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Hello everyone. Hope you’re doing well on this wonderful Wednesday. This post is about a Confederation source with a powerful name: Deltron.

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L/L channelings

Appearances: 1
Session: 1974-0606_02

Session information

Conducted in 1974, this session is an early documented channeling in the history of the L/L group. This session is the second of two documented channeling sessions on that particular day (June 6th, 1974).

The channeler of Deltron is unknown. The transcript does not mention a channeler name, merely stating “Unknown Channeler.” Given the time period, a reasonable assumption for the channeler would be Carla, but Deltron refers to the instrument they are speaking through as “him.” In that day’s first channeling session, a male individual known as “R” briefly channeled Hatonn. It’s unknown if this person also channeled Deltron.

Description of entity

Inferred to be a member of the Confederation of Planets in Service of the Infinite Creator, likely fourth density (refers to Hatonn as his “brother”), originally from “another galaxy entirely different from this planet’s.”

Nature of contact

Deltron notes this session is their second contact ever with the people of Earth. Their first contact was “a few months” earlier when Deltron initially spoke through the unknown channeler.

Deltron was the second entity to speak in this session; Nona was channeled first. After sharing their message, Nona stated that “Deltron would like to speak for just a brief moment,” at which point Nona left and Deltron began speaking.

Reason for contact

Deltron came to help due to the call. They did not come alone, stating that “many of their brothers have answered the call to come and assist the people of Earth.”

Prior to speaking through the unknown channel, Deltron had been watching and learning about the people of Earth “for some time:”

[I and my brothers] have been up to now merely observing and learning the techniques of contacting the Earth people.

Deltron finds their observations of us “very interesting” and communication with us to be “interesting and delightful.”

One of Deltron’s statements is slightly confusing:

…I have been observing classes of students that my brother Hatonn is working with.

One interpretation says that Hatonn’s “classes of students” are third-density channelers and other humans. I also see an alternative interpretation that Hatonn is teaching fourth-density entities how to communicate with third-density channelers. I’m unsure which interpretation is best supported by other materials.

Area of specialization

Deltron’s message focuses on the third-density challenge of blindly stumbling through fog toward the light of the Creator:

We find your people still devoting a great deal of their time to elaborate ritual, to the building of fabulous houses. We find your people searching in all directions for that which they call the light of their Creator.

Primary advice on finding the light of the Creator

According to Deltron, the key to finding the light of the Creator is to “[s]earch no further than yourself because your Creator has endowed you with all you will ever need. It is there for you to find.” From there, the task is to “sincere[ly] search through love for yourself and for your fellow man, …through consideration, compassion and the reflection of love and understanding to those about you.”

On the bluebird of happiness

To illustrate, Deltron mentions an earthly motif with which I was personally unfamiliar: the bluebird of happiness. The bluebird of happiness appears in folklore and mythology around the world as a harbinger of better days, of “the rising sun”, that happiness comes once the bluebird is found. Deltron describes it as follows:

In this search [for the bluebird], an individual was seeking happiness and much to his own surprise he did not find happiness until he looked in his own backyard.

A central message of the motif is that the bluebird represents where happiness may be found, not happiness itself. I imagine Deltron employed this motif for that reason. Once we realize the existence of light of the Creator within ourselves, we now know where to find happiness. The duty then falls on us to seek happiness within ourselves through love.


Deltron keeps their eyes open and aware. They travelled far from home to study the people of Earth so they might render assistance. Deltron reminds us that, though life is full of uncertainty and darkness, we have access within ourselves to the greatest flashlight ever. Once we grasp that flashlight and sweep its beam of love and understanding to illuminate the world, it’s on each of us to find happiness in whatever we find out there. Thanks, Deltron.


What does this mean?

I see the light of the Creator as illuminating the world, like a flashlight. Only when we let the light shine are we then able to realize happiness. Of course, this is my own interpretation, so feel free to grab the salt shaker. :slight_smile:

Honestly, Stephen, LLR should be paying attention to this. This is excellent introductory material for those new to the conscious channelling, and it would serve as a good introduction to these sessions. We in the Working Group attach introductions to the sessions we are able to help transmit, and I think it’s a great additional resource.


Love unconditionally.

Does a flashlight chooses what to shine or not to shine?

It lights up everything,

Love everything, But… It is up to you to shine the light aka “love” on what brings you happiness.

Much light

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Please pardon me if this seems tangent.
Something about this idea of the bluebird
of happiness reminds me of a comedian,
Leslie Neilsen who made movies like
Airplane and Naked Gun. He once made
a self help video about golfing and in the
watching, he gave me an Aha moment.
He said, (paraphrasing) “some people
play good golf and feel bad - we play bad
golf and feel good.” Spinning this into
any skill we endeavor to master, might
lend a power of comedy in our mix.