What Exactly is the Negative Polarity?

I think I’m confusing myself on what the negative polarity is.

From what I understand, the service-to-self path believes that all of what they see is their own personal dream (rather than how the positive path see reality as infinite dreams connected as one dream by love, with each character in the dream being a separate dreamer), and that everything else is just an extension of themselves, and that reality must be flawed (rather than the positive path which accepts the universe as being perfect) for them to be perceiving everything in such a finite and sufferable way, so they wish to use “others”— their extensions— through control, to reach the heavens so that they can have the power to fix reality.

Is this correct? And if it is, why wouldn’t they agree with love? Why wouldn’t they believe in loving their extensions, and making relationships with their extensions to elevate them further? Do they really believe that they can fix reality by getting to the top— whatever that is?

And why do they have to revert to the positive polarity around 6th density? Is it something along the lines that they realize that reality is actually perfect and doesn’t need fixing, but simple love? Tho I still don’t really get that.

I’m also very confused about what the “balanced” polarity is, which I’ve heard is between positive and negative. I have heard that it is useless until 7th density, where you perceive “others” as neither the self nor the other-self, but unity. Why exactly is it useless?

Are all “evil” people really of this philosophy? Or is this only the philosophy of the very elite of the negative polarity; the rest being much less negatively polarized.

I have read the Ra Material (okay technically I read most of it) and some other works, and the negative polarity always seems to be so strange to me. So if someone can explain, it would help a lot.


Pretty much yes.

The balance is not really in between negative and positive, but rather in between wisdom and compassion, which is the work we do in sixth density.

If one wishes to be more in balance while incarnated in 3d, then one might do well to practice this compassionate/wisdom. For example, sacrifice for others is very positively polarizing, but it lacks wisdom. So one must find wiser ways of serving others. Ways in which the whole of the Creator is properly served in a win-win fashion where no one loses (including the self).

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From my understanding, love is closely related to the concept of returning to Unity.

Imagine we have The One and a creation that emerges from The One. This can be visualized as an equilateral triangle, with The One at the apex. As we move away from this apex, the triangle broadens at the base. Creation represents the whole surface of this triangle.

Our task is to return to The One, which involves an upward and inward movement, as suggested by the triangle’s sides. The Service to Self (STS) path focuses solely on the upward movement, neglecting the inward movement. In essence, the upward movement represents gaining knowledge, while the inward movement involves working on ourselves, opening to love, and transmitting it in a disciplined manner.

The absence of love is intrinsic to STS. Without this lack, STS would not exist. STS is essentially the opposite and a distortion of Service to Others (STO). STS can be viewed as STO stripped of love. If STS were to embrace love, it would cease to be STS and start moving toward a positive polarity (STO). This principle is fundamental to the Universe, and various other phenomena stem from it.

If you take away love from STO, you get STS. Conversely, if you add love to STS, you get STO. Also, both paths involve the acquisition of knowledge.

There is also a third possibility where someone acts without any knowledge. In this case, it becomes impossible to identify with any of the polarities - such a state is detrimental to the soul, as it leads to degradation.

It is possible to develop in one of the directions (STS or STO) without advanced knowledge, especially since it is often challenging to acquire it here. However, a small dose of light (knowledge) is necessary to awaken and recognize the existence of The Choice (STO vs STS).

They don’t have to do anything, when they are at 6th Density STS. At some point, they might realize that they have accumulated enough knowledge and that their current state can only be transformed by growing in love. Anyone who has developed as STS at any density level can choose to start working towards becoming STO. This shift may not occur immediately, but it can begin in their next incarnation.

Once they achieve both love and knowledge and balance them, the possibility of moving to the 7th density opens up. At the 6th density, the Intelligent Energy (love and light) that flows through them can be transformed into pure 7th density Intelligent Infinity consciousness, empowering the Creator with a new level of wisdom and love, which translates into enhanced consciousness.

I’m not entirely sure what it is either. By “balanced,” I understand that at the level of the 7th density, there is no longer the possibility to choose between the vectors of development into service to others (STO) or service to self (STS). At the 7th level, there is only “one polarity” (note that I’m putting this in quotation marks), which can be this “balanced” polarity.

In this state, everything the Creator does is good and perfect, with no inner or outer conflict. We can say that at this level, there is no division between polarities, or in a sense, say that there is only one fully (100%) developed STO polarity. Beings from the 3rd to the 6th density develop towards positive polarity (or negative), constantly expanding it Infinitely without ever reaching a final limit.

The Creator at the 7th density reaches this “final” limit in Infinity and integrates the polarities into Oneness. The character of the Creator can then be interpreted such that His/Her will is pure love, pure positivity, and service to others. When considering His/Her shadow, the Creator sees that it represents service to self. However, at this level, the Creator is so self-aware and integrated that He/She chooses only love and service to others, while realizing and comprehending the negative nature, which is the other side of the same coin, but remains in the background rather than in the forefront. Work towards such state in which the Creator resides in the 7th Density is particularly evident at the 6th Density STO level, as exemplified by Ra.

