Do we have only this life to make it to 4D?

Do we only have this one life to become harvestable before having to repeat a 3D 25,000 year cycle? Or are there a few more lives available for that?

The time happening all at once thing makes things difficult to say. I study NDEs, it’s a recent interest since I haven’t been super spiritual for all that long, but I’m obsessive about my interests.

I suspect that Ra’s words have to be a generalization and things are really too complicated for us to comprehend with only the processing power of these sort of physical brains trapping our spirits. I’ve listened to NDEs where apparently all lives on Earth in all times on Earth are lived at once and your current life affects the others. I’ve listened to another where a man was given information that his severely disabled daughter was an advanced spirit that came to help him learn unconditional love- the daughter was so disabled that she certainly wouldn’t be serving others to 51% in the normal way. Or maybe we really can’t recognize all the ways to serve others, it is, as Ra says, “impossible not to serve”.

For example, while I find conscious channeling a bit less believable than the Ra Contact, I read a thread on Reddit linking to a Q’uo session where it is asked about autism. Apparently at least some are wanderers that have a special role linked to vague things about helping the planet with their frequency or energy or whatever. I doubt spirits would come knowing they’d be trapped in a whole major cycle on another third density planet after that, but what do I know?

If this question simply interests you, I’m sure someone that can quote more material and has spent years studying this will respond for that sort of answer. However, if it causes you fear…
“Consciousness which has been disciplined by will and faith is that consciousness which may contact intelligent infinity directly. - 80.20
We encourage you to release fear as it feels safe to you to do so and to replace that quite understandable emotion with faith. Simply to live by faith is to bring an end to paradox and confusion, for to faith all things are acceptable. All experiences are those of love and the distortions of love. Faith is, shall we say, a code word suggesting a vibration that is more like the vibration of love itself. So wherever you are when you suddenly feel challenged, turn inward for the remembrance of your real and overriding nature. You are not simply a person caught between birth and death in a dance of no meaning. You are also a citizen of eternity, a child of the Creator and a dweller in light.” - Quo, Mar 23, 1997

Then, I’d just stick to the basics- just try to think of others and give them the help they want rather than the help you think they need preserving free will. And release fear. Focus on love.

A lot of strange things happen on Earth and many of them are unpleasant from our point of view. But close enough, like we are, something may look only black, move further back and it’s actually a beautiful painting with all the colors in it.

Strictly in terms of your question, Ra was a bit funky with time. If there’s a few more hundred years to go, then there’s potentially more tries if you maintained “seniority of vibration” by at least trying in this one. Someone else can try to give a better interpretation just based on the material, I’m sure, but, “all is well”. I personally suspect there’s multiple ways out and things aren’t as simple as that percentage quote everyone worries about. Multiple ways to access intelligent infinity too. But again, no one really knows for certain and that certainly includes me!


The quick answer is: No.

Just like many other ‘soul’ incarnating on earth in this era for a 3D experience, the same thing can happened to 3D soul currently incarnating on earth, they can also incarnate on other 3D planet / realms for 3D experience.

Being ‘harvestable’ is not the objective, it’s the ‘experiencing’ which is actually the objective.

Btw, I just reread the part where Ra stated that Himmler and Hermann (Goring?) has graduated into 4th density (negative) yet their boss; Adolf failed to graduate (into 4th D negative) due to his mental condition.

You likely have more lives. We haven’t even reached the point, nearing the end of the master cycle, where 3rd density Earth is mostly uninhabitable. Q’uo mentions that Earth is willing to extend its 3rd density habitability period to help improve the harvest yield.

With respect, if anyone–including you–is capable of polarizing in this lifetime, you might consider what pondering that question provides. :slight_smile:

Reincarnation is a legitimate metaphysical principle, and it is comforting to know that our Being carries on after the bodily death. It’s also important to not let reincarnation serve as an excuse to put off work in this lifetime. We chose to incarnate here and now, so let’s make the most of these circumstances.

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I so desperately do not want to reincarnate here again :point_left:t2:

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Learn to let go… so you’ll have no more attachment to/with planet earth and it’s inhabitants.


I don’t know how. I care too much.

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