Unity And The 4th Dimension - A Letter


The winds of “fortune” and “fate” that humans have always imagined, merged with the wind of the unknown divine fall today.

A letter. Let’s read what it says…

It had been said “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” This is in a sense true.

Should we know the best practices love would not die.

He wondered how these entities had chosen the negative. All of them must have been scared, like the young Temujin, kidnapped. They eventually became powerful and controlling men, here Genghis Khan.

It was fateful yet also unfateful! How should free will be the root of life, God’s core distortion, yet also be betrayed?

There is a paradox regarding the law of giving and receiving where it is questionable what happens if one winds up feeling they have to give to maintain their security and love.

This is one case of un-knowledge, where it is unknown to consciousness, and in fact made to seem undesirable so as to counterattract such information, regarding the surrender to the absolute.

It is not so much a giving up of control, but a loving embrace. Like a child asking their parent to guide them and move them when they feel outdone by their having not yet grown the fruits of wisdom that come with the development of the tree from sappling/child to fully grown tree/spiritually grown.

Why do humans betray each other so consistently and act from ignorance of truth. Is it fear, is it…

Is it perhaps that we do not know?

Consciousness's Dreams

It gazed at the sea of the world. How much consciousness suffered troughout it. The more it learned, it could not help but feel overwhelmed. What was this creation?

Can’t the creator organize a better world?

Would it not be better for the negative to be forbidden and for humanity to be in an edenic state, where any that discover the negative in the universe are put in one small area where polarity and the old world laws rule?

He knew this entity could not change things. It had tried, and tried, to create that kingdom, yet it had not born fruit.

At last, the final barrier had to be overcome, it was time to, as that sea deepened, bring it forth.

Should it destroy the world, the entity would have to cry about it once in a while as it was enslaved/enslaving. No, not just the entity, but as far as it saw, everything. Unity itself.

Should the flow protect free will and guide the world to a way of joy that included all in a balance that required no sacrifices.

There would be no more exceptions. That had been the great mistake of the commanders of WW1 and WW2.

Unbeknownst to many, Hitler was quite the empowered man, loving life and it’s laws, interested in the soul. However, he believed that life sought that the strong devour the weak and thus conducted thyneself to protect the nation of beauty he wished for. Hitler even made it’s best attempts to never encourage obedience for a long time, and encourage doing what is felt best. But, that belief would eventually…

Slowly, a descent into madness…

The hall of history was vast, yet never ended. It was like a candle, when you looked at the dark, you focused little on the candle and when focusing on the candle you focused little on the dark, except there were infinite dynamics, dualities and polarities, and even, infinite laws that may exist.

Yet only one truly mattered. Light changes, love is not certain, so where should unity find it’s answer?

Gazing at the sky, and then back at the fountains and surrounding trees. There was such an order to nature.

Even those nazis had sought to reunite man with nature. It turned out it, love, was not love. It was many things and had been many things troughout time and space.

Relativity. “Romantic”, some say.

The Earth Does Not Spin Right!

But, surprise be to the man that does not consider that the Earth itself does not spin right!

Looking from the north pole down, one sees a planet spinning left. Looking from space, it is a vertical, or perhaps diagonal spin. Or something inbetween…

And what of the fourth dimension, time? Considering that, it might as well not even be a spin. It is a spiraling. No moment ever repeats itself out there, no matter how you rearrange space. And that spiraling too is irregular considering relativity.

Physicists have begun discovering the highly likely existence of other dimensions too small for us to see, usually the models call for 8 from what I understand. Is it not exciting?

How much of the universe do we not know?

How much potential?

And indeed, this happens inside too! Have you ever gazed at one that seems unable to organize thyne self? A “lazy teenager”, we have labeled them. We have labeled the human lacking in the fruit of will.

Yet, is it not perhaps lunacy to call a tree that has not grown fruits due to it’s age lacking in fruit?

It is not so much the enemy, of course. It is merely ignorance. A temporary absence. It is by all means still saddening to see this occur in consciousness, but it is not something so dangerous so as to be called lacking.

Who are we to not realize that all versions of us are already available?

Indeed, we are time travelers. Within the mind we may travel trough space-time to all the edges of the universe. We are like Gods, that are often perceiving themselves in slightly unwise ways such as “lack” or “in danger”.

How can one be in danger if the universe is one?

It gazed at the sky again, for it was not truly known in fact. This too was a mystery. It appeared like free will was often betrayed by God as other-self.


The free will of those that lead man to love, beaten up and hung on crosses.

A man in China, tortured after returning instead of escaping to burn the membership book of the 10th revolt lead by Sun Yat-Sen, ender of monarchy in China.

The 11th revolt actually succeeded.

BIsmarck, unifier of Germany and the “wildman” in his youth ahem eventually found himself an old man ignored by the emperor that undid his work for stability in Europe. He is even quoted with saying “Some foolish thing in the balkans will start it all” regarding the potential for a new great conflict in Europe.

Buddha is an exception to the rule, though, and so are many of the gurus of India. Hmm…

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This reminds me of something I read today,
it was a genetics question - how many versions
of human form are there? There was a quora
answer by a biologist that claimed there were
300 factorial trait lending gene expression
combinations, or 3x10^614 (essentially

I was trying to figure out something and got
side tracked. I was figuring if a generation
is about 30 years, then 29 generations is
about 870 years. So if I go back 870 years
then that’s like 1153 AD. The population on
the planet was about 400 Million people.
And then I was figuring, given assumptions,
I had 2^29 unique 28th great grandparents,
then that’s like 537 Million people, more
than were on the planet. So I’m pretty
sure my assumptions were wrong, that
for most people on the planet, some of our
ancestors were cousins married to cousins.

I think the notion of at least 50 cousins
might stem back to shared primordial
cave man genes.

Another side track was looking at the
population growth derivative. There’s
eras when the population shoots up then
falls back down. The fall of Rome and
the Little Ice Age were remarkable.

Now, we’re coming off a spike in population
growth, however the peak may be decades
away going from 8 Billion today to 10 Billion.

Educating women helps curb the
birth rate, also advances in healthcare are
helping people live longer. There’s more
people alive today then ever before - if
incarnation is an important evolutionary
opportunity, humanity seems to be doing
well at affording that!

Another off shoot to the genetics question
is say for example, I come from many
dozens of generations of nobility, doesn’t my
DNA predispose me to a negative polarization?
Or by contrast, if I come off a caste system
of many generations of STO work, might that
predispose me as a positive polarization?

Okay so I’m thinking the genealogy search
might reveal predispositions that lend insight
into pre-incarnation planning in some way or