Questions for the confederation from forum members

Hello seekers, wanderers, and all.

The purpose of this thread is to help us collectively pitch in our own questions for the channeling circle.

(This is non-affiliated, and did not come from l/l research. I felt that we all should be able to ask questions and seek for guidance. I feel it is unfair to not have a space to allow readers/seekers like ourselves to also further our understanding of the Law of One.)

  • Please formulate your own questions that are in relation to the Loo, whether they are from the Ra materials, or from the present channeling sessions, or anything that comes to mind! it doesn’t have to be restrictive to only the materials.


  1. The book of Mormon, it was mentioned that E.T. contacted Joseph Smith, who are these E.T.?

  2. Who was Carl Jung, and who were the entities in his red book?

  3. The James Webb telescope detected galaxies that are beyond 300 million years old, which predate the big bang. What is the big bang anyways? was that the ‘original thought?’ or the previous octave?

Please share your questions and also answers. (If the answers already existed in the archive/search, but was asked in a different way.)

I am hoping that if we collect enough questions, the channeling circle can integrate some of these questions into their sessions in the future.

Collectively, I believe we can move the boulder together…

update: Please bold and indent your questions in your comment so others can quickly see your queries when reading through the thread. Like this above!

Also, please feel free to “like/heart” questions from others that you feel you would also like to understand/know.

Much light y’all


By the way, L/L Research shared suggestions for how to formulate questions.

They accept questions sent to their contact email address… with the caveat that they already have a mountain of questions. :wink:


Can’t say I’ve read all of the conscious channeling stuff post-Don. However, my research into NDEs, personal spiritual experiences with UFOs and psychic contact via various methods with entities positive and negative (mostly positive) lead me to believe that the general ethical and the basic outline of the cosmology from Ra matches closest to what’s going on. Obviously I don’t know anything for sure and despite some very intense personal experiences, I’ll believe in the underground Yetis when I follow one into its cave.

But I have to say, I really enjoyed the “I know this is unimportant information…” but we want people to be interested in reading the books type questions.

I think Ra says it had an elongated, slightly delicate body with a “golden integument” (gotta love those Ra-isms, like ‘chirurgeon’-wonder if that’s a symptom of its trouble with time as we experience it- can’t just say skin, though I suppose integument is more general and could refer to anything from carapace to clothing to jellyfish… gel) in some higher density. But I think at the level it was mentioning, one is supposed to be able to look like whatever one wants, correct me if I’m wrong.

1. I’d like to know what Ra looked like, the species’ physical form, in third and fourth density, particularly third.

Questioning the cosmos myself, I’m not to the level of conversational channeling- yes and no questions and in “shamanic” states the information I get from random entities seems to focus on personal development and I cannot be sure what species or social memory complexes relate to which visions. Or if they’re “alive” or in spirit, honestly.

If Ra developed so peacefully, I wonder if it evolved from some sort of herbivore.

If it happened to look like a sort of deer-like creature with backwards knees and bird-like feet, horns used socially rather than for fighting, and protofeathers (as well as head ornaments that were some sort of technology even though these creatures seemed to choose to live in an idyllic natural way) then my suspicions about a special someone’s past life regression session would win me a bet. Not that I’d love said entity less or more were they a “celebrity” wanderer… The sky was apparently some sort of faded yellow rather than blue.

  1. More generally I’d like to know if second density bodies that evolve (or get “invested” by the Logos or whatever) into third that are predatory in nature are more likely than average to follow “the path that is not” and the opposite for herbivores or photosynthesizers and so on.

Obviously I cannot ask about creatures that have absolutely no Earth comparison and are silicon-based or whatever.

  1. I’d also like to know what higher density beings do for recreation. When they aren’t working on STOing, STSing, or balancing, or messing around with third density planets. I’m sure it’s a broad range of things, but just one example from one species would be interesting.

  2. Also I do wonder if needed (what most would define as needed) violence is ever free of “karmic entanglement”. Like let’s say an individual is going to do the things serial killers do to you or a loved one or there’s a despot that’s going to enslave your tribe. I know even not accepting Orion enslavement “what they’re offering” is somehow depolarizing in Ra’s opinion since the most loving thing is supposedly to just accept what’s offered, but is one from elsewhere automatically stuck here for a time after their initial death if they are forced into a bad situation?

  3. Slightly joking, but for 4th density… how frequent are the orgies, raves, and similar festivities?

If anything like this has been answered, I’d love a link. There’s A LOT of conscious channeling and being new to spirituality there’s human authors I need to read too.

I can’t be the only one that accepts the spiritual angle and all the ethical advice, but really likes the “science fiction” side too… without UFOs and aliens, there is no way I would have ever read the Ra Contact. Never would have given it a chance- and then I wouldn’t know which UFOs to follow and which want me to “feel like a second density laboratory creature”. Not that I’ve seen any of the second variety, just the first. Or how to protect myself from the less than friendly “greetings” that I have to fend off in various states to get to those oh so warm and nice entities with which I actually want to commune.


