A list of Confederation sources

If one looks back across the vast L/L Research channeling corpus, you’ll eventually realize that a few different Confederation sources have been channeled. Outside of Ra, the most well-known by modern seekers is Q’uo, the only source currently being channeled. However, in the early years of L/L Research channeling efforts, many more entities were present.

I’ve had a personal desire to enumerate all Confederation sources as channeled by L/L Research, for three primary reasons: (1) creating knowledge, (2) a desire to better understand the nature of channeling, and (3) sheer curiosity. I figure that folks here might be interested in the names, since I don’t believe any list of these names has ever been produced.

After performing offline analysis of the entire channeling corpus, I believe I’ve identified every channeled Confederation source present in the conscious channeling session transcripts as well as the number of their session appearances. I tried to account for spelling variations and typos, so a very small amount of error might exist for a handful of counts. Note that some sessions involved channeling multiple entities. If you believe I may have missed any, a comment on this post noting the specific entity would be most appreciated.

The names and number of session appearances during conscious channeling is:

  1. Q’uo: 577 (also spelled as Ku-ohl)
  2. Hatonn: 528 (also spelled as Hatton)
  3. Latwii: 296 (also spelled as Lattoo and Latui)
  4. Laitos: 113
  5. Oxal: 66 (the HARC group has taken to spelling it Auxhall)
  6. Nona: 50
  7. Aaron: 33
  8. L/Leema: 26
  9. Yadda: 26
  10. Quanta: 9
  11. Telonn: 7
  12. Yom: 7
  13. Amira: 4
  14. Philip: 4
  15. Monka: 3
  16. Orcas: 1 (the HARC group has taken to spelling it Oorkas)
  17. Christine: 1
  18. Calenda: 1
  19. Deltron: 1
  20. Ira: 1
  21. Kasara: 1
  22. Kootumi: 1
  23. Maitreya: 1
  24. Makai: 1
  25. Michael: 1
  26. Orkan: 1
  27. Ra: 1
  28. t’Michael’h : 1
  29. Yaum: 1

To discuss each of these here would take quite a while. For my own edification and perhaps someone else’s, I’m hoping to do a series of posts about each of these entities, particularly to highlight their unique contributions toward understanding the Law of One. In the meantime, the utility of the L/L Research search tool cannot be understated :slight_smile:.

I do wish to highlight some trivia:

  • Ra was accidentally consciously channeled by Carla on one occasion (1981-0816). A negative entity once attempted to impersonate Ra during a conscious channeling session (1986-0126).
  • Those of Q’uo once said that “Mantuk” is part of them (1990-1025).
  • Amira is said to be Jesus by various Confederation entities.
  • Philip is also known as “Brother Philip” and “Philip of The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays”.
  • Yadda is an absolute riot, but to find Yadda sessions, you will also need to search “I Yadda” in addition to “I am Yadda”.

I know that this knowledge isn’t strictly necessary. Still, I believe that, for the seeker, seeing all these distinct colorful personalities of the Confederation and the uniqueness of their messages reinforces the importance of shining and refining your personal light in the world, rather than choosing to imitate another.


Wow, thank you very much for that thorough investigation.
Even if this is not capital information, it’s okay to be curious.

If you choose to do that, I would enjoy reading it.


For those who may be new to Quo or not know, they are a principal or grouping of entities:

  • 4D/Hatton
  • 5D/Latwii
  • 6D/Ra

This allows them to step forward as needed to answer questions that are in their wheelhouse.

Also it offers some form of protection to the channeler, maybe by increasing the group power or preventing negative influence (they explain this at some point).

Anyway, I agree the names are not important, but is interesting to see the different perspectives and personalities.

Also, Yadda (Yada di Shi’ite) is channeled in Mark Probert’s “The Magic Bag”.

I had not heard of Amira, but I also recommend the Jeshua channelings by Pamela Kribbe.


For what it’s worth, I’ve come to believe that Q‘uo can serve as a “principle” incorporating any number of Confederation entities. For example, it wouldn’t surprise me if beginning channels use a Q’uo where Laitos replaces Hatonn to make the energy more agreeable at the beginning, since the new Q’uo instrument was likely last practicing with Laitos. And I’ve definitely picked up on Q’uo sessions that sounds like Auxhall more than Latwii in the fifth band.

Note that I have no proof of this.

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I love it!! I had started my own list for the same reasons- like a channeling Rolodex- didn’t get this far at all- thank u!
And yes- Yadda!!! What a riot!

