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I can’t help but feel sad about some of the RA material regarding polarity. It sounds as if RA is saying it doesn’t matter if you’re serving self or others, it’s all learning, it’s all the Creator. I took this to mean that it doesn’t matter if you do horrid devastating things, you’re still progressing - it’s still of the one source. It sounded to me as if goodness and love really don’t matter. Please help me to understand the talk on polarity a bit better, if you don’t mind.

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Polarity may not matter per se in terms of progressing or not progressing. But it matters a very great deal in what your experience will be like while you’re progressing. Also the negative path is much longer to travel. So not only is it a struggle all the way, but you struggle for so much longer.

What Ra is saying is that no one is greater than any other and no one is lower than any other. Everyone has the same importance. So those choosing the negative polarity are free to delude themselves if that is their wish.

I used the word delude in reference to Ra calling that path; the path of that which is not. It’s basically the Creator exploring what happens when it lies to itself. They keep their heart chakra closed and completely ignore/reject that central part of themselves.

All the progress that is made by the negative polarity is based on an omission. Ra mentioned that once they have switched to the positive polarity in mid 6d, they have a lot of retracing to do.

Goodness and love matters very much. In fact, the service that the negative polarity provide is highlighting how much goodness and love matters by creating such a big contrast.


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If you don’t mind… how does RA “feel” about the horrors in this world. Child abuse, rape, torture and the like. It’s very difficult to look at this as from the Creator…. And is it said these are chosen experiences?


We could not know for certain how they feel I think, but they used the word “horror”.

They also call themselves part of the brothers and sisters of sorrow.

So they probably feel sorrow for our plights.

This is a large subject in my opinion.

The Confederation in general is clear that we experience what we do by choice. But it must be understood that it is the whole self that is making those choices and not only the tiny surface self that we experience while veiled in a 3d incarnation.

This then include our Logos which is also ourselves. Part of our whole self.

The things we experience here are indeed “vivid”. :slight_smile: But when we factor that the decisions made by our Logos are not made by someone else, but by ourselves collectively, then we realize that there are no victims.


Thank you so very much. Your knowledge and patience is deeply appreciated….


You’re pointing to an interesting paradox. How can one be compassionate and also be accepting of the rampant ugly carnage?

I had a very different initial response to the Material. I was in awe of how understanding and respectful they were of those of the negative path…but I digress…

How do they feel, you ask? Ra’s response to everything is compassion and acceptance. You could say that this has its advantages and its disadvantages, but in the final analysis, Confederation sources would say, the advantages are far more helpful. One reason for this is that it is by embodying unconditional acceptance and love that we move closer to the identity of the One Infinite Creator, which is pure acceptance and love. Now, you may not accept this, and that’s just fine, but as you read more Confederation material it may begin to make more sense to you.

Welcome to this opportunity to discuss evolution of the spirit.


Welcome EgyptRa


Interesting side note to this discussion, and it’s interesting to me that Patrick quoted this one. Something odd happened when I read this passage …

I read the Ra books (starting end of October of 2022, shortly before I joined the forum here) very, very carefully, as I would have done years ago while initially studying school material – ensuring that I truly understood the words, to the best of my ability, before moving on. Needless to say, such a process was quite different with this material than with textbooks …

For this particular passage, I absolutely could not wrap my brain around what was being said. Specifically, this sentence:

Made absolutely no sense to me, for whatever reason – I kept reading it, somehow, with the implication that “the cruelest blow” [of all, for all Mankind] comes to the purest of seekers, as some kind of sad inevitability. I don’t recall what else was going on that night for me, but I think that something was off, and even though I was fully focused on what I was reading, it truly kept coming through as saying, “The purely right-hand path will result in experience of ‘the cruelest blow.’”

… When I read it again the next day, the true meaning became immediately apparent – along with a very curious awareness as to my original mistake. Now, much like an optical illusion, I can no longer really “make myself see” what I originally read (though at the time, I simply could not see through it). I know only that it was somehow very, very twisted from Ra’s actual meaning.

Please note that I’m not making a “point” with this story, just sharing it for the information of other Seekers. :wink: That passage just leapt out at me for that reason.


I love when that happens, true sign of growth!

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The thing is, true universal love saves all, offers forgiveness to all, and is the true expression of the innate desire of all, since we are and are of the One.

In this sense, those taking the negative path consign themselves to their own suffering, a world of taking and being taken from. And when eventually they cut all others off from them, serving only themselves with their own thought, a flip must occur for them progress further.

To fully realise oneself as the Creator is to accept the creation of other-selves as parts of yourself. In doing so, service-to-self is seen as an illusion, since you were only ever hurting yourself to begin with.

We cannot wish those who commit horrors to never find the light and love of the One, as to do so would be to make them separate in a false way from us. We are all of One. If we keep them from the light, we are committing the same act of separation and denial that they used to commit their horrors in the first place. We do not have to agree with those acts. We do not have to accept those acts, being based on delusion. But I think to set the delusion right, and not succumb to it ourselves, is the ultimate way.

Just my two cents.

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For a long time I could not feel love or admiration for the One Infinite Creator after reading the Ra Materials, because the One is clearly okay with everything, including the blackest, most violent, most disturbing acts. I feel much more comfortable with my Higher Self, who while they might applaud me even on the service to self path, they are certainly applauding me on the service to others path, which is a much more direct route for me, as well as being the path I desire.

I am slowly digesting, processing these things.

