S.O.S. to the universe

What you’ve already done is impressive. I understand a shade of this sort of suffering, some aspects, but less. Still that made me bitter, fairly negative and often suicidal besides having extreme luck in terms of various entities, corporeal and otherwise, showing me extreme compassion, forgiveness, love.

You seem to have a heavy incarnative burden. I’m not sure why you signed up for such a difficult course load. Or if you’re a wanderer like my wife, well, this planet just makes those sorts suffer a lot.

Here’s what I think though… you live like this and I do not detect hate and you even want to do volunteer work. Forget about this incarnation, I think you have a very positive and beautiful spirit.

Post acute withdrawal from many of those drugs you listed can last longer than six months. Important to taper the benzodiazepine according to the Ashton manual. A supplement, dihydromyricetin can help these memory issues and the benzo issue.

The shortcut to meeting the sorts of entities who send light and love is psychedelics, but maybe not a good idea right now. Maybe in a year or two.

Others will be better at explaining meditation than me, but just sincerely ask the whole you are a small part of for help. Repeatedly, treat them as friends and just unload your worries, troubles, wishes, hopes. You might begin to feel warmth and a pure love euphoria in your chest.

Help really is there.

One thing though, I won’t make a big deal about the virgin thing, most need/like sex, but ultimately it’s about love, lust is just a hobby. If you could just get comfortable with being touched by whichever gender… I think you could really use a hug. Sex is nice, but I think being deprived of simple touch is far more damaging.

The opposite of addiction is not abstinence, the opposite of addiction is connection.

Reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl might be useful.

Research neurogenesis and do all that which promotes it.

But forgive and be gentle with yourself.

I don’t always respond right away… but if you want a weird internet friend…. You’re welcome to pm me…

Light be with you, may the suffering of those on this planet please be alleviated soon…

I am reading A Wanderer’s Handbook and according to that I am a wanderer. I just got back from the park and saw a bright white orb of light in the sky. At first I thought it was a star as it was near sunset and the sky was clear but it was moving. After watching it for 30 seconds it disappeared, I kept looking in the area and it came back after a minute, I took out my phone to take a picture but it disappeared again. I felt a sense of peace after and I was asking it to take me away as I love the earth and animals and nature but I don’t like society or people in general. I am sure I will see it again.


I think you’re making more progress than your feelings may indicate. It’s not a friendly experience to continue bumping into things in the darkness, continuing to bruise and frustrate yourself. But it seems to me that you are slowly becoming more aware of the terrain you keep passing through, again and again.

You need new glasses. Your view of things is highly restricted. How much you restrict is a function of how much you can accept within your self. You will see more as you learn to accept more.

What does this mean? Yes, that is a pivotal query, my friend. What are you accepting, what are you resisting? What are you resisting that limits the scope your vision? What are you dodging and ducking? Methinks the memories lie smothered within. Search. Search for that which inclines you to bury your head and seek limitation, if you would seek for broader vistas and vitality and purpose.

Yeah I didn’t want to presume to diagnose you… but you fit the bill and that light seals the deal. Lights of various sizes and levels of plausible deniability seem to be the Confederation rather than the more physical ufos that demonstrate superiority over the military for likely sts reasons.

If you ever see a “star” blinking different colors, some actual stars do this but they’re not that common, like red and green that seems to wiggle, direct your consciousness to it, greet it kindly in your mind, ask it to dance. Those little ones are everywhere around where I am. Sometimes the stars are in front of cloudcover or tree lines, they want to be discovered by those inclined to believe and get hope from the contact.

You can read some of my more recent posts on my profile if you like. Preceding most of these events were the larger balls of light that appear, sometimes white, sometimes orange, my mate and I saw one and I yelled “please let me meet you, I see you confederation!”. My post on knowing what receiving light and love felt like followed this.

I am a native, but my wife is a wanderer who struggled with a lot of what we label mental illness. Things improve with help of our friends.

I can form an emotional, but not informational, telepathic link with her at times. I felt her pain, I know it’s rough paincationing here. I also felt the oversoul of the Earth and we hurt our dear mother and second density so much.

Follow the light and you can recharge, it can do many things that seem miraculous or impossible. Trust, but learn to discern crafty negative entities, they target wanderers. Unfortunately my mate has direct experience.

I know my species is sort of neurotic, too greedy, and too often cruel. But we’re not all bad and some of us want to change for the better.