I have really appreciated what Yadda has said on occasions. Before learning LoO, my personal experiences with some religions had left a bad taste in my mouth. Like when people hold up the Bible and say or do hateful things. I had grown accustomed to (or a bias I guess) to be wary of, or approach with caution, anything super Jesus centric. This is sad of course, because we understand the true nature of this entity, but everything is so terribly distorted.

Well, when Yadda just came right out and was like “I Yadda, Why Jesus? Why u say Jesus all the time?” It was remarkable to me! I had the same feeling/question.

This was so significant to me. It showed me early on the universality of the LoO. Many people quibble about the who/what/how everything exactly went down, when in reality the story is so much bigger than any one idea or entity. The fact that you can differ on something as big as the concept of Jesus and still be on the same side spiritually speaking is like… wow! beautiful! The power of real love and unity! Yes! Sign me up!

So forever thankful to Yadda!!! Few words, but do they ever pack a punch!:heart::rainbow:


Glad to help! The most difficult thing with making a list by hand are the one-off channelings. Going through each session one by one is extremely laborious, especially since some sessions include multiple channeled entities. That’s where a bit of software can make things much easier. The Confederation’s technique of saying “I am X” in their communications is extremely helpful for identifying unique names. :slight_smile:

On Jesus: indeed. Jesus was a highly-positive fourth-density entity who provided the best example of service to others for us, and the Confederation has discussed Jesus in hundreds of sessions over the years across L/L channelings (some interesting sessions include 1986-1214, 2010-1218, 2022-0511) and goes all the way back to the Brown Notebook. The Confederation has said so much about Jesus over the years. I see an interesting yet massive project in examining the Confederation’s characterization of Jesus. If performed, I wonder which current denominations would most align with the Confederation.

Still, some modern-day Christians cross into “Jesus worship”, which I find problematic. A better framing to help reorient those Christians might be “Christ worship”. Per Q’uo in the first session I linked here:

"The concept of the Christ was this–that intelligent infinity as experienced by the Logos and with the bias of the Logos would enter a third-density experience, not erasing the one known as Jesus’ personality or being, but coming into the closest possible harmony with that being.

Many Christians talk about Jesus being both fully God and fully man, which is actually what Q’uo is saying here. So much room for fascinating exploration.

That’s a great quote! Somewhere i read “icon of kindness.” Whether that’s Buddha, or Jesus, or whomever u learned about- they become your mental touchstone for things that r good- ur icon of kindness.

The Jesus project would be neat. I was raised Catholic and as one of Jehovahs Witnesses. Catholicism is known for its trinity idea. JWs and some other Christian faiths do make the distinction between Creator and Jesus. Interestingly JWs do believe that Jesus is “the word” at John 1:1.
“The Word was with God and the word was a god.” They believe Jesus was the first creation and aided in the creation of everything else. So without having a concept of “Logos,” Jesus fills that spot in their book.

My partner was raised Hindu, so he is like Yadda “Jesus who.” They have Vishnu as their “icon of kindness.” What I found most interesting is that when I was describing the LoO to my partner, he picked up on the Logos in the sense of Aum and mantra. The utterances (sound vibration) that shapes our world. Brahman (creator) inhales and exhales and the universe came into being. What was even neater was when I said about Orion being a negative influence, he was familiar with Orion! That’s in Hinduism. That blew my mind.

But when Ra talks about there being a little spark of correctness in every spiritual practice- yes it’s there. However often there is so much intentionally convoluted bullshit heaped on top of these beautiful old teachings that I took slight issue with the nonchalance of that statement when first read. Saying “oh, if someone is honest they can see the truth.” Bc yes, I recognized the gospels as love/light, but it was so murky with the dogma thrown in and guilt and shame etc. After finding LoO- it is a completely different experience now. I understand what spirituality means. it’s like a new beginning. I have such a light in my soul and as best as I can figure it’s because my mind was able to finally make sense of everything. I needed to understand the details for it to fit and click for me. But everyone’s path is different. Idk- I kind of still feel like the veil needs adjustment. Maybe if we were given a little more info we wouldn’t get quite as lost. But yeah- that’s above my pay grade :joy::rainbow::heart:

My current project is compiling the “intervening material.” Some questions that Don asked were put aside until “intervening material” would be learned. Im not sure if all those topics were completed/addressed. That’s what I’m working on

Keep up the good work :heart::pray:


Thanks for sharing all that. Overlap between The Ra Contact materials and other world religions is always fascinating.

Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your project!

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I don’t know how deeply you want to take this, but there is also the occasional entity who shows up, but does not speak. Hannibal is one example, found here.

