I think Ra gave me pain

I was watching a video of going through a forest. I asked Ra to help me integrate the energies more. Then, my body was wracked with pain. Why would asking Ra for help cause my body to have so much pain energetically? I am nervous about working with them now.

I’m sorry to hear you had such a painful experience. I’ve never asked them for help, but have thanked them for their service and sent them gratitude. There have been times when I have sought healing energy into my body to specific areas, and then felt up to a moderate level of discomfort in that area maybe for a minute or two, and then it subsided.

Therafter the 55 year old body part would improve a bid. For me it never rises to the level of pain, but I am kind of hoping it doesn’t get any stronger, but accept it’s all good no matter how it feels in the moment. Usually the sensation is just enough to notice. Discomfort is very rare for me. Due to societal influence I think it’s all to easy to fall into the trap of judging the rightness or benefit of a thing based on the sensations of feeling good vs physical pain. It’s a mental balancing act, trying to discern if it’s a negative or positive.

I do take heed of parts that don’t feel right, and pain that appears. It can be a sign, or an indicator to dig deeper. I know you are emotionally energized by this event which does rightly qualify as a traumatic event in my opinion. Perhaps when the dust settles a bit, you can seek the meaning of that experience with less vivid intensity than it’s currently viewed.

This is all just my speculation, since I also enjoy hearing the theories of others when I’m considering a conundrum. I have a hard time mentally keeping track of a complex situation so I’ve found it helpful to break it down into bite size chunks, and then contemplate it bit by bit, trying to build a better opinion.

A few questions that come to mind…

Do I think Ra would cause a being harm of pain without a very good and beneficial reason to do so.
Can Ra instigate rapid and complex integration within a being of our density.
Would Ra ask their spiritual friends who could instigate rapid integration, and if so, would the friends do it?
How often do I feel phantom severe pain. What are the odds of coincidence vs the amount of time I’m mentally seeking assistance and guidance. (for me its quite a bit, I need lots of help)
What do you imagine could cause that sensation. Blasting an energetic blockage clear? Peeling a scab of negative residue from your being?

Or was it something malevolent? Were you attacked by negative entities? When you are radiating that bright light hue by your above stated intentions and seeking, you are glowing somewhat uniquely I believe, and at a different “color”. In a vast space of fireflies you stand out from the masses. Perhaps brighter and a little different hue of white. The shade that signifies one who earnestly seeks the light and loves. That will keep many negative entities at bay like mosquito repellant. They typically seem unable to withstand close proximity.

Others, usually higher density who are strongly devoted to STS agenda’s often target those here who are at vulnerable stages of their awakening and integration to derail us, more from a distance I believe. They can view probabilities and likely trajectories of growth similar to Ra and the Confederation I believe, similar to you playing pool, and as the ball moves across the table, you have an idea of where it’s headed. They went after Carla because she was a major player and huge target on the STO Oneness landscape. I would think up and comers, and those at more vulnerable junctures in their present journey would be likely targets.

At least that’s how I would efficiently deploy my resources were I them (now). I suspect the notion of being held to account is one of the few things diminishing the intensity and consideration of a scorched Earth policy, as we humans term it. They are losing influence, food and territory. How do you think an STS human would respond to that? How do you think a being or group or thought form would respond with different or more capability than a disgruntled human?

I have no Idea what the cause might be, but these are the things that go through my mind if I think about it happening to me. I think it’s important to consider benevolent and malevolent causes, in addition to a sharp pain while you happened to be seeking connection with Ra.

I’m sure others will also give you many opinions to also consider. More letters in your vegetable soup to float to the surface of your consciousness… that’s why I personally place so much value in the thoughts of others. What is right and true for US will float to the surface, and feel true in our heart.

Would you mind telling more about that experience? So much gets lost in words. Did it last very long, and how would you describe the pain and sensation. I find this very interesting, and if you feel inclined, I would love to read a vivid account of what you experienced. I rarely get to hear what others experience. It isn’t something people feel comfortable freely talking about in this culture, and justifiably so. To most people on the planet, my message probably seems like the ravings of a lunatic.

Sounds like you have a mystery afoot. I think you will unravel this onion… and grow quite a bit in understanding as a result. Perhaps this was a catalyst to raise the intensity of your seeking in a particular area?


If there’s an ‘entity’ that’s definitely 100% you can trust it’s your ‘higher self’.
Ask ‘them’ (yes it’s them as it’s a social memory complex of your many identities) to help you and they will definitely and gladly helped you as you will gladly help yourselves.
“Higher Self” is also known by many names in other traditions, ‘atman’ in hinduism and ‘holy spirit’ in christian / abrahamic traditions. And as Ra/Quo definition ‘they’ are you in 6th density.

Speaking about Ra, I just experienced something ‘weird’ yesterday, I saw the word “Ra” sprayed on a wall graffiti that I walked on by. It’s weird as the word is very uncommon to be found on wall graffiti as very few people here know who or what “Ra” is. Or maybe there’s a new ‘street gang’ here named “Ra” :slight_smile: I wondered if anyone also experienced similar things.