Use your free will, but know that at least I salute your service more than I would anything military for sure.

LSDMTNT, lol. I am glad I am not the only one to see red and green blinking stars…
As to our Mother Earth, how can one défilé her and not immediately feel despair.

Jeebie, , I am with Mirror, I think you are more ahead than you think…. I hope you pat yourself on the back and feel some sort of awe for yourself :blue_heart:

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Just be careful to not separate others with labels. Third density, wanderer… whatever man, we are all the same. There is no difference between souls. This in an illusion, we are all characters playing parts. We are assigned roles but we don’t have to identify with anything unless we feel it completes something in us we feel is missing.

The key is to find joy within without the labels and stories. Just be.

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This might be of some use.


Yes, I have a question that I spoke of earlier to the group about meditating when one is feeling down, depressed, just bad about things in general. It should be the time when you go to meditate but I find it very difficult to do that. Could you comment on any ideas about how to help yourself make the situation more conducive at that moment to meditate when you are in a bad frame of mind?


We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The tendency of an entity who is distressed or depressed is to wish to seek a numbness, a lessening of the jangling of the nerves or the awareness of the pain involved in whatever has caused that kind of discomfort. And certainly, when one moves into meditation, the opposite effect occurs: the sense of reality becomes sharper and the landscape clarifies. Therefore, it is natural, my brother, that you would find it difficult to move into the silence, for that silence speaks and those still, small voices that speak in the silence tell uncomfortable truths and bring up material that simply intensifies and sharpens the original discomfort.

In one sense we would say to you it is a good discipline to go ahead and move into that silence, despite the resistance. However, we might suggest that it would be helpful to you, if you decide to go that way, to create a routine that is in the creation of the Father, as this instrument would call it. The meditative walk through the natural environment gives the process of meditation the boost of the support of the first and second-density creatures: the earth, the air, the fire, and water are around you in the creation, as are second-density entities such as trees and plants and those entities such as birds and animals with which you share the creation. Their nature is not trammeled with third-density concerns and so they are instinctively supportive of you, my brother. It is very grounding to be in touch with the earth. This instrument, for instance, finds it helpful simply to pull a few weeds at the end of the day, not because she is making such a huge difference in her garden, but mostly because the contact is so soothing and so beneficial to her.

Sometimes it helps to change from an indoor environment or a working environment to the natural environment. It is not that it softens the blow of silence. Silence can be very confrontive. Meditation can be uncomfortable when one is dealing with things one does not understand. Yet we encourage you to continue the discipline of meditation and simply change the venue, moving from the civilized and domestic environment of house and chair and so forth to the stillness of motion as you walk and take your meditation, with motion being a part of it.

We would also comment on that which the one known as R1 said at the time that you originally had spoken of asking this query. The one known as Ron said that he had found it helpful, when one was mired in terms of one’s own process, to get out of that box of self, to focus on doing something for someone else. We would agree with this assessment, and say that it is a tremendous help to the process of understanding the self to get out of the small circle that one has worn in the carpet by going around and around the same thought, lifting oneself into another environment, looking at another problem, looking at how to serve another entity. All of these are very helpful in terms of freeing the self up from a bondage which has not been perceived but is very real. For one ties oneself into a pattern by habit and it helps to pull oneself out of it.

We would say, however, that it is also helpful to realize that doing this is a technique which bypasses the inner work in any direct manner. So it is well, say, at the end of the day to come back to that concern in a contemplative setting and to ask yourself at the end of the day, “What do I still see here? What is catching me? Where are the triggers involved in this situation and how does my highest and best self see into this situation, given that love and that wisdom that have come to me in this day?” For you truly have grown today. So it is helpful, shall we say, in the evening or before you go to bed or as you are going to sleep to move in a peaceful and contemplative way into your own thoughts once again, asking yourself what the harvest of the day is. What have you gained, what have you released, what has caught you, and why?

The one known as R2 said that he distinctly remembered reading many times that we have said it is the questions that you ask that are truly valuable rather than the answers which you receive. Let yourself be curious. Let yourself ask. Be bold. For you see, what you are trying to burn through is the numbness and the resistance that you have learned to defend yourself by using in your daily life. You want to get to that place where you are in the default setting and yet you are kept from it by the cotton wool that you have battened in order to protect yourself. Wonderful is that moment when you blow it all away with the true wine of unconditional love and acceptance so that you are in full body contact with yourself, your essence, and who you really are. These are times to be prized, remembered and found again and again.


