Discussion on STO willfully sending energy to STS entities. Aiding the enemy?

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to join you on the new forum. I was on the previous forum but haven’t posted in a while. I thought the above topic might be enjoyable and thought provoking to others, and I also seek the wisdom and opinions of others. I will start by talking about what I did, and my motives for doing so, and I would welcome input as to whether this poses a serious risk to me, or if my actions are inappropriate in the sense of aiding and abetting the enemy. I believe myself as having a strong STO drive and orientation (at this point in my journey).

Last week while randomly thinking about stuff and trying to project love and gratitude to the Creator/all creation I had the thought of this act being of little benefit to the STS entities, and perhaps even harmful should it act to depolarize their chosen path. From what I’ve read projecting Love/Light/Hugs/puppies/rainbows at an STS entity is likely received about as enthusiastically as bringing a skylight to a vampires housewarming party. I believe I felt moved in the spirit of compassion to consciously attempt to be of service to negative entities by attempting to project energy in a form they can utilize for their benefit. I had been pondering my desire to give to “all creation” and then felt I may be leaving the STS folks out, and whether by choice or manipulation this seemingly less fortunate lot has less food or energy without an active heart connection to source. My attitude at the time was that of handing a glass of water to a player on the other team.

I went outside of my house to attempt this. I try to keep a protective sphere of protection around my house, and do not want to invite or engage with negative beings inside, if for nothing else I don’t want that energic residue in my home. It’s nothing fancy, but exudes love and is very very protective of us. More of a spiritual bunker it feels like, which often creaks in agreement, or to get my attention back on task when I’m daydreaming instead of meditating. Perhaps I shouldn’t even have been close to home while attempting this, but I didn’t think about that at the time. Needless info, but I also felt moved to express gratitude for being led to my home, which I consider my biggest material blessing. Thank you Creator/all of you!

To begin with, I composed the intention of broadcasting a message to all STS entities respectfully acknowledging their dedication and thanking them for participating in this beautiful experience, and that I would be attempting to send out energy that they could utilize. After attempting to project that for a few moments I then visualized an intense white light entering my body from source, and then focused on transmuting this into a “lower frequency” which would be attainable to them. I pictured radiating bright yellow and red light energy, and also a strong push of lower frequency emotional energy (like a lower pitched buzz than normal) that I estimated to be similar to the feelings of anger/fear. I did this for a minute or two and then felt resolution so I stopped. I also believe I perceived feelings of thanks and gratitude, not only for the energy, but also an unexpected acknowledgment of respect, which may be atypical of their experience with 3D STO beings. I then consciously severed ALL connections, and then reinstituted a conscious connection to source.

I’m a little surprised and bemused that I would do such a thing. A year ago I would have been as likely to try that as I would be to leave a trail of jelly beans for Grizzly bears to walk into my house. So far I haven’t had any problem with negatives bothering me. I was concerned the outcome might be like putting out food for stray animals and then they keep coming around (no disrespect intended/ bad analogy) or that it might form a connection that would make me more susceptible to attack/having my energy siphoned off. So far I have been feeling really good since then and feel a sense of peace about it. The notion of doing it again also doesn’t seem to bring up any underlying feelings of concern.

Now for the moral aspect, and I would also welcome opinions as to the appropriateness of my views at this level. From a broader view I consider the skirmishes of light vs dark to be “fair ball” as it exists in creation by design. I also tend to view the dastardly deeds and manipulations as painful and unpleasant at this level, yet adding to the richness and complexity and possibly viewed as a precious experience post integration? I picture a beautiful flower with a few extra petals. For whatever reason I’m inclined to think a more advanced “soul” would be grateful for all it’s experience and choices, not just the times they wore or encountered those who wore the white hat. Is there really such a thing as cheating or playing unfair? Does the ability to perpetrate an act signify it’s permissibility within the Law? Is it more up to the other side to determine what actions/responses are appropriate utilizing their free will in this fascinating and beautiful drama/experience?

On one hand I can see my actions as giving food and shelter to enemy soldiers, and I do feel dedicated to supporting light and “fighting” for love and freedom across the Cosmos. This situation always reminds me of Star Wars, and stirs ponderings at so many levels… It now seems we have the Empire (STS) on the ropes, as they move into a more defensive posture with some desperate hail Mary’s, and it appears the STS capability may be greatly diminished for many smaller cycles. Now it appears they are in the position of the Rebels, except they are also weakened internally by entropy. I am truly grateful for both sides. I believe the movie would have been boring without a worthy adversary, and I wonder if our souls evolution would be less without a determined and competent adversary within this polarity to bring out our best, and push the range of experience to sometimes uncomfortable levels? Will an athlete really be at their best if they only compete against children and the elderly?

