War on the heart chakra/loneliness epidemic: "radical self-care" vs interpersonal connection

I’m going to talk about a pattern I’ve noticed again and again, with good people and with bad, “unawakened” people and “awakened”.

There are these mantras: You are enough. You only need yourself. Desire is bad. Attachment is bad. People who buy into those tend to come to a conclusion that the path to intelligent infinity is a narrow, lonely path, and that interpersonal connection is at best an afterthought, at worst a distraction. Usually, it’s a form of “copium”. The alienation and loneliness we feel here on Earth are painful, and they think that by accepting those conditions as natural and/or even favorable that they are saving themselves.

This is a distortion. The truth is that it is an interconnected universe. Alienation and loneliness are not “natural”, per se. They are byproducts of personal and societal distortions. Our connections with one another are as important and as eternal as our connections with ourselves and with all that is. Desire and fulfillment is a natural cycle. It’s as natural as breathing. (Healthy) attachment, in other words connection, gives a sense of grounding, of home. Many people try to bypass this. They will talk a big game about love for themselves, love for “God”, “love with no object”, when their lives are marked by failure to properly love other individual beings.

I am far from perfect, including in the way of interpersonal relationships. The difference is that I realize this, and I see the importance of it. I don’t try to bypass it. I don’t embrace loneliness as natural, much less as preferable. I’d like to at least find an ideal mate, and I’d like to have meaningful connections with others. A greater sense of community might not be possible for me here on Earth, but I wish to at least connect in an orange/green ray manner.

Those people, hopped up on their copium fix of hermitage and little mantras, are largely bypassing the heart chakra. Confederation sources have explained what such a configuration functionally is. They think that making themselves alright with and/or even preferential of a lack of interpersonal connection makes them strong. They think that needing such connection makes one unwhole, weak, etc.

When I address this topic one on one with people, it often becomes part of the reason they discard me, as they are prone to doing to people. They see me as the one who is distorted. They feel attacked, and they believe that I am being intolerant of their views. It can be like a really strange flip of a switch type of thing, almost like a kind of “possession”, as if I have attacked a LINE OF PROGRAMMING (which is what it actually is), and then that programming takes on a life of its own when challenged.

There are elements of truth in those mantras, about self-love, about wholeness, but those truths get distorted in a really bad way and become dogmas that block healthy orange and green ray energy. A lot of people repeat those things with the best of intentions, but I believe there is another element at work with their propagation. The ugly truth is that a large portion of the constructs/egregores of “wanderer”/starseed “culture” and the “new age movement” are co-opted by the “powers that be”. A lot of it can be traced back to three-letter agencies and/or shady occult groups. It’s social engineering. They are basically selling sneakily packaged, “diet STS”. The heart chakra is basically public enemy number one to them.

I could go into more depth on this topic, but I think I’ve given a good overview of my insights on it. I’ll leave it at that, at least for now.

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Great post! I hope you will expand at some point. I’m sorry that you have felt discarded in the past by some; this strikes me as speaking to the skill those of Ra call the “light touch.” It’s always a challenge to know which part of the truth to speak to another, which will set them free versus make them feel closed in.

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I have a tendency that probably developed in childhood to be very adamant when presenting/defending my ideals. Yes, that could use some work.

Without getting deeply into a whole other subject on this thread already, I’ll state my observation that the whole polarity system and post-veil conditions as described by Confederation sources seem to me to be distorted against the green ray principle, as if it’s the very duty, charge, purpose of the open heart to suffer and be miserable. This severity is skewed very much towards logic and wisdom. A non-green-ray-oriented approach to the idea of love…how ironic. It sounds to me like an over-correction was made, creating a new type of stagnancy caused by too much adversity, where before there may have been too little. I don’t know how long it will take in terms of linear time, but this will need to be rectified. Perhaps some have wandered from other octaves for that. This general idea is something I might often come back to, because it is rather foundational to me.

