What’s the consensus on this Seth character mentioned in LoO?

Questioner: Out of the Seth Material we have a statement here: Seth says that each entity here on Earth is one aspect or part of a higher self or Oversoul which has many aspects or parts in many dimensions all of which learn lessons which enable the higher self to progress in a balanced manner. Am I to understand from this, is it correct that there are, shall we say, possibly many experiences similar to the one that we experience here in the third density that are governed by a single higher self? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The correctness of this statement is variable. The more in balance an entity becomes, the less the possibility/probability vortices may need to be explored in parallel experiences.

I started reading Seth speaks, if it isn’t some sort of entity contact it’s very creative. I’ve submitted to the belief that at this stage, I’m not going to understand the grand design of the multiverse with any real accuracy. But this book is greatly entertaining…


It is definitely entertaining and there are some interesting aspects in it to think about.


I think it should probably be noted that there are general trends and then also exceptions or outliers in every situation.

It’s extremely difficult to speak upon each individual case and situation, which is why the Confederation, and I presume likewise Seth, speak in generalities.

Aside from the free will situation, I believe it’s also the reason they ask for one’s discernment for what they say, since while they’re telling their own truth with their own words, they acknowledge it’s not everyone’s truth, and the situation could be different for someone else, as well.

There’s also the disconnect between space/time and time/space to account for, which I’m fairly certain we all only somewhat understand given the veil of forgetting. I’m sure those of Ra find it difficult to elaborate on their response given our limited understanding of the concept as a whole.