A wanderer story

Hello, everyone. Today, I’ll be sharing my wanderer story with you. My hope is that you will take away something of value from this presentation of my experiences.

My upbringing occurred in the Upper Midwest, a land characterized by four true seasons. Across my whole life, I have intuitively felt great beauty and peace in the cold months of winter. These days, though the lens of the Law of One, I think of barren, snowy winter landscapes as our wonderful planet deep in meditation clearing distraction and refining character, just as we might in the quiet silence of our own personal meditation practices.

I was raised Christian in a flavor of evangelical Lutheranism. Christian spiritual matters played a prominent part of my upbringing. I studied the Bible, memorizing many passages as tasked. Sacred songs elevated my soul, which I discovered while singing in church and choir. Yet, these actions were more motivated by grades and parents than a conscious spiritual seeking. I knew I enjoyed these subjects, but true seeking of divine knowledge must come from free pursuit, and I wasn’t ready for such honest study. I was, however, a voracious reader, and many books I found most enjoyable had elements of the fantastic, supernatural, and/or spiritual.

High school was a challenging time. Though I put on a strong face, deep down, I felt terribly depressed, particularly from the conduct of “friends.” Following high school, I went to my state’s flagship university. At this point, my eyes were opened to the issues from my upbringing. Though I had been given a solid spiritual foundation, that university made me realize that many important ideas and concepts were either ignored or dismissed during my early years. This realization induced a significant “system shock,” and the result was a choice to essentially place all spiritual matters in storage for quite a few years.

A key point in my journey was a moment in college, where, after enjoying a moment of quiet contemplation, I said to myself, “I want to know how the world works.” Even today, that statement sounds a tad ridiculous. At the time, I recognized that the sheer immensity of that task requires work spanning a lifetime, with no guarantee of becoming close to success. However, I now believe this was the moment my seeking became conscious, eventually leading me to The Law of One.

Still, at that point, I ignored anything beyond what mainline scientific consensus determined exists. Conscious consideration of any higher power, immaterial action, and such related concepts was verboten, though spiritual elements from youth still popped now-and-then from my subconscious. My engineering studies provided deep understanding of computing and other related subjects, even though that understanding did not venture beyond the material. Yet, I don’t regret that “willful ignorance,” and, at this point, I believe omitting consideration of the spiritual during that part of my life was part of a pre-incarnative choice, both allowing me to “peer into the depths” of modern technology while shedding constraints imposed by certain religious elements.

A significant moment in my journey occurred in April 2019. I came across a post concerning a “UFO patent” that was filed in a highly-unusual manner that intrigued me. So, I began searching for more information on UFOs in general. That search led me down many, different rabbit holes and effectively disintegrated my existing model of reality in a few months. However, without the falling-away of the previous model, I do not expect to have received The Ra Contact as well as I did.

Eventually, after trawling countless forum posts, someone made mention of The Ra Contact. Back then, I didn’t view channeling as a fully-legitimate means of receiving information, so I tread in carefully. And yet, as I read, Ra’s words resonated in a profound sense, in a manner unlike anything else I’d encountered. Ra’s elucidation of The Law of One and associated Confederation philosophy had remarkable internal consistency. The grammar employed had mathematical precision. Though reading The Ra Contact is anything but quick, Ra concisely presented remarkably difficult-to-grasp ideas. Hundreds of disparate bits-and-pieces of information were seamlessly integrated and presented as a remarkable whole. The material embodied a character only paralleled by the finest literature. It was hard to pass off this material as anything other than legitimate.

Additionally, from an earthly perspective, I felt the L/L Research group maintained a certain honesty to their overall character which adds credence to the channeled materials. From the coming-together of Carla, Don, and Jim to the later conscious channeling of Q’uo (and others) over the course of decades to the continued natural drawing of seekers and wanderers toward the materials and organization, messages of love and freewill preservation have been consistent. I didn’t see them visibly affected by the most significant negative influence on our planet: greed. Given that Gary, in an episode of the L/L Research podcast, mentioned Jim ran a lawnmowing business to essentially keep the lights on, the only people who would commit themselves to such a calling of modest means and semi-monasticism are the insane/imbalanced/blocked and legitimate individuals. They do not appear to be the former, so only the latter remains.

After I read all of The Ra Contact, I kept my search going. I dug into some of the authors which Ra mentioned to see how well their philosophies aligned with The Law of One (Albert Schweitzer’s ethical theory of “reverence for life” aligns particularly well, which he presents in The Philosophy of Civilization after demonstrating the incompleteness of many other ethical theories.) Later, I stumbled upon the compelling Hidden Hand interview, which vouches for The Ra Contact and provides unique context about the world-at-large. I hope to explore more literature down the line.

Attempting to live The Law of One in this incarnation has been a wonderful “challenge.” Finding ways to share The Law of One via Confederation philosophy with another being makes me joyful and, as new situations naturally arise, almost always provides better conversations and outcomes, as my own points are rarely as complete. The most surprising element of my journey has been reunion with my spiritual upbringing. Though the Lutheran belief system is only one sketch of The Law of One, I find it works well at this point in my journey, particularly since I’ve found a community of believers/seekers which eschews nearly all the traditional negative elements of “going to church.” That said, I feel Carla’s phrase, “mystical Christianity,” fits me well. Not sure I’m ready to admit such to the pastor. :slight_smile:

Anyways, this just about concludes my inaugural post to this forum. I look forward to connecting with other wanderers and continuing to develop understanding of The Law of One.


Welcome Stephen and thanks for sharing. Its amazing how strong the resonance for some people when reading the Law of One I couldn’t put it down when I first started reading it my wife not so much.

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Hey Stephen. first of all God bless you and it is my prayer that you are doing well.

I go by UsernameWho on the forum and its been wild ride incarnating at this particular time and I’m sure you may agree as well. I just wanted to pop in and show my support for whatever involvement you may have in the future and just praise God for leading you to The Ra Material. I hope you go on to spread your light into this world in an way that you were always created to. May we seek the heavenly lumination of His essence together: All as one.
Happy holidays, stay safe, stay warm, and take care of yourself. Talk to you later dude.

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Welcome here Stephen, wonderful to see you.
I really liked your story.

definitely this was a same feeling of mine years back… :wink:

I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all, by the way, :upside_down_face: or we all are here too !! lol, perhaps an adequate characterization of all of us !!

But , feeling so much aligned too with your view, I loved specifically how well you defined Ra here :

Indeed, thank you so much Stephen !!