All deserve equal love and respect ultimately, but categorization can help identify things that may help one entity more than another. Equality, but also diversity.

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Labels are just more separation. That is the opposite of Oneness to me.

If my mission is to love everything and everyone how do I love people? How do I activate higher vibrations? I can’t seem to find the answers anywhere. In a quote from Q’uo “The danger always is that the wanderer will not wake up, or, if it is partially awake, that it will awaken only to complain that it is not comfortable, that it wants to go home, that it must leave this place that is so polluted and dirty.” How do I go from partially awake to fully awake?

You must love yourself truly and deeply before attempting to love everyone else.


Well said! go inward first.
Love yourself unconditionally. This will then again relate to acceptance and gratitude.
Afterwards one shall radiate those love outwards.
And eventually the ‘thickness of separation’ between inward and outwards will grow thinner and thinner.

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I am grateful to all response to this thread even if I don’t say it. I feel that it is a given without having to say anything. I believe I have been doing everything everyone suggested before I even read the answers. I found law of one less than 14 days ago, I seem to be rushing through everything without patience. A sense of urgency that I have to figure it out as soon as possible. A feeling of there being little time left in this incarnation and this reality. My main issue that I believe is holding me back is the intolerable insomnia. I barely sleep and when I do it is a constant of waking up a dozen times in a span of 4-6 hours a night. It takes me longer than an hour to fall asleep. I often have nightmares or bad dreams. I have had this insomnia since I was a child. I don’t get restorative sleep or feel refreshed when I decide I am done sleeping for the day. I only drink 1-2 cups of medium roast coffee a day and not less than 8 hours before attempting to sleep. I dread every night because I know I have to go through this every night. I exorcise and eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, staying away from processed foods. I intermittent fast and often only eat once a day with maybe a few snacks during the day or a protein shake. If there was one thing I wished for it would be to have normal sleep as the rest would follow.

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This strikes me as being but a symptom, but what do I know?

If you feel this way, then find yourself a good hypnotherapist who can guide your subconscious self to support you in this regard. I would guess that a single session could handle this, if that’s all you see fit work on.

I saw another UAP/UFO at the park about 45 minutes ago. This time it was a black orb that was moving in the sky. I managed to take a pic but my phones camera isn’t very good. My brother used a forensic tool on it.

I saw another orb of light earlier today, it was on my way to the park and I was still in my neighborhood. Why does it disappear as soon as I take out my phone? This is becoming an everyday thing since sunday, wtf is going on?

Where about in this picture are you seeing this object? I’m not sure, something draws my eye in the upper right corner…

Strangely it reminds me of the other night… I was minding my own business, staring up at “Orion” constellation and noticed something “red” just off of the upper right star Bellatrix. It wasn’t glowing or pulsing like most stars.

My roommate tried to tell me it was a star, but I knew it wasn’t one. I said “ I swear that isn’t glowing like most stars.” He didn’t agree. He said “I swear on the life of my mother that I’m right.” Turns out, it was Mars. :fire: Sometimes the easiest things to see are the hardest to accept. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

It was pretty awesome to spot Mars with the naked eye. I found a cool site that verified the star locations above the Earth.

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I zoomed in and put a circle over it, I have been seeing them everyday at around 6:30-8:00pm since last sunday. I have been writing it down.
3/34/23 around 7:45pm - 8:20pm bright looking star stationed under the moon was venus, saw orb flying on my way home.
3/23/23 around 7:30pm saw a black metallic sphere fly right over me, I was meditating in the grass and gave up on seeing another one and was standing up to leave when I saw it above me to the left. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking so much, I took out phone put it on video and tapped the red record button only it wasn’t recording, I zoomed in on it and tracked it flying over me for about 30 seconds until it passed the tree line. Then pressed the red record button again to stop the video only to realize it was never recording.
3/22/23 around 6:45pm saw another orb of light, while I was still in the neighborhood on my way to the park. Took out phone and it dissapeared
3/21/23 around 7:30pm saw a black orb moving in the sky, was meditating in a grassy field at the park.
3/19/23 around 7:00pm saw a round orb of light in sky (looked like a star in a clear sky but it was moving) at park, went away after 30seconds and came back into vision for a few seconds and took out my phone to take a pic then it disapeared.

edit: this is zoomed in above the tree in the middle of the picture.
Also recorded something that looks like an orb last night but I can’t seem to upload video files here.

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