Back to the subject at hand, how incarnated human beings tend to gravitate towards philosophies which are lacking in green ray principles…

There is a rampant tendency in people who call themselves spiritually awake to alienate those who are “negative”, not as in their intentions, but in their pain. Those who are hurt and angry at life. Those who are suffering and speaking up in their distaste for the suffering. Those who do not bear misery gracefully. Looking past the canned mantras and BS sophistry, this is little more than 2nd density herd mechanics. The 2d “reptilian brain” senses when a member of the “herd” (even just between two people) is weak, sick, injured, etc., and the “Darwinian” solution is to cut such beings from the flock.

This is something encouraged by a large portion of the new (c)age movement.

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For what it’s worth, this is the biggest problem I have with the whole philosophy. It just seems on its face to militate against the idea of a kindly Creator. The only comfort is that no other philosophy has a solution or even a comparable concept of the problem (except perhaps the Buddhist outlook, but that’s more of the wisdom path you were decrying). I spend a lot of time thinking about this without attempting to reduce it to a cold equation. The instrumental value of pain and suffering simply does not seem to justify its expense.

And yet… as a child I might have felt the same way about my perceived pain and suffering. Looking back on it, very little of the pain actually gets preserved in conscious memory – most of it gets carried unconsciously in neuroses, learned behaviors and strategies, biases, etc. At the point of childhood’s fruition I now occupy, the bad times seem almost a salutary feature.

And that’s what I mean when I say no other outlook has as good of an approach, even if the Law of One provides no acceptable solution. No other approach, not even the Buddhist, posits the possibility of there being anything approaching something like a “justice in pain and suffering” — it all seeks to either eliminate the pain and suffering or minimize the perspective of the human suffering. Only Confederation philosophy proposes a solution that promises some sort of redemption through the different perspectives available to its deeper self/selves.

The “solution”, as it were, is really none at all, but instead a kind of delaying tactic until a wider, perhaps more whole perspective can be achieved. It’s just as unsatisfying to us as it would be to a child, because the child is trapped in being a child. As long as we feel trapped in being only the smaller, conscious self, there is no solution. The only actionable way to work with the situation is to delve deeper into the nature of the self that experiences all this, and this promotes the transformation that re-contextualizes the phenomenon of pain.

I’m part of a group who has done some inquiry in this area. Message me if you’re interested.

I really could not agree with you any more. I think it’s just the case that the influx of fourth density is really screwing with people’s unbalanced catalyst in weird ways. I’m sure it has with me, too.

The people who reject the shadow out of hand, to me, are the kind of people who hear Ra’s self-given title of “brothers and sisters of sorrow” and, instead of marveling at the enormity of their compassion, they sort of say “ew” to themselves inside. There has to be some ability to confront the shadow, not as a conqueror so much as a friend, but it’s not a Hallmark channel kind of befriending, is it? It asks something in exchange for the pearl of great price.

I fervently believe that we get to fourth density together, and that it is supporting each other through our catalyst that we build the trust that will allow the walls to drop between folks and let the group mind emerge. Both on a theoretical level and a heart level, there has to be some kind of respect for pain and suffering, and those who experience much of it frankly have a lot to teach us.

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Thanks for the thoughtful response. The comparison of a child has some merit in the direction you explained it, but it also does in favor of my own assertions. Yes, there are some things that a child learns to see differently as an adult. On the other hand, children often have great wisdom that isn’t very polluted by indoctrination, so, there are some instances in which they question adults and the ways of the world, and they are right. They are often right when they point out ways in which adults make things complicated that should be simple, and create adversity where there should be ease. The reasons those things are the way they are, such as poverty, war, work/debt slavery, etc. and also smaller scale dysfunctional societal norms…are not because they are good systems and they work, at least not for the vast majority of people on Earth. It’s because of distortion and error. Intentional malice on the part of some, too, but definitely distortion and error.

