The Role of Wanderers and Cataclysms

For it is by fire and in fire that our hemisphere will soon be tried. And just as, by means of fire, gold is separated from impure metals, so, Scripture says, the good will be separated from the wicked on the great Day of Judgment. . . . The age of iron has no other seal than that of Death.


A curious monument exists in the small coastal town of Hendaye in Southwestern France. The ordinary-looking monument stands at the corner of Saint Vincent’s Church and if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t notice it.

However, this monument holds a secret message - one that contains a warning of catastrophe and the closing of the current age. It is, as the alchemist and author Vincent Bridges called it, “A true monument to the end of time.”


The monument itself has three basic components: the upper cross, the column or pillar, and the pedestal. The upper cross has three symbolic components, the pillar is its own symbol, and the base has four symbols, for a total of eight symbolic images.

The famous alchemist Fulcanelli first wrote about this strange monument in his pivotal work “The mystery of the cathedrals” where he describes the monument as telling a story about the completion of a cycle.

On the Eastern facing side, we see an image of a Star. Next, on the southern face, an image of a moon can be seen, and on the western face, an angry-looking Sun, followed by 4 A’s aligned and separated by a cross on the Northern facing side.

What we have is essentially a story that depicts various cataclysms that have occurred throughout the ages. At the start of each age, humanity exists in darkness for a time and eventually comes to a place where the illuminations of spirit have caused significant advancement of the 3rd density being. This entrance into the beginnings of illumination inevitably leads to humanity becoming distracted by “shadows”.

Humanity, being enamored by the shadows cast by the illuminations of the spirit, begin to get lost in the chimeras of the mind. They chose to erect a world devoid of Spirit and began to attract the action of the potentiator in order to provide the necessary illumination needed to help find their way out of the dark.

After each age, the potentiator’s action caused humanity to once again be thrust into darkness, necessitating a rebirth.

The Cross of Hendaye indicates that this has occurred before and we are approaching the end of the cycle. It provides a warning for humanity, encoded in symbolic imagery, of an approaching time of great catastrophe.

This catastrophe has occurred before and likely will again and I believe it is the role of wanderers to help mitigate the damaging effects of this shift of the ages.

To understand these catastrophe cycles, we must first begin with our Logos, the Sun.

The Sun can be seen as a type of broadcast station. All creative energy in our solar system originates from the Sun. The Sun is constantly broadcasting various frequencies at all times and responds to the needs of the various planets within its care.

The Sun ushers forth, from time to time, huge bursts of energy which serve as a great catalyst of change. These are known as Solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections. Solar flares vary in intensity with the most extreme class being highly disruptive to electronics. In 1860, a huge solar flare known as the Carrington Event was so powerful telegraph operators reported wires sparking. One can only imagine what a similar flare could do to our modern electrical way of life.

Monka, a group consciousness channeled by various law of one channeling circles describes these solar flares and CMEs metaphorically as a “hormone release”. A hormone is a chemical message which, when released, signals to the body when and where to do something.

So, too, it appears, that the release of energy from the Sun signals the various bodies within our solar system to do something.

Interestingly, a hormone is released only when a stimulus is applied to the body. For example, the hormone melatonin is released when the body is resting and ready to sleep, the external stimuli being darkness. Growth hormones are timed to release precisely when the body reaches a certain age.

What, then, are the stimuli that invoke the release of energy from the Sun?

The bodies themselves must signal to the Sun the need for such energy.

We have on Earth a situation where there is a sharp disconnect between our consciousness and the environmental consciousness. In other words, our experience of reality is in sharp contrast to the needs of the Earth and the emerging 4th density environment.

Hatonn, an entity channeled by various channeling groups says regarding cataclysms and consciousness,

“These cataclysms are simply evidence that the personal growth of those who dwell upon the planet has not kept pace with the natural environment’s growth. Therefore, the entry into the next vibration has become difficult, making it necessary for the inharmony between consciousness and environmental consciousness to be alleviated by catastrophes such as the one you are experiencing.”

This passage is suggesting that the inhabitants of a planet and the planet itself have a consciousness that, while being distinct, also directly affects the other.

All of our thinking, our energy, our thoughts, and our actions, directly affect how “healthy” the planet is. And in response to the needs of the planet, the Sun sends healing energy in order to help alleviate disharmony.

Depending on the amount of disharmony present reflects the intensity of the cataclysms that may result. The stronger the block, the stronger the catalyst needed to dislodge it.

Cataclysms, it seems, vary in intensity based on the need for catalysts. The root word of catalyst is from the Greek words kata- (down) and luein (loosen).

Cataclysm has its origin in the Greek word kleue- which means “to wash clean”.

If energy needs to be loosened, a catalyst will appear to provide the necessary means to “wash clean” and clear the energy.

Catalyst provides experience and the experience being offered has the effect of “loosening” blocked energy - energy blocked often due to previously unprocessed catalyst.

What this means is that unprocessed, species-wide catalysts will be increasingly loosened and then brought out into the daylight. Which is why you are seeing more polarization, more intense conflict, etc. Things that need healing are being brought out from the collective unconscious and into the light of day.

Since humanity is struggling to process the intense catalyst present in it’s collective unconscious, the natural “birth” of the 4th density Earth is being made difficult.

