Hello Infinite Creators

Hello infinite creators!

so disciplines of personalities, the magical personality, balancing, using diamond and rubies, time/space created spacecraft, pyramids generated, blocks moved. walking the universe unfettered , the finite energy in matter, using pyramids under your head or perineum. indigo sexual energy transfers. The infinite creator.

humble me because i think im gonna move a mountain and think the potential in everyone is far greater then the majority recognises.

when harvest is upon us and war always around the corner . we got this, we can boost those numbers

can you please explain to me is it possible to make the connection and truly do miracles. not that its important or anything . but i think i need to prove to myself the law of one something in me still doubts.

the monroe institute, edgar cayce, the ancient druids and yogis and chinese wu + more. im thinking its all possible and all going on . what is the matrix that generates my form, what is the possibilities laying in dormancy of the transformation knowing thy self and accepting thyself completely then what does it mean to be come the creator. If everything is one, then the energy i am is the energy you are and the energy of everything.
what i think can become solid in true green 4d, waatttt , everything is thought? physical thought and non physical thought

is there hope in the law of one to thrive through anything that is to come?
what is the truth to the self.
who really am i but a servant to my totality and the totality of all
is it a act of self love to generate gold out of thin air if you use it for good without every telling anyone how you do it or anything for selfish reasons.

all matter is light and the mind has the ability to focus light

i think im afraid of the power in me and in everyone. i think this is a flaw i need to purify
so here i am , just idk trying how to be humble and love myself enough just to have fun with reality.
idk but i think what is to come is going to be alot of responsibility for everyone .
what is my intention?
what am i learning and teaching?

idk but if its possible its worth a shot right?
As long as i maintain a normal functioning life with healthy relationships and connection and service being paramount in every moment and try not to cause harm
i hope everyone tries too
to live the life i polarise and synchronise and crystallise too

can anyone shed some light on the light and love

what flaws need to be purified? what are the disciplines of personality?
what am i doing with my life?
always aloof ready for the call ,
i think i am too old and skeptical to still have complete faith that i can interact with matter on a subsubatomic level .
everything is the creator
well theres my rambling.
How much do you have faith in the law of one?
can anyone help me in anyway?


I am a recent inductee to the Ra material. After a terrible personal experience a few years ago, I was seeking counsel from many sources. One of those sources was a past life regressionist that I went to after reading a lot of material on reincarnation. During a discussion after my first session, she reccomended several other source materials for further contemplation. One of them was the Ra Material, which I had never heard of even though I lived in Indiana and Kentucky at the time LL Research was getting started.

The material immediately clicked with me. I have since found out that one of my incarnation gifts is claircognizance and heve learned to pay a lt more attention to it.

I have been meditating that whole time, but never seem to have any breakthroughs to ‘the other side’. But I continue to have a growing synchronicity with the universe. Sometimes, when I am feeling seperated from everything, I will ask my guides “what happened to the synchronicty?” and within minutes I am usually provided an example and reassured that I am still connected.

I have considered what I would do, should I be able to conjure more adept powers and I think that is not what I need right now. Pretty sure that If I were to change that thinking I would have whatever power I wanted, but either I am not ready for it or I don’t need it for my mission.

I think I am here to assist with the transition to fourth density, though I don’t expect this chemical incarnation to survive the change. I have been able to identify past earthly catastrophies that line up with the cycles in the Ra Material and we are on the edge of a very major one, that started around the 1860s and will culminate within the next few decades. I expect this change to wipe out the remaining third density beings and all will reincarnate as their development allows.

I don’t fear this change though it should be the most spectacular show around, in this section of the galaxy. I only hope to assist those around me to face it with spiritual faith and without fear.

I have complete faith in the “The Law of One” and continue to seek, with all of my heart, the oneness of all of creation.

In love and in Light…


Hello YtommotY

Welcome here, great questions… lol

I found out about the law of one through a newsletter by a writer/seeker who lived in the north west of United States. Hte had included excerpts of a Ra session in his meditation newsletter and after reading it I was like… who is this Ra ? lol

Then devored all the sessions. it was way back in 2014 I think


humble me because i think im gonna move a mountain and think the potential in everyone is far greater then the majority recognises.

Yes I think everyone has unlimited potential, slowly revealed as we seek and become more aware.
Like Athos, I have complete faith in the Law of One, even if at times throughout the sessions, tiny things just leave me on the side. Lack of awareness I am pretty sure, lol

Since there is constant balance, not always easily seen, whatever chaos we see, choices are to be resepcted, To me, who was a Buddhist for like thirty years, violence or war is absurd, but I do know that everyone is in their right place and process. And it doesn’t prevent compassion either, which is for me at least a very pacifying thing to feel.

Being kind in the very tiniest way every day is to me key, it brings bliss afterwards for sure.

My heart feels for our planet. for every inhabitant too, but I feel, I think, for the planet first as such is my gratitude…

Yes the Law od One is pretty wild and sane, :wink:


Consider that everything is an illusion. Then that thoughts become things.

Consider that the body is a creature of the minds creation, then so too the rest of the visible and interactable portions of your world.

The spirit speaks to the hungry mind, which can only hear once silenced. Then realize that consciousness is a holographic fractal. Realize that you are worthy of your what your spirit seeks.

Release that which is not needed. Find joy in loving others, this can be self motivational. Which clears most of the lower energy centers or chakras. Your spirit and mind will handle the rest after that. For you to be more who you truly are.

All is well.