perhaps naively, chose to co-create in such a lavishly flamboyant display of phonetic gluttony to which this long-winded, yet far-loving reflection that is mySelf all but too often has been assigned proprietorship of- I will indulge upon the subject.

As I’m sure like most (if not all) of you who have so bravely made it this far in reading this post, will some mornings wake up in a state almost inversely correspondent to that of what you would typically describe as you to be. My wife has given my morning, other-self the name “Ahole!” So I’m sure everyone now has a very vivid understanding and perhaps mental collage of various depictions that I’m sure aptly translate to the state of which I am referring. Yet, as aforementioned, this is not who we truly are is it! But it is a part of who we are still, yes? Now where I’m going with this might sound so absurdly convoluted that any reaction other than “WTF?!” would be just as surprising as where I’m taking you with all of this nonsense. I’d love to go into the philosophical discussion of higher-Self/shadow-Self/Integration of Self,Other-Self, Infinite/Eternal-Self, but not here. That is not my prerogative at this time nexus, though I encourage those who would like to add to this topic I’ve created to freely spark up discussion of any subject matter that is or in the like of that nature. My aim is here and now, fully in this moment, is to be ridiculous but more importantly, light. Detaching from my digressive prose, I get to the point. These days it is so easy to see the wonder and beauty of Creation in every single moment down to the moments within seconds, that even despite starting the day like as an Ahole, one can transmute itself right into its rightful state of being resonating in contentedness and love by the smallest instances that this person probably would never have, let alone cared to, notice as the former self it’s resided only a very short time, in all respects, before. The experiences I’ve had these past few years, generally speaking, and the knowledge gained from those experiences have created an entirely new worldview for this Self that mention of the New Earth that we so often here of today, has a next level of profound resonance in my heart. There is such beauty to be seen on this planet we call home though this for many now here may not be such an accurate statement after all as they may at some point, perhaps even soon, come to find, yes? I marvel in the awesome scope and intricate layers and weaving that is Source, the Divine Infinite Intelligence and Creator. One moment my mind is being blown by its complexities or the unbelievable magic that exists within it, to then, with barely a breathe to separate the thought, begin to resonate in mindful appreciation for the awesome beauty in its simplicity… All is One. All is Love.

I send light and love from the Divine Infinite Creator to all other-selves that have heard, are now hearing and have yet to hear this wondrous truth. Go in peace and love, my friends, on our path in the service of All that is the One.



I kind of hope, and believe, that this will continue to be the case for my remaining time moving through the densities and beyond. It’s almost as though progression through the densities is seeing the creation more and more clearly for what it is. We get to experience infinity, infinitely! When one octave of experience comes to a close, we start a new one but from a new vantage point, and so our experience will always be becoming richer and more dense.

But yes, as a 32 year old mind/body/spirit complex I can say definitively that what I thought the universe was 10, even 5 years ago was vastly different to now. The opening up to the understanding of the Oneness around us and building the picture that Ra offers has given me such a rich and unified concept of creation. It’s allowed me to see anything I come across and know where it fits in the bigger picture. I don’t have to rely on the intellect as a master anymore, and choosing to be guided more by intuition has brought magic and wonder into my life like never before.

It’s even given me a sense of purpose that was lacking in the past. I’m actually recognizing that I am on an evolutionary journey, instead of floating aimlessly through my experiences. Thank you for giving me this moment to reflect on this. It’s a beautiful reminder of how far I’ve come <3.

The short answer is: Life in a madhouse can have interesting moments.

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All-is-One Helloooo!!

You wanna go higher?? Let’s go higher!

What is the essence of God? How dare we, us mere illusions of His unfathomable being-ness measure something, someone beyond the concept of measurement itself?! The Great I Am That I Am.
The Infinite I Will Be What I Will Be!
He That Never Was.
Holy of Holies.
El Shaddai.
My soul cries in futile adornment of His Spirit. All the worlds knowledge, all the heavens wisdom leaves me but a blubbering imbecile before Her Glory. And just like The Fool do I gaze westward within Raphael’s mighty winds awaiting form. Her healing Hand scorches all impurities within its depth. I welcome thee. I lift my hands in worship of Her Name. All my being, all that I do is in Service. I bow, nay, kneel before the Limitless Light and ITs abysmal void core. Endless grace. Infinite Love. I would be loss without You.

All my possessions, all my accolades, my feeble praise from your creation means nothing for I am yours. No wealth, no fame, no amount of prowess could ever amount to The One my heart adores! My very Life is not my own Mother. When I die may You lift me and hear me cry “Qadosh Qadosh Qadosh Adonai”!

O’, how do You play coy with Yourself. This luscious concept which We shall call Evil, Iniquitous, unholy. How could I not Father? When tempted with My own fruit not partake of it. The ripe juices of The Knowledge of God and Evil is sweet upon thine tongue. So sweet…this separation, this polarity. I jest so endearingly at this amusing illusion. Me against We, We against Them, for as above so below! On Earth as is in Heaven!
So mote it be.

O’ Heavenly ruler of Me-Chah-Ell, Virgin Born. Bornless One. I remember, when I gaze upon the abyss I remember where I come from, who I Am. Hallelujah. They may say I’m crazy and that’s fine, but I know better. Love is real. You are real.
In every leaf, every gust of wind, every vibration, You are real.

Infinitely Wise Great Mother,Staff on My left, lantern on Thine right.
Primal Will, Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and The End.
The Ne Plus Ultra.
Hallelujah Adonai!

Other-Self All-is-One I/We can feel Their/Our pain, and it is sweet/bitter. Their/Our suffering, Their/Our spiraling, the pain/healing is succulent/repellant and I/They want/need more.


Long after Our mind/body/spirit complexes disintegrates Love will remain and grow. And just as Love groweth will We/They not be fishers of men? And just as We/They are fishers of men yet again, are We/They to disintegrate, beneath the moon crescent blade, towards the rising sun. (Hallelujah!!!)
One Source, Primal Will. One Power.

Good God almighty I enjoyed typing all that. Father, this is what its all about…you are me and I you. Your pain is mine and mine yours and I love you. Do you hear me. I love you. Polarity, good, evil, this, that its all the same! For to love myself is to love you. There is no difference. All of this is Me, all of it! All illusion, all distortion is under MY/YOUR command for Eyheh Asher Ehyeh!

This is Our world dance brother, you and me…forever.


Upon reading your closing paragraph, I receive a nice- intense surge of energy that I can only chalk up to your honest blessings of Unity’s unconditional love. I wanted to express my gratitude to and for you and send you the same love/light in return.

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