Thank you for reading all this, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. I think forums can function somewhat as a clunky, poor mans social memory complex (now with extra distortions!) :wink:

I wish you all well with love and gratitude, and congrats on being here at this time. The movie is starting to get REALLY good isn’t it ! While you are in the leading role, don’t forget to also enjoy the moment, and some popcorn.

Incarnation is the business of the soul.

Welcome Kev,

The enthusiasm is wonderful,

I feel that the concept of separation … of “us” vs “them” … or needing an adversary for “growth,” is something that could lead to bellicosity.

Ra addresses the “opposition” as loyal companions, and never as enemy.
Although, they are from 6th, and there is less of a viewpoint of separation there.

I just be careful and read Carla’s handbook to help you through your growth, or remembering.
Card number 1 in the tarot deck is where you wanna be, not 0 :wink:

Also, as always, being thankful to Jim, and his new partners that pushing the law of one to the world at this time. For all the causality and responsibility that bears on their shoulder are most admirable, and noble deed.

Discussion on STO willfully sending energy to STS entities. Aiding the enemy?

I would suggest to differ between energy and love.

STS wants to gather/withdraw our energy, so this will aid STS.

Love as respond to the wanted withdraw of energy will prohibit it.
This includes that the energy that is wanted by STS is based on fear.
In a logical way love can be seen as opposite energy to the energy that is wanted.

When it is not possible to respond with love then the withdraw of energy should be blocked/shielded and so any negative invade should be simply reflected in a passive way.
To overcome fear is the key for every way.

I think another consideration here is that a lot of entities here on Earth are within the ranges of “The Sinkhole of Indifference,” where their Polarity is largely within the ranges not suitable for graduation. Thus these entities are still in the process of choosing. There can be some people who, over lifetimes, have begun moving in the STS direction but haven’t settled on a choice. Thus, if the choice is not made then there is always the possibility that one overwhelming act of love could shift the heart of the entity and open them up to the Oneness. As STO, our part in this choosing is to inspire and connect others through our life experience. 3D is sort of an incubation stage for polarity, and through consciously living STO we have the ability to shift those yet to decide.

I see this in friends all the time. One of my friends steals money from people. She’ll see someone drop money and take it or if someone treats her in a way that offends her, she will play out some subtle form of revenge. It was an interesting experience for me as it brought me back to my younger days before I had made the choice of STO. Where I would make these choices all the time that would oscillate between STS and STO. Now I recognize the power of making the choice and choosing to live within the STO Polarity, but there is also the matter of respecting free will. I saw myself in her and didn’t stop her in the moment. In fact I empathized with her. Later, without judgment, I inquired about where this urge to act out against people comes from. We ended up talking about her early life, where she would have to steal in order to provide for others. This urge actually came from a deeper survival instinct, but is now being acted out in other ways since she is in a place where her survival is not being threatened. It was all done in love and I think she came out of the discussion with a deeper understanding of that part of herself. So I like to think that I helped in a small way to move her closer to STO. I also recognized the love that was involved in forming that part of herself. Just because an act is self serving, doesn’t mean it was always that way.

I guess in 3D there is a fluidity to Polarity as it’s not yet crystallized. It’s like in the higher densities we use the crystallized polarity to reflect different facets of Love/Understanding/Wisdon etc. So I tend to look at everyone as potentially switching polarities at any moment through our “independent” acts of love.

Thanks for sharing. I agree with everything you said, simple acts of kindness - could be just a smile to a stranger or looking at the homeless person in the eyes seeing beyond the physical. There is unlimited ways of bringing love and light into the world.

When you share your ‘high frequency energy’ (love light vibration) to an entity in lower frequency, the receiving entity has 2 options,
A. Rejection (sometimes expressed as pain or fear)
B. Acceptance, which in turns shall makes his/her/it’s frequency to become higher as well.

Chart showing the range of frequency and emotional state, (Hawkins chart)

Thus I personally think sending high frequency is still the best option.
But a much better option is to ‘do something’ which makes the entity raise it’s own frequency, thus transmuting his/her/it’s own frequency from low to high.
Such can be done through the act of listening and comforting.

