Governmental & Societal Structures

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The Intention Experiment - Lynne McTaggart

Not all people know about the connection with the “field” and that harmonization directly affects this connection. McTaggart described such a connection quite colorfully, and many psychics know about such a connection, including Russians)


Excellent point, Master Tadeus!
Your statement encapsulated, from my pov, the idea of the large percentage of humans that question not, and who have been described as “asleep”. For me, the idea of governance of any kind, has to do with control, and I mean in ANY setting. Those that “sleep”- but actively participate to varying degrees within the confines of said governmental constructs are nearly or completely bereft of any sense of or focus upon their own Soul, inner life or their own sovereignty or Isness.
Tribal, Local, State, National or even Global…all are devised- by their own creedos- for keeping their constituencies functioning in ways that suit their specific agendas. Some may express benevolence, others oppression. Very few express truly unified cooperative or collaborative concepts as policies or bases of their functioning. Ra said that these groups are few and that a vast majority of (then) humans that had to repeat 3density before they could graduate. I get the strong impression that in the “New Earth” as my interpretation of shifting (as a planet AND individually) to 5d implies, it seems that those choosing either service to self or service to others- if the’re unaware of their Creator Self- would have to incarnate into another 3d incarnation.

All that ‘aside’, I genuinely believe that as we continue on this magical adventure of pure LOVE, we will naturally re-organize our societies based on the simple tenets that

All beings are valuable
Each being is valid and important to the whole
Unity is our natural state, and will very synchronistically re-form ITSELF as our Hearts become fully polarized and united in mutual Appreciation, (of Each AS Creator)
Knowing, ( that All is One)
Allowance ( of the unique creativity in every Creator)
and unconditional Acceptance.

I believe that futurely we’ll ( or I will) see a much more integrated collective that ultimately governs itself, like an unfolding fractal in the magnificently ordered expanding hologram.
That’s what my trajectory is aimed toward.

I’ll add that that unfoldment will, most certainly bear a crafting of a particular uniqueness as the version of the One Infinite Creator that I volunteered and strove for~and get to be~ in genuine service to other Self. Adonai :fleur_de_lis:


Truly greatful for this share, thank you my borther! :pray: :pray: :pray:


Thanks for the support, you can’t imagine how great the inner resistance through wetiko is for most of the people.

Yes - because people believe in the imperative of governance - because they have been frightened of that what is called chaos and is in reality only autonomy.

Not only that, they are bereft of any creativity and self-determination, so that they are feeling only safe and pleased, when every aspect of life is regulated.

It seems that this situation is still existant.

This makes sense, because they have not learned to be actively an part of the creation.

We will see if there is a chance in the coming years for it, or if a new incarnation is needed.

I would predict that this will find an end in one way or another.
The people who have to repeat 3D will do it on another sphere after a needed global cataclysm has cleaned up the situation. After this the planet can complete the tranformation into 4D.


Interesting thought, can the governmental and social structures have a holographic analogy to say.

The mind, and perhaps the ego or personal identity?

Love does not need to concern itself with mind or ego.

Not for a positive being.

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I would say more towards “Social Identity” or “Social Ego”.
And not only governmental (alliances / pact, ideology, nationality, state, municipality, city, district, street), social structure (caste, classes, rank, races, religion) but it can also as menial as favorite football club or sport club. That is based on my personal observation of a social phenomenon named “hooliganism”, especially in european football scene.

I was recently aware of this riot / civil war during 6th century roman byzantium empire. It can be considered as the most ancient and devastating example of ‘hooliganism’. A big riot that split the empire based on their ‘favorite chariot club’. (Blue vs Green)


Quid I think this happened too in Egypt…

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I think there is a careful line to draw when trying to compare or describe this hooliganism as polarized.

I think there is a strong stance that it could be influenced more by indifference.

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Service to self / negative polarization key characteristic are separation nor strong identification to certain “identification construct”. Through this “identification construct” one can separate between me / us and not me / us (a.k.a Them). Without any form of separation, service to limited self is not possible to exist. Of course it will be followed by the claim that “me/us” is better/superior/good compared to “them”.

This “identification construct” / “ego” / “social identity/ego” can be built upon many things, even as ridiculous as “favorite football club” or “favorite chariot team” which happened in “hooliganism”.

