Ever since I was a kid I just couldnt get it up,wanna give me a hand?

So guys its kind of exciting because Ive never asked advice on,like,a blog before and I feel really nerdy doing i but its also cool because its like im around family. Alright so basically guys i wanna astral project and,dude,its sooooo hard. Ive tried everything:Meditation,sleeping a lot,willing my self to leave,going into trance,staring at the room im in then visualising as im sleeping,visualising gimmel and yod (the letter G, I ,O,and U dont ask.)even asked Michael (the archangel,dont ask.) to help me and ive been doing this for years now.I talked to my mentor and told him my problem and hes like "Just keep doing what youre doing and make sure you keep journaling"I want to astral so I can really learn from the people whove helped me and love me,I really believe if i can master astraling I can ask the questions I want and…just learn stuff but my walk as an occultist has been stagnated lately so idk…Y’know, I could do some LSD,thats what my mentor does and he can do sooo many cool things because of it but Im trying to do all of this without drugs cause i dont want to get addicted (Hes the sweetest guy youll ever meet but…hes addicted).Please help me any advice at this point is better than what Ive been finding now.

I never have been able to OBE, I lost interest. However, I did visit the Monroe Institute and I recommend trying one of their audio programs. Learning to put your body to sleep while keeping your mind awake seems to be a perfect way to achieve results. I found their Hemisync audio to work well.

I’ve also heard good things about the Monroe institute. You may also be able to train locally if you have a friend with similar inclinations near by, not so much to astral project but to practice hypnosis as used for past life regressions or to speak and meet with guides. There are youtube videos of hypnosis, including in India I’ve watched recently, with less of the into deleted so you can get a better feel for the time and techniques used to induce that state. You need an external questioner to ask questions, and hopefully record the audio, which cell phones can do. If you are in that deep state your brain won’t be fully on to formulate questions and responses, and if the one under hypnosis were to try this complex thought and awareness, they would be too awake to connect, if that makes any sense.

I would offer a bit of advice if I may, speaking from personal experience which may or may not apply to you. I think one of the reasons we come here is to forget who we really are, what we have done, and the relatively vast understanding of how things work on the other side. I came here not knowing what’s behind the curtain, and that has been one of the great joys, seeing and learning with fresh eyes, a virgin sense of wonder. I am excruciatingly curious, and always wanted to know how stuff works, and learn the mysteries unseen.

Now, in hindsight I understand why the secrets were rarely revealed. So I could have the experience I wanted, and I have the rest of eternity to remember who I truly am in a more complete sense. It’s only in the past several years (I’m 55 now) that I have been permitted (by my higher self/guides) to unlock a few of those delicious mysteries. A trickle of discovery to keep me excited about learning and discovering. I am at the point in my life now where knowing more is appropriate and not a hindrance or spoiler. I was told one of the reasons for my limited discover is that it would shift more of my focus from this physical Earth experience. I do admit that I would likely want to spend a lot more time surfing the cosmos than relishing the view from my back deck or engaging with society.

That said, I do try to be sensitive as to what I think I truly want to know from our higher self, and if it feels not appropriate to ask at this time, I don’t even ask. I could ask and then be told no, or receive no answer, but I believe it may be a demonstration in maturity if we resist seeking what we feel is not in our best interest (regarding discovery and growth). Kind of like a 14 year old not even bothering to ask his dad if he can take the car out for a drive and do some burnouts.

I’ve had a few OBE’s, only 2 were initiated by me. I have also sought this earnestly, reading, learning, practicing essentially to no avail. I can routinely get close, full body electric tingle, moving sensation, but can’t get over the hump and exit the body. I need help from the other side at this point to make a strong enough connection or whatever… I have asked to be guided and taught how to have OBE’s more at will, but so far nothing so I accept it gladly, knowing it is best.

Perhaps I will someday or perhaps I won’t because my higher self knows it would detract from my experience here. I do know that at this time I am disinclined to do past life regressions with people, hypnosis, or ayahuasca. I know I would learn a lot, and perhaps too much… I do very occasionally use mushrooms in a sacramental way and always learn about myself and other stuff. The last time, among other things I learned that the present day artistic style of the Southwestern U.S. is the offshoot of Lemurian Art. Trivial, yet interesting to me. I would discourage the use of any substance unless you feel led to after meditation and introspection. I only very rarely feel inclined to do it. Perhaps it’s inappropriate for me to even submit this paragraph…

So I guess in closing I would say be patient with yourself, do what you feel inclined to do, and keep the awareness that what we want at the time in hindsight may not have been the best choice. I am hopeful that having OBE’s at will will be in both our best interests :wink:

Best Regards,

Trying to remember to enjoy my time at Disneyworld instead of obsessing what is outside the wall.

Doug,Kevin,and the guy who privately messaged me. Thank you. I love you boys. Yes Kevin.

To wrap this thread up in Kevins signature fashion Ive provided a quote that I think is very fitting with the lesson taught by Kevin…lets learn/teach again soon guys. :stuck_out_tongue:.

We all learn lessons in life. Some stick, some don’t. I have always learned more from rejection and failure than from acceptance and success.
-Henry Rollins

Hi Usernamewho

You can do many cool things even without ‘astraling’.
You can always ask questions even without ‘astraling’, your guide(s) have quadrillion ways to answer your question.
Not being able of ‘astralling’ is not a handicap nor a sign of ‘inferiority’, you’re in 100% perfect condition and there’s absolutely no need to consume LSD either.

Having said that, you will definitely do a ‘mandatory astralling’ that’s when the time has come for your physical body a.k.a current identity to drop dead. Physical death is an ‘astralling’ event. Thus such capability is in built within you by default and you have done it so many times before, you just don’t have access to such memory, temporarily, at the moment.

Having also said that, here are some things that you might try to do ‘astralling’ during your current incarnation. Astral projection is not the action taken by your conscious mind. It’s taken by your sub-conscious mind. Among the easiest way to do that is through your dream. If you can be aware that you’re dreaming, during your dream, then you will enter a state that is known as ‘lucid dreaming’. Once you’re aware that ‘this is a dream’, tell / issue a command for the dream to stop, once the dream is dissolved you’ve entered the ‘astral projection’ state. Your ‘awareness’ is awake while your physical body thus conscious mind is asleep. You’re sensing ‘everything’ through your astral body and astral senses, sometimes also being referred as ‘energy body’.

Have fun