In the Law of One material, Ra and other channeled groups make continuous reference to a “difficult birthing process”, referring to the disconnect between the inhabitants of the planet and the emerging 4th density environment.

Qu’o says,

“…the transition into the fourth density is occurring with some difficulty in the birthing process, shall we say…”

And Ra mentions,

“In the event of mixed harvest there is nearly always disharmony and, therefore, added catalyst in the form of your so-called ‘earth changes’.”

Ra also adds some additional insight into Earth experiencing birthing pains,

“In your space/time, you and your peoples are the parents of that which is in the womb. The earth, as you call it, is ready to be born, and the delivery is not going smoothly. When this entity has become born it will be instinct with the social memory complex of its parents which have become fourth-density positive. In this density, there is a broader view.”

Ra also describes the role of the Sun in this process,

“You may begin to see your relationship to the Logos, or sun, with which you are most intimately associated. This is not the relationship of parent to child but of Creator (that is Logos) to Creator (that is the mind/body/spirit complex as Logos).

When this realization occurs you may then widen the field of ‘eyeshot,’ if you will, infinitely recognizing parts of the Logos throughout the One Infinite Creation and feeling—with the roots of mind informing the intuition—the parents aiding their planets in evolution in reaches vast and unknown in the creation, for this process occurs many, many times in the evolution of the creation as a whole.”

To recap:

Cataclysms, like catalysts, are the result of attempts at dislodging stuck energy.
Earth is currently experiencing “birthing” pains in regards to its becoming a 4th density planet.
The birthing pains are the result of our own disharmonies, both within ourselves and within groups.

Perhaps the best way to prevent cataclysms would be to encourage harmony wherever you are and with whomever, you are with. Qu’o says on this point,

“…Each time an entity is able to increase the level of spontaneous, harmonious response to a difficult situation, there is a lightening of the vibrations of this planetary influence that aids the entity that is the planet itself as it also makes its transition into that density of love which now beckons.”

And in a different channeling session, a speaker asks Qu’o if there are some metaphysical means to avert cataclysms. Q’uo responds,

“We might suggest that this is indeed correct, and is that formative feature of consciousness which is manifested within your illusion as events which occur in time and space.”

The language they use as a “formative feature of consciousness” is interesting. “Formative” suggests that consciousness can, indeed, “mold” or “shape” events. We know that thought attracts experiences at the individual level. However, it also appears that collective thought attracts collective experiences.

Collectively, we determine the severity of the catalysts and ultimately, any cataclysm. What is the wanderer’s role, then, in helping to avert cataclysmic events?

To understand this, we must refer to the time lateral that Qu’o speaks about.

Time Lateral

The time lateral concept is one of the more intriguing concepts in the law of one channeling. According to Qu’o, the Earth was separated out from the “main track” of time due to too much interference from outside forces.

Qu’o says

“The train of yellow-ray third-density Earth has been shunted into a lateral experience by the determined and repeated actions of what this instrument would call the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, or those who promote peace and joy and those who promote war and suffering. In the outer sense, these few entities have again and again, upon other planets and upon this one, in many different societies, chosen the ways of war and chosen them for reasons unknown to themselves; being manipulated by those far cleverer than they, who use the suffering and the pain of third density, in its endless repetition of war, as food.

The creation of such a shunt or rail for an alternate track along space/time within your local sector, which you call your solar system, was created for the same kind of reason that a railroad switching station would employ shunts or lateral track systems to hold trains that have, for one reason or another, lost their initial engine.”

Qu’o also says,

“…it has been so that your planet has included a nugatory, useless pattern so many times that its entire society has been quarantined and put to one side of, shall we say the usual timeline. It is as if time itself had been suspended for these entities while they are moving through this pattern again and again.”

There is also mention of a singular error that we’ve consistently made which has caused us to be unable to achieve graduation.

“In attempting to graduate from third density to fourth, this planetary sphere has so often repeated a singular error that it has been unable to achieve complete planetary graduation in a long time, much longer than has been experienced by most planetary spheres.

The train of planet Earth’s people has sort of gone off on a side track until it can bring itself together in love. Instead, repeatedly, it has brought itself together in fear.”

Ra makes mention of the third density lasting for approx 75,000 years. During this “master cycle”, there are 3 minor cycles of 25,000 years.

Interestingly, geologists have been able to map out various cataclysms which appear in regular intervals in the geologic record.

The cataclysms appear to be what is known as “magnetic excursion” events which are a temporary re-orientation of the poles of the planet, the result of which significantly weakens the magnetic field on Earth and could have dramatic consequences to life on the planet.

The last magnetic excursion is known as the Gothenburg event, and it occurred approximately 12,000 – 13,000 years ago. Another event, known as The Lake Mungo event was somewhere between 21,000 and 25,000 years ago. The Mono Lake event was ~31,000-37,000 years ago. The Laschamp event was ~ 41,000 – 48,000 years ago. There is evidence of events in the Vostok ice cores around 60,000 years ago, and in the volcanic flows from the Toba eruption period ~72,000 years ago.

As we can see, from a period starting roughly 72,000 or so years ago, we have various cataclysms occurring every 12,000 years, to varying degrees of intensity.

To get more detailed into this topic would be too much for this article and for that I recommend the work of catastrophist Ben Davidson and his youtube channel Suspicious Observers.

