I think I know what being sent light and love feels like now (higher density positive entity encounter)

This is a personal experience- just wanted to share a message of hope and something that removed any doubts I had about LoL being legitimate, I’m not sure this fits any of the forum categories precisely, so if Patrick could kindly move this where he sees fit, if this isn’t the correct category.

So sending light and love is a big theme and seemingly a primary vocation of STO entities in the Law of One. I had an experience that is beyond words and quite profound.

A couple nights ago, my mate took some psychedelics for personal development. Now drugs are in no way necessary for spiritual experiences, but the particular substances in question do tend to catalyze them in my and many others’ experiences. I was sober this night and she tends to need support; I do believe she is a wanderer, I am nearly certain I am native third density.

She was almost completely taken over by this certain negative entity that has been quite persistently trying to induce rage and other negative emotions in her throughout her entire life. Now that she has remembered certain things and isn’t letting that happen, it tries to kill her- though her positive extraterrestrial friends tend to avert these things. Think of it as the worst good luck ever.

This is a common occurrence when she pierces the veil somewhat with said substances, but after we get her “friend” to go away, very good things generally happen. It was very persistent this time and REALLY did not want to me to touch her (sending her love via touch seems to make the environment inhospitable to it and then it leaves and she can commune with nicer things and have revelations). At one point I was telling it that it was in an illusion of separation and she was many, it hates being told things like that and it will speak through her chemical vehicles mouth. It told me that it will not “be lectured by a child”. Now everything it says is generally a lie, but I think that is true in that I am no wanderer, I found it amusing. I told it no matter how old it is, it’s very immature and doesn’t even know how to love, which is pretty basic. It appeared to my mate, behind closed eyelids, as a spiky, cold dark blue thing. We’ve taken to calling it Bluespike (the screenname of a pretty nasty 13 year old boy troll pretending to be a woman torturing an infamous autistic internet personality by the name of Christian Weston Chandler, I think it’s fitting).

Then she saw a flash of light and a group of entities that were bright rainbows, but emanating golden light at the same time chased it off. I assume this was some of her social memory complex. Talking to them, through her, was very enlightening and she received the emotional healing she was looking for. They told me things about myself that I won’t go into, but suffice to say only something that could read my mind like an open book could know those things, not even my mate would have known these things. Of course their advice was typical STO riddles though that could be taken many different ways, STO certainly won’t deal with your catalyst for you. My mate could strangely feel when I was thinking and see, with eyes closed, love emanating from me towards her as light when I was feeling that. The thinking was apparently like buzzing. Her friends informed her that things are changed when you direct conscious “thought rays” at them rather than feeling with your heart. Something like Schrodinger’s cat. I don’t really understand it, but trying to understand these things with a human brain is… difficult. She felt that Bluespike was very old and had been with her since birth, but her colorful rainbow/golden light friends were older still. It felt like a reunion for her. They obviously had some deep association with whatever she is under the human body she’s currently wearing.

The next night, she was sober, and I decided (having been feeling crappy from a bout with covid), to take some “medicine”. Things are never normal when she’s around, she attracts aliens like crazy. No just chilling out feeling lovey and watching Friendship is Magic on psychedelics for me when she’s around…

A unfolding spiky thing that was dark blue with some red, orange, and yellow emanating it appeared. It was beautiful in its way, but my throat closed up and I felt this scratchy spiritual coldness. I believe I gave it an inroad because I had been drawn into thoughts of anger and revenge about a certain situation. I told my mate that her friend was there. She thought I meant her positive friends and I said, no Bluespike. She started getting a terrible headache and felt the coldness. The thing went right towards her as she seems to be its main target. I just get the silly orange teeth fractal ones that tempt me into taking drugs I shouldn’t and various other things, which are fairly easy to ignore.

I held hands with her and tried to feel love and prayed for intervention and the most amazing thing happened. I’ve had friendly spirits/aliens/whatever they are that send good feelings before, but this was something else entirely.

There are no words to describe it adequately, rainbows of colors including colors I don’t have a word for; clearly of deep intelligence, not just usual background psychedelic fractals. Undulating arms, many of them, sort of like palm fronds, or maybe wings. If I was religious I might be inclined to describe it like one of those many, many “winged” seraphim things (drawings of “biblically accurate” angels are interesting and far more psychedelic than attractive bird-winged humans).

It was love at first sight and for some reason I blurted out “I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU WHEN I GROW UP!” and was fawning over its beauty. It seemed to offer something and for whatever reason I trusted this entity completely, I enthusiastically started repeating yes, please, yes please, yes please. I asked my mate, who was the sober one this time, if she felt the “cuddly alien” and she felt much better and very warm.

Then it grew brighter, eventually blinding me (with my eyes closed mind you) with this white light and it felt like the sun, but not like the sun. Not sweaty and skin cancery and I usually detest being hot and prefer cold weather, but this was a GOOD warmth. I felt completely understood and loved. It put me in this state where I couldn’t feel hate for anything or anyone, not even Bluespike, just this strange multifaceted compassion I can’t describe.

It felt like I was a child being held by the most loving parent ever. The entity did not feel male or female, however, it just was.

So in summation, I think I know what being sent light and love feels like. And while we have a lot of problems on Earth right now to say the least, I think if entities like that are in charge, then we’ll all be okay in the long run.

No bodily pleasure, whether drugs or sex or whatever can compare to THAT. I don’t know the identity of that alien, but new favorite alien.

Also I was secretly worried I might be a slightly negative entity, but that certainly didn’t feel painful and it probably would if I was a negative entity. I don’t think the bar is super high for those things to love you.

BEST ALIEN EVER and I will forever have a platonic crush on that entity!

So, in summation, besides all physical world and human evidence to the contrary- I think there may just be hope. I certainly won’t forget that! So warm and understanding…