And since flofrog mentioned Egypt, this “identification construct” can also be built on other ridiculous thing, such as the “Shape of the penis” between “The Circumcised” (Us) and the “Non Circumcised” (Them), where the former claimed to be “The Chosen” thus the later are labeled as “The Unchosen”. Thus followed by the claim that “The Promised Land” belongs to the “circumcised” / “chosen people”. Which justify the act that the unchosen need to be ‘driven out’ from the land, by force, if necessary.

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yes, and yet… if hooliganism leads to violence against the other group… And when you think of it, in this case, the group attacking the other is definitely functioning on fear, fear implemented on the other group but also fear felt inside the attackers as they might very well have been partially enlisted based on fear of the opponent… ( Should I have typed enslaved ? lol )

It’s fair to assume that governmental structures are designed to be self-sustaining. A self-sustaining structure has feedback mechanisms. Feedback creates an informational/energetic loop whereby the result of an output is fed back as an input.

Using feedback, the structure will attempt to detect deviation from a desired “sustainable” state. Such attempts inherently work to prevent “outsiders” from changing that “sustainable” state. To fulfill this desire, the structure will attempt to limit the expression of free will by others. It must do so by exerting control over others by serving itself.

We all use feedback in one way or another to correct our own actions. As such, I wouldn’t necessarily say that the mind itself is the problem but rather the self-serving nature of the ego. An example of a government having ego might be the elimination of social unrest. In that situation, the government would work to limit expressions of free will that either advocate for or achieve, as a few brief examples, destruction of property, dissemination of anti-governmental ideologies, and possession of weaponry. The government perceives these expressions of free will as opposed to its continued “sustainable” existence, which certainly is the manifestation of ego.


Yes or we can also say that it is based on “lack of self worth” which triggered “Pride/Superiority” in order to balance the sense caused by the “lack of self worth”.

The “hooligans” have tendency to attack “the supporter of the other team” especially when their “favorite team” was being beaten in a match by the “other team”.
Similarly, the identity construct named “The Israelites” proclaimed themselves as “The Chosen” upon a sense of ‘inferiority’ in comparation to the grandeur and majestic of the neighboring Egyptian empire.
Also similarly, the Germans during the Nazi period proclaimed themselves as “The Pure Aryan Race” upon a sense of ‘inferiority’ due to the continous humiliation, isolation and restriction as an aftermath of being beaten during WWI.


Immeasurably sad.

And immeasurably because real self worth is such a self process, where little outside help can really the way.
Love received is key but it’s about the humble self love.

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@Patrick, do you have definition of vibration?

Q’uo: “Everything, the body, the sound, the music of life, the color of it, all of these things that fill in the colors and the shapes and the form of consciousness: all of these things exist as vibration.”


An idea came to me about service-to-others. It can seem confusing to be of service to both oneself and to others at the same time. And 100% service to others, that can seem like a disregard of one’s own self.

In the context of the One it becomes easy! Because then the separate self is recognized as a false perspective. The individual sovereignty and uniqueness is very valuable and necessary. The problem becomes when we get stuck in a separation mindset. The solution I see is to drop the separate self when it has become developed enough. And by dropping the sense of separation one becomes the One.

Easier said than done. We humans here on earth in third density have become heavily conditioned to see everything as separate. The government is seen as a power structure separate from oneself. And serving the government feels almost like making it the master and oneself as a slave to it. The key is that the One is more powerful than the government! Because even a government is stuck in a belief in separation, which is an illusion and distortion, and which produces spiritual entropy to use some of Ra’s terms.

The radical approach then is to allow the government to be as it is since its whole function is that of separation. And trying to change the government only perpetuates that false construct. It’s a radical approach because it’s like how it’s said in the Tao Te Ching:

“The Master does nothing,
yet he leaves nothing undone.
The ordinary man is always doing things,
yet many more are left to be done.” - Tao Te Ching, chapter 38

And before that in the same chapter:

“The Master doesn’t try to be powerful;
thus he is truly powerful.
The ordinary man keeps reaching for power;
thus he never has enough.”

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Since the beginning of 21st century physicist start to (re) probe the validity of “String Theory”, and here’s the nutshell as explained by Michio Kaku, in an easy to digest language.
Michio Kaku: The Universe Is a Symphony of Vibrating Strings | Big Think


This is a great conversation. There are many things in our lives towards which we would be misguided to look in too eager or exacting a manner for spiritual insight. And yet, while yellow ray is not of the same spiritual character as the higher rays, it nevertheless appears constitutive to it in an evolutionary sense – if we can’t make everything about government, still we cannot simply rule it out. We can’t find spiritual truth within the systems of governance, perhaps, but this is an interesting statement of Ra’s about the dynamic nature of the rays’ lessons (my emphasis):

Thus in first density the red ray is the foundation for all that is to come. In second density the orange ray is that of movement and growth of the individual, this ray striving towards the yellow ray of self-conscious manifestations of a social nature as well as individual; third density being the equivalent, and so forth, each density being primarily its ray plus the attractions of the following ray pulling it forward in evolution and to some extent coloring or shading the chief color of that density.