I think Quid is spot on.

That is a much better gang name than the “Buck naked Brigade” for sure.
That would make for an interesting and amusing development. Law of One proponents tagging capitalist infrastructure.

Maybe Raphael was spray painting his name and his buddy interrupted him “Its the fuzz, beat it!”

Maybe within few days there will be a ‘cross mark’ on “RA” with “ANUBIS” sprayed below LOL

As far as I know, Anubis is a social memory complex like Ra too.
I know there are many Anubis beings.

:laughing: :laughing: That would make this world more interesting wouldn’t it? That leads me to the question, does that mean that as a possibility of creation, it already has or will happen?

Anubis for life Yo!

I’m expecting another ‘cross mark’ on “anubis” with “ORION” sprayed above it :slight_smile:
Guys don’t be too serious, we’re trolling on earth’s big ape city dweller behavior on marking their territory.

My first reaction to your op is that you showed yourself that which you seek/resist.
Perhaps it is your resistance that needs attention.

This is a statement of resistance. Pain is a form of resistance. Pain is a powerful message.
There is a powerful creator in you, perhaps listen to it, it IS trying to get your attention or you wouldn’t have spoken about it…
That which we resist persists.

I am also curious about the pain, where and what kind of pain?

It was an energetic pain in my whole body. Kind of like a stinging pain.

When I asked God to help, the pain was removed.

In my opinion, when we ask for metaphysical help, we should ensure that we are tuning properly to those we wish to connect with.

Only using the name is not enough, we must find a way to envision the entity we are reaching for.

Plus any kind of magical work requires proper tuning of your space, your self and the energies and entities around you. These workings should not be attempted lightly.

The thing is Ra had never given pain to me before that time. So it could have been a negative entity.

What I’m saying is that it might not have had anything to do with Ra per se. For example, there are currently many channelers out there who believes they are channeling Ra, but it’s just negative entities using that same name. The name Ra means nearly nothing in terms of identity, Ra’s identity is a vibration that cannot be simply put into words.

That sounds like a good point. Do you think it would be beneficial to occasionally visualize a specific object as Ra when we read their material, in a way acting as a binding link to their written vibration? For example I sometimes visualize them as a golden ball, similar to the sun. For me a word with a visual representation is more easily focused on than a word by itself. I’ve never tried to connect with them (didn’t think it was possible for me) but I can more easily hold my attention to an image, than a word that after a while if you repeat it seems to lose all meaning and relevance.

This seems like an interesting offshoot. I’m looking forward to hearing what folks think.

a month ago I woke up and went to my sofa. I had an uncomfortable dream… like a nightmare where I have nothing to fear but am.
If it were not for hearing or reading something Carla said I have no idea… but I had heard/read this. .and it shifted my awareness much …

I laid down and dozed. Then it began again but I was aware enough to command in the name of Christ Consciousness and Love and Light … that it go to the Light and leave my presence. … My body was wracked with pain too. It was like… a ripping from me. After the feeling was released I laid there … very … uncomfortable with the idea of the whole thing… just processing. I think I got up and covered mirrors and I sent my two friends who I share much Law of One and like topics here… this experience. In all my life… I have not felt that, like that, that I can recall. But it was a full body like… pulling from me and it was totally painful… I feel so vulnerable sharing so much on here and especially this kind of thing… but it does sound pretty similar. I for sure sent much gratitude and love for the experiences that brought me to that moment. Like… how did I think to do this? al of the parts about it were not even… it was nuts, in. plain English. I felt just very very much about energy and knowing oneself and since my awareness has been very much in practice with checking in so much more …

It seems you’re experiencing “Out Of Body Experience” / “Astral Projection”.
Some people ‘feels pain’ some ‘panicked’.

As for my case, initially I was panicking as I realized that I do not breathe, but I experienced ‘no pain’, it was more like ‘sleep paralysis’, I do not breathe and I can’t move my physical body and then I get a sense of ‘penetrating a thin layer of my physical body’ the sense is similar to ‘getting out of water’ in swimming pool.

But after so many years, I now get used to it and felt no pain or panicking anymore, now it’s more of suddenly I’m in a ‘magnetic like body’ and once I’m aware that I’m in ‘such state’ I can fly or even teleport to a specific ‘space/time’ that I’m already aware of or meet ‘entities’ that I knew of, including ‘conglomeration of identities known as higher self’.