This old boy might be worth an honorable mention.


Thanks for sharing, Mirror. I did a quick corpus search, and it looks like Hannibal only shows up for that session.

If you’re aware of any other entities who show up but don’t speak, please, post them on this thread. :slight_smile:

Two updates to the list:

  1. Christine is channeled twice in the LLR transcripts, not once. This second appearance was overlooked because the entity did not have a name during the first session.
  2. I now believe Lattoo is a distinct entity from Latwii a.k.a. Latui. Lattoo appears in two conscious channeling sessions.

Do you have a link for the channelling where Yadda says this (or something similar)? I’m interested in that. Thank you!

In reading Doreal’s Emerald Tablets, I had
many unusual hawk encounters; and the
open sharing access to it seems to suggest
an STO agenda.

My grandmother was a
spiritualist who introduced me to pyramids
and astrology as a kid. One of the dusty
books she left behind was a collection of
writings made by a clockmaker, Phineas
Parkhurst Quimby, who took interest in
the idea of mesmerism and ultimately
gained recognition as a spiritual healer
back in the 1800’s.

Some of these older sources may suggest
some connection to more modern sources,
in some way supporting timescales longer
than most people consider. There might
be some degree of validation found when
Independent sources suggest similar ideas.

It seems like Dr.Quinn was a truth seeker
who evolved himself adept and conducted
many miraculous healings. One thing he
observed was that people would accept
opinion as truth, and the falsity in that would
manifest sickness. He would powerfully
focus what seems like Intelligent Infinity
derived Truth to displace ignorance, and
then healing would occur.

Some of this work may have been the
foundation of Christian Scientist ideas,
some seem controversial such as anti-
vaxing of young children to safe guard
them from obvious hazard.
Possibly if the Christian Scientists were
commonly adept as Dr.Quimby, then the
ideas he held might better work for them.
I’m not well studied beyond a casual
dabble into some of his manuscripts,
so take this with a grain of salt.

Christian, here are three separate instances where Yadda comments to this effect:

I Yadda. I greet you in the love and in the light of infinite Creator. We have so much trouble with instrument who want us to say we come in the name of Christ. We always end up having to say, “Okay.” But we always wonder, why not Buddha? Why not Mohammed? Why not some postman that we know of in Washington DC who is good to his children and gives away many Christmas presents to little children he does not know? All are Christ. All are perfect in consciousness. Yes–we come in the name of Christ, for we are the vibration which cannot be reached without going along the path of the Christ. 1986-0105

Before we leave this instrument, we wish to say in answer to this instrument’s question when she challenged us, we did not give her hard time this evening. She was surprised. She said, “This really Yadda?” Well, you see this instrument challenge us in name of Christ, and then she say, “I find Christ in the master known as Jesus, and so I must ask you in name of Jesus the Christ. Do you come in name of Jesus the Christ whom I serve with all my heart,” and so forth. She go through this long thing. Well, we so glad to hear that, because, you know, we do come in name of Christ and this instrument now ask the right way, becoming aware that any man can be love and any Christ can be worshipped, but that the Christ is so sacred that it is up to individual to say, “This is my Christ; this is how I see the face of the Creator, this is how I will follow to the death in order that I may learn the lesson of love.” 1986-0713

I Yadda. I greet you in love and light of infinite One. We have to say we come in name of Christ again. Why not once Zoroaster? Huh? We wish that this instrument would stop being so provincial, but we come in name of Christ–of course. 1987-0926

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Here r just two entries I came across. Just search for Yadda. They didn’t channel a ton.
:heart: Yadda is hilarious


This reminds me of Joseph Campbell, who wrote the book The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Also, The Power of Myth. One of the significant ideas he shared is the idea “The Christ” as embodying an ideal of an open active heart chakra center. So Jesus the man might be distinct from Jesus The Christ as the same man with his heart center open and active. The active heart center or Green Ray
might be considered a code name for Christ. Looping back to Joseph Campbell, the idea of Christmas was all about this profound gift. In Law of One paradigm there’s an important distinction made, negative polarities are associated with a closed heart center and vibrational incongruence with a negative lying about that messes up the tuning. It’s an affirmative Yes, in the name of Christ and here’s an unmistakable whomping heart flush confirming.
Only a truly positive polarity can convey congruence. This tuning test seems a hallmark of channeling quality. The quandary may be 6th density integration may not care about polarity so much, but helping in STO fashion a lower density, this seems importantly understood - that the context of the help is positive, service to others.