Discussion on STO willfully sending energy to STS entities. Aiding the enemy?

Lol, Tadeus, I was slightly teasing you. I think I agree too, lol

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I’m afraid I see no difference. Could you explain it, please?

What cannot be understand with the explanation that is following?

Maybe it is helpful to search for the words “loosh energy” like

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Hi everyone.

I’ll write what it looks like according to my understanding, maybe someone will take something from this for themselves.

I think that in general, someone who develops towards STO can be put in three situations in relation to STS:

  1. When the STS does not ask for energy - Then we can send him or her energy that does not include a desire for us to change that person. For example, one can imagine someone who is surrounded by light and love, which all it contains is the intention to be alive and focused on development, while it is open in which this development is to go, and mainly the universal life force is sent.

  2. When STS asks for energy for their own STS purposes - In that case, it is not a real request, but an attempt to dominate and take energy from other by someone who is STS. Asking for something that is portrayed as taking for a worthy cause can also be STS. If someone who tends to thrive in STO and doesn’t see through the ruse, unfortunately, they may unwittingly become a victim of STS.

  3. When STS asks for energy only to keep itself alive. - The very existence of an STS entity as simply being, simply being oneself excluding the actions of that entity for the purpose of planned manipulation, then he/she can be considered simply as one of the manifestations of the Creator. Any existence of conscious life, I believe, is always positively polarized relative to a negatively polarized vacuum/nothingness. This can be compared to giving water to a thirsty person. So in this case it is OK for STO to give energy. Provided that it will be positive energy, for example, given to another human being in need, who was born as a physical being on the Earth plane, our brother or sister. And giving negative energy is just another situation of being a victim, negative energy would finally go to the higher STS densities and it is a situation similar to point 2).

Kind regards.

I would like to ask you if you don’t mind. When saying service-to-self, what do you mean by that? Well, of course I’m aware of it. But firstly, it’s percentage. Is all what you said is only related to ones who is 95% or above? Secondly, do you distribute this characteristic on all behaviour? So when saying “STS asks for energy” does he always behave as service-to-self, or it might be that 5% that is (probably) needs to be supported? From what you said I might think you always treat him as service-to-self, right?

P.S. It’s not necessary to reply.

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My understanding is that every person on this planet is STS and we can strive to develop into STS or to develop into STO with the possibility of changing polarity to STO as a result of transformation to 4 Density. Generally, everyone also has their own STO - STS relationship factor. And it changes as a result of further work in the chosen polarity, in favor of one of the two possibilities.

As for what I wrote in previous post, it is best to approach strictly the situation at hand, I think… It’s best to address the specific situation, Taking STO/STS ratio someone presents as additional information about specific person.

If someone is asking for energy to live because they are a moribund person on a hospital bed, and they are a person who is currently STS and who is progressing toward STS, then I believe we are still obligated to serve such a person.

On the other hand, when someone collects energy (in this case in the form of money) for a collection for a child who is disabled, which ultimately goes into that person’s own bank account, who goes on vacation with that money and has no disabled child… then asking people to contribute money to something like this is just another kind of STS’s manipulation and for STO it is optimal to be discerning about the situation and not be manipulated. And do not give money/energy.

Besides, every individual whether STS or STO deserves the love and light of our Creator and I believe that each of us can be an “extension” of the kind of attitude our common Creator has. And equally whether an individual who is STS strives to increase polarity in STS or change polarity in STO, he or she is due universal and unconditional love. Which can be expressed at least as focusing one’s imagination on the love and light surrounding the person, what will be simply a warm and sober upliftment of the person’s psyche without any intentions as to what that person should do or choose for himself.

I don’t know if this exactly touches on what you asked me about. If there’s something you’re interested in and I can contribute to it, I’ll be happy to post it here brother :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply. I think by asking questions I wanted to clarify your point of view and give my one at the same time. We deal here with generalizations, so talking about interaction between whoever it’s too strong generalization. But analyzing further I came to conclusion I hardly can generalize it at all.