He presents the hypothesis that the sun periodically micro novas, that is, the solar system periodically travels through areas of the galaxy that fill the system with dust. This dust, when enough blankets the sun, is enough to cause a small nova.

The evidence for this possibility occurring is strong and perhaps this is the double catastrophe that Fulcenneli and others spoke about that is being depicted on the Hendaye monument.

In any case, the geologic record shows a similar pattern to what Ra spoke about regarding the 25,000-year cycles. Perhaps at the close of these cycles, a catastrophe occurs.

Admittedly, it is difficult to discuss the concept of cataclysms objectively due to the great fear they tend to cause in people. There is also a slew of bad information, some of it channeled by naive individuals who attract negative beings looking to mislead people. Visions of the apocalypse have been given to various people for ages.

However, cyclical catastrophes appear to be a regular occurrence on Earth. The question remains: is their severity tied to the level of harmony of the living humans at the time?

It seems the answer to this is “yes”.

We have a situation on this planet where we have been put into a time lateral in order to minimize influence by outsiders and extend our timetable in order to learn how to harmonize with each other as best as possible. As a collective, it seems we have a habit of continuously engaging in war, violence, and other hostile acts. We often find ourselves having an “us vs them” mentality and separation and “otherizing” appears to be the norm in many cases.

We are approaching the end of the time allotted for the lateral to exist and this is attracting the attention of various forces - both positive and negative. The positive wants the time lateral to merge back with the main track while the negative sees an opportunity to keep it separated.

Qu’o explains the severity of the situation,

“For if entities such as your group are unable to clear the population of your planet from this lateral, there are ways in which the negatively-oriented entities have every hope of keeping the time lateral viable. It would no longer be attached to the main track. That opportunity shall soon be closed.”

With this statement, Qu’o makes clear the ultimate purpose for the influx of wanderers at this time. To prevent the time lateral from splintering off permanently by maximizing the number of harvestable individuals.

Qu’o refers to the important work that wanderers have in healing the planet and thus opening up a bridge between this world and the “main track”.

Qu’o says,

“The energies of a living third-density system have been encouraged to continue for approximately ten to twelve years further that this shunt can stay physically open in terms of space/time. This is to say that, by the energies of unconditional love which are generated by the prayers, meditations and visualizations of groups such as this one, the bridge or reconnection point has been maintained for those who would wish to awaken and make their choice of polarity by the date which has been set as the last possible date to keep this connection point open.”

The “date” which has been set as the last possible date to keep this connection open appears to constantly be in flux. It is not clear, and likely there is not an exact date.

In some channelings, it was said that the time lateral was due to end in 1998 with a pole shift. And 2012, a date long considered a sort of “end date” produced nothing of obvious significance.

Of note in 2012, however, is a coronal mass ejection that did erupt from the Sun that year and missed Earth by 9 days. If it had hit Earth, it would have had devasting consequences for the electric grid, essentially making electronics unusable for potentially several years. It narrowly missed us and we haven’t had any significant events of this magnitude since.

There are many such examples of “near misses” and “close calls”, however. According to Qu’o, this is due in large part to the efforts of groups such as the llrsearch group in spreading information. People, being informed, are starting to “grow up”, so to speak, and harmonize, which prevents the necessity for harsher catalysts. Qu’o mentions about the reason for wanderers coming to the planet was to help minimize the effect of Earth’s changes.

“…one reason that wanderers first came to this particular planetary sphere was to transmute the infinite love and light of the one Creator through their physical and metaphysical instrument and out into the Earth plane, creating a net of light that would alleviate and ameliorate the tectonic distress which the Earth is now experiencing.”

Qu’o also mentions that the plan is working.

“It is our opinion that this plan, though working imperfectly, has reached a critical mass sufficient to enable your planet to suffer many smaller catastrophes that allow the majority of those upon your planet to continue to enjoy the illusion.”

In a previous session, Ra also makes mention of the ameliorating effects of wanderers regarding to the severity of catastrophes.

Ra says,

“It was the aim of wanderers to serve the entities of this planet in whatever way was requested, and it was also the aim of wanderers that their vibratory patterns might lighten the planetary vibration as a whole, thus ameliorating the effects of planetary disharmony and palliating any results of this disharmony.”

This brings us back to the question: what is the wanderer’s role in averting cataclysmic events?

Recall that a wanderer is an individual who willingly chooses to incarnate into a 3rd density body, even though they have reached an evolution where they no longer need to learn the lessons contained within 3rd density.

It’s not that those who are wanderers are somehow “more evolved” or “better”, it’s simply that they have graduated already and therefore, it is equivalent to someone repeating a grade in school even though you had passed it.

Of course, as incarnate 3D beings, wanderers have the exact same fallibilities as anyone else and thereby must awaken to their potential through the processing of various catalysts.

This is the important job of wanderers. To awaken to their potential. By doing so, you are keeping the “bridge” between worlds open - giving more opportunity for the people of this planet to harmonize. It’s important to remember that nothing at all is required of you except to remove the rocks and thorns that block the heart. You do not need to do anything except work on removing blocks that prevent the love and the light of the Infinite One to move through you and out into this world.

It’s the healing love of the One that moves through us, like an antenna broadcasting a frequency. And this frequency is what helps others.

