How to connect our daily life with RA principles?

Of course the leader needs to judge. How can you sort out those incapable/incompetent people and get rid of them from your team if you don’t judge? That’s the purpose of performance evaluation :slight_smile: You don’t start with a team that has all the capable/competent people.
You need to constantly judge what people do, what they say, what’s their working attitude and give them your feedback.

I also disagree with so called “lead from behind”. Leader should lead as an example as your employees/people always observe what you do:
Do you get to office to work on time? If you don’t, your employees won’t either.
Do you handle all the issues/events in a professional way? If you don’t, your people won’t either.
How can you expect your employees/people to do something that you can’t do or you don’t want to do?
If I don’t want to work in the office at midnight to tackle a deadline, I won’t ask my employees to stay in the office till midnight to submit a report before deadline.

well, I was like that for some time.
I originally worked for a large CPA firm and all (most if not all) people there were smart (not sure as of now any more due to the DEI) cuz those not smart enough will be replaced very soon.
After I came out to corporate world, I was, how come there are so many stupid people there doing nothing and having no consequence on them? (they should have been fired long time ago). But gradually I learned to accept and accommodate - it’s a imperfect world anyway. Even at RA’s planet, they have 5/6 people who can’t move to the next level. So we can’t save everyone in this world.

I know it’s hard to ‘swallow’ initially.
The ‘servant leadership’ model is being proposed by somebody who embrace the concept of “Do without Doing” (Lao Tse) and “Let things that will be done shall be done” (Jesus).
One can also argue that Lao Tse did nothing in his lifetime and Jesus leadership resulted in total failure, his movement squashed by authority, most of his disciples ends up being murdered.
But is it a total failure?
What is ‘success’ and what is ‘failure’?

Hold on guyzzz I got this one!

Okay okay so…success is when,like, you get what you want
And failure is when you dont

Class dismissed :green_heart:

It has been rumored that Lao Tse is an alien. As it is said that Chinese got some info from one type of Aliens near Kunlun mountain. Somehow Chinese can only understand partial of the knowledge and that’s where their traditional medical method/book are from. That’s why chinese traditional medical methodology sounds good but not practical at all. The theory is correct (like treating human body as a whole) but the actual medicine seldom works (most of them can’t pass double blind test).
Lao Tse left China and went back to Kunlun mountain area when he was done.
I also read Urantia book and it says that Jesus is a incarnation of Michael, who is the creator son of GOD of this local universe. He has to go through several incarnations in several planets to gain enough experience and the one in earth is his last one before he became the ruler of the local universe.
I was so mad at the mid term election result as data analysis clearly shows that the election was stolen. But again, I should just behave as RA said: love, understand and accept. My life here is just one of the experience I am gonna have.

And when you want nothing?

“Let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”
– Jesus

“free from desire, you realize the mystery”
“caught in the desire, you see only the manifestations.”
– Lao Tse

There are interesting story about Jesus as told by Quo, yes the identity was merely one identity among many of his ‘soul’ and yes his soul has incarnated many times elsewhere.

As for Michael, the angel, angels are ‘special type of consciousness unit’ that generally does not incarnate into the virtual world. There’s another thread which we’re discussing this:

But I have doubt that ‘becoming a ruler’ was one of the desire of the entity called as Jesus.
“Becoming a ruler” (Thus enforcing control over others) are usually the desire of entities who took the Service-To-Self path in order to discover the law of one.

Just one among many that you already had and just one among many that you will have.

Here’s another ‘hard to swallow’ concept about life from Ra.
If life is a poker game, then here is a tip from Ra on how to win the poker game.
"This game can only be won by those who lose their cards in the melting influence of love; can only be won by those who lay their pleasures, their limitations, their all upon the table face up and say inwardly: “All, all of you players, each other-self, whatever your hand, I love you.”

Isn’t it a pleasure to have every moment the choice between this two ways?
Free Will without desire is useless, so there are times for desire and times to be beyond it.

Or be both at the same time thus you see the manifestation and also understand the mystery.