Just one example how funny can be such interaction.

53.16 However, this is a risk for the Orion entities due to the frequency with which the harvestable negative planetary entities then attempt to bid and order the Orion contact just as these entities bid planetary negative contacts. The resulting struggle for mastery, if lost, is damaging to the polarity of the Orion group.

I understand what you mean by “deserves the love” but still can find examples when it’s not appropriate. To my opinion the more accurate definition is “everyone deserves to have a chance to correct his mistake”.

I find question asked by @Kevin1111 very important for me as I’m responsible for consequences of my actions, but also not responsible for choices of others, and it’s too much contradiction here. Looks like effort is more important. Again, even such effort might be considered as pressure on others, but who just reacts “shall not pass”. It’s a cycle.

So returning to statements you made possible conclusion is doing with love. And again this gives not so much answers to me as it looks like theoretical but not practical. Here in thread I read military men who reflecting upon choices becoming military, or “Let’s describe Love” topic reflecting what love is. And I clearly see an American matrix here considering all as choices and hence ability to agree (here I will not give judgment on it). Here they force people to go to army literally catching in the streets (it’s not very common but takes place). And it gives no answer what to do practically. Last year’s what you called try to agree failed completely. It’s a separate story I wouldn’t share now, but in two words it’s “I’m the cause of my position”. I find very less love here and what I’m appealing to the sky in to judge each with his judgment. But still, what’s a practical step? Sending rays of love to who send rockets to your house (couple of weeks ago it fell in a neighbor house, half year ago some falling rocket scraps fell under the wheels of my car when riding with daughter to school)? Firstly, I tried it. Secondly, doubt it helps. Thirdly, see the question of this topic. Yes, I remember our discussion upon governments. But again, rarely I hear from people some answer.

33.15 Questioner: Can you list any sub-headings under the self that would— or ways that the self is acted on catalytically to produce experience?

Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, the self unmanifested. Secondly, the self in relation to the societal self created by self and other-self. Thirdly, the interaction between self and the gadgets, toys, and amusements of the self, other-self invention. Fourthly, the self relationship with those attributes which you may call war and rumors of war.

You sound pretty reasonable. The question is what then is unconditional love, because if we give love to someone with the idea that this person will improve at the next opportunity, however, we put a condition. That condition is our expectation that the individual will improve in the future, then it is no longer unconditional love.

On the other hand, what if the individual never improves and each time our unconditional love is given to the individual creating a clear cause and effect relationship in which this love is correlated with the lack of progress of that particular individual. In that case, one might conclude that giving unconditional love is a mistake.

Well, it’s up to each of us what to do about it. I can only be responsible for myself, and I personally choose, however, unconditional love without judgment, even if the individual were to make the same mistakes over and over again. Let the Higher Self of that individual, or the Universe, or the Creator decide what to do with such an individual. Of course, this is just my attitude and absolutely feel free to your own.

Giving someone unconditional love doesn’t necessarily mean “sending” others anything in every situations, I think. I recently followed Q’uo’s suggestion about relieving the planet of its negativity in such a way as to take some of the catalyst. I also applied this to my own experience, where what I was wiping out of myself was coming back to me in my mind.

I started grabbing that catalyst, taking it as it is without prejudiced explainations or suppressing any of those thoughts that represented catalyst. I used my mentality and imagination that I was absorbing the repressed experience (catalyst) into my chest and at that point I interacted with love and light, I bathed it in love and light and what went behind the idea of love and light and what I had learned about it, I focused all my psyche (thoughts, imagination, attitude) on it. And that helped.

Everything that happens around us can be interpreted as happening exclusively in our own mind, at least in the end what we perceive is exclusively ours and in our mind exists all the “realism” we have established about everything that happens (I don’t deny the existence of objective reality).

Theoretically, there is no such catalyst that we are not able to process. A sufficiently large input of our psyche in using the energy of love and seeing the situation as it is through the light should allow us to process any catalyst. Let’s also remember that we can take a catalyst gradually, even if we can’t straw something, we can come back to it.