It is the intent of those small groups of negative individuals to close the bridge completely and if you look around you, you can easily see that almost everything is used to keep you silent, keep you confused and keep you at a frequency more easily controlled.

From the food we eat, the media we consume, the entertainment we seek, and the fear we are fed. To remain asleep aids them. To remain closed off aids them. To live in fear aids them.

For too long, humanity has fallen into the trap of being misguided. Of being led by those with negative intentions. Of doing things against our higher natures. This time, we have a chance to make a different choice. To stand up, guided by the One, unafraid and with our eyes and ears open.

Wanderers, this is your mission. This is why you are here. The details are yours, but the goal is everyone.

The only thing that truly matters is to awaken to your potential. The details on how you do this are yours and yours alone. The work of your lifetime is to unblock the heart and allow the love of the One to move through you.

To do this is the highest service you can possibly offer. It’s really the only service. To align your will with that of the One Infinite and to be a beacon of light for all.

The monument to the end of time at Hendaye shows us a reminder of the potential for catastrophe due to the repeated disharmony of humanity.

Rather than succumbing to fear, as we have in the past, we now have a real chance to truly make a different choice. We must, with eyes fully open, stand with the light of the One Infinite and awaken to our full potential. As beacons of the light of the One Infinite.


Excellent thank you!

This is interesting, thank you for sharing!

I am curious, as I am reading this, it raises some questions in mind.

This “time parallel” thing… I don’t see it being mentioned in the Ra materials.

Ra said that at the end of a 3rd density cycle, all 3rd density living vehicle wouldn’t survive the condition that the planet transition into.

So if this “cataclysm” that comes and wipe off 3rd to make room for 4th… at the end of the 75k cycle.
Then isn’t it suppose to be happening in the first place? like how it was mentioned in the original channeled work?

Also, this planet has already made the choice to become a 4th positive, and it has been mentioned. (In Ra’s transcript)

So what’s with this whole thing about our heroes keeping a portal open, and the bad guys trying to keep us in war torn loops. Etc. Etc.

The whole game was about graduating into 4th. And this semester is coming to an end. So 3rd entities either graduate or go elsewhere and leave this planet for the class of 4th to progress.

The ramping up of everything helps with increasing catalyst for people to choose positive or negative.

If we face a famine right now, and you take that last piece of bread and not give it to that kid, then we all know where you be going. Lol, (it’s a overly simplified example)

But to me, everything is pretty straight forward from the original transcript with Ra and things seems to be right on time and events.

The stuff that comes from conscious channeling is kinda iffy for me from time to time, it kinda hit and miss… Kinda like the 10 commandments.

Part of it also has to do with random people channeling that we have no idea who in the first place, in comparison with the original work with Don and Carla.

Ra also said that high level negative entities would come off as the “hero” or “good guy” to everyone, so without knowing who is who just adds another layer to my discernment.

On the other hand, the by Toby Wheelock is still a standalone transcription, and he doesn’t include these conscious channeling stuff. I wonder why.

He also doesn’t seek fame or be someone, just maintaining and keeping running. That is humbling to me in my opinion.

I did enjoy this reading, and it was very well written!

Thanks again for sharing your perspective Inspire369 :heart:


Thank you for sharing, a lot of what you had to say was very inspirational and right from the heart. I appreciate your words, thank you.

A few thoughts that come to mind though, is that there is so much doom and gloom talk associated with the way the world is changing and I think it’s far deeper than that. I don’t think it’s as catastrophic as some make it out to be and that added fear isn’t helping anyone stay stable during this time of transformation. And trust me, everyone is going through something major right now, the air is alive with the energy all around us. It’s helping people see things they just couldn’t see before. It’s becoming harder to ignore.

In my own interactions with those close to me, especially in the last 6 months, I’ve been seeing those around me experiencing an awakening as more of an hyper awareness in a sense. All of sudden, the veil is lifted just enough and you can see everyone’s true intentions, including your own. It changes your world entirely. For me, it helped me to see that there is so much love in the world that is just waiting to come to the surface hidden underneath so many seemingly angry interactions.

I had my oldest and more masculine friend weaping openly on video chat with me the other day, wondering why he couldn’t just love rainbows, kittens and snuggles, instead of having to put on this facade of having to be a certain way in this society. Fourth density is supposed to be the density of love and understanding. There is nothing more loving that realizing that inner child inside of you needs love too.

It’s like that video, In-Shadow, at the end, (around the 10 min mark) everyone’s masks are being stripped away and all are left naked and exposed. But the ones who understand that their nakedness doesn’t make them vulnerable, it what makes them strong, are able to fight for a beautiful new existence, one of love and understanding.

I just think the world changing isn’t going to happen on a grand scale like with some cataclysmic event. I think it’s going to happen within the hearts of every soul here. When they will be able to open up their heart chakras and feel love for their fellow man and for themselves in a fair and balanced way, the world will start to balance itself out too. I truly believe that.

Regarding the conscious channelings, I do agree with @Jayce when he said that you can’t always be sure who is channeling the material and what sort of affect their individual personality may have on the particular material channeled. I have read Q’uo and Hatonn channeled from serveral sources and it always seems to vary depending on the person channeling it. If the person is more technical, the material is more technical, if they are more emotional, then the material follows suit. Even with Carla, when she did conscious channelling, she did tend to filter a lot of her Christian beliefs into the material. I just took whatever resonated within my heart as something beautiful and the rest I try not to take too seriously.

