Governmental & Societal Structures

Well, our friends did comment about this as well. :slight_smile:


The Intention Experiment - Lynne McTaggart

Not all people know about the connection with the “field” and that harmonization directly affects this connection. McTaggart described such a connection quite colorfully, and many psychics know about such a connection, including Russians)


Excellent point, Master Tadeus!
Your statement encapsulated, from my pov, the idea of the large percentage of humans that question not, and who have been described as “asleep”. For me, the idea of governance of any kind, has to do with control, and I mean in ANY setting. Those that “sleep”- but actively participate to varying degrees within the confines of said governmental constructs are nearly or completely bereft of any sense of or focus upon their own Soul, inner life or their own sovereignty or Isness.
Tribal, Local, State, National or even Global…all are devised- by their own creedos- for keeping their constituencies functioning in ways that suit their specific agendas. Some may express benevolence, others oppression. Very few express truly unified cooperative or collaborative concepts as policies or bases of their functioning. Ra said that these groups are few and that a vast majority of (then) humans that had to repeat 3density before they could graduate. I get the strong impression that in the “New Earth” as my interpretation of shifting (as a planet AND individually) to 5d implies, it seems that those choosing either service to self or service to others- if the’re unaware of their Creator Self- would have to incarnate into another 3d incarnation.

All that ‘aside’, I genuinely believe that as we continue on this magical adventure of pure LOVE, we will naturally re-organize our societies based on the simple tenets that

All beings are valuable
Each being is valid and important to the whole
Unity is our natural state, and will very synchronistically re-form ITSELF as our Hearts become fully polarized and united in mutual Appreciation, (of Each AS Creator)
Knowing, ( that All is One)
Allowance ( of the unique creativity in every Creator)
and unconditional Acceptance.

I believe that futurely we’ll ( or I will) see a much more integrated collective that ultimately governs itself, like an unfolding fractal in the magnificently ordered expanding hologram.
That’s what my trajectory is aimed toward.

I’ll add that that unfoldment will, most certainly bear a crafting of a particular uniqueness as the version of the One Infinite Creator that I volunteered and strove for~and get to be~ in genuine service to other Self. Adonai :fleur_de_lis:

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Truly greatful for this share, thank you my borther! :pray: :pray: :pray:


Thanks for the support, you can’t imagine how great the inner resistance through wetiko is for most of the people.

Yes - because people believe in the imperative of governance - because they have been frightened of that what is called chaos and is in reality only autonomy.

Not only that, they are bereft of any creativity and self-determination, so that they are feeling only safe and pleased, when every aspect of life is regulated.

It seems that this situation is still existant.

This makes sense, because they have not learned to be actively an part of the creation.

We will see if there is a chance in the coming years for it, or if a new incarnation is needed.

I would predict that this will find an end in one way or another.
The people who have to repeat 3D will do it on another sphere after a needed global cataclysm has cleaned up the situation. After this the planet can complete the tranformation into 4D.

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