Some Encouragement: Daily Life in 4D

Makes sense to me. I can see first density seeping into the second density and second density seeping into the third, so why not see it happening NOW as fourth density descends and embraces the meek who will inherit the Earth.


Hello Brothers and Sisters.

That sounds interesting. In the process of moving to the 4th Density, we will finally be able to know the Truth. Of course, it may not be some ultimate truth, about the entire creation, however, matters of the 3rd Density will become crystal clear.

I see this as a very significant aspect of this change, which we can currently use as a catalyst. Well, I don’t know how about you, but I, when I imagine that everyone knows my thoughts, it gives me an extra encouragement to keep in purity, especially the purity of my mind. Strengthening my positive polarity at the same time.

In general, as far as changes are concerned, I’ve noticed that more often I manage to guess who is thinking what or what are the intentions of others. Someone unfriendly could interpret this as coincidences. Yet I suspect something more to it. And I have to admit that this is actually a mainly natural process…

I have never practiced some kind of magic that would allow me to read people’s minds or intentions. The main thing I was doing was the daily work on myself around choosing between STO and STS, where I was choosing to make it STO, at least as much as I was able to made it.

Greetings, positively.


Before other people see what you’re thinking, you would have to go through a process of seeing it ALL yourself. If a person can do that with themselves and survive the shock, then being seen by others would possibly seem less conscerning. I think the humilty gained by seeing self clearly will solve a good many problems. But first, people would have to want to see themselves, and i think we’re far from that point in these times. How many people do you know who are passionately working in that direction?

I’m very amazed to be able to say that over 50% of the people I know are very passionately engaging the idea of becoming a transparency in their journeys homeward, inward and into service to others. It’s very inspiring and gives me great hope that we are amassing far larger numbers, exponentially so, (say perhaps now moreso than when Ra originally offered their information) moving in the direction of polarizing STO positive. Heart warming and mind elevating! My spirit soars as I energize and expand via the Law of Squares this important movement toward becoming a Social Memory Complex and completing this Octave in the elegant dance of the Players on the Magical Gameboard!