He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. He who drops bombs on others he will be bombed. He who enslaves will be destroyed. The Universe works, I believe, on the basis of Balance. So whoever commits iniquity against someone creates a whip against himself.

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STO sending energy to STS entities.
The main question is what kind of energy? at which vibrational frequency?

Technical wise, this can happened in variety of context, @tadeus has mentioned “Loosh”, a terminology initially proposed by Robert Monroe, which he uncovered during his “Out of body” experience.
But this happened on “inner planes”, using Ra’s lingo, or “astral plane” which is non-physical.

Since it’s not relatable to everyone, I prefer to put this down on physical context.
Within physical realm this can happened on, let’s say:
“Honest business man paying protection money to the Mafia”.
Money can be likened to energy and it’s desirable by the Mafia.
The Mafia operate like leeches, this scheme is commonly referred as Racketeering.
The so-called ‘protection money’ is the money that need to be paid to ‘protect the business man’ from the danger coming from the ‘mafia’ itself. A kind of “if you don’t pay up, we beat you up” kind of coercion.
Within children and school environment this is called “bullying”.
Now I left it up to you whether “bullying” and/or “Racketeering” is acceptable or not.

As for me personally I would definitely say “NO”.


Would you stop paying the “protection money” if you knew that your (or “your”) government is mafia?

Yes, change citizenship, migrate.

I just stumbled upon this passage below which relate to the topic at hand.


I have a final question. Those who seek the light, is there a way we can protect ourselves from those who seek the darkness?


I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We are most grateful that you have queried in this regard, for there is, indeed, the means by which any seeker of light might provide itself with a protection from such influence. Though it seems quite a foolish thing to do, the means is to enter, within one’s own heart, within the state of meditation or prayer and to find as much heartfelt love as one can generate and offer it to those that would wish one less than well, and to bathe these entities in this love and in that light and to offer to them that unconditional love from the heart which is so sweet and delicate to those of the positive polarity but which has the opposite effect upon those of the negative polarity.

However, we must remind each that it is necessary that the intention for such a protection be not to resist or to cause the entities of negative polarity any discomfort at all, but to simply offer the heartfelt love to such entities and then to bathe the self in the armor of love and light and to offer this love as often as is necessary in order that the protection and wall of light be constructed about the entity in a pure and heartfelt manner. Thus, the positive and negative poles offer a natural boundary, shall we say, or resistance, each to the other, for a certain portion of time and experience before the unification of these polarities is accomplished within the sixth-density illusion, as we spoke previously.


I was pondering this today independent of this forum. I think the context of density may be helpful, and that the density perspective you bring to the question may be helpful in resolving how the question is answered.

I think 1D just wants to be imbued into a life form, 2d wants to individuate, 3D wants to polarize, 4d wants to love or not, 5d wants to be friendly or wicked wise, 6d wants to integrate, 7d wants to unify, or something like that. From a 3D perspective, the priority seems to polarize to harvestable degrees - easier for STO than STS.

If you don’t make the grade then I think there’s no going on, more of a dissolution back to 1d elements hoping to imbue a life form. 2d may be looking to be invested in conscious self awareness to make harvest into 3D - so if you’re a 3D STO, you can help out the 2Ders!

The 3D polarization issue might be a crux in the mating of STO with STS, they might depolarize or toggle each other, depending upon desire, right? The situation of an STO gushing green ray in attempt to toggle an STS can be sad, or can be glory, depending on perspective and outcome.

I’d say it doesn’t hurt to try but don’t jeopardize yourself in the trying, because you’re loved more than you may be experiencing and your potential may be fast tracked compared to your STS partner.

That is, hanging out with an STS may degrade STO polarization to an extent you are no longer harvestable to 4d positive. If that’s catalyst for pursuing a 4d positive experience over a 3D STS experience, what is your choice? It’s up to you, but remember to really help a 3d STS graduate, they probably kill people.

