It appears that STO and STS can be a harmonic pair. Why does STS entities propagate STS philosophy instead of STO philosophy?

If STS entities are the ones that absorb the light and STO entities are the ones that transmit light, are not they a good pair? Is it not “More STO entities, the better”? At least it seems so on planet earth. If people are docile and accept what are given, the easier it is for those of power to control. It seems that STS polarizing mechanism is somewhat unclear.

The problem seems to be that STS beeings always want more and more, because no satisfaction in utilize and control of others can be reached.
How any real balance should be reached?
Another question is, if it is a satisfying way of life for STO beings to be used as unlimited light source?

I get your point, tadeus. The reason that motivates me to post this is that there just exist so many “what ifs” and I just came up with a new one, that is, what if there exists some ulterior motives behind the Ra group, or what if Ra group is the negative group that they purport is on the path that is not.(and so they could manipulate people more easily if people become more inclined to accept whatever is given) Maybe what I am doing is just wanting some proof, which just cannot be provided given the free will principle. Though I have read many many sessions of channelings and I deeply resonate with many many of them, still sometimes I am just a little afraid of being deceived, though the possibility of which is very low given that millions of words of channelings are consistent.
Another question that puzzles me is that it seems unclear which of the following is easier for STS entities to manipulate:

  1. another extremely STS entity that is extremely unwilling to serve others but willing(or unwilling?) to serve it, the one more powerful than him.

  2. another extremely STO entity that is extremely willing to serve others but unwilling(or willing?) to serve it, because he is insatiable.

Given that their wisdom is far superior than ours, how could they not recognize how backward their path and hierarchy is? Actually, I somethat want to see the other side of the coin and read some materials channeled by negative entities.

Perhaps this is just another part of the awakening catalyst, the chains of Karma, the evolutionary path from third density, people make choices from their perspectives, which are distorted by what they identify with. “Things are neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so”. How can one learn the light, if there is no dark? Enantiodromia. And from your choices you cannot get it wrong.

This can be answered clearly by your own heart, and resonances.
“When your heart is open, you will know…”

I “think” this is one of the steps in one of many paths to spiritual growth, there comes a point through awareness. “Imagine a world where no one can be deceived, where ones intent is open for all to see.”

It’s an interesting coincidence that here and on the other forum the material of Ra and Q’uo is called generally into question now.

So I will ask the same question:
Can you give another (better) source?

Then it is possible to proof and decide.

My trust in the material of Ra and Q’uo is based on the fact, that it is very well reflected in what we experience as the illusion of reality.

  1. Isn’t gun violence a persuasive opinion amplifier?
  2. Sorry but the second question makes no sense to me, because i have written about STS entities that are “insatiable”.

Please explain what is “backward” and the “hierarchy” you see reflected in the material.

I would suggest to consume some main stream media. :rofl:

Thinghood, I offer you a perspective. Please take what resonate.

  • The foundation or fabric of creation does have the indicator of it being from “oneness.”

  • The materials channeled through any “medium” are bound to be distorted by that instrument.

  • The “dualism” of polarities are intertwined. Therefore it is not easy to say it is one way, or another, without both existing in one creation.

With that being said, I know that the “answers” will never be from an external source.
So if one is to seek, one must seek with an open heart.

In regard with the Ra materials and L/L research.

Like tadeus have pointed out. There are discussion from other forums that points to the “transparency” of this group and questioning the real “faces” behind the materials and the mediums.

The best observation that I can share is that… (And this is my own opinion)

  • Freewill is #1 and this is my first “go to” when examining anything from externality.

For example, if the materials makes you feel like you are “locked in” based off of your choice, like “do this, or you will have a bad time” kind of tone, then I would take a step back and examine the source, giving it time and not let the “influence” seep into your perception.

  • The “followers,” this could be a rhetoric when one examine the effect of religions, and/or cult like behavior from it’s followers.

You want to understand that creation is ever “freeing,” and not “confined.” If someone tells you that this is THEIR “lord and savior.” Then that is theirs, not yours.

