I found these two overwhelming metaphysical treatises and all I want is to share with you

One is titled Infinitization of Selfhood, here is the official download link: https://makara.us/04mdr/01writing/07tg/Infinitization.pdf

Another is a series of four books titled Selections from Manuscripts. Here is the download link from Internet Archive: https://archive.org/search?query=“selections+from+manuscripts”&sort=-date.

These two could match up to, in my opinion, the Ra Contact Material both in terms of its volume and its quality. But the first one I shared is tilted towards the mechanical aspect of Intelligent Infinity and the second one I shared is tilted towards the spiritual aspect of faith.

As Ra have said:

You are precisely correct in your understanding of the congruency of faith and intelligent infinity; however, one is a spiritual term, the other more acceptable perhaps to the conceptual-framework distortions of those who seek with measure and pen.

And the author of Infinitization of Selfhood also wrote several other books. Hope this helps. :heart:

My original plan is to share a zip file containing all the books I found that did a great job on philosophizing spiritually. But I have a concern that it will infringe the policy of the forum. By picking and selecting spiritual jargons and collocations from the two books that I have shared(and then by searching them on websites like archive.org(in the exact-phrase searching mode)), I think you could find much more hidden books that will expand your spiritual perspective. :heart: