I may have some insight regarding what happens to Wanderers who "karmically involved"

I’d prefer if those that read this considered my current thinking rather than looking at my Wanderer thread- a little over a year of increasingly intense spiritual experiences and increased communication with my higher/expanded self (whom I believed was just particular “warm” light entity or interdimensional alien at first) will certainly change one rapidly. Understatement…

"Questioner: Are most of these from the fourth density? What density do they come from?

Ra: I am Ra. Few there are of fourth density."

Given my experience, unless you are a rare Jesusy sort, I think wandering (while seemingly always risky) would be best avoided in fourth density. Based on my N=1, but nonetheless. Not that Earth’s corporate fascism and dogmatic religions and inquisitions haven’t been a charming experience. At least this planet has heavy metal…

" Ra: I am Ra. I believe I grasp the thrust of your query. Please ask further if this answer is not sufficient.

Fourth-density Wanderers, of which there are not many, will tend to choose those entities which seem to be full of love or in need of love. There is the great possibility/probability of entities making errors in judgment due to the compassion with which other-selves are viewed."

So my mate, whom I’ll get to, has a very, very open pineal gland/third eye/endogenous dmt portal/indigo ray or whatever you want to call it. We had an intense experience (I’m not going to go into all of this, it’s a lot, and a lot of very weird experiences- if you are really curious I’ve already written them up as I’ve been talking ongoing about all this with a certain forum member here privately and I could cut and paste whatever you’re interested in and pm you) and she had my past revealed to me.

She was shown a very rapid slide show of my lives, with a bit more time spent on important ones, along with emotions. The first was a very non-human creature which she described as something vaguely insectoid albeit stalky and thick with some tendrils or tentacles around what might have been a head. The second, I was a human in some time that appeared very long ago (likely prehistory) and I was wearing some sort of robe. She had the intuition that I was naively trying to help. Apparently I was a healer (physical or spiritual, I don’t know) with some sort of staff. This incarnation met some severe violence at the hands of a group of other humans. I later asked my higher self, once we developed a relationship, if this had been a sort of “they know not what they do” situation, but I most vehemently did NOT forgive them. Then countless incarnations after that flashing by, all human, the one before this someone in a low ranking Axis uniform from world war II.

There is the great possibility/probability of entities making errors in judgment due to the compassion with which other-selves are viewed.”- so yeah, error in judgement on my initial human incarnation’s part in the extreme. No way in hell am I going anywhere with this veil I hate oh so much in place when Earth finally escapes it ever again!

Questioner: Well, I would just include the question as to why time of harvest is selected by so many Wanderers as time for incarnation?

"Ra: I am Ra. There are several reasons for incarnation during harvest. They may be divided by the terms self and other-self.

The overriding reason for the offering of these Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow in incarnative states is the possibility of aiding other-selves by the lightening of the planetary consciousness distortions and the probability of offering catalyst to other-selves which will increase the harvest."

My mate is a sixth density wanderer- all the classic symptomology and she even finds having a physical body period and has difficulties with linear time (she’s very smart, but cannot remember the order of a chronology for the life of her). She’s allergic to everything. Almost every drug either almost kills her or has some weird side effect- recreational drugs or medical prescriptions. And she’ll have moments where she thinks she’s floating in a void or underwater, which, well, at one “time”, yes that is true of the location she’s occupying in such a moment. Myself, I seem preternaturally immune to the things that bother her, even without tolerance doses of drugs that should have many others dead left me walking around, functioning, aware, and not even blacked out- I’ve had a while to adjust to this planet.

Whatever her own reasons, she and I have some preincarnative contract. I asked for help. Likely to save myself from going full STS which I would have been capable of without certain social handicaps I apparently chose (and according to my higher self, this is why I feel discomfort in general in this environment- a spirit that was from elsewhere LONG ago has comparitively little to deal with it).

“the probability of offering catalyst to other-selves which will increase the harvest”
It’s been my experience that she’s offered herself to reteach me how to love and well, generally, be less of a selfish, overly hedonistic, insert invective

" Questioner: Would you do this please?

Ra: I am Ra. The most efficient mode of contact is that which you experience at this space/time. The infringement upon free will is greatly undesired. Therefore, those entities which are Wanderers upon your plane of illusion will be the only subjects for the thought projections which make up the so-called “close encounters” and meetings between positively oriented social memory complexes and Wanderers.

53.8 Questioner: Could you give me an example of one of these meetings between a Wanderer and a social memory complex as to what the Wanderer would experience?

Ra: I am Ra. One such example of which you are familiar is that of the one known as Morris. In this case the previous contact which other entities in this entity’s circle of friends experienced was negatively oriented. However, you will recall that the entity, Morris, was impervious to this contact and could not see, with the physical optical apparatus, this contact.

However, the inner voice alerted the one known as Morris to go by itself to another place and there an entity with the thought-form shape and appearance of the other contact appeared and gazed at this entity, thus awakening in it the desire to seek the truth of this occurrence and of the experiences of its incarnation in general.

The feeling of being awakened or activated is the goal of this type of contact. The duration and imagery used varies depending upon the subconscious expectations of the Wanderer which is experiencing this opportunity for activation."
Yeah, the UFO (more like lights rather than physical seeming craft) definitely awakened some INTENSE interest and searching.

If you’re wondering HOW I’m having my intense experiences (not the UFOs, traveling in my mind) with higher densities-
"You’ve alluded to the Russian nesting dolls, are densities of experience tightly packed/stacked upon each other - no real space between the realms?

Precisely. Not all of them, but the vast majority we encounter in individuated, physical incarnation. However, while the differences between these densities are normally minor, vast and unintelligible differences exist between some. Dimethyltryptamine can reliably expose you to such densities of experience."

Though one might guess that from my screenname, haha. I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences, I’ll just say the way they communicate (with their weird free will obsession) is often very personal (they can appear as anything they like) and uses archetypes (I’m not familiar with tarot, so they’ve used video game characters and characters from shows I watch that represent certain traits), having a song pop into your head that has relevant lyrics is another way, as is whatever material (like lawofone.info not leaving me alone until I got over the bible being mentioned and actually read it before all this weirdness) finding its way to you and catching your attention. They have an excellent sense of humor, by the way, not a “laughing at you” mean sort, but a well-developed sense of humor nonetheless. They found my ending our conversations with “goodbye” intitially hilarious as they’re ever-present, I now just say, “have good eternal moment or whatever my colorful alien friends”.

Anyway, what happens when you get “stuck” somewhere third density? Well, seems like you’re there until harvest. But that’s not a revelation. Many might wonder if they return to their “home” group. Not in my case (I don’t need drugs to communicate with my higher self, but it’s just yes or no).

"What are your thoughts on Kundalini (Rising, specifically?)

A “Kundalini Awakening” is a symptom of a significant spiritual event. Essentially, your “higher self,” or the part of you that is always in union with the Creator / the All, is increasing your ease of manifesting experiences that are not necessarily part of your “incarnation contract,” if you will. This is typically a result of deep and prolonged communion with the Creator within, which can occur either through traditional meditation, or living in accordance with Fundamental Law and your heart soul calling.

It can also be a symptom of communication with non-physical beings. This communication is usually of a reassuring or encouraging nature." Eracidni Murev Te Transcript

Up the spine means “yes”, down starting at the heart and lingering in the belly means “no”.

Anyway, looks like I’m human now fully… “yay” (well I do like some of the planet’s art, but I’m stuck with you all so stop being ruled by psychopaths, learn some empathy for those not offering you sex of money, and stop it with the military industrial complex sh*t and up your game in general!)

So sometimes you might avoid getting fully turned to the dark side, but apparently spiritual “devolution” is a thing.

Sidenote: during my last communion (https://www.brianmuraresku.com/the-immortality-key), I had eye shades on and noise canceling headphones. At some point she came in the room and started watching me and recording the weird sh*t I was saying, I noticed a vague female presence to my right. When I looked at it with my mind’s eye without turning my head, I saw the most beautiful, partially transparent bright purple outline of a woman. I don’t know if that’s her spirit or some sort of aura deal, but it’s the same purple that my higher self seems to be. As for me, (she naturally has synthenesia, honestly her whole life seems mildly to greatly psychedelic), when I was more of a insert invective apparently I was dark blue. More recently when I’ve been feeling empathetic, apparently I am now green. Well, guess I’ve been saved from becoming a negative entity, still stuck here though (which some material suggests, many worlds sort of deal, IS the very beginning of the positive 4D Earth). I asked if all these NDEs becoming popular, asked my higher self that is, was a sign of that veil I hate so much being pulled back layer, by layer and received a yes.

The material in question being this- Eracidni Murev Te Transcript
I know, I know- I was expecting a real Ragnorok with goats in the sky with too many horns and eyes and then a giant orgy with side-effectless, non-addictive mdma as we all respawn in suffering free, super sexy bodies JUST LIKE YOU ALL. But alas…

Oh well, it will be interesting to see this clownshow somehow turn into something good. And I do like clowns.


Is it the question you would like to find answer? Do you want to know how to un-stuck?

According to my information I’m now with this potential smc and we are on 4d positive Earth, I was answering the question- as far as it pertains to my unique situation and sources.


Heya friend! Goodness, it feels like talking to a soulbrother.

So often we blame ourselves for things which are illusory. For the tendency to get caught up in stuff made by thieves of consciousness (unfortunately I did not come up with that label, Ramana Maharshi did).

There’s a quote from Ra I can’t find regarding how most younger souls are on Earth in a perpetual state of spiritual childhood, unable to integrate lessons because of the horrendously short life spans…


It sounds like you are simply a very loving hero, a magical ahem, that gave up hope and became a witch for a little while but will now return to God.

Unless I am completely mistaken, let me send this video. I think it will prove furthermore how easy it is to get caught up in the inner and outer thief’s illusion which only exists because of your attention, yet which like a good narcissist makes you think you need to keep harming yourself as other and self-self to be safe.

Because of the illusion of space-time, what you do onto others then has to become karma… Time, space… Ha… How do I ever transcend ALL of this…

If we can transcend this and figure out a way, let us all vote ourselves logoi by ourselves. 10/10 best idea. God bless humanity…

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Maybe this one

20.14 Questioner: Assuming a major cycle is 25,000 years, at the end of the first 25,000-year cycle, how long was the life span?

Ra: The life span at the end of the first cycle which you call major was approximately seven hundred of your years.

20.15 Questioner: Then in 25,000 years we lost two hundred years of life span. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

20.16 Questioner: Can you tell me the reason for this shortening of life span?

Ra: I am Ra. The causes of this shortening are always an ineuphonious or inharmonious relational vibration between other-selves. In the first cycle this was not severe, but due to the dispersion of peoples and the growing feeling complex/distortions towards separateness from other-selves.

Greetings soulbrother. But I guess all of us are different permutations of ultimately the same thing talking to itself. The incarnate multiverse could be viewed as the street corner in which an infinitely insane entity screams at itself. (67.8232323% joking)

Ra did say something about age 30 being the point where spiritual development generally began (I assume they/it were talking about humans specifically given years and biology are going to be very different planet to planet or whatever other environs third density life could possibly live), nothing at all spiritual or religious (still not religious) about me for most of my life. I turn 30 and the weirdness accelerates exponentially.

I think this was/is a particularly troubled planet. I’m sure there are more negative planets- but at least they (most, I assume) know what direction they’re going in. Humanity is a herd of cats. A few of the cats are on MDMA, many are street cats, a minority got lost from loving homes, and a significant minority of the cats are on methamphetamine instead of MDMA. But the short life span (I’m not saying I’m necessarily “mature”, but I’ve seen A LOT of immature 65-85 year olds, most career politicians being a poignant example no matter their “side”) does make this species stupidly easy to manipulate. The tribalism of the “invested” creature (chimpanzees are terrifying) not helping matters nor the preoccupation with and ease of making weapons with opposable thumbs.

And you know what? Even in my Mind rather than brain filter (as in out of my body via psychedelics and meditation in high doses in a state with much expanded emotional and intuitional faculties), the entities I deal with make me feel like a bawling baby!

Ah yes, third wave, Milgram, Mk-Ultra, and more than I can list historically and presently.

Speaking of thieves of consciousness, I’m not well read in religious literature (besides Greco-Roman mythology), but there was something in an opening to a Duncan Trussell podcast episode about the “twin thieves”. Something having to do with Jesus, I think. The twin thieves of the past and future; focusing on either robs you of the eternal present.

“It sounds like you are simply a very loving hero” I think “hero” may be going a bit far. There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity and to some species… sometimes they are the same thing.

Here’s the third wave in musical form (performed by Jesus and some other Gurus, the second coming was apparently quite industrial). I still enjoy this sort of music in general more than peaceful sounding stuff- I’m not entirely sure my most recent life in which the swastika featured heavily (I would draw them on everything when I was a small child before knowing what it even was, and not the Buddhist kind) has worn off entirely. I apparently gave myself some handicaps (I’m certainly not going to become a leader of men and conqueror with severe anxiety and autism…) to prevent going down certain paths. Again.

“obedience breeds discipline, discipline breeds unity, unity breeds power, power is life”
“Du tust was Mann dir sagt…” (you do what someone tells you to do)
“Der Freiheit ist nur ein Traum…” (freedom is only a dream)
basically the philosophy of the Sith Lord (never mind the stamped url- it’s ultimately more division even if entertaining) pictured below whose organization has been quite busy pulling strings like garrotes.

But true strength is love not fear. Hate will make you feel powerful, but it’s simply the most apparent and easiest antidote to fear.
Looking really free-

Don’t mistake me for supporting either side of the false dichotomy of politics which are all beholden to the… more clever… negative personas.

May the hawk-headed god of the ancient alien son and the cat of eternal fecundity bless thee brother!