If the followers of any written materials or “beliefs” start to chastise you and telling you that you are wrong for questioning their beliefs, then those are red flags.

This comes in many different ways, they can purposely excommunicate you, or treat you with a “customer support” demeanor. As in they put on a mask and give you ingenuine expressions of courtesy.

I personally don’t know why people on this planet still do this, because people can pick up your intention, as the veil become thinner, you can see who is putting up a front. But yet, a lot of folks still stick to this habit as if it is not noticeable. This goes to people that follow this materials, or different kinds of beliefs etc. etc.

  • Conspiracy and hellbent beliefs. This one was a big lesson for me. There was a member on the old bring4th forum that constantly talks about conspiracy, about bellicosity, and fighting bad aliens/ evil entities. They went as far as recruiting members from the forum to join them on a “private club” where they try to convince people to “bridge” with their reality and their perspective.

The “head” of that group would consistently tell other people that they are right, and have express that others are dependent on him for their spiritual growth, and he is the golden boy.

This person would go as far as telling others if they will “graduate” or not, and of course, if you are against him, he would tell you that you won’t make it.

  • The lack of accountability and using the power of silence to nullify negative essence.
    In politics, the number one thing that ALL politician do is that they will NEVER EVER admit that they are wrong.

If you take any college level courses about politics, you will realize that the power of non-admittance to one’s fault must be held with a death grip.

So let say that you messed up, and caused the lost of life to other people. As someone that follow the negative path, you will never say it is your fault, or admit to it. Instead, you come up with some kind of heartfelt excuse, like

“Oh, we did our best, and this is a very unfortunate outcome that we simply did not wished for.”
“The worst case scenario would be for us to fail your expectation, therefore we did what we did to ‘help’ you.”

Deceive, and manipulate the listener into believing that there is good faith in the mistakes or the tragedy. Rather than being transparent and straightforward with the wrong doing like,

“Yes, that was a mistake, we do recognize the failure of our judgement and it is a grave lesson that we will learn and not allow it to repeat.”

Over the years,

I have learned that anything that is transferred to this “side” is only “half.”
You really have to see “who” and “what” is “transcribing” that message.
Even then, you have to see the underlining motives, not that it is for you to “judge.”

But to see yourself in that person, and to understand that it is possible you to be just like them in that moment, whether you think they are “right,” or “not,” or in “between.”

That is when you can “let go” of what you think and experience the creation from it’s true-self.

  • L/L research, the 3, and the materials.

The only questions I have about this group is the constant self-affirmation that they give themselves, and the ability to be “special” and not be detuned/compromised.

In the Ra materials, Ra doesn’t say anything about the 3 until Don asked if they were wanderers.

In the new and often contradicting conscious channelings with Q’uo, you can see that there is this consistent “Yes, we are special, yes we are the only one that can do this, etc. etc.”

This right here, without even using my intuition, gave me a knee-jerk reaction.

The other question I have is that the “counter-measure” that Don placed in his research was extensive, and very detailed. He never let his guard down, and did everything to protect the instrument and the research.

It made sense to me that why the “opposition” would want to take him out first.

After he was gone, suddenly there were no mention of the “opposition” and everything just seems fine and dandy. Yes there was administrative and logistic hardship from running a business at l/l research. (So is with any business in life.)

But I haven’t seen anything that is transparent about the group as of late.

It almost seems like after Don and Carla passing, the negative “companion” just got up and left, because he finished his “job.”

If this is true, then what was the “job” that he completed? and what measure or evidence that this group is not compromised?

Of course, if the opposition is “wise,” transparency would be the dumbest thing to do.

“Keep your enemy guessing, even into their graves”

I was a soldier, and this is the a strategy that any intelligent commanding officer will understand and utilize.

Except UN, and peace corps, they literally wear a giant blue helmet and vest to indicate that they are a good guys, regardless if it makes them to be shot.

I leave you to your own discernment, and your own freewill to seek Thinghood, please take care of yourself in these trying times, and I love you and your family, even though I don’t know who you are.

In conclusion,

Express your love, and know that part of “you” exists in everyone, and allow all to express themselves.