Specially when the desire is to understand the mystery.

Only through attitude of ‘non attachment’.
The essence / similarity between message delivered by Lao Tse, Jesus and Ra is “Non Attachment”.
When one has “Non Attachment” attitude to the result of the poker game, he/she/it will always be happy regardless of what happened on the table and understand why people play poker in the first place and do what they do in the poker game.
The potential aftermath can also be he/she/it will no longer be interested in joining the poker game and “logged off” from the game, permanently.
Thank you fellas for the good game, but I need to go home now… good night.

But then one could simply make the dish washing to get the same result. :thinking:
Additional no money is lost as everything is clean.

Within poker game context, those who ‘has no attachment’ to money nor “chip” as they used to call it, will gladly give their money away to the other players. By poker rule definition those who has lost all of their money/chip are called “losers” but according to Ra, that’s the only way you can win the poker game.

Within buddhism / hinduism concept, only by “spending all of your karma” (thus no more karma) you can be freed from incarnating as thus it’s said, forgiveness and acceptance (aspect of non attachment) shall break the bond of karma.

That still doesn’t explain the motivation to play poker under such conditions?

As a “Service To Other” poker players.

actually it’s not hard to swallow. I read that portion and I loved it very much and copied it to lots of my friends. It’s talking about why when you enter into this incarnation you need to forget all your past experience. Cuz if you don’t forget, then the experience of this incarnation doesn’t have much meaning to you and thus defeats the purpose.

Yes the ‘veil of forgetting’ feature within the VR realm a.k.a incarnation enabled the infinite consciousness to be diffracted/segmented into a ‘unit of limited consciousness’ and it shall ‘attached or have strong identification to a limited self’. Thus give birth to the concept of “Service To (Limited) Self”.

Ra: the concept of service to self did not hold sway previous to what we have been calling the veiling process.

Once the concept of “Service to (limited) Self” is conceived, trying to win / compete against the other (limited) self, such as within the Poker Game, will start to ‘make sense’. I try to win against ‘others’.
Without the concept of (limited) self, whomever win within the poker game, I win, (and whomever lose, I lose) as everyone that is playing in the poker game is actually me.

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One thing I am still struggling is how to love some people when I clearly know that they are doing evil things. RA said to understand and accept, I can understand why they are doing that but I will never accept what they are doing.
So, how do I love those people? In what way?
Does it manifest my love to them that I stop them from doing evil things?

I would like to hear what you think.

It is possible the accept people the way they are, while not agreeing with them or with what they do.

If protection is needed, then protection is needed.

It’s part of what we can learn to accept. Someone is doing something that you feel others or yourself should be protected against. Well then, that is what is and so it can just be accepted that such protection is needed.


I like this answer. thank you very much for the explanation.

Coopers, Welcome here, I just read this thread as I was busy at the end of the year and missed your first post.

I once worked in advertisement and had to choose with the person I was working with as an assistant and we had often time to hire freelance persons and projects, with deadlines too
So our work was not just only judging others and their work but just one part…

I was young and since it had a creative part, and at the time freelance ad-people were in fact quite fun, so only deadlines were really stressful.

I remember putting myself in the shoes of the ones we were checking. It’s definitely hard, lol. And yet it ends always about being honest when you have to ‘render’ judgment, and then doing it with heart, I found, was strangely immediately received and felt. Perhaps because the people who were offering their work were themselves already very aware of their quality. I don’t know. It was a great lesson for me how honest and yet doing it with somewhat, ‘love’, was just making that thing sort of all right in the end. It would be years before I would discover Ra, which made me appreciate evermore what Ra was saying about treating others as yourselves. lol

After all we are all connected together on a subtle plane, so somewhere we are all eager for truth from one to the other. And if your work means you must judge, then this is the work load, lol, not an easy one for sure… we need in that economic system, persons who will judge and decide and present the reasons on which she/he will base judgment…

I love the way it is so burdening you , and how you would like to handle it along Ra’s precepts, quite a conundrum isn’t it ?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway I love your posts, coopers…