Thank you Jayce, Tadeus, SpiritualRonin, Hounsic and Quid for your thoughtful replies. I appreciate you letting me see a different perspective of this concept through your eyes. Sorry for the long delay, it takes me a LONG time to attempt a thoughtful reply.

What you mentioned seems to be an aspect of my uncertainty. I don’t hate the dark, or even strongly dislike it. I may find some of the behaviors or actions distasteful regarding what I would choose to do, but I’m wondering if I should take a more adversarial view of say the Orion group or those who are trying to subvert free will on this planet. I’m not referring to Humans here in 3D, but of 4 and 5D negative entities who may be actively involved in subverting or conqeuring STO entities/groups.

Put another way, should I be more assertive, or passionate about this than I am??? I’ve had a couple negative experiences with psychic attack I believe, but somewhat just view it as getting a scrape or cut on the playground… and the need to learn about and utilize protection. I wonder if since I am here in 3D, should I act more like a player on the team competing against them, or in a sense fight them, as opposed to thinking positive thoughts on the sidelines.

Federation ships do have offensive capability after all… and I find this past life regression haunting as she talks about her desperate fight to save mars, and the camaraderie of her overwhelmed side as they fought to protect each other, and Earth from the advancing scourge.

541 Alba Weinman - The Midnight Warrior

Good points Tadeus. That is something I try to be mindful of. I have less of a problem now with STS taking my energy without my consent. I try to be mindful of how I’m feeling, and if I find myself in a situation where I feel draining I have had good luck by consciously holding onto, or guarding my perceived energy field, and also invoke a Christ sphere of protection around myself. That seems to do the trick, and throughout the day when I feel my own emotions and thoughts have built up negative energy (for example if I keep mulling over someone who acted in an unkind way) I have a little phrase I say to myself “I release all negative thoughts and emotions, be gone and do not return, let it be so” and the negative energy just seems to literally fall away. I think anyone could use the phrase of their choosing, but I have found with a little practice it is so easy and effective, literally like flushing a toilet of yucky energy. I can’t remember where I read about that, but it has been a beautiful tool in my feeling better, and hopefully being more effective.

Yes, for a while in this incarnation I was most definitely in the sinkhole of indifference. I went from zelous religious upbringing, to being disenfranchised, to athiest, to agnostic, to searcher and here I currently stand before you in 1’s and 0’s. I actively and fairly consciously try to spread love and happiness in my daily encounters with others, even when I may not be feeling that chipper on the inside. I believe that can be one of our great acts here, is to encourage others to search and find by our example or encouragement.

I think my original post was WAY too disjointed and rambling, and I apologize for any confusion. This one may not be any better haha. Last week I was actively trying to send energy in a usable format (lower frequency) as a gift to negative 4D and 5D entities, not the ones who are here in body, but the ones unseen that may indeed be involved with subverting/manipulating mankind. In other words, perhaps the ones that are consciously trying to wage war against “us”. Should I have more of a “front lines” attitude instead of a post integration attitude? It seems 4D and 5D STO are engaged in “combatting” inappropriately acting STS forces. I’m reminded of a humorous passage where Ra mentions hitting them with what seems like a LAW OF ONE LASER BEAM :wink: where in the light of truth, they are compelled to halt their improper activity. I think it’s kind of fun to think about how the militaristic STS warriors might view that situation, and if they have ever faced artillery firing hugs&kisses shells haha.

Good point and that is something I unendingly try to work on. I try to remember that I am an ambassador of sorts, and push myself when on the inside I may not be feeling that upbeat or sociable. When I go out I try to make peoples days a little brighter. Still have a long way to go, but I am making some progress.

Thats an interesting chart, I’m going to save that . Thank you. I wasn’t aware of the order of emotions and their frequency, wow, shame is down there isn’t it… While I was attempting this, I was very mindful that sending out high frequency energy like the normal love and light of which we are accustomed would act to depolarize an STS entity if absorbed. I was attempting to transmute that energy from source, and broadcast in a lower frequency range that die hard STS entities could utilize.

