Are the UAPs 6th Density Archangels

So I have been aware of the LOO for many years and has always intrigued me as being very close to accurately defining what reality is.

Lately, I have been paying attention to the UAP phenomenon and the slow disclosure that many believe is happening now in the US. As well as notable leaks from the “4 chan leaker” and also the Exo-Biospheric-Organisms (EBO) scientist.

So here’s the question — Are the UAPs 6th Density beings?

See the attached pic which states that 6th density entities:

  • Turns backward in time to serve its past self as the Higher Self.

Many people in the UAP community believe that the UAPs are here to protect humanity. They believe nukes for example will be stopped if fired. UAPs seem to have a real fixation on nukes, if you do the research. The recent videos of MH370 being “abducted” as well by orbs are worth watching as both the satellite and drone footage are believable. The question then is, what was on that plane that was going to impact humanity in a negative way? If you watch the Netflix doc, or do some research you will see that the cargo on that plane was a big deal.

So, are UAPs protectors of the earth? I think so, as if they wanted us dead, we would be dead as the technology on show is significant.

What do UAPs do?

  • The UAPs operate under the Law of Confusion.
  • They can move between the physical world with ease
  • They can operate outside of space and time.

At this point, you need to read the 4-chan leaker and EBO Scientist leak, I will try and post links underneath this topic.

4-chan leaker

  • The 4-chan leaker suggested he worked in a craft retrieval program. These programs are currently being discussed in the US Senate by David Grusch.
  • 4chan leaker suggested there is a mobile construction facility under the ocean making UFO/drones.

Exo-Biospheric-Organisms (EBO) scientist.

  • EBO scientist suggested the Grey aliens do not have reproductive organs.
  • That would imply they are drones.
  • EBO scientist also said this:
    • EBOs believe that the soul is not an extension of the individual, but rather a fundamental characteristic of nature that expresses itself as a field, not unlike gravity. In the presence of life, this field acquires complexity, resulting in negative entropy if that makes sense. This gain in complexity is directly correlated with the concentration of living organisms in a given location. With time, and with the right conditions, life in turn becomes more complex until the appearance of sentient life. After reaching this threshold, the field begins to express itself through these sentient beings, forming what we call the soul. Through their life experiences, sentient beings will in turn influence the field in a sort of positive feedback loop. This in turn further accelerates the complexity of the field. Eventually, when the field reaches a “critical mass”, there will be a sort of apotheosis. It’s not clear what this means in practical terms, but this quest for apotheosis seems to be the EBOs main motivation.
    • The author of the document added his reflections and interpretations as an appendix. He specified that, for them, the soul field is not a belief but an obvious truth. He also argues that the soul loses its individuality after death, but that memory and experience persist as part of the field. This fact would influence the philosophy and culture of EBOs, resulting in a society that doesn’t fear death but which places no importance or reverence on individuality. This “belief” compels them to seed life, shape it, nurture it, monitor it and influence it for the ultimate purpose of creating this apotheosis. Paradoxically, they have little or no respect for an individual’s well-being.

The above talks about

  • negative entropy.
  • Apotheosis (harvest?)
  • Apotheosis seems to be the EBOs main motivation
  • the soul field is not a belief but an obvious truth
  • soul loses its individuality after death, but that memory and experience persist as part of the field

It reads like LOO to me.

So, we have drones (UAPs) and we have clones (greys).

They are both produced to do tasks on earth.

Are the drones and clones created by a 6th density lifeform?

I am NOT an expert on LOO. But you guys & girls are.

Please explore these connections and discuss in depth how the UAPs and Greys could be tools of 6th density lifeforms.




Hi _paradigm_shift

This is purely my own opinion based on my personal experience.
To me “Angel” is a role thus not a race or specific species.
Quo talk about “Angel” here:

Angels also have connections with the four elements and the four directions 2 so that as you become more and more aware of the correspondences between certain archangels and certain energies, certain powers and certain directions, you become more able to cleanse your habitation or the area around you with the help of the archangels.