When I take a look at the world around me, I see so many people wanting to change, wanting better things for their lives and are tired of the same routine that has gotten them stuck. Being tired of being a certain way is definitely how you start to change.

Back to the example of my friend, once he woke up enough to realize everyone’s true intentions, including his own, the thought of going back to the way he used to be just made him feel sick to his stomach. I told him that I knew it was intense, but you have to feel that way in order to move forward, to learn, grow, and love.

Love, understanding, and patience for yourself and those around you are key here in accepting change during this difficult time. Things are changing for the better, there is no rush to run out and “save the day.” Just work on being the best version of yourself and you will see how much that affects those around you in every interaction you have. The universe starts to work with you. You don’t have to fight with it anymore.

I wish you all the love and light on your journey forward my friend. Remember to take time to laugh, love and enjoy the little things. We are here to love after all. :green_heart:


Wonderfully put FunkyFroggie, I wish I was better with words but you expressed my thoughts as well. Love truly does underlie it all.


nicely written and said funkyfroggie, (the whole comment) and I appreciate you sharing your opinion about the conscious work.

There is two-parts to this statement from my own perspective,

I feel that it is although nice to keep others in prayers, meditation, or reiki, or any metaphysical/complementary/thoughtful approach when it comes to giving “services” and/or Lightening the vibration.

But from my personal experience, the cataclysm of ones journey is the best filter for ones genuine choice.

The phrase “spiritual bypass” has been mentioned a few times in my interactions with other “spiritual” folks.

Whether it was from forums, churches, temples, or self-proclaimed good Samaritans. The moment that a homeless person(or anyone) needs help, or a calling for selfless services are presented.

Nowhere to be seen are these wonderful souls and/or service-to-others entities.
(this is in regards of my line of work, and I am not speaking for everyone’s experiences.)

But those who does show up said very little, nor explained much. They don’t proclaim, nor exclaim, nor do they sing kumbaya about it.

The actions they take spoke much louder than any finely written materials I have ever read.

So when it comes to a cataclysm that is to come, I don’t feel “doom and gloom” about it either, nor do I feel this “pressure” of finite restriction. Graduation, Portals, Light and Dark, us and them, confederation and orion. Etc. etc.

All are just finite creation in my eyes, and I don’t see it being (forever)infinitely in the infinite creator/creation. All are cycles, and all will begins and ends.

So someone can come up to me and say that “hey, the world is ending tomorrow.”

My vessel will be “oh no, dear god, not like this” and be sadden over the damnation of mankind and the destruction of all…

But the I am in it all would see it as well, and it is done.

Ram Dass once said, “we are god in drag.”

Yes, it is creative, nice, dramatic, and full of it. But hey, it’s still you at the end of the day.
Was there a change? or was it all just knowledge for the mind? like Aleister Crowley had when that entity was here.

The lessons, and growth at this stage is overly simple and straightforward. It comes down to our action.
And like inspire369 said, “The details on how you do this are yours and yours alone.”

“do” is a verb, the result of a unblocked heart is selfless, and the thought of a selfless heart is selfless action.

We come full circle back to the oversimplified “bread” analogy I used above.

When your catalyst come, or this collective catalyst come, you will know what you chose.

If not action, then why even incarnate? why not just remain as thought-forms or “spirit” and send good intentions and healing through the metaphysical/other-side.

With all the teachings, channeling, religions, spiritualism, etc. etc. It all came down to a very simple choice. Be selfless, or selfish in your day to day existence, and be genuine about it.

The blockage is when you are trying to pull a right, while your entire self is going left.
So a physical catalyst comes in and removes the “mask/blockages.”

In a dire situation where you have to choose between you, or another. There is no amount of “spirituality” or creative writing you can chalk up at that crucial time-sensitive moment.

That’s the beauty of catalysts,

When the time comes, we don’t question the firefighters that ran into the twin tower as it comes down on top of them.

But we do question the preacher that cries and use beautiful words to “bring the divine” to the suffering.
“Where was thou?” - infinite creator

So the greater the catalyst, the less bulls and fancy excuses the shadow can come up with.

I paraphrase, “It’s all perfect can’t you see?” - Mahara-ji

Now, the second part.

If you are service to self, or service to others, it would be a great time for you to stick to it, so you don’t need to repeat 3rd.

This has nothing to do with what others think of you. Although, I do understand the sentiment and nature of each path.

The only chakra center that requires a bypass, or pass-through.

and All of that signify the existence of love. and the important role it plays in the grand scheme.

Even if the left-hand denies or rejects it. It has to exist for that to happen.

In the grand scheme, perhaps the infinite-creator is exploring the flavors of “love” in this creation,
and it is real alright, it is real…

I wonder what the next “topic” will be for our next show. :melting_face:


:green_heart: Glad to be of service. :wink: My life has been strange. I always hope the weirdness of my journey can be of service to others.

I agree entirely. One event can define your entire existence and change you in the most profound ways or you could watch life pass you by while you continue to distract yourself from what your heart truly needs. That is the power of free will. I personally, hope one would love themselves and others enough to find the strength within to do what is necessary for their own growth. Others were always my primary motivation for change and growth in myself and more recently, I’ve learned to use my own happiness to inspire that change too.

