Nature, Elemental Spirits, (Elves, Gnomes, Fairies etc..)

This question is very difficult to me, please treat what I say critically.

As sub-sub-logoi we are mind/body/spirit (complexes). And also there is a consciousnesses. I defined consciousness as focus of attention, what can be wrong but I don’t know what consciousnesses is. In any case consciousnesses is not mind/body/spirit but looks like mind/body/spirit has consciousnesses. And then the consciousnesses has different densities. So it’s not densities of mind or of body or of spirit.

I’m not sure mind/body/spirit is a necessary carrier of consciousnesses. Maybe it’s related to sub-sub-logoi and/or other limited entities. Even in your question you say “elemental spirit”, and spirit is only a part of mind/body/spirit. But it does not mean the spirit has no consciousness and hence has no densities of consciousness. The same related to the mind. Can mind be a carrier of consciousnesses? Is spirit necessary for it? Can there be mind/spirit? And even more, is mind/body/spirit is exhaustive list?

We have viruses (by the way Ra called streptococcus bacteria a virus) that is not clear if they just a programme or they are live creatures. In terms of Ra it might be that mind can have consciousnesses also.

Another question is about space/time and time/space. I don’t remember mentioning that in time/space entities have mind/body/spirit also.

Also I’m referring to the weariness topic and @tadeus reply about energy that I think related to the question.

And also I have an observation: ants that are living next to us do not “see” dogs; animals “see” us but do not “see” many things (mostly it’s society things). Continuing this series I admit there are creatures that third dimension creatures do not “see” them, but this “see” is not the eyes feature but something else.

So answering to your questions:

  1. I think densities might not related to such entities. I mean it’s not necessary that mentioned negative elementals to be in one certain density. In other words how mind/body/spirit can see spirit with eyes if one has no body? Also, we know Earth is not suitable for fifth and sixth dimension living, where they should “hide”?

  2. Yes.

  3. Q’uo said “the inner planes do not have a physical location except tangentially because they belong to the planet Earth”.

Summarizing the jumble I said it’s very probably that we put all entities that we do not see altogether while the nature of them is different: we do not see some of them for realizing reason, some of them are located in time/space and some of them are not visible because we use see words in physical eyes sense while these entities do not have body.