There is another class of angels that is indeed angelic and yet [these angels] have had incarnations. Those are the entities who have chosen to be angels but were not angels from the Creator. Yet between incarnations it became apparent to these souls that the work that they wished to do was angelic. And so these entities were incarnated and lived for a short time on this terrestrial ball you call Earth. And then, seemingly far before their time, they were taken. Instead of moving into the healing of the incarnation and the choosing of another incarnation, these particular entities move into the angelic realm.

My ‘gut feel’ since “some angel” correlate with “4 elements”, those specific angels might evolved from “nature / elemental spirit”.
I cite the work of David Furlong on nature / elemental kingdom based on his 40 years of experience.

Now about 6th density entities.
6th density entity is definitely a social memory complex, and they do not need any ‘physical vehicle’ to go around in space/time dimension. They do not ‘travel’ they just instantly teleport (or focusing) on specific point or specific subject/object in space/time dimension.

For example: your higher self is a good example of 6th density entity.
Wherever and whenever you are, your higher self is always with you, whether you’re on earth or on some planet in Andromeda galaxy. (or even when you’re in another dimension such as in the ‘dream realm’ while you’re asleep)

If an entity still requires a ‘vehicle’ to travel from one point to another in this physical realm/dimension, such entity is definitely not (yet) reached 6th density.


Thanks for the cool poster of densities! I can now explain things better to the little ones that just arrived in this world.

And for the rest… mmm, whether if it is, or not…

It is important to understand if one is “impressed” by the display of superior technology… Or the “purpose” of the UAPs.

The Ra materials don’t talk about “physical” intervention if there is nuclear aggression between nations and WILL not participate in the governmental game that humans play.

the confederation of planets stands by to help the spirit complex of those who are caught in the blast and mitigate the fragmentation of the soul caused by the trauma of such a weapon.

To stop the warheads is to infringe on the free will of entities on this planet.

You can read more of it here if you feel so inclined,

We- They do not get involved with the decisions of the leaders, systems, and citizens that created this experience on this planet.

The hearts of all entities on this planet are free to open at any moment, but still, most are focused on the distraction and the illusion of safety for themselves and their loved ones.

When all, is our loved ones.

Law of confusion is at play with the information you shared _paradigm_shift

The Exo-Biospheric-Organisms (EBO) scientist from reddit did not leave verification or any credentials for the information they posted.

And “exobiology” is not a scientific discipline that’s based on speculation or unverifiable information. Nor does it cross over to the metaphysical nature of life.

So the “leaked” information is something that could be from one’s creative imagination.

Whatever the case may be, (Could be real, could be not.)

Does the information help one to be more loving and compassionate with other-selves?

Or does it promote, impress, and place a sense of “importance” on the roles of 6th-density archangels, UAPs, greys, and other-cosmic-selves in the “saving” of the human race in case of a nuclear war.

I think there’s some transient outdated jargon
used in the Ra Materials, the term is UFO.
For some reason this stuff seems of low
importance in talking about the law of one
because putting high degrees of importance
on it - somehow attracts negative influence.

And the negative influence likely coincides
with the idea of the fear of the unknown -
fear as a manipulative tactic used by some
who polarize negatively.

I think an alternative perspective, might be
the idea that many people live in a sort of
tunnel vision reality of their waking life and
some opportunity to snap them into a greater
infinite reality might help them out of some
limiting illusion.

Curiously, if you search for UFO in the
Law of One info - you might find a Ra joke
has by some miracle of your seeking,

Nearly all of the UAPs or UFOs are us. Do not fall for this crap. It is mostly crap to get your mind to ------>look over there, then…<-------over here. Just concentrate on your spiritual journey and be kind, loving, mindful of what you are thinking, saying and doing when serving others,

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:revolving_hearts: that graphic

There can be found a lot of hype
on disclosure going on recently,
as if something once hidden now
hides in plain sight.

At some point I read there was some
movement of Russian psychonauts
who infiltrated UFO social media
forums to develop techniques of
social manipulation.