I’ve seen far too many times circumstances where one wants to change, but then when they are presented with a circumstance in order to exact that change in themselves, they default back to what is usual or comfortable. It’s not that they don’t want to change, they just may not be ready to push ahead and do the work required to change that old habit into a more effective one. Sometimes the pattern has been set and it takes a lot of will power to set the intentions needed to practice a new habit until it sets in. Then it gets easier and eventually it becomes automatic. Your choice is set and that is your new default mode.

This, I believe, is what most self proclaimed “spiritual guru’s/teachers and YouTubers” are teaching everyone and why I stopped following everyone on YouTube months ago. The spiritual movement is a huge mess. You can’t click on anyone’s page without being asked to buy something or purchase some access.

I saved this while watching the comments on YouTube spiritual videos and it still makes me upset to read.

At first I thought he was being sarcastic, but it turns out all his posts were like this and he was dead serious. This is where the spiritual movement has lost it’s mind. The way people are being taught spirituality seems to be breeding complacency. Nothing about this is loving. No, I believe this wasn’t good and no, it shouldn’t have happened. Innocent people in a parade were shot and you just feel happy it’s all good? This person still teaches the Law of One and really should not if this is how the people watching it are taking how he teaches it. It’s wrong on every level.

It’s easier to pretend to be a good person than to actually be one. I watched this video on YouTube the other day with one guy I still respect. He lived in Bali for two years and he said he was astounded by how spirituality was all an image thing for the people there. Honestly, it’s a very good watch, I would recommend it. But he explains it very well. For the people, it was all about looking the part, playing the role, but not actually knowing how the character would actually interact with others as a spiritual being of unconditional love. Basically they looked like spiritual people on the outside, but inside they were still just filtering their egos through a spiritual lens.

I love this, thank you for saying so. :green_heart:

I never listen to what people say as closely as I watch what they do. It says far more than words ever can. I know so many people who can talk a big game, but when it comes down to a crucial moment, they freeze, shift responsiblity, or run away. Good people are just good people. They don’t need a reward or a pat on the back, they just want to be good because it doesnt feel right to be any other way. It’s as easy as it is to breathe.

:smile: I like this. It made me laugh. I have a strange sense of humor. But yes, aside from our second density physical vehicles losing their sh*t from being no more, the infinite part of us would be familiar with the process of moving on to whatever is next.

Yes! Thank you. Perfectly said. :+1:

Yes, lets all incarnate to meditate in a cave and be super enlightened. That sounds awesome and… pointless? :laughing: That is what I’ve seen so many people teach at what I’ve heard called the “singularity state” (which is just another way to judge someone as more or less spiritual than yourself). We are here to live life, not to sit around and contemplate it until we grow old and wonder why we wasted so many years just thinking about life and not experiencing it.

I never had a problem with selfish people who could own being selfish. Or egotistical people could admit they were full of themselves. At least they were being honest. They knew who they were and they owned it. They didn’t make excuses. There was something refreshing about that in a world where everyone excuses everything they do instead of taking action.

Yes exactly. You can’t bypass something that doesn’t exist right? And to chose to bypass it must also be for a reason too. To me, it just enhances it’s significance.

I wonder…because I’m still trying to figure out what it all means. Because love is always love, but it feels so strange here. There are so many rules to it that I don’t understand why they exist at all. Maybe there is something to that…

Man… well it can’t be worse than this can it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

Has the ride stopped yet? Because I am dizzy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and responding to this. :grinning: :green_heart:

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All truths from the external are relative truth~

Each of us carry a unique vibration of “truth” within us, we are the gardener of this seed, we grow our own truth, and at the “end” of this octave, we all will have our own fruit of absolute truth.

When you complete this cycle, you will grasp the paradox of love, and be able to let it go.

It is not about having love, or losing love. It always “is.”
As you are love/light, and light/love itself.

“God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one” - Rumi

This could be dizzying, confusing, and even painful.
Being in love and heartbreaks are both sides of the same coin.

When this is done, all paradoxes will dissolve and the heart is free.

I feel that you are dissolving this once you can let it go.

To quote old Ram Dass one last time, he said
“I am loving awareness, I am loving awareness, I am loving awareness”

Without digressing further from the op,

:green_heart: :sun_with_face:


I understand completely what you are trying to say here, but I was thinking more of the societal rules that we have placed upon the people here that make them afraid to express themselves from the heart.

“Share less about yourself, speak up more, talk less, express yourself less intensely, girls don’t have emotions like that, you can’t express those feelings to that person because of that kind of relationship,” etc. Trying to navigate around all these “rules” is exhausting. A relationship changes and everyone defaults to what everyone else does instead of trying something new. The patterns are set and instead of creating new ones, the old ones keep taking preference and nothing changes.

In my interactions over the years I’ve been told how to express myself in every circumstance around love. I understand that everyone wants to express love differently and I respect that, but all these limiting “rules” personally makes it more difficult to keep the heart open. I think this is why so many people struggle staying in a place of an open heart because they are afraid of being judged for how they choose to express that love.

Love just is. You can’t let it go. It is a part of who we are. It is the only thing that is real.