I would be careful about any channeling that might get Ra involved. LSDMTNT, you brought up something of the paradox of free will I was contemplating regarding violence in self defense/ protection of self-other self.

If what we have been given regarding pre-incarnated choices is true, then technically everything that happens in this density was already planned. The paradox being it is only free will because I/we forgot that this was already chosen as a possible outcome, so to us in 3rd density, it seems like a choice.

That being said, if one should encounter a mass shooter/serial killer-rapist/etc then it can be argued that prior to incarnating here, our souls discussed the possibility of it ending violently for one or both of us. Thus, there really is no karmic debt since the souls involved already agreed upon this possible outcome.

I guess that would lead into a question. If it is true that we decided all the experiences to have with other selves prior to this incarnation, then isn’t karmic debt really only accrued due to the Veil and us believing we have karmic debt? Or put another way, is karmic debt a trap used by STS entities to keep us here so they can continue to feed?


Thanks Patrick!

I am aware, and do understand there is a “suggestion box.”

And that there is a mountain of questions.

But that mountain of questions from readers and seekers should actually motivate the channeling circle to ask Q’uo/confederation on behalf of all the students/teachers of the Loo.

On the other hand, I feel that the “heart” or “like” system in the forum could help highlight question/s that are interested by the collective.


If I put on my Alex Jones or David Icke hat, I’d agree enthusiastically and start yelling about psychic pedophile vampires and lizard people and the light being a reptilian soul trap and the veil of forgetting being run via the hollow moon put around earth by the demiurge.

But all joking aside, I’d like to believe that the Light has its reasons that are ultimately loving. The more I know, the less I know. The more personal spiritual experiences I have, the more I realize my ignorance. The law of one and the material related to the army report that comes to similar conclusions to construct a model of the universe in which the successes had in remote viewing both different times and locations are great for getting one’s mind in a knot. Mind knots can be fun, particularly in certain chemical states.

As for me, I’m going to agree with a Hatton quote I read on Reddit. The intellect can be useful, but unless you unite your intellect with your feelings and intuition, and of course they recommend meditation, you end up with the situation we have on earth which is heavily intellectual but a planet of children in terms of true maturity. We often judge being able to quote various famous authors, or manipulate business, or whatever our particular culture judges mature as true maturity. We have endless intellectual constructs in industrial civilization, but most of us still are children at the core. This would include me, I’ve gone native. I think the answer is in the heart, not the mind as much as I like my surface level intellectual stuff like other humans.

Free will, rather it’s real is a brain teaser whether you examine in a materialistic way or a panpsychic way.

Do I really have a choice? The positive entities I’ve met psychically, long story, exude such warmth and love that I would do anything they asked me to just for another few moments of their presence. They don’t command though, not so far, so perhaps there is something to the LoL cosmology. But even if I’m not always good at it, if sto gets me more of that feeling, then I’m certainly not even considering sts! But if I’m doing sto for that reason, am I just being sts after all? But I suppose it does feel better to pet a puppy than kick it into obedience regardless…

So many questions.

Anyway good post. But why wouldn’t we want Ra involved? And aren’t they a member of Quo anyway? Or is something else being channeled of late? I only got into this sort of stuff and started having personal experiences in the pas year.

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That second question was more of an extra and since it can be answered with a simple yes/no, I figured to add it. I’m more along the belief of we have karmic debt because we make it so.

I totally agree about what you said regarding intellect and intuition, both have their place, both need to be in balance with each other. I’m concerned about channeling Ra because of what I read in the Ra Material. Don’t have a question so I won’t take up more time now.

My Question:
Did this Earth have a 3rd density Master Cycle of 77,000 years before this current one, or are we ending the first for this planet?

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For @oswg_jeremy

Through hypnotherapy a person can ask the subconscious mind to reveal the lessons intended for this incarnation, the significance of various life events or courses of action pertaining to these lessons and many other related things. Because such answers are normally not directly available, what might be the consequences of seeking such answers? Could the disruption of any intended confusion be deleterious? Does hearing such answers incur additional responsibilities if the seeker finds them to be resonant with their sense of personal knowing? What other spiritual lessons may be involved in such a process, and how is it best to approach such a method of seeking so that one benefits most deeply from it?

So I wasn’t able to find any answer to this. Other than l/l circle just saying it was “aliens” that contacted Joseph Smith.

But someone I knew that left the church recently shared this link with me.
Specifically [2 Nephi 5:21]

“And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.”

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I haven’t read many of the newer channelings so I apologize if it has been covered. I’m also unsure if such a question would be suitable for the conscious channel as well but figured I’d ask.

Unsure whether the federation members would consider it transient but I’d love to hear their perspectives on between incarnations. Something akin to the book Journey of Souls.