There is the saying: as above, so below. Maybe higher-density guardians, gestalts, fractals of infinite intelligence, etc. are not infallible. In fact, Confederation sources seem to outright admit as much. Video game designers who don’t listen to player feedback don’t tend to do very well. There very well could be bugs in the design of this “veil system” and “polarity game”. There could be lessons the designers and moderators need to learn from the player base.

If not errors, then perhaps a self-balancing system, in which extremes (such as pre and post veil conditions) eventually become integrated and rectified. In that case, people such as myself questioning the merits of the current way of things might not even be rebels, at least not in some ways. That might be part of the natural progression of things.

And yes, I agree about compassion and humanity moving forward together.

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Undoubtedly! One of the marks of maturity in this world that often comes hard to some of us is that fairness plays very little role in life, except maybe as a personal value. But looking for it out there is a losing proposition.

The way I think about creation is that it’s a single thought in the Creator’s awareness. It is outside time, immediate. We are kind of like the sense organs of the Creator taking the measure of that thought by dilating it in space and time so that a focus can be achieved and transformation can deliver this illusion from start to finish. So the only way the Creator would ever know whether a creation is better or worse would require its organs (us) to investigate.

I do think the veil seems to be too thick on this planet at the very least, but like I said earlier: it’s really outside my pay grade. I either live in a goodly creation in which suffering is not for naught, or I’m truly in hell.

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I agree. Fairness is a personal value of mine. A lot of things that are unfair in this world don’t need to be that way. People make them that way. I understand that the reasoning and motivations behind those things are largely a bucket of hot garbage, but I also know that I, as an individual, can’t simply will the world to change.

I do feel like I’m doing a service simply by forming my perspectives, doing the investigation through participation you speak of. I just hope that such things like that, personal lessons, etc. will not cost me an entire incarnation of unhappiness, as if this lifetime is just fodder for something “greater”. So, things probably do reconcile at some point in time. Maybe it is a goodly creation. But, my goal is to live a fulfilling life right here and now.

I tend to go on a loop. When I feel blocked from being able to live the kind of life I want for myself, I tend to get in my mind about the bigger picture, how larger structures should change in order to facilitate my ability and the abilities of others in similar situations to fulfill our desires and live by our ideals, and to find joy here on Earth. And then I realize how big and slow and largely “above my pay grade”, as you say, such things are, so all I can do is try to change my own life…and then I once again get frustrated with that, hence the loop.


The problem with the social engineering is two-pronged. There is a “red hand”, guiding people towards materialism, greed, predation, hedonism, and transactional relationships. There is a “blue hand” guiding people towards asceticism, nihilism, martyrdom, anti-emotionalism, and solipsism.

May I add something here regarding the “instumentality” of suffering?

If it is true that consciousness rising up from an individuated level of 2D then must go through a time of determining which path of spiritual development it will choose–either that of giving or that of taking, to simplify–if you accept this premise, then, I would suggest, you must also accept that such a decision must be made from the depths of one’s being, from a far deeper place than, say, where I’m at now, typing this reply. It must come from the primal depths and rise as high as one’s most sincere experience of Divinity.

Sometimes sorrow and pain are avoidable, if we listen with a subtle ear to how we might need to make internal adjustments of one sort or another. But suffering can never be completely avoided. And sometimes we program profound hardships into our incarnational experiences. Why?

Personally, I agree with those who say that this is a fast track–compared to the alternatives–for experiencing deep self. This can only be found within the self, and this is where our most important decisions in life are considered. This is where our consciousness which witnesses our thoughts and actions resides. And it is from here that we may find–maybe after a long time–our entree to universally inherent unconditional love, and learn to bring our suffering to our hearts, knowing that all is forgiven, that all is well, that all is eternally well.

Needless to say, such experience is treasure beyond price. And the crazy-ass thing is that it is no further away from you than your ego. It’s a different level of identity and experience which is just as available as any other…once you find it and martyr yourself to it. HA HA HA

Seriously, if you don’t pay the price of knowing the deep self, you cannot offer yourself the forgiveness and love we all need to heal and to grow as spiritual creatures.

Or maybe you have found a better way to open self up to self to such a profound degree?

People have been able to experience their “deep selves” through many things. There are people who have touched deeply into intelligent infinity through creative expression (art, music, etc.), through romantic love, through the simple beauties of the natural world…many ways. To say that continuous, long-term, harsh suffering is an absolute requirement to know the deeper self is to severely underestimate the nature of consciousness and attempts to pigeonhole it into a very rote and disciplinarian path that leaves little room for the natural beauty of life to bloom.

My perspective comes as someone who has already been paying the price of knowing my deep self. Too much for too long. I need balance. Many people need more balance.

What my experiences have opened me up to are my deeper ideals and principles. The decision I’ve made from the depths of my being would be called the middle path in traditional occultism. There is still room for it within the margins of STO that Confederation sources have spoken of.

My distaste for martyrdom is pretty near my distaste for predation. I don’t think that being STO has to necessarily entail harsh sacrifice, and to promote such a thing is to beckon others to it…if not arguably even to attempt to foist it upon them. If I am unable to fulfill my desires and live a happy life for myself in this same incarnation after how much I’ve been suffering, it is hard to encourage others that they will find fulfillment, that they will find a “light at the end of the tunnel” within their own incarnations. I can do some for them, but not as much as I could if I would be happy. In fact, what seems to be with some people, is that they view STO as a path of sorrow and martyrdom. Then who benefits? By serving others by such an example, aren’t we just beckoning them towards martyrdom as well? How cynical. The existential suffering I’ve been through, I would not wish on others who hold a shred of innocence and empathy. No. I would not consider myself to be of good service to others if I would ask that of someone else.

What I choose, from the depth of my being, is to work towards LESS predation and martyrdom. Less extreme polarity. Less sorrow. More “win-win”. More of a higher 6d state of being which can be possible already in 3d if beings would so choose it. That’s what I want for me, and it’s what I want as a possibility for others.

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Does this bring you to a place of opening self to the healing touch of unconditional love? If not, how could you come to enjoy the mercy of that aspect of every self? How could you unite with that primal, yet all-encompassing aspect of your own self, that of pure forgiveness and acceptance?

That is something I’m still figuring out. I know what kind of person I am. I know what my ideals and desires are.

I have only a limited frame of reference for what that unconditional love might feel like it. Perhaps some balance, some joy, and some rest would be helpful. An overabundance of mental and emotional pain has kept me largely locked in a sort of existential “fight or flight” mode.

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I agree. Same happens here, in the forum. People are hiding behind the masks without willing to know the real persons, what they do and what they really need. Because in this case an action is needed. And action is dangerous, it evolves what is called politics finally. Because if one needs to help someone, he/she will be pushed against these natural obstacles. So it’s better to avoid each other. So service to others cannot help to service to others.

I remember @Anders who was writing a lot here and suddenly disappeared. I sent him two messages but he didn’t reply. I don’t know if anyone cares what happened to him, I didn’t see any discussion. Maybe he needs help. Free will is just used like a cover for non-acting.

Truth itself, by its nature, is belligerent. (Mark Passio)


There are some twisted ideas about “free will” that are propagated. Many believe that manipulation isn’t an infringement of one’s free will, but that warning a person about that manipulation is somehow an infringement, because it might change their course of action towards an outcome removed from the consequences of said manipulation…which in my opinion would be the original and actual infringement of free will.

Furthermore, if you would take direct action against the source of the manipulation to expose and/or shut it down, that would be considered by many to be even more “belligerent”.

That kind of mindset is perverted. It facilitates evil and misery. But then part of the argument of some deluded sheep would be that evil and misery are part of the plan of the logos or whatever, so it’s our duty as good little STO soldiers to simply accept that and not take any action to challenge evil or alleviate its effects upon ourselves and/or others. And thus, many wanderers/starseeds become guard dogs of the tyrannical Earth matrix. Apologists of human oppression and misery. Purveyors of martyrdom. Accomplices of evil. They put their energy towards defending things that should change rather than towards changing them, and much of their potential as wanderers becomes a battery to maintain the very things we came to Earth to help change. A wanderer with such beliefs is probably energetically more detrimental to the cause of positive human progress than many, many “unawakened” people.