I posted a reply to the above part before reading this. Thought I’d leave the synchronicity. :green_heart:

Love is center of Confederation teachings, its all on topic, I assure you. :wink:

I can understand your thinking here.

This “time parallel” thing… I don’t see it being mentioned in the Ra materials.

I believe that this may be because the Ra contact was a relatively short period of time. Qu’o has been the consistent contact for decades. Ra laid the foundation for the information and Qu’o and others have since filled in some gaps and provided additional insights. Ra did continuously mention the Earth being under “quarantine” which lines up with the time lateral material Qu’o talks about.

The stuff that comes from conscious channeling is kinda iffy for me from time to time, it kinda hit and miss… Kinda like the 10 commandments.

I agree with this statement - however, I will say that the contacts that llrsearch and other law of one channeling groups make tend to be of high quality. I believe this is because of the teachings of Carla, Jim, and Don on how to channel effectively.


In session 16,

Ra extensively explained about the quarantine, from my understanding the “guardians” set it up because of the bs that orion group was trying to pull in 3rd density.

Questioner: I would like to ask, considering the Free Will Distortion of the Law of One, how can the Guardians quarantine the earth? Is this quarantine within the Free Will Distortion?

Ra: I am Ra. The Guardians guard the free-will distortion of the mind/body/spirit complexes of third density on this planetary sphere. The events which require activation of quarantine were interfering with the free-will distortion of mind/body/spirit complexes.

They had a full conversation about how “manipulation” is normal from the density/dimension that orion comes from, but not here in 3rd. So the guardians set it up to protect 3rd m/b/s.

Don went and asked how that would affect the “freewill” for the orion poopy heads, and Ra said the “random” holes or opening that orion slips through are basically the mechanism of the distortion of freewill at play.

In short, the “quarantine” is not really the same thing as the “time parallel” nor do they even have similar causality.

From your post and from those conscious channeling, it sounded like that the “time parallel” happened due to the constant “repeats” of the same bs going on with earth, with wars, etc. etc.

Not only with the differences above, there are very distinct differences between the two channeling on multiple levels, but for the sake of this thread, I refrain from diving too deep.

I also agree with your statement, but the “high quality” part is questionable.

I observed that the “high quality” portion of Don’s work came from his extreme tedious and meticulous approach towards the contact. We all know about this just by seeing the prep-works that went into Carla, (Robe, Altar. House, Hair, etc. etc.) even the measuring of all the distances of equipments.

I remember that Carla even commented on how tedious it was working with Don, because he was very scientific and pragmatic with his work. Don was a physicist after all, so I am not surprised.

With all of this, the 3 still got attack and took heavy casualty, and losses.

On the other hand,
When we look at the 1500+ conscious channeling, there were rarely any mentioning of the “companion” that wrecked havoc on the original 3, nor are there any transparency of the current internal workings, people, and “research.”
(I am not talking just about the 3 males, 3 females staffs plus Jim) But the “board,” that runs the organization, and the random/anonymous people that are channeling with only their initials being displayed, or names like “C1, C2,” etc. etc.

When comparing with the original work that was led by Don Elkins.
I am just not 100% sure about the “quality,” hence comparing it with the 10 commandments above, at least in my own humble opinion.

If we look at the irony behind what happened to Moses and his 10 commandments. The people that he was leading basically wanted “more,” and from that pressure, it led to the mixed channeling.

If we look at the “community” of the Loo, many people ALSO wanted “more” from this group, even though Ra said that the contact is “over” and they should not try to make contact to Ra if the 3 are not together.

But, of course, people ultimately “went around” this warning and “technically” didn’t contact Ra…

Just for comedic/ironic references,

I am sure most of us probably played “mommy and daddy” before when we were little…
When mommy said you can’t do/have something, we went too daddy, and vice versa…

And that never ended well for most of us. LOL. So When looking at this, I find it to be really funny.

Some debates from the old forums about this topic pointed out that the channeling methods/modalities between “conscious” and “unconscious” are ultimately two different things, so we shouldn’t compare them.

But in my refutation to that though…
How is it less likely for the contact to be compromised when conscious channeling seems to be more leave much more rooms for it to be attack, or “influenced.”

(I say these things with knowing about Carla, Don, and Jim’s teaching about channeling
I do know they have “firewalls” like asking if the entity is there for the highest good, etc.)

From my understanding, Carla’s body was a vessel for Ra and “most” distortion or probable infringement from Orion to the channeling was countered in a sense.

Even then, they were attacking Carla nonstop.

But now we have people channeling that are supposedly “good” and “pure” for the working.
But How? and by what measure? how do we know for sure?

Also the quantity of the conscious channeling is insanely vast, it is almost impossible to dig through thousands of channeling and say that they are ALL “positive.”

How do we know that all the conscious channeled materials are positive?
We are only left with the ironed-out “disclaimer” of,
“take what resonate and leave the rest behind, we don’t want to be the stumbling block for others.”

Although it sounded good and pro-freewill at first, but when you look a little deeper. It opens the door for others to have a field day with different “perspectives” and “interpretation” of the Loo, and a butt load of arguments/debate/distortion ensues over what was channeled.

(I am not specifically talking about this forums, but one can take a look at the other “branches” of community of the Loo and see this.)

On top of this, as the plot thickens and the material builds, the stories/messages become more conflicting and sometime can even be contradicting.

With all that being said,

When the original 106 channeled materials was very clear and straight-forward about “what, why, how and when” with this whole 3rd density/solar system is about and where it’s going.

The “thickening” of the plot with conscious channeling of the Loo just seems awkward for me.
I understand the sentiment and comfort that comes from “maintaining” a paper-cups-phone-line with our Confedies friends.

But I also can’t help to ask how much of that is for the sake of paying a salary for the staff and keeping infrastructure, bills, and running cost for Rock Creek research and development lab. (l/l research)

My hypothesis is that Toby Wheelock kept going not just because it was his work with the re-listening project, but also to remind us a very humbling and plain message from our friend Ra, about what the Loo is really about and the simplicity of oneness, and unity.

Just to add a little bit more about the “Rock creek” thing.

I have a background in communication and intel when I was in uniform, and carried the meticulous investigative nature over to my civilian life. In my journey exploring the 3s (Don, Carla, and Jim)

There were puzzles that came up,

i.e. l/l research isn’t their “real” name, it’s only a name for their URL.
The organization is actually called Rock Creek Research and development lab. and it is owned by Jim.

Jim, Carla, and Don’s personal issues were explored pretty extensively in the original channeling with Ra.
and one of them had anger issues. Etc. etc.

I stop here, because it is a much deeper dive, and I don’t feel it would be relevant beyond this, but you are more than welcome to look deeper on your own if you would like.
Most information and conversations about this topic can be found in the old forums/archive, or by googling and finding out through some old reddit posts, etc. etc.

The plethora of conclusions of those conversations led to most members agreeing that it’s Don, Carla and Jim’s privacy to whatever is going on with their personal lives, and we all should just take the “positive” and “feel good” stuff from conscious channeling and be happy about the “sequels” that are being made.

To stay on topic, there are discrepancies between the two channeling work, and one of those example is the “time parallel” thing we talked about, amongst other.

I hope this helps,

btw, I saw your youtube channel, very nice stuff. I enjoyed your take and perspective on that front as well!
Much light, :sun_with_face:

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To add to @Jayce post:

I would have to agree. I spent a year being obsessed with the conscious channelings and studied them extensively and I started to notice distinct patterns popping up within them. Some examples:

Carla could always channel far longer than anyone else could, her sessions were always twice as long as anyone else’s. She had a gift for channeling but I imagine this would drain a lot of energy and would be hard to maintain. She frequently told Q’uo in the channelings that they “went on too long.” She frequently used metaphors and sayings from her Christian background when she was the channeller.

The knowledge the one channeling has within their own mind also affected what they could ask. When Don channeled in the 70s and early 80s, the answers were more in depth scientifically because of his educational background. Compare this to those under hypnotic regression, who can describe what they are experiencing in past life recall in far more depth depending on their intellectual knowledge within that current incarnation. An engineer may be able to look at something and describe it far differently than an artist could. Two entirely different descriptions of the same thing can lead to very different results.

There is a formula even to the way they can receive information in the channeling. If the questioner asks a question as a statement in a way of confirmation, it shows that the one asking the question knows this and confirming it isn’t against one’s free will. I think honestly, they read the energy and give an impression from that. If the question is asked with uncertainty, it shows a different issue is lurking beneath the surface and they usually address that instead.

Just some observations with no judgement…

I did talk to someone last year who told me they paid for a channeling session in 2006 and shared it with me. There was a period of time where this was available I discovered. I did find in a lot of the sessions that there was some very strange questions being asked that were extremely personal in nature and not very helpful to anyone outside of that personal situation, so I assumed they channeled a lot to help out their friends and family.

I did get a newsletter in my email recently saying they are going to Prague again this year so they must be doing well. :wink:

I found some things to be rather questionable… it felt clearly “channelled” through someone’s biases and conditioning and it was usually on topics that are rather questionable even in the spiritual world. That is why using your own personal discernment is important when reading it. I feel if it doesn’t contain love, it’s probably being filtered a little bit through someone’s ego, conditioning and personal biases.

I’ve been on most of them too and there has been so much needless drama and fights happening that they forget the whole message is about Oneness and Love. That seems the opposite of that, doesn’t it?

“You have a difference of opinion that threatens my world view, I deem thee “SERVICE TO SELF” and banish thee from thine forums.”

I really have seen it get that dramatic. But then, isn’t that what the world of social media and internet is becoming? Or already is? :thinking:

:laughing: I love this description, thank you. That is exactly what it feels like when reading the channelings sometimes.

I am also like this, but I feel like I came into this incarnation with this nature. I was very observant and investigative even as a child. I feel it gives you a perspective that allows you to notice the things one might miss, the small details, which can say far more about any given situation than the big obvious things do that are more easily observable.

I feel if more people took the time and care to pay attention to the small details, they’d be able to notice things that help give them the insight needed to make proper discernment about everything in life. All the information is out there in energy and if you can find a way to sort though it all in whatever method works best, the answers are very clear to see. The truth stands on its own and everything else melts away.

Puzzles can be very intriguing. I did a 2000 piece one that felt less complicated than whatever is going on there. That is all I’m saying. I notice things too.

Thanks for sharing this perspective, I can’t say I disagreed with anything you said. :woman_shrugging: It is what it is. :thinking:

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