Some Encouragement: Daily Life in 4D

I find this passage from OCT 14, 2005 quite uplifting. It makes me feel that my efforts are headed in a good direction. See what you think.


Please tell us about the nature of physical life in fourth density, including details about jobs, home and family, those things that seem to make up the mundane part of third-density life.


We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. In a way, it is not at all difficult to answer this query, my brother, for in fourth density you will have a physical vehicle and you will occupy yourself with various activities.

What is almost impossible to convey to you is the changed nature of your awareness in fourth density. In third density you have been dealing with life in the dark. Having to make the choice of polarity in an atmosphere of absolute unknowing created the necessity for third density to be a life lived in the dark. Faith is not faith unless it is grasped without proof. Therefore, you have been veiled of all possible ways of proving in any objective sense the truth of those spiritual principles you have chosen to hold dear.

When you have come through the refining fire of this furnace-like existence of third density, you will find yourself in a much different environment. But it is not an environment which you would think of as idyllic. You will be living in a completely open environment in which everyone knows all of your thoughts at all times. You will know everyone else’s thoughts at all times. It will no longer be possible for you to put others on a pedestal or for others to put you on a pedestal.

However, fourth density is life lived in the daylight of the awareness of the one infinite Creator. There is no need for faith in fourth density because the situation is eminently clear. It is very clear that all are one being. It is very clear that the elements of what you think of as personality are bits and pieces assembled like the change in your pocket or a collection of bibelots. 1 Whatever you do choose in fourth density, you will be aware that it is not adhering to you because it is you. You will be aware that you are wearing it as you wear a piece of clothing. You will be aware of the roles that you play. You will embrace them. But you will also realize that that which is most essentially yourself recedes infinitely and ever before you. The shadows that you chase in the daylight are the shadows of paradox and mystery.

In fourth density it is not necessary to earn money. It is, however, an absolute imperative of your very nature that you serve, love and give and that you allow entities to serve you, love you, and give to you. Consequently, you shall move where you wish to move in thought and in physicality in order to fill the niche that most beautifully fits your needs and your gifts. The overriding energy of those days will be to discover how you can create wealth in terms of multiplying your gifts.

You shall certainly continue to choose a life partner as a way of serving the Creator and you shall choose most likely to live in families. It is however, likely that these families will be clans rather than nuclear families and they will sort themselves out by what this instrument would call the “birds of a feather” plan.

You have already found in this last bit of third density that entities find themselves grouping themselves by common interest. This will continue and will intensify. It will be, however, exponentially more simple to choose one’s group and to work within that group because there will be that awareness of the thoughts of others so that a very deep level of certainty may be yours as to the true compatibility of yourself and the rest of your clan.


Thank you, most encouraging.


I don’t know if this is the case for anyone here, but I feel we are all more and more aware of paradoxes in our day to day life, as, perhaps fourth density is seeping into our third ? Anyone feels this ? It makes me smile a lot to see nearly on a daily basis as many paradoxes…


I’ve been thinking more about paradoxes. Never thought about it being related to Mother Earth transitioning. Interesting…

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An example of a paradox I’m observing with the transition is that for some their experience is quickly degrading while for others their experience is quickly becoming rosier. All this without regard to geography or life circumstances.


All I know is there better be motorcycles in 4D, or I might not go. :smile:

My experience has been pretty static for years.

In addition to Patrick’s observation of paradox, we may see the Internet as a drawing-near of fourth density. In particular, see the attempts to create the Internet of Things and other related concepts. Now, there may well be a negative, controlling aspect to the development and proliferation of present technology, but that fundamental issue is one of purpose. What makes the technology positive is when it’s used to increase freedom in its many forms. The interconnected nature of technology will bring humanity closer to the fourth-density experience of, as Q’uo says, “know[ing] everyone else’s thoughts at all times.”