Such efforts might be consider some
form of psychological warfare that
influences voter behavior, i.e. may
have significantly factored in things
like Trump becoming President or
in things like the Canadian Trucker
Strike years back.

So there’s some exposure to these
mutant psychologists if you’re some
person who is active on social media
platforms. On an extreme level,
one might encounter some claim that
humanity is controlled by inner plane
aliens, but I think the reality is that
covert political interests have funded
psyops that work to influence others
to do stuff not so unlike modern

As an STS tactic, there’s likely some
fear mongering which works to
catalyze action. In the markets, there
is famously FOMO, fear of missing out,
aimed to catalyze Buys that push
markets up; and FUD fear, uncertainty,
doubt, which causes Sells that push
the market down.

Modern AI engines that read sentiment
can correlate market moves, and this
is one way that people might mistrust
artificial intelligence. However, my
impression is the thing to mistrust may
be covert manipulators who influence

Sadly, I feel as if the UFO topic seems
a red herring - distracting attention from
far greater issues that plague us. For
example, Trump has so many charges
against him, oh but the government
is shut down and everything’s stalled.

It seems like he wiggles out of all his
strife as the propaganda engine runs;
who’s really running things, is it inner
plane aliens or corrupt government?

I agree with you in that the UFO/UAP disclosure phenomenon of recent distracts mankind from his greater work. Though there will always be truth (a tiny bit) in what they say, our governments lie the majority of the time and we are responsible for believing the lies and we are responsible for going along with the propaganda and distractions due to lack of true discernment.
The Trump dumpster fire is also a distraction. This has worked since 2015. Wow! That is a long time! It is also very suspicious; the cluster of time and how it has captivated all the public and both political parties around the world.
While they have us arguing, watching craft fly around and fires start on every corner of the earth we sink further and further into a trance. A comatose state of being. This will ensure that mankind will remain asleep until the end of harvest or until the end of their natural lives so that they can merely repeat once more. What a game plan! I should say! What a wonderful way to gather slaves for future generations! This way the beings; both earthly and off planet will have slaves to do their bidding in the next incarnation and the game never ends.
What we are distracted from is the truth about “the self”. What we are deceived about is the outer is far more important, more imparative to look at and try to unravel than it is to look within and self discover, recover (remember) and uncover (what remains hidden under the ego).
Spending time in quiet solitude is of lesser value than to get onto social media and waste hours out one’s day. We all could be reading or listening to a book of true esoteric disclosure; reading about and learning about esoteric eastern philosophies or western philosophies that give us tools to aid us in our dicovery of selfhood and individuation.
Instead, we are being lead down a path of tribalism and animalism as both these things are strongly connected to materialism which has lead to our fall.
It is us! We have allowed the distraction and our own enslavement and we continue to do so by being entranced by the latest dumpster fire(s).
If we enjoy the Ra Material and we understand some of what we are reading in the material, the material gives one a pretty good idea of how important prayer, quiet contemplation and meditation is. Not once does Ra indicate that any of us should be lead around like a bull with a nose ring. As a matter of fact, in the material somewhere Ra states that the one’s who are comatose by such things are easily lead and mislead and basically ensures one to becoming a 3d repeater. This statement can be found to be true in both eastern and western literature. Of course, said a slightly different way but with having the same meaning.
And truthfully, does it matter who runs the show? Well, perhaps this community knows tha humans run the show with a little help from off world entities both positive and negative. The positive tries to give mankind tools to awaken while the negative works with our governments and our government officials to keep us sleepy and distracted.
Truthfully, why are we fascinated with a man who goes to trial? You are at trial yourself along with me. Why are we not watching our own trial? Do we think we could disentangle our own mystery better by watching how another behaves or discloses his own outer so-called truth? You have to know that this trial and these silly charges are make you look that way if only for one moment. It would almost be wise to see this sort of stuff as being hooked to the past! 2015! We are still there and are losing sight of the eternal moment in silence with our selves and with God. This is my personal understanding and is not based on anything else but what I have witnessed from my own behaviors and thought patterns.