Once you’ve harvested up to 5d wisdom, I think you may be less in jeopardy of dissolution, more likely to reincarnate, and more apt to toggle STS characters,
you may have more time to try and help. This is also supported by the idea martyrdom is inferior to living
another day - in chance you can help another.

I don’t fault Ra for fast tracking STO up to 6d because time bound within a human lifespan isn’t a harvestable issue for Ra as it may be for many of humanity’s 3D individuals. However, in the glory of such beauty - seems much time spent trying to integrate the less than glorious, the less than beautiful - in the pursuit of unity 7d evolution. Wanderers of 6d may go for the polarization toggles,
fool hardy folks.

Recently I considered the relationship of Hellen Keller and Ann Sullivan as like a Darth Vader moment. Hellen came from an elite slave holding family of the South and Ann’s help effectively toggled her as STO more than her STS roots. I believe STS programs incarnations into STS circumstance, a comfort thing; but disabilities in conjunction with STO help can flip polarity. Think about that, wow.

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I searched for General Patton and found this thread.
His name comes up in session 34. My grand Uncle
Robert was a surgeon in WW2 and was expedite
called to General Patton’s aid at the end, but it was
too late for him to help. It way later in my Uncles
life when he broke silence and shared his anguish.

This lyric improv feels sad to me,
as does the song, and parts the session.
A bitter-sweetness may be closer to reality.

GOLDEN SHADE ALIVE (Song beat similar
to Procul Harum, A Whiter Shade Of Pale)

Just jump right into questions
Find how to strengthen core
Unspeakable profundity
For those who reach for more
A secret’s safe in beingness
Or how karma flies away
When asked about experience
Why pain - has much to say

And so emerged deep answers
As questions flowed in stride
While a voice in trance spoke slowly
Sprang from a golden shade alive

Of disease there seems a reason
Society’s also seen
In examples of great stewards
Ray colors clearly be
Gadget tools for exploring
Or progress made through trauma
A great general’s found rejecting
To reincarnate just in time

And so emerged deep answers
As questions flowed in stride
While a voice in trance spoke slowly
Sprang from a golden shade alive


IMPO, people who are consciously polarizing on the negative path or we could say those within our society and those who are able to interact with us on an etheral level who have gone through the grades and **have **graduated service to self, are parasites. They do not ask for anything but take what they want or need without asking or caring about the subject or object they are squandering and using for their own gain. They have no need to announce to you or anyone what they need or what they plan to do with you or to you. All else outside of this sort of behavior could be considered “confusion”.
There are entities that have not yet properly chosen a path to go and display traits of both paths and this is why I say it is a type of spiritual confusion. As for us dealing with that sort of person or entity (perhaps in the lower astral planes) we should use extreme discernment. Giving away spiritual energy just because we think another needs it, doesn’t make it healthy or an act of giving; it could be an act of martyrdom leaving you drained and unwell for yourself or any other.
A true service to self does not want or need your love. You can pray for them, however, the Creator sees this chosen path as a viable path of working until the entites realize it is not the true way of Nature or of God.

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IMO, you cannot always tell what the true base of beingness a person may be. Two good examples of this in the Material are Adolf Hitler and Aleister Crowley. Both of these entities were “confused” at best and in the 1980’s were still in the astral planes working out the bugs of their confusion.
And as Ra states that working to a near perfection of 100% service to self is a very difficult path and I would assume from what they stated, that few are able to truly perfect this path and become easily confused. They no doubt make several fupon several failed attempts before gathering spiritual locomotion in a lifetime to express this purity of 95%.
If the Logos is love, the Cosmos is love and the Creator is love, it would make perfect sense that chosing the path of love, giving and compassion is a little easier to work toward ( and recognize) once a bias has been obtained or what I like to call spiritual locomotive power. One could only assume that the path of loving kindness would take less lifetimes to begin to express this both in the inner and outer world of the entity chosing this path.