Mainly, it is the elite who achieve the level of negative polarization required for harvest. Those we see in the media and know about are often puppets, usually living in ignorance and unaware of the existence of Choice. Many ordinary people follow them like sheep follow a shepherd. Many of these people care about bodily survival, pleasure, entertainment, and comfort also unaware of the possibilities of spiritual development.

Thank you for your inquiries. If you can, let me know if I helped you in any way.


Then this philosophy is only reached in 5th density for those of the negative? Is this to say they didn’t/couldn’t reach the understanding before? I think what I need is just an explanation about the negative polarity as it is in each density, 3rd through 6th.

For example, sacrifice for others is very positively polarizing, but it lacks wisdom. So one must find wiser ways of serving others. Ways in which the whole of the Creator is properly served in a win-win fashion where no one loses (including the self).

Pretty sure this just 5th density positive, rather than a balanced polarity.

What I meant is that the STS entity wouldn’t be able to continue (to reach 7th density) unless they turn towards STO, thus they technically “have” to concede.

Tho I think my problem isn’t really what the negative polarity is, but just the philosophy behind it. I was trying to put myself in the shoes of a STS entity, and what I can understand is that they may view the fact that there is “separation” and “finiteness” (in quotes since they are only illusion) as proof that the Creation is flawed. So to convert to STO, this philosophy would have to change, thus they would accept the Creation as perfect.

I think it could also be interpreted that they may believe that since infinity is not stagnant, but ever-expanding, it is technically never truly “complete”, and thus flawed. I too had this thought about previous octaves, since, tho the previous octave may have been “perfect” in a sense, it didn’t have what this octave has. Ra even implies that the mechanics of a mind/body/spirit complex wasn’t a thing until a specific octave in the “past”. Tho I can also see why it being either perfect or flawed is technically distortion of what it really is as perceived by a 7th density entity.

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It is useful to remember that the negative path is the path of that which is not.

I wrote a thread in the past on this subject which might be helpful. It is in the old archive.

Understanding negativity

Transient as it is, this topic reminds me the Presidential debate recently, Trump vs. Biden and how people seem
to react to the outcome.

Oddly, it reminds me of how people communicate. Some argue that 7% is through words, 38% is through tone, and 45% is visual. People who focus on words argue Biden being more factual likely came out ahead. Others picking up a tone of confidence argue Trump came out strong.

(President Obama seems to suggest STO vs STS in his assessment of the debate.)

Can you pick out the suggestion of STS vs STO here?

“But this election is still a choice between someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life and someone who only cares about himself. Between someone who tells the truth; who knows right from wrong and will give it to the American people straight — and someone who lies through his teeth for his own benefit,” Obama said.

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Would they go as far as to deny infinity? To my understanding, they believe they themselves are already infinite, but I just wanna make sure.

And again, I think my real problem is just trying to see the philosophy behind a negative entity, quite literally: If I were a negative being, would I really be so distorted as to think that I am the one to mold the universe to my liking, and that there has been no one before me to have already achieved such a goal for me to know it’s even possible? What even is my liking? If “my liking” is the impossibility of someone being able to do something against my will, then truly, do I really think that in all of the infinite past, I have been climbing and climbing higher and higher, and that I can end this climbing in a finite time in the future?

Kinda just seems to me that they would surely realize that their climbing would be never-ending, always taking one step further, just to realize you can’t count to infinity.

Truly maybe the problem is I’m trying to look at the entire spectrum as just a point, rather than a… spectrum. In other words, maybe I need to focus on the philosophy of the negative in each specific density, rather than as a whole.

From my understanding, negative polarity is the polarity of self-aggrandizement, conquest, machiavellianism, and extreme selfishness. It is the polarity of all the totalitarian despots of modern and ancient history, including but not limited to Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin, Genghis Khan, and Pharoah from the Bible. It is a polarity that declares itself to be the Creator and that Creation is their’s and their’s alone to systematically dominate through war, deception, corruption, and enslavement.

It is a polarity of predation upon other selves, for the benefit of self, in the name of establishing cosmic harmony. In short, the effective function of the negative polarity is that of the wolf in the forest whose existence is necessary for maintaining balance in the local ecosystem by predating on the grazers. If my analysis is correct, everything else is simply a matter of creative/philosophical difference.

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There is merit in what you say, particularly in terms of concession or surrender. This principle applies to higher and lower densities, and even within our own world and among our people. The optimal approach is to allow so-called ‘bad’ individuals to persist in their ways until they reach a self-realization that they can choose to live differently—opening up and surrendering to love. This involves a renunciation of certain behaviors and the abandonment of particular actions.

It is crucial to protect your own free will while avoiding interference with others’ free will. A constructive way to engage with negative forces is to respect their free will, allowing them to be who they choose to be. Interference can hinder their development, including their transition to the path of love. It is more beneficial to let them navigate their own paths, which may lead them to experience personal spiritual bankruptcy. At least that’s what I think of it in general.

I believe you are doing well. Regarding direct experiences of the STS (Service to Self) path at a higher level, I won’t provide assistance with that. We are likely in a similar situation when it comes to stepping into the shoes of STS entities.

Understanding their reality through our efforts may not be feasible, as the STS philosophy might simply be flawed and illusory. It might not make sense in the broader scheme of things. Ultimately, the STO (Service to Others) entity will acquire more knowledge and wisdom. This is because the free flow of energy to the indigo ray center, which is associated with wisdom, enables the individual to achieve the fullness of their wisdom.

Only the STO path guarantees the full and free flow of intelligent energy from the base chakra upward, allowing the indigo level to be most fully saturated with intelligent energy. A being on the negative path will experience energy deficiencies in their attempt to attain wisdom. While STS can achieve advanced knowledge more quickly, it is the STO entity that will eventually surpass STS in the possession of knowledge in the long run.

Perhaps, with the STS entities at the 6th density, they are beginning to understand that to gain even more knowledge, they need to transition to the STO path. They are taught that they need more knowledge and it turns out that only on a positive path will they get it.


Remember that Ra notes that the STS path is one of solitude. Everything else is to be controlled and conquered. It is a very lon3ely path and somewhat way more arduous than STO.

It is interesting that in the case of, apparently, a narcissist such as Trump tends to elevate people who work for him but once they are of no more use, they become targets of his despise or wrath, which, and again, he migtnt not be an STS, but which shows a great solitary process for him anyway.

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I think this definition is OK.

69.11 Questioner: Can you tell me of the situation that the Wanderer finds itself in and why the path back cannot be the simple moving back into the same value of positive time/space?

Ra: I am Ra. The path back revolves, firstly, about the higher self’s reluctance to enter negative space/time. This may be a significant part of the length of that path. Secondly, when a positively oriented entity incarnates in a thoroughly negative environment it must needs learn/teach the lessons of the love of self thus becoming one with its other-selves.

When this has been accomplished the entity may then choose to release the potential difference and change polarities.

However, the process of learning the accumulated lessons of love of self may be quite lengthy. Also the entity, in learning these lessons, may lose much positive orientation during the process and the choice of reversing polarities may be delayed until the mid-sixth density. All of this is, in your way of measurement, time-consuming although the end result is well.

70.14 Questioner: … Now, if a positive entity is displaced to negative time/space I understand that the higher self is reluctant to enter the negative time/space. And for some reason this makes it necessary for the mind/body/spirit complex to incarnate in negative space/time. Why is it necessary for this incarnation in negative space/time?

Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, let us remove the concept of reluctance from the equation and then secondly, address your query more to the point. Each time/space is an analog of a particular sort or vibration of space/time. When a negative time/space is entered by an entity the next experience will be that of the appropriate space/time. This is normally done by the form-making body of a mind/body/spirit complex which places the entity in the proper time/space for incarnation.

The difference is in Significator of the Spirit:

80.15 The adept, whether positive or negative, has the same Matrix. The Potentiator is also identical.

80.17 The Significator of the Spirit is that living entity which either radiates or absorbs the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, radiates it to others or absorbs it for the self.

Significator of the Spirit

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Because in metaphysical sense negativity a gravity well so it requires efforts (will/faith) to get out from it:

71.14 Questioner: You have made the statement that pure negativity acts as a gravity well pulling all into it. I was wondering first if pure positivity has precisely the same effect? Could you answer that please?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. Positivity has a much weaker effect due to the strong element of recognition of free will in any positivity approaching purity. Thus although the negatively oriented entity may find it difficult to polarize negatively in the midst of such resounding harmony it will not find it impossible.

Upon the other hand, the negative polarization is one which does not accept the concept of the free will of other-selves. Thusly in a social complex whose negativity approaches purity the pull upon other-selves is constant. A positively oriented entity in such a situation would desire for other-selves to have their free will and thusly would find itself removed from its ability to exercise its own free will, for the free will of negatively oriented entities is bent upon conquest.

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It seems those parts of ourselves are able to delude themselves to an unimaginable extent.


STS, like STO, is primarily in my opinion an energetic position within our energy system, chosen for a kind of asymmetry it creates in the system such that energy continually flows one way and not the other. We can talk about typical behavior patterns, typical concepts, typical beliefs of STS, but at the end of the day these are the effects, not the underlying polarized cause. It’s important to understand that polarity is deeper than behavior and belief so that one can avoid a crude Manichaeism that just degrades into good/evil thinking. In fact, it’s crucial to understand that the asymmetry we’re seeking to achieve does not totally exclude the other pole: even in STO we can be STS up to 49% (whatever that number means) and similarly STS can be STO as much as 5%. To me this all demonstrates that we have to think much more carefully when we discuss STS, because we have inherited a lot of lazy religious thinking that needs review.


I love how Ra views the choice as simply a choice showing the equal love on part of Creator.

I am so indebted to Ra, as I had one day a visual of how beautiful the soul is, complete and magnificent, being able to be either one, STS or STO, and even for a very polarized STO being still able to manifest itself in an STS way, if so chosen at one moment, as the soul is such a magnificent, complete totality.