Of course, that reality can’t be fully realized in third density. Case in point: lying is possible in our world because of The Veil. If one knows everyone’s thoughts at all times, speaking an untruth becomes impossible, for only truth exists. (From Q’uo’s words, lying sounds impossible in fourth density.)

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Hope for the motorcycle designer and engineer to be there as well in 4D SMC. So you can access all of their memory.
But less likely one will actually need motorcycle to move from one place to another given:

Thus it’s only for the ‘experience’ and not to move from one place to another.

False statement might still be possible, but it can easily be detected that it’s false and also the reason why the entity put forth such statement.

Mind motorcyles. Less maintenance. :).


This is very encouraging. Fills me with hope.

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Related to knowing everyone’s thoughts in 4D…

I just had a conversation about this and it was insightful the other perspective. When I first mentioned it, the person was very concerned, almost defensive or afraid of the possibility of everyone knowing what everyone is thinking all the time. We debated a bit back and forth, but it struck me how I thought, this is amazing, and the other person thought, OMG no way!

When I finally asked if they saw it like a Sith Lord using it against you, I found common ground. I was able to explain if what we know about polarity is true, in 4D we are all positive or negative, but among folks of the same polarity (meaning the negative people are elsewhere). So it WOULD be like Sith on a negative planet, but most likely for a positive one, I can sense your fear…, what can I do to help?

The more I open my mouth the more I realize I have to continue being ever mindful of what I say and who I say it to.

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Well even as we speak, 4D and up entities are able to read the mind / memory of 3D entities anyway.
Yet the 3D entities do not realize it.

If this person came to realize that there are no exceptions to this, then they might come to see how it is perfectly fine.

We can try to imagine how this would look like here on Earth. If there were no privacy for anyone, no exceptions, then there is no privacy for leaders/governments either. No privacy for those wishing to progress on the STS path.

Even without being able to read each other’s thoughts, if everything anyone does or says would be filmed and could be looked at by anyone else… then pretty much all the issues this world has would go away. There would be nearly no crimes and no corruptions for example. STS would find it so much more difficult to succeed in such an environment.

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Hmm, I could see a person easily conjuring a dystopian social nightmare from the above description.

The missing elements which might balance out the lack of privacy are (1) unbounded pure love and support are offered feely to all and (2) by that point, people’s focus is not so much on doing their own personal thing, but on helping others, so the desire for secrecy is less needed. The main selling point for relinquishing the secrecy, as I understand it, is that we can do far more good work united together than we can as isolated selves. Perhaps what’s hard to understand in here late 3D is what that kind of work would really look like and feel like, and how satisfying it would be?

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How could a dystopia arise if it is impossible to hide anything from anyone?

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Other benefits includes: no envy.
Since any memory of experience are able to be experienced by anyone within the SMC.
Given ‘talent’ and ‘skills’ also relate to memory.

Having said that, there seems to be people among us who are able to ‘read memory’ from other entities, indicating that we’re already within “Late 3D”.
I had a friend who are able to read memory from ‘a location’, which relate to Quo depiction that ‘location are conscious entity’. She has often helped the police department to solve tough crime cases.

I’m not making a factual argument, rather, I can feel how many people now would expect there would be others in a transitional period who would use the lack of privacy to take advantage of others.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. But it could take a few hundred years, I suppose.

But if anyone takes advantage of anyone else, then this is known too.

Nothing is hidden. There could be no Elites that exploites others because we can all see everything they do and everything they say to anyone.

I guess this might be hard to imagine.

I’ve been pondering such things for years now. :slight_smile:

The lack of privacy in a dystopia is that only the Elites have privacy. But here I am saying that no one has privacy without exceptions.

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Absolutely seeing an increase in these ocurrences of simply knowing and automatically choosing the sto movement, in thought, action, heart, mind/ body/ Spirit… it’s quite magical to have these wondrous glimpses of living 4d… It’s the part of the story I came here for! Thank You for the Encouragement! ~ Received!