One thing I like to remind myself is that while Ra might look at “our service to self friends” as valid and moving ever closer to the One, they also make it clear that their bias is towards the path of light. They often call service to others “the path that is not” because it is ever deeper into illusion of separation and further from the One. They also were saddened and dismayed when humans on earth took the gifts Ra offered and used them to strengthen and perpetuate power hierarchies and oppress the masses more and more. Ra withdrew in regret, feeling the karma they had taken on in their naive interference, and unsure how to resolve said karma. They waited for the right time and the right group to receive their effort at repair. Don, Carla, and Jim were this group.

Another thing I like to remind myself, though it perhaps is not made crystal clear in the Ra Materials, but it is elsewhere, is that those who choose the service to self path and then find early sixth density that they are not able to go any further on that path, but snap back like a rubber band to the path of light, have to experience ALL of the negative karma they created that others suffered because of them. Even if they were at the top of a huge galactic pyramid scheme, wearing white gloves and never getting their “hands dirty” so to speak, they are advanced enough to understand responsibility. They will have eons ahead of them of suffering being a victim of their own dastardly acts. They must balance their dark path.

This is the perspective Ra has as they look upon all of this drama, having already grown beyond it. It is understandable that they would have a bias towards the light.

There is also the principle that all experience that is taken on is experience that was willingly desired, even if part of that experience is forgetting that you are the one who desired it in the first place.

In honor of the Law of One, I call the service to self path “The Spicy Path.” I do this tongue in cheek, as humor is divine and lightens the darkness in ways that help us to cope. I jokingly say that just as I am not a fan of spicy food, it is not my preference to take the “Spicy Path.” But others, that is totally their cup of tea.

Remember, no one graduates on the dark path unless they really really really really know exactly what they are choosing for themselves. It is who they are. It is what they truly desire. Those who are already well on their way on the light path can’t really wrap their heads around wanting to be that way. Even Hitler was not self serving enough to graduate on The Spicy Path. But Himmler was. And now Himmler is a lowly “shipping clerk” for the dark side. :stuck_out_tongue: He has a very long road ahead of him.

Also remember, the universe is teeming with loving beings who deeply respect your free will and will ONLY help if you ask. Help is always available. You can’t make vibrational leaps without the fuel to do so, because that is not how physics works, but you can take vibrational baby steps every single day towards light and paradise. The stronger your desire, the more you can “leap”. Intense suffering brings intense desire.


I too had a similar reaction, “what entity of love/light could allow all this harm?”. I really had to try to reconcile my own understanding.

I think there’s potentially something here in the symmetry between knowing nothing of what is to come at the beginning of your journey, and fully accepting and embracing the path you walked at the end.

The first distortion is the law of free will. This means the earliest acts were made without that distortion, almost like the spontaneous dreaming of a child.

Then evolution began, as the dream had begun, and over countless octaves led to what we have currently.

I believe the evolution with lead to the completion of the great work, a state of complete love and unity of all beings as One. This entity, which is the wise guide that looks back, I think respects the distortion of free will that coloured the journey it has made, knowing that every dark night of the soul made the joy of unity magnified in beauty for all beings, as all have arrived at unity by that point despite the long and difficult path.

Being at peace, the wise One allows the journey to begin again, so the act of falling in love (as we all gravitate towards unity) can begin anew.

So, I do not begrudge the child their dream, and I believe our ultimate future self respects the path we walk, having experienced all of it personally through out collective seeking of unity. And it is in the intervening space, this evolution, that our work to grow, seek, and share the light is so vital to all those in sorrow at the difficulty of their own path.


Thank you dear brother or sister for this question. All is one and all serves the One Infinite Creator, whether through service to self or service to others. In our third density experience, we are given the choice of how we would like to serve the Creator, and as we make that choice, we begin to polarize in that direction. Every action we take holds significance and as we align our will and desire with our chosen path of service, we further polarize in that direction.

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I take it more like: Within the school drama play, the director said to the actors, feel free to choose any role, protagonist or antagonist, it’s all learning.
Playing the role of ‘antagonist’ is much more difficult than playing the role of ‘protagonist’ as the actors need to become somebody that he/she is actually not. But somebody need to perform that role, although during the play he/she will received much hatred, even from the audience.

Thus the “Service To Self” is also called the “Is Not” path, their role is to show the “Is Not” thus the “Is” can be recognized. Without the stark contrast it’s hard to recognize the “Is”.
When everything is light how can one recognize light?
Only when there’s darkness as a backdrop one can easily recognize light.
The stars cannot be seen when the sun is shining bright during the day, through the help of the darkness of the night sky, the faint light from the stars can easily be seen.


Great question, and I think everyone in this thread has offered helpful ideas as well. :slight_smile: Here are my two cents on the topic of evil.

The first idea I would share is that the nature of this world is illusory from the perspective of infinity.

We suggest the nature of all manifestation to be illusory and functional only insofar as the entity turns from shape and shadow to the One.


In this way, this world is similar to a video game or movie where what is most important is the experiences and memories obtained rather than anything material. So while we may face harsh catalyst and evil, the positive and negative memories harvested are more valuable than what is lost in the illusory physical world just like great tragedies in movies and video games are more valuable than what is lost in the movie or game world. What would a movie or video game be like without an antagonist?

These words from A Course in Miracles can be helpful for remembering this:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

ACIM, Preface.1:1-3

The second idea to consider is that our experiences may be a result of our choices even if we don’t know realize that. In this way, we may choose to interact with negative entities and experiences for learning purposes. I think this video has great coverage on this perspective, and in particular, our choice on how to perceive negative entities and experiences: The Biggest Missing Piece - YouTube

Finally, the third idea is that we only really choose to be good if it is possible for us to choose evil. And if something is possible, some people will probably choose to do it at some point, and in this way, we all learn what we prefer over time.

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