Parallel of Yogananda with the LoO

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So I was re-reading last night a book on collected talks by Paramahansa Yogananda and there was that interesting little passage which somehow connects with Ra’ s Infinite Intelligence.

" Before creation existed there was Cosmic Consciousness : Spirit or God, the Absolute, ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Bliss beyond form and manifestation. When creation came into being, Cosmic Consciousness ‘descended’ into the physical universe where it manifested as Christ Consciousness ( The Hindu scripttures refer to Christ Consciousness as Kutastha Chaitanya, universal consciousness or onimpresent intelligence ) the omnipresent pure reflection of God’s intelligent and consciousness inherent and hidden within all creation. When the Christ Consciousness descends into the physical body of man it becomes soul, or super-consciousness : the ever-existing , ever-conscious, ever-new bliss of God individualized by encasement in the body. When the soul becomes identified with the body, it manifests as ego, mortal consciousness. Yoga teaches that the soul must climb back up the ladder of consciousness to Spirit "

I thought this was illustrating so well what Ra said in the first session,
" We hope to offer you a somewhat different slant upon the information which is always and ever the same ."

I liked seeing the ’ climb back the ladder’ that Ra describes so well as the cleansing/ballancing of the first three then consecutive chakras…


Yoga (connection) is one in its essence everywhere, even the Kaaba in its symbolism reflects the Indian nadis, as well as the Jewish Tree, as well as the temples of Egypt…Only I came across a situation that it is difficult for a person who does not understand the universalism of yoga to explain this universalism) A person usually does not perceive the explanation)


True, Vasilisa. The thing is that, in the West, yoga is more perceived as a specific physical exercise when of course, as you say, yoga is the practice of union on a spiritual, mental and physical level.


This is especially difficult to explain)


I agree it seems difficult to explain, when the view is that the physical body is essential , which it is for incarnating :wink: and yet the idea being that the body is only borrowed, yet totally united to the spiritual, lol, it’s a paradox : why should we incarnate if we have to re-ascend consciously again… lol


The information has a large volume, and I will not specify the exact session now, but if my memory does not change, Ra talks about the possibility of changes in the physical body, he talks about working with a candle. Such changes are impossible without a physical carrier. In the texts of Jewish scholars (Zohar), the concept of a composite soul (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Yechida, Haya) is voiced The idea is also voiced there that the higher parts of the soul of an earthly person are separated and inaccessible. I compare this kind of separation with the veil of unconsciousness that Ra spoke about, and perhaps, in the Jewish tradition, such a veil is called a Paroket. Ra also explained the need for a veil. Thanks to the veil, separation occurs and the polarities are indicated. Therefore, the goal, according to Ra, is not to ascend, but to consciously work in the polarity that has developed due to the choice. And in my opinion, an organization like the Church can help keep the choice in a positive polarity.


Exactly… We need the veil… Pre-veil, no one was really working hard on one’s evolution, :wink: the veil makes us work, lol, sometimes in a terribly uncomfortable, or dangerous way. Such it is… And yet all so beautiful at the same time.


But how can something infinite and perfect and One … “evolve”… what does that even mean?

We need to evolve so we create the veil of separation. Why do we need to evolve?

Just can’t help asking the question :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a huge fan of Yogananda as well and I find that his discussions of Hinduism correspond very well to the LOO. Very well.


Yeah, it seems evolution means finding new ever more creative ways to separate. :slight_smile:

But maybe this is done so that we can then find new ever more creative ways to unite once again.


Do we plan this for fun, when we are in time/space ? lol

Or simply as a soul newly created we need to put into it all possible pieces of the puzzle ? just like a tree ? lol

Yossarian, I am so happy you love Yogananda as well… his kindness moves me to no end, and his thoughts on Hinduism, yes, feel so close to Ra…


I have been thinking of Yogananda and his teachings lately. Specifically, his book The Divine Romance

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True. Westerners attempting to emulate eastern thought are interpreting the knowledge through western mind as is true in trying to adopt the beliefs of any culture.

I was sitting in front of a notable Guru from India and the thought occurred to me, “Wow, I would like to learn how to understand what we were chanting rather than the merely repeating the mantras without knowing the Sanskrit language.” So I approached an Indian elder who sat next to the Guru during the darshan and enquirer, “What is the best approach to learning Sanskrit so that I understand what I am chanting?” He replied, “I don’t know Sanskrit, I just memorized the words (sounds)! “ That burst my bubble!

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HoneyBee this is so funny. I have the same feeling as you do about any chanting a mantra except for two of these.
I once met a young psychic who was also a musician. He had learnt Sanskrit, I was in awe of course and asked him why. He said he loved music from India so he decided to learn it thinking it would sound perhaps like music…
He was an exceptional channeler but very, very hilarious too. : he used to say that my spiritual guides were making fun of him telling he was redundant, :smiley: