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Hello everyone. In a recent post, I presented what I believe to be the complete list of Confederation entities channeled by the L/L circle. In that post, I also noted that I sought to make posts about the entities. Please consider this post to be the first in that series. The posting frequency will occur according to the dictates of life. :slight_smile:

So, let’s get started with Orcas.

L/L channelings

Appearances: 1
Session: 1981-0802 (between Ra Sessions 64 and 65)

Description of entity

Member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, a “recent graduate” into fourth density, a “planetary entity” according to Hatonn.

Nature of contact

Orcas notes that this is their “initial contact” and are “unaware of any entity performing [their] allotted task.” Furthermore, Orcas states they were “allowed to contact the [channeling] group.” From what we know, it seems fair to assume that the Confederation provided the authorization for the contact.

Why is Orcas contacting the L/L channeling circle? Orcas says it’s simply because they’re able to receive the communication:

Although a stronger desire exists elsewhere upon your planetary surface, the ability for communication does not exist.

I think it’s interesting to note that Orcas did not directly contact the L/L channeling circle. The L/L circle began channeling Hatonn in their standard manner. Shortly after starting the session, Hatonn offered to “[share] this contact” with Orcas. I’m left with the humorous impression of Hatonn passing the phone over to Orcas to share their thoughts.

Reason for contact

Orcas felt the call to offer their assistance due to a growing belief among humanity that the end is nigh, that world-ending cataclysm is inevitable:

As many on your planetary surface find a likelihood for a very difficult physical future in which to complete their incarnate lessons prior to the time of harvest, it was deemed a sufficient calling to allow response.

Note these humans are not confined to one particular social division but are spread across the planet across many geographic areas:

The calling exists in a primarily scattered form throughout your race as more become convinced of an impending disaster and an awareness [inaudible] concerning each entity’s lack of knowledge concerning their own planetary surface and their ability to coexist with what the Creator has placed upon that surface. The discomfort associated with this knowledge resulted in a calling sufficient to evoke a response.

Just because Orcas answered the call only means the desire for assistance became sufficiently strong, not that a cataclysm is inevitable:

The timing of my arrival, so to speak, was dependent, not upon physical events, but rather on a level of desire emitted from your planetary surface.

Later in the same session, Hatonn corroborates that Orcas’ arrival “results from a calling and not from impending physical conditions.” In a session channeled over 25 years later, Q’uo corroborates that cataclysms are not inevitable by noting that the 1998 pole shift was averted due to the work of light bringers [2007-0211].

Area of specialization

(A general theme among the different channeled entities is a specialization of assistance.) Orcas characterizes their specialization as follows:

I am one who may be of assistance in guidance in surviving future events on your planetary surface.

Primary advice on surviving future events

Orcas’ message focuses on how to survive and grow in the world. Their best advice: try to identify yourself with other-selves, animals, and plants.

On survival and growth

According to Orcas, a human being will best survive and grow if they "accept their surroundings as a portion of themselves, to live in a manner in which a sharing exists between themselves and the…first, second and third-level entities of their world.” In their view, to become aware that “oneness exists…can be of assistance in physical survival.”

On the importance of the physical body

Orcas also recommends developing an understanding of how to best sustain the physical body:

While it is indeed not necessary to become overwhelmed with attention to the physical future, it is also of a potential benefit to receive advice concerning the interaction between your physical vehicle and the realm within which it exists.

Other channelings of Orcas

Orcas appears to have been channeled by the HARC circle in January 2024, though the HARC channeling transcript spells the name as “Oorkas” rather than Orcas. In that session, Orcas provides special focus on the “light touch” as discussed by Ra. Out of respect for the forum guidelines, I won’t discuss that channeling in any further detail.

That being said, Ra characterizes the light touch as such:

We can suggest an attempt to become aware of the other-self as self and thus do that action which is needed by other-self, understanding from the other-self’s intelligence and awareness. In many cases this does not involve the breaking of the distortion of Free Will into a distortion, or fragmentation, called infringement. However, it is a delicate matter to be of service, and compassion, sensitivity, and an ability to empathize are helpful in avoiding the distortions of man-made intelligence and awareness. 18.6

To this author’s knowledge, no other channelings of Orcas (a.k.a. “Oorkas”) have occurred.


Orcas seems like an entity who wants to find their groove and help however they can. They were able to swing by Earth due to a growing call for help echoing up the densities. Our present third-density existence is replete with challenge and opportunity, and Orcas reminds us to emphasize the value of seeing the good in all things by striving to realize oneness even while surrounded by thickening darkness. We should take solace in the thought that cataclysmic destruction is not inevitable and instead live a life full of remembrance that tomorrow is shaped by our personal character and desires. Thanks, Orcas.


Great job, Stephen! I’m looking forward to more of these breakdowns on the contacts. I think it’s important to survey their styles, their approaches, and stuff like that so we understand better the coherent vibration being negotiated between instrument and contact. A couple of points for your consideration:

  1. It’s worth noting that this contact was made with “L” as instrument. This is likely a reference to Leonard Cecil, a longtime channelling student of Carla’s at that point. If I’m not mistaken, he was present at the first contact with Ra, so I think the training was working well, as it is no small feat to accept a new contact reliably.
  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Carla’s hostility to Orcas. The session has come up a couple of times in conversations on Facebook, and there’s been a frequent comment from multiple folks about that. I think Carla was so OVER the fear based stuff, earth changes, political upheavals, war rumors, etc. that she let that personal bias nearly squander what those of us now consider a pretty important opportunity. It’s understandable, and a great reason why these kinds of contact need to be negotiated by groups collectively and not just a single leader.

As you continue this study of contacts, consider checking into other circles prior to L/L’s such as Circle R, the Detroit Group, Richard Miller, etc. This is research I’ve been doing off and on, and I’d love to help. I’m thinking of doing an episode of my podcast on a kind of survey of one or many of these past groups in the Confederation lineage, so message me if you’re interested.

Thanks for sharing and great work!


I was quite taken aback by Carla’s handling of Orcas. I want to primarily focus on the entity and their message, but you make a good point that information on the channelers might be good to include moving forward.

Great suggestions for further research. I just investigated the historical L/L Research information, and it’s quite interesting stuff. For example, in addition to Hatton (a.k.a. Hatonn), Oxal and Yaum were also channeled by Clyde Trepanier, in addition to quite a variety of other identified and unidentified entities. Other than those sources, do you have any other links to information?

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I have an off and on project to turn the Richard Miller space tapes / Solar Cross Foundation material into transcripts. While there are stylistic differences, the congruence with LLR’s work — especially their pre-Ra work — is striking. In fact, Eric Blincow did some excellent initial work on transcribing some of the sessions:

I might also suggest Mark Probert’s The Magic Bag as Confederation-adjacent, and at some point I’ll find some Ashtar stuff from Van Tassel and see if it’s any good — I have a hard time finding it, and I’m usually really disappointed by what Ashtar Command stuff I do find.