I found these materials truly helped me on providing explanation of what I’ve experienced:

  • Robert Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body
  • Yogic Teachings of 7 layers of bodies (Koshas)
  • Jurgen Ziewe - Multidimensional Realities
    And of course Ra/Quo materials as well.

thanks for the book titles ! will look them up:)
Astral projection, for me, is like a tunnel forms and vortex’s inward through my forehead:) in a very simple way. I used to force it to stop… looking back, I did that often to. myself… since I had no idea wth was going on. now… I get it and appreciate the experience when it comes about. which for me, out of. body is different… like… disconnected just a slice of my awareness and not disconnected, the cord is firmly attached by the way of familiarness to myself.
sleep paralysis, for me, has been … as I think of it, like slipping through a thin place on accident that … makes it harder to recall what to do to return to me.
I guess that is why or one reason why it is scary.
this pain feeling… I think was an uninvited intrusion. it is a gift, now to know the things that feel true and to hold some awareness to the practice clearing and intention and a barrier of Light more… wholly… for the experience. It was super painful though. I have a medical… background and this wasn’t … anything familiar. it actually gave me a lot of peace to know I am … protected and aware … and in this again… the LL Research and something I heard Carla say somewhere in a recording?.. that came loudly to the forefront of my mind. totally grateful .

Yes it’s known by many ‘names’ throughout the world, astral projection, out of body experience, soul journey, Yoga Nidra, Raga Sukma etc… How it was ‘actually experienced’ also varies between individuals.
There are also variety in the ‘split of focus’, one can split 50% of it’s consciousness to ‘astral body’ while remaining 50% on the ‘physical body’ creating ‘wakeful astral projection’ possible. The topic itself is deep, saying “astral projection” is similar to saying “martial arts” there are many varieties and techniques, (karate, judo, taekwondo, boxing, mma etc…) offering plethora of varieties of experience.

Upon reading Yogic “7 layer of Koshas” it somehow gives an explanation / framework about such experience. Some layers of body (Koshas) is temporarily separating itself from physical body (Annamaya kosha). While on western literature we only found only one word “Energy Body” for layer of bodies where each layer is also very complex by itself.

Monroe book is more about the ‘technique’ and ‘possible experience’,
Ziewe, a painter and artist is putting what he saw into 3d animation and paintings about the ‘other dimensions’ as ‘references for places to visit’. I saw the same thing as what he put inside his paintings and 3d animation, nice to know that there are others that saw / experienced the same thing, a validation that ‘this is not only my fantasy or my brain going havoc’.

I was not going to reply to any more forum topics until finishing the entirety of the Ra Material in order that my responses might be as complete and helpful as possible; however, the server gave me an auto-email “Summary” and this topic jumped out at me, so … Here I am.

My comment would largely echo that of those of others here, but with the addition of another angle. On reading the forum topic, my initial thought was, “How does he/she know it’s Ra?” My next thought after that was that perhaps the name of Ra themselves is a risky one to invoke at this time.

We are all aware that the attentions of negative entities pose a very real and definite risk for seekers. It is likely that the name of Ra is being invoked quite a bit more than usual of late given the changes in vibration and global circumstances leading to an increase in seeking, and the advent of technologies that disseminate information rapidly. In essence, Ra is now once again a name that we all know and trust. However, they repeatedly emphasized that they communicated with Carla through a very “narrow band” frequency. All of these factors lead me to believe that Ra is very likely to be impersonated frequently by other entities with a negative agenda. The only way to ensure that it is truly Ra is to look for the blue check mark.

No, really! … There is an ID-Verification system, I believe, in the metaphysical sense (what I have long called “subspace,” although it is a highly inaccurate term), just as there is in cyberspace. Long before I actually read the Ra Material, I was struck by the fact that they preface each reply, no matter how brief, with the affirmation, “I am Ra.” These are three words as we read them, 40+ years later; however, I have no doubt that there was an awful lot more to it than those simple words which allowed the original group to know, beyond a doubt, that the entity speaking through Carla was indeed a social-memory complex named Ra, with intentions of the highest positive polarity, as stated. (I’ve read another book that describes a similar concept; however, it is supposedly fictional, the entity that it describes is clearly from a negative polarity, and I’m not sure whether it is helpful to know about it or just confusing. At any rate, it does also describe the envisioning of what is referred to as a sort of “sigil” in the mind of the questioner before addressing the entity.)

The concern that I would have, then, is that perhaps invoking the name of Ra for help in this context was done a bit too casually, as Patrick gently alluded to, and that, due to the high degree of awareness of the name and entity known as Ra in the collective consciousness of seekers at this time, this name invoked immediately attracted the attention of a negative entity.

My simple take is, and perhaps this is not what you would prefer to hear, but – as to me, I have no interest in attempting to work with Ra at this time, unless they for what ever reason specifically reach out to me, which I would not expect to occur. I am grateful for their tremendous service in contacting the original group in the early 1980s; however, I do not feel any “personal connection” to Ra any more than I do to other positive entities in a very general sense, or, to be honest, any other “characters” that I read about in books, fiction or non-fiction.

Perhaps there are other entities that you have a more personal working knowledge of that may be easier for you to “ID-verify” in the future if you are in need of spiritual guidance?

When I call on the Pleiadians or Arcturians for help, I never am wracked with pain. So calling on them is for some reason safer than calling on Ra.