So it seems to me that what Q’uo is saying here is that it is not in a specific system of government that one would locate spiritual ideals useful to the individual’s growth. As Patrick said, you can be happy and process catalyst in any system. Fair enough, but it still seems reasonable to presume that the ideals are being worked through this institution or ideology in better or worse ways, because that institution or ideology is itself a mechanism of this drawing towards the higher density’s nature.

By this reasoning, our lessons revolve around those of yellow ray and the attraction of those of green ray – if I may interpret that, yellow ray as being an individual, self-conscious self in a social matrix and green ray as being a self-conscious social matrix self within an individual. I think you could quibble on that exact phrasing, but I think its pithiness does the overarching concept justice, since I see green ray as the full realization of self as society in not just a symbolic manner (as concepts of “the people” in socialism and liberalism) but in a direct, literal manner: the ability to transcend the individual identity through the kind of radical vulnerability that being open to all other thoughts and feelings on the planet must entail, right?

So all that is to say: it doesn’t seem likely that government would be a special area in which there is no spiritual import in studying. That would except it from any other human aspect, and especially so in light of its intensely yellow ray character. One may not find in, say, the Roman Catholic Church a perfect exemplar of spiritual concepts these days. But with the remove of time, one can at least see the sense in which the church was progressive for its time and in the context in which it emerged,recognizing how more progressive elements subsequently replaced it, with protestantism making the enlightenment and the scientific displacement of a moralistic, anthropomorphic deity possible; similarly, the Calvinist emphasis on individual work ethic transforming into the latent moralism of capitalism necessary to grow a radical merchant revolt against feudal arrangements into a global market that can largely bypass state governance as necessary. These are just examples of a style of analysis, perhaps best understood in the Marxist tradition of dialectical materialism.

The task I see, therefore, is to take that style of analysis of recognizing progress in all its incomplete manifestations and recover the spiritual within that progress, to release it from the strictures of the purely material and political. After all, Marx was repurposing a squarely spiritual method of Hegel’s, recasting it in terms of spiritual and economic necessities to make a science out of the world economic order that was causing so much growth, development, and misery. So I think that although Q’uo is absolutely correct that one will find no individually satisfying spirituality in government, one can see it as a reflection of the progressive evolution of social thought under the surface, and that must in some way reflect the individual’s nature back at itself.

There’s another point to be made here as well: this only applies insofar as it’s about individual progress. Is there a way of talking about spiritual seeking that does not limit itself purely to the individual as the only unit in which spirit can be realized? Is there not something in the vulnerability we seek to express within our own selves to which the political, the social, the economic calls? Is catalysis only occurring within our individual selves, or is there a greater process of catalysis occurring that, just as the processes in our unconscious, of which we simply don’t have direct experience or command?

What after all is governance? Perhaps it is merely the discipline of the social matrix’s personality. Of course the question to Q’uo was about the style of life that helps the individual, and Q’uo spoke solely to that interest. But it leaves a lot on the table in terms of the self that is not individual, the self that is still latent in our collective activities.

I guess my point is that there’s spirituality to be found in matters of government and politics, but it’s not necessarily a spirituality directly related to the self as an individual. Conveniently, this rules out the usefulness of any ideological debate, since these philosophies would only be evaluated for their impact on consciousness, the same way that gardening techniques have no moral valence but only can be accepted or rejected based on practical utility. If there are insights to be found there, do they not create by definition the container in which the individual learns their yellow and green ray lessons?

I don’t think it’s possible to abandon this analysis of governance without missing something crucial in the human condition for spirituality, but I do think one has to get over the individual’s role in it and see a wider process in play. And this process will only speak to a different kind of self that we are learning to realize.


I found this one. To me it’s very much clearer than Q’uo’s definition:

47.3 The vibratory rates are not to be understood as the same in positive and negative orientations. They are to be understood as having the power to accept and work with intelligent infinity to a certain degree or intensity.

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