Not sure if it worked, but that was my intention. I’m somewhat inclined to think that it worked, because I felt inclined to try it, and then afterward I felt peaceful and upbeat, as if I had accomplished something nice for someone. I also believe the feelings of gratitude for the energy and the respect shown them were palpable. This was a little surprising to me initially, but after I thought about it, what would be so odd about an STS entity saying “thank you” when someone does something nice for them. For all I know, Genghis Kahn may have said “thank you” when someone brought him a pitcher of wine or a chest of gold :wink:

The thought had crossed my mind that perhaps by showing STS entities an STO was giving them respect, and offering them energy without trying to harm them (depolarize against their will) may have unexpected benefits, like simply handing a meal to a homeless person and saying “I care about you, and respect you” without subjecting them to an unwanted judgment filled sermon.

Below is the method I attempted. I perceived that STS 4D and 5D beings that came to “feed” when I rang the dinner bell had no interest in being depolarized by a 3D Law of One missionary in a meat sack, so with respect for their free will, I was very mindful of the energy I was trying to project, and not let myself get distracted and drift back up to the normal range of sending love and thanks, as we normally try to practice.

I have read where some STO people mention trying to send love and light energy to negative entities with the intention of depolarizing them. This is also a question I have for all of you… I believe when under psychic attack this is appropriate as self defense of our own free will, but if this is done in other circumstances, for example to jab the other side is this appropriate as a STO proponent or soldier of the light, or is it like trying to maliciously burn someone’s hand with a magnifying glass?

Thanks for reading, engaging, and teaching me,


It depends on the kind of ‘entities’, are you intentionally inviting negative 4D and up entities? In more ‘regular’ term this will be either demon or ex-human (spirti) who has graduated to negative 4d.

Because in the ‘astral’ there are also discarnated entities (ie:spirit of dead human) who are confused and due to some reason get stuck in the ‘lower frequency realm’. And they also ‘feed’ negative/low frequency energy to maintain their ‘existence’.

These entities are not yet ‘resolute’ on choosing the negative path, they’re on such state because they’re confused. For this type of entities the giving of high frequency energy or act of listening and comforting might actually help them to overcome their ‘lower frequency emotional state’.

Here’s a video from Juergen Ziewe describing his own experience on how he helped such poor spirit to ‘ascend’.

And I recall that Quo also advised the same act, especially to 3rd density entities, (with physical body or without), but I forgot on which date or session specifically.

Of course Kev!

I am glad you are looking beyond the veil and reflecring on oneself. These are great markers.

The only thing I want to point to is that we are all unique expressions of the “one.”

Therefore we are all “different,” thus if possible, only take “half” or what resonate from other-selves on this journey.

This even goes to “interpretation” of what “is,” and everything that is ever written on this plane.

“All is half truth”

Coming back to your sense to “fight” the opposition.

I can share with you my perspective.

I was a soldier in this life, of the US Army, was deployed to Iraq.

After my service, and the “remembering” (some people call it “awakening”)

I grew out of the sense of need to be on a side or seek combat.

Knowing that at any moment in infinity, we all get to experience “all” of creation, and truly, all is from the place of “oneness”

With that “knowing” I saw beyond the game of polarity.
And there is so much more than all of this sts/sto/densities etc. Etc.

I marvel at the creation of other logos… and there is a yearning that is calling and pulling me to the beyond.

You are doing great Kev,
And there is nothing less than the love and proudest eyes “seeing” you.

Hi Quid, that’s very interesting, and informative. I watched the video and that was also very enlightening, thank you. Perhaps if I was truly able to radiate energy to those who can’t get the higher “love and light” energy that we seek to project, those beings would be able to benefit. My intention was not so much to direct it to STS entities, but inclusive of them along with other beings that might not be able to feed at higher frequencies.

I do find your post and others encouraging and after reflecting a lot since I tried it, I’m feeling inclined to do it again, although I don’t know if I am really doing anything, or able to lower the frequency of the energy into a range that would benefit others. I don’t know how to do it, I just wanted to, and tried… yet in my experience that seems to be the way a lot of stuff works.

Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom Jayce, it’s much appreciated. I try to be accepting of the opinions, even critical ones and concepts that may not be in my current comfort range. I try to reflect and then accept what resonates, or in my word “sticks”. If we didn’t have that inner voice/feeling helping us navigate this tricky and often invisibly manipulated world, I don’t know what I’d do. Regarding a lot of things in my life, its about the only thing I have to help separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s why I can let my guard down much more with LOO than I can with pretty much anything else.

I too was in the Army during that time, although our deployment was cancelled at the last minute due to it ending so quickly. At the time I was eager to put my Infantry training to the test, now I’m grateful I wasn’t in a position to take a life. I believe I may have done a lot of that in the past.

I’m also of the mind that “there is so much more than all of this sts/sto/densities etc.” Yes I feel that way also. I struggle to maintain an appropriate level of perspective, tending more to the macro view, hence my concern as to whether I aiding the opposition from a 3d perspective. This place is filled with drama, and the powers that be seem to like ironic twists in the plot, and poignant lessons that seem make the best movie pale in comparison. I do like these types of movies though, which keep you on the edge of your seat, and just when you think you know what is going to happen next… I like the ridiculous number of synchronicities which would be unbelievable if you saw it in a movie. I’m reminded that most of the synchronicities in our lives go unnoticed. Ok, enough rambling.

Have a great day!


Well since you’ve been in military, you have gotten a glimpse on how STS Social Structure look like, it’s quite similar in many ways, hierarchical, controlling, conquering, obey your superior otherwise punishment await. In Ra’s words “there’s a pecking order in STS social memory complex”.
That’s the reason why usually STS society also commonly fought with each others, demons doesn’t get along with each others as everyone is only serving their own interest and everyone obey order from their superior out of fear.
Having said that, willingly giving out negative energy to 4th density and up STS entity have it’s own, shall we say, ‘implication’.
It’s similar to ‘paying protection fee’ to the Mafia or since you’ve mentioned Genghis Khan / Temujin, it’s similar to “paying tribute” to the Mongol empire.
Temujin will of course be very thankful, as he sees that as a ‘token of servitude’, he will see you as among ‘his property’. The problem start to rise when you decided I ain’t gonna give you anymore tribute. As a ‘good STS’ he will ensure that you will continue to pay tribute, the tactics being employed are: coercion, intimidation, threat/ultimatum. If that doesn’t work he will persuade you to ‘rise up in pecking order’ by let’s say providing ‘military aid’ so you can conquer people around you which then will give tribute to you first and then you will give the tribute to him. For STS entities there’s no such thing as ‘free lunch’, every ‘aid’ need to have something worthwhile in return. And you will be in ‘catch 22’ situation.
That’s the background why it’s advisable to also sending ‘positive energy’ to STS entities. Unless of course you’re interested to ‘learn the Law Of One through the negative path’.

Quid, the things you said about the military… I am assuming you are speaking at the US Armed Force.

I would advise you to do your research again, and see the humanitarian effort that the force provided world wide.

I am not going to get into this with you because it is much more complex than the things you listed, and it is not as “negative” as your interpretation.

everyone is only serving their own interest and everyone obey order from their superior out of fear.

This is simply not true, if you have experiences with the military then I imagine you will see a less bias viewpoint.

We are still “people” in the military, and we still have our basic morals, ethics, and people don’t just “fear” the leaderships due to punishment and rank structure. (Bad leaders don’t last in the military, they either get “fragged” or reassignment)

There is a level of caring, respect and loving that is shared from good leaders, like General Patton, (mentioned in law of one.) And there are unshaken loving energy that tightly bond us together against forces that rape, pillage, and cut your head off because you don’t convert to their religion.

So I would take a step back and reassess your judgement in a general manner towards people that have served and gave all for other-selves.

Unless of course you’re interested to ‘learn the Law Of One through the negative path’.

You have a deep well of knowledge for STS path and behavior.
Like Kevin have said, it is “informative and interesting,” but I do think that your knowledge in these topics gave you a bias perspective,

“positive energy” is good, loving energy is even better, and along those line, any animosity are replaced with understanding and compassion.

I would ask oneself if there is a lack of compassion, and love for all.

Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom Jayce, it’s much appreciated.

“We are all walking each others home”

Anytime Kevin!

That’s why I can let my guard down…

Absolutely, it is an emulsifier of both polarities if you look deeply, beyond the strife, the struggle, there is truly a oneness of peace.

I too was in the Army during that time, although our deployment was cancelled

You are right, this is definitely a good thing.

I’m also of the mind that…

Is truly is a very simple matter, and yet, this world is complex, laminating itself above layers of identities. When simply, loving another, love, and love is the core, and it is pure and effortless.

No worries though, you have made it this far, and to be service to others, to focus on the infinite journey of creation, is truly, the best plot we could ask for.

Thank you for your service and willingness, courage, and values that made you who you are today.

