Let's Discuss Inteligent Infinity

I have wandered into many environments the past year that are kind of safe, but very low frequency. It was my hope that I could therefore be of service.

I have found that trough absorbing and suffering trough the energy observed it can then be emulated inside one’s being, I assume at the mental level (in the mind).

I can now enter a mode where I can 100% shift my energy to temporarily become the energy I have absorbed and shut it off at will.

This post isn’t about this, but that If I can do this with the thinking of entities when they are in group think, and emulate collective ego behavior and feeling, then…

Is it not all a simulation?

First, our beings could be completely emulated by understanding archetypes and relationship. The emulation would be the predictive process, therefore making the emulating and free will (here the ability to have an unknown future and adapt things based on the entities’ unexpected responses) compatible.

Ultimately God, the One Infinite Creator too is an expression of infinite inteligence, source intelligence as it is sometimes called.

Second, we have the light expressed in the universe, the archetypes that allow for experience, love and fear, the love and connection of 4D / heart chakra and the wisdom of 5D / blue, supposedly followed by a need to balance these two to be of service, leading to 6D, where all experiences unify and all things converge to one, etc.

But, what are we? If all of this is the expression of infinite intelligence, what is infinite intelligence, what is this seemingly inalienabile nature trough all worlds and things we’ve seen so far?

Edit: Of course, abandon anything I have said If it doesn’t help. Often, nonduality concepts are especially usable by ego as torment devices.
Also, changed the title of the post 8 hours after publishing from “What is Infinite Intelligence?” to “Let’s Discuss Inteligent Infinity” to better reflect the final content.

I am learning how to remove distortions in communication such as the wish to manipulate said discussion. I apreciate any advice sent by means of Personal Messages

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When you receive an experience from another, that experience may or may not be accepted as catalyst for polarization. Your unique set of distortions will affect how the catalyst affects your being. By fully accepting the energy into yourself, it appears you have discovered spiritual mechanisms to balance yourself when contemplating highly-negative catalyst. No part of that work is emulated or simulated; it is real.

To your question about intelligent infinity, I recommend reading the entry for “Intelligent Infinity” in A Concept Guide, Book 1. The entry is well-written and provides much detail and insight. In essence, intelligent infinity is beyond essence.


Greetings. There’s this little story I’ve been writing that explores evil and difficulty in particular, and I thought you might this part. It’s in essence a reflection on how the higher self and timelessness might be considered. If anything is displeasing, of course, you may freely make a doodle, go take a breath of fresh air and forget.

But, the question that remains for all human history has not left.
Even if you overcome your greed, can you overcome all greed?
If there is some greed, won’t there eventually be pain. And if there is pain you will one day be sick of it.

Courage, hedonism, whatever. The bane of all of them is the shadow of humanity that seemingly cannot be escaped.


He had to not give in. He had to push himself to make the impossible possible.

Manipulating geometry, soon Z found a way to metaphysically bend space-time and move his consciousness to the past.

Maybe, even, he could send it not just to a single place, but to multiple receivers.

Maybe he could guide humanity’s consciousness from the shadow towards the light, as the timeless eternal he had become.

This would be his last gift towards them.


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Intelligent Infinity can be represented as Infinity, which, due to the fact that all it had at the beginning was only itself, by paying attention to itself it became self-conscious, and with this it also gained (or began to gain) intelligence.

Also Infinity can be represented as a circle, of course.

I would take a moment to focus on the circle itself and elaborate on the sense of Intelligent Infinity. If we were to move infinitely along the circle, we would undoubtedly encounter an end and a beginning at the same time once. If so, this would give rise to the idea of a single point, and thus would give rise to the idea of One.

This is also how it would arouse inteligence/consciousness of Inteligent Infinity and cease to be a “blind rush” into the abyss of infinity. Further we could distinguish various transformations of this Oneness, including distortions of course…


This discussion might touch on a singleness
of thought, like a focus that promotes seeking;
for example holding a singleness of thought
as question in the attempt to indigo shuttle for
an answer from intelligent infinity.

I’m not sure just how one develops some
magical personality to do that, to say crystallize
indigo in a way that answers manifest.
The process to develop such magical
personality may take many lifetimes, or
may take special disciplined actions, or
initiations. I’m thinking that there may be
some analogy with the evolution of body
and the evolution of the mind - with the
evolution of the spirit.

Here, the indigo effect seems a spiritual
means to answer a mental question -
so the mind/body/spirit complex holistically
contributes to such a seeking style.


You said “thought.” I put it together, with what I wrote earlier.

First to repeat myself: Infinity in an infinite cycle encounters an overlapping beginning and end and formulates a point.

It’s just that it fits more not as I wrote that it gave the idea of a point and One (it is not excluded, however, there is something more momentous). Rather, it is a possibility to spark The Original Thought of Intelligent Infinity.

Such a Thought would indeed be the Original, because it would come directly from the Infinite, and due to the fact that it came from embracing the beginning and the end at the same time in an infinite cycle it would be a very rich Thought and would contain all that is needed for Creation calling everything into existence at once.

Normally this is the case, but note that the planet is currently in the 4th Density and we have a lot of opportunities for networking (like the Internet and this place). These are the above-average conditions that can strongly accelerate our development. Also, it’s worth considering that most of us have had some incarnations in 3D that taught them a lot.

The indigo ray energy center, from what I understood, is like a summation of our entire individual being, when violet ray energy center is concentration of this summarized individuality and opening of that individuality to All That Exists and the dissolving of one’s individuality to the Infinite. So these two final centers (indigo, violet) seem to be the most important for approaching and possibly understanding Intelligent Infinity.

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Thank you for interest and thoughtful replies.
Regarding “Singleness of Thought”, I was
considering it as component to contemplation.
It may actually carry influence into more things
than the polarization scope of the question.

The Law Of One Session 50, Question 50.8

Ra: I am Ra. This is not a simple query, for the adept is one which will go beyond the green ray which signals entry into harvestability. The adept will not simply be tapping into intelligent energy as a means of readiness for harvest but tapping into both intelligent energy and intelligent infinity for the purpose of transmuting planetary harvestability and consciousness.

The means of this working lie within. The key is first, silence, and secondly, singleness of thought. Thusly a visualization which can be held steady to the inward eye for several of your minutes, as you measure time, will signal the adept’s increase in singleness of thought. This singleness of thought then can be used by the positive adept to work in group ritual visualizations for the raising of positive energy, by negative adepts for the increase in personal power.


Very nice excerpt, thank you for sharing. Interestingly, I engage what is referred to in your excerpt of Z’s action taken to be of service. In my experience, impossibility is, well- for lack of a better term- impossible.
Intelligent infinity by Its’ very nature
cannot incorporate impossibility.
I’d really enjoy reading more of your writing! Thank You.

Thank you. You might enjoy “Unity And The 4th Dimension - A Letter”. It goes over this beautiful idea where humans are time travelers that can reach out to any perspective/time trough thought.

Unity And The 4th Dimension - A Letter

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