So much of the energy that continues powering the “system” here isn’t from STS wanderers themselves…it’s from STO wanderers who have bought into such nonsense, which some very clever STS people help propagate.

There’s a quote I don’t fully remember from a Confederation source that sometimes when push comes to shove, one must push back. I have listened to some of what Mark Passio has to say, and I find him to be right about a lot of stuff. Solipsism and moral relativism are two of the biggest lies heavily pushed within the new (c)age movement.

The name Anders sounds familiar. I think I may have interacted with him, or am at least familiar with him, from the old forum.

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I cannot find any mistake in what you said. Just will add that

this argument is not working for many in another direction (Golden Rule) since any action (as “warning a person about that manipulation”) can be declared as plan of Logos also.

Exactly. If they believe in their own ideas of moral relativism, that for example it’s alright for a technologically advanced civilization to conquer another, less technologically sophisticated civilization, then why should they get butthurt if an ethical advanced civilization steps in to stop that?

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Then the idea of polarity might enter in. People looking at things from a logical, mechanistic point of view, like a race, might be afraid that advanced civilization 2 will lose STO polarity brownie points for fighting against advanced civilization 1.

It’s not that simple. Sometimes, in order to do a service to people who are being victimized, a disservice must be done to the agressors. And a lot of times, omission of action is indeed action, so failure to act is also failure to serve others just as acting in agression. Then it becomes a question of what is RIGHT, vs what may (mistakenly?) be considered “efficient” in terms of polarity. Maybe there isn’t even a discrepancy. To fail to help the victim might end up losing more polarity and creating more guilt than a choice to confront the aggressor.

After all, the aggressor is CHOOSING a path of COMPETITION. Is it that terrible if they get back what they give out? Or is it simply the job the innocent to accept suffering while it’s the job of STS to dish it out? Bah. I don’t believe in that.

I don’t see any problem or contradiction here. Often manipulation “demands” to act in the way needed (saying one “voluntarily needs” to do something, what is of course contradiction because it’s either “voluntarily” or “needs”), so non-acting is indeed like acting. The criterion is well formulated by Mark as “what does not harm others”, but to my opinion many of “voluntarily needed” actions will harm in the end.

Exactly. There’s no mistake here to return according to the Golden Rule, but mercy should be in priority. It is a keystone which many might look as contradiction.

P.S. Because statement contains dichotomy choosing any part is OK replying to the “demander”, but one might see something behind that. It’s not one’s problem that another side generates opposite signals.

I understand how engrossing this can be. Oddly, it’s opposite can also be self-reenforcing as well.

I think of this condition as a downward moving vortex where pain begets anger and anger causes pain, on and on. This vortex only moves downwards, for the most part.

In the upward moving vortex, forgiveness frees up more energy to empower the heart, and this allows one to send more love to areas of pain. This eventually conduces to more forgiveness, healing and so forth.

The model is simple, the practice is fairly simple, but the transition from the downward to upward vortex requires a lot of energy.

We recently had a two day power outage and I tried to use my 100 Watt solar panel and two large Lithium Ion batteries to run the refrigerator. That effort failed. Afterwards I found that while the fridge runs on about 125W (which would have been an easy lift), to get the motors started requires 750W for a minute or two, which I could not provide. Transitioning from the downward to the upward vortex is like this. You need a strong reserve of polarity to jump-start the process. Once it gets rolling, though, one gets a sense of how, indeed, the experience of suffering leads…eventually…to an expanded and balanced experience of self.

What does “balance” mean to you? Being self-forgiven (to use a Confederation term) and in the flow of the open heart might be something to try on for size?