You have a great one as well brother

So if I know that to be of true service to a negative entity I have to let that entity siphon my energy through me being fearful. Would it be maximally of service to others in this particular case for me to get scared out of my mind?

No, because fear is a basis for negative actions. Fear causes oneself to commit to act that harms other-selves, hold reservation, over-consume, and seek division amongst people.

That is the service to self path, to seek divide, for the self to be the plunder of all things.

You wouldn’t be “servicing” to others from a place of “fear.”

Love is the basis of service-to-others, and it is the core essence of illumination.

Welcome to the forums PG23_NO, I am interested in where you have seen the Loo, and please feel free to ask Patrick or Steve for your questions too, they are helpful as well in their knowledge of service to others.

PG23 I apologize for my convoluted description of what I was trying to do. It is such a hard thing to put into words. I normally try to send out love and thanks to all creation, in the upbeat high frequency that we picture. I’ve read in the LOO and other places that this energy “frequency” provides sustenance that is out of grasp for entities of a lower frequency (including 4D/5D STS), and apparently also includes the group of confused souls in the lower astral, which are tied in knots of fear or confusion and can’t see or feel the light. Directing this high frequency energy intentionally at an STS entity can act to depolarize them against their will, or burn them, depending on your perspective. These negative entities (not the lost ones) can and apparently need to feed off the energy of other beings (perhaps not unlike a mosquito, or a hunter who will impose his will on another, at their detriment for his sustenance). I see equal value in light and dark at this level, and I respect the wolf, even though he may pose a threat to me.

I wasn’t trying to send out the negative feelings they apparently prefer to feed on, like fear, anger, shame, etc. I was just trying to send out “love” or energy in a lower range that they could use. I wasn’t feeling those bad emotions. If we are mindful of the “flavor” of each emotion, I have found that happy emotions are light and a higher frequency buzz. Anger and shame feel to me like a heavy/ lower pitch buzz. I was just trying to send love, but in that low buzz range, if that made any sense. I don’t even know it worked, but I was just concentrating on connecting to source, and then broadcasting that love at a lower frequency, kind of in the range of bad emotions that they can utilize.

I do not want something taking my energy against my will, or trying to manipulate me, and would resist/stop it. I’ve done it a couple times since, and feel further encouraged after watching that video Quid posted, where he talks about confused souls in the lower astral without an awareness of their connection to source energy.

Honestly I wouldn’t even recommend trying this unless someone felt very moved. It was just a wild idea I had to send love and benefit a larger audience.

Best Regards

I can be my greatest foe or friend

Hi Quid. I think in generalities, and in glimpses of my past when I was in a brutal STS role, there does appear to be a military structure-ish feel to it. The ones without that rigid structure and organization tend to be less capable (powerful) due to STS entropy induced squabbling and energy wasted in power struggles. I view the successful structures of STS conquering empires to be something between the Empire in Star Wars, and the Romulans or Klingons in Star Trek.

Perhaps it can also be like Game of Thrones, whey they jockey not our of fear but for power, wealth, and glory. If you need to beat your subordinates to make them function, you are doing something wrong I think.

That said the military type structure is just a style of organization that is VERY clearly delineated in its defined roles and responsibilities. Individual beings who assemble into larger and larger “complexes” up to Company level, Brigade level, etc. Fractal in a sense, typically a 5-1 span of control regarding supervision. Clean, crisp, and efficient. A fearsome sword, a Guardian, or a force of humanitarianism in time of crisis. The potential is there, the use is up to those in positions of power nationally and globally.

My experience leads me to believe the people in the US military tend to be a pretty good cross section of America. The vast majority do not want to take a life, yet they wish to serve their country, have a sense of adventure, and perhaps the inner calling of the warrior, in other cases, it was a way to get college paid for (big part of my reason, and service), or limited other options if you live in the boonies.

Other militaries may not be operated with so much regard and respect for the little guy.

I don’t think I’m paying tribute to the dark side. I was trying to send love that could be beneficial to those that might otherwise miss out on our high frequency love and light transmissions that everyone talks about typically doing. I will give my energy only when I chose to give it. I’ve learned how to keep it from being taken I believe, at least so far… If I do find myself coming under an attack because of this, it would likely be the last time I do it if I cant successfully protect myself.

It sounds like you have a grasp of STS traits in general, but I believe those may be more applicable to the conquered than part of a highly trained or complex organization.