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This is where I would engage in debate, as the question of whether individuals who truly serve-to-self do so consciously remains uncertain to me. They may recognize that their path is the right one and not negative, and service-to-others simply doesn’t resonate with them, thus they fail to acknowledge it.

I believe the issues surrounding free will remain open-ended. From my understanding, an individual who effectively service-to-self to ascend to higher levels is typically someone possessing significant knowledge and intelligence. Such an individual, for instance, may have the capability to masquerade as a service-to-others entity, thereby gaining approvals through the expression of free will from those they interact with. If a service-to-self entity cannot achieve this, they risk losing out on polarity and neutralizing themselves, consequently violating the law of free will, accruing bad karma, and ultimately causing harm to both themselves and others.

This isn’t to say that what you’ve written isn’t correct. Your perspective brings attention to some important aspects. Setting aside the effectiveness of an service-to-self approach, it’s indeed true that parasitism in various forms is very common.

Yes, I agree with you. I just believe that paradoxically, the best strategy may be to disperse energy without expecting anything in return, as this could depolarize service-to-self.

I concur with this perspective. I perceive the Creator’s will to be aligned with service-to-others at this (3D) level, while service-to-self seems to be a distorted form of serving others and something that contradicts the Creator’s will. Nonetheless, both of these paths contribute to the Creator’s development, as they provide insight into the positive and negative aspects of the Creator and get new information about self.

An service-to-self entity may metaphorically ‘start to vomit’ when receiving our love and light. I believe the best we can do is to illuminate them; at most, let them metaphorically ‘vomit’ or scuttle away like a rat. We certainly cannot deprive them of their free will, but we can continue to engage in this spiritual warfare, where for those who are service-to-others, love is the weapon.

Personally, I view these two individuals as aligned with service-to-self. However, you are correct in noting the difficulty in precisely determining who is polarizing in which direction.

I’ve been reflecting on this lately, and have come to conclude that our existence in 3D encompasses three distinct layers: 1) the external world, 2) the body, spirit, and mind complex, and 3) consciousness. The second layer acts as a bridge, connecting the first layer—the tangible and physically experienced outer world, with the third layer—the enigmatic inner realm of consciousness.

Most often, our interactions are with ourselves and others manifesting through the second layer. To truly understand who we are dealing with, it necessitates delving into the depths of our own being as well as that of the other individual, to touch the authentic and genuine consciousness, referred to as layer three in my example.

On the other hand, regarding Hitler, I find it difficult to categorize him as service-to-others anyway, even though he remains somewhat of a mystery to me. When it comes to being ‘confused,’ I attribute this more to external manipulation and control over Hitler. For instance, Hitler was under the influence and control of deeper Nazi circles, with ties extending to black magic and the practice of service-to-self. This control rendered Hitler ‘confused,’ as he was making decisions believing them to be his own, while in reality, he was programmed to make them. After his passing, he came to realize this; however, if he were truly aligned with service-to-others at his core, he wouldn’t have been ensnared in such situations, I think.

Both these characters mentioned,
as the infinite creator? Yes.

It can seem a revulsion opportunity,
and maybe that part of their creative
intent - to cause some degree of
revulsion in future generations.

Generalizing can buffer interpretation,
as if they were artists in their own way
and the art they created had some
enormous response in some way or

3rd density implies a need to polarize,
and short of doing that to harvestable
thresholds, possibly people don’t have
a sense of communing with higher
density influences.

Both of these characters seemed to
live well beyond the notion of concern
in reaching harvestable thresholds,
that the energies compelling them
likely stemmed from higher density

See yourself and see the infinite creator,
see another - and see the infinite creator.

There was an explosively volatile verbally
abusive shipping clerk I observed once.
I stopped in my steps and thought whoa,
this somewhat pathetic person may have
had a confusing past life to work out.

This crazy dude might be Hitler come
back to life in some way or another?!
Uncomfortable as it was, I refrained from
engaging - refraining from war as a 5th
density wisdom practice. Om, Shanti.