I believe when on the STO path, having a strong STS background can be very empowering and illuminating as we seek wide ranging experiences and lessons for our souls. For example I can smell BS or manipulation a mile away. I think I may have had a past life in advertising :wink:

I just handed a glass of cool water to a player on the other team.

Glad you are passionate for the light! Some are witnesses, some are beacons, some are guardians.

Best Regards,

Life in the shadow is a cold, uneasy existence.

STS SOP is to control few elites which then creates a hierarchical structure of power to control the masses. And there are plenty of Ra’s and Quo’s material on llresearch describing this.

Yes you’re correct any social org without such structure tend to be less ‘powerful’.
The reason being; STO entities do not seek to control others to begin with.
STO is the exact opposite of STS.
They don’t seek power to control.
Observe how Quo always begin the session with disclaimer of “please only accept portion that you resonate with, we do not want to violate your free will”.

In STS there’s pecking order and rigid structure, while STO structure is egalitarian, nobody try to control anyone yet they operate in harmony although they’re doing different things and having different opinions / views. Nobody see him/her self as superior above others nor inferor.

Yes within 3rd density STS lenient structure, such as the military, most of the ‘people on the low rank’ are being kept hidden on the real purpose or agenda, they just need to strictly follow order. And most of the lower rank people are not STS entity as they’re still on 3rd density to begin with, they do need to ‘taste’ what / how STS look like before they resolute on a decision. Again Law Of One does accept that STS path is a valid path as part of soul’s evolution.

And even when one in 3rd density choose the opposite, which is the STO path, one already fully aware what those path contain: #selfless #unity #servingOthers
Everything is the exact opposite of STS.

Nonetheless, both STS and STO will unite in the end. In Lord Of The Rings metaphor: both Sauron and Frodo will realize that all of this is merely an illusion and both are actually the same person, Tolkien.

STS seek to overpower others while STO seek to empower others.
STS is proud while STO is humble.
Nearly all aspect about them are in opposite position.

Returning to the topic about “sending negative energy to STS”.
Just be aware ‘how and what STS is’, especially those who are already resolute on their path (4th density and up) so you’re not surprised on what to expect upon dealing with them. Mafia is a mafia, Warlord is a warlord, STS is STS they will behave like one, that’s what they do. Even upon realizing this is an act of ‘acceptance’, and the act of acceptance is an expression of high frequency emotion on hawkins chart above.

Your adamant perception inspired me to look up the things you stood for, as you seem to be an "expert "with your own reality, and your exquisite insight of military/servicemembers from an “outside” point of view.

Upon looking up your “claims” and “directories”

I found nothing within the archive itself that was relevant with the “impression” you are trying to place upon others; The intention behind your words seems to point to a hollow interpretation of the subject you discussed.

Were you in the military? Were you on the STS path?

You claimed to be “well-versed,” and absolutely 100% correct with your judgement about the interpretation of the law of one, about other-selves and their professions.

I am curious where does this comes from? and how does this help others? (as the policy and rules of this forums)

Also, Hawkins’s chart is a system that creates a “hierarchical” structure/system that you touted against about.

It gives people a sense of egoistic attitude by judging another person with the “spiritual-scale,” giving “power” to egotistical maniac a “tool” to place themselves often higher on the scale, and those who that do not “agree” with them… lower on the scale.

How do I know this?

If you are familiar with my story, I am not a greenhorn in these forums/waters, and there are “sharks.”
Thankfully, the Circle of Stewards do prevent these sharks from biting serious seekers/swimmers.

Although, as much as the Stewards tried to protect others on here, some of the sharks do gets through.

Fortunately, that person is banned from the old forums, and I am more keen of detecting them now after learning from my mistake of interacting with such individual.

On the old forum, this person tried to recruit me into their “private” circle and the first thing that they used was the “Hawkins chart” to judge me on where I am in my spiritual “ranking.”

Of course I was placed lower than them, and those who agrees with them, and “nod” their heads at every words he said, was placed higher.

You can read more about it here, and use your discernment (freewill) for who you “idolize”

So again, Quid, your stuff is “interesting and informative,” but I feel that Kevin (as a new member) doesn’t need to be bombarded with how you view things, and how you judge him for his military background.

I am not sure if you see the contradiction in the impression you tried to make with “your” knowledge of sts, and polarities.

But I